12-03-10 Getting to Know Shoshana and Brendan Announces His Departure

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's program talking about how she would be "in an unknown country" by the time the broadcast aired.  Today's broadcast was taped earlier in the week and Rosie left Thursday night to tape her episode of Who Do You Think You Are.  She said she won't be able to reveal where she went or talk about what happened until September 2011!!! (So don't bother asking her.)  The only thing she knew about where she was going was that it was cold this time of year.  

Pete is smoking and Rosie talked about how much it bothers her.  Pete said he's allowed himself to smoke until he's 30 years-old because that's when our free radicals begin to break down. And I have no idea what that means... In 24 days, he'll be 30.  Pete once quit for 6 months but then he started up again because he missed it so much.  Janette smoked and took diet pills for three years in her 20s.  Shoshana ratted out a lot of members of the studio who smoke including James.  James said he will go smoke with the crew maybe once a week.  Rosie said even Jeannie goes out and smokes with her new BFF Lou!  Rosie said it's kind of gross when everyone walks in from outside and they all smell like smoke.  Bobby has never smoked and remembers his grandfather who had his voice-box removed because of smoking.  His grandfather could only make breathing sounds when he spoke and it really scared Bobby as a child.  Pete said when he doesn't smoke, he's really grumpy for a couple of days but he admitted he doesn't even have a strong desire to quit.  Pete said he smokes because it tastes good which Rosie couldn't believe.  Janette agreed with Pete and said she also loves the physicality of it.   Pete said he plans to quit "cold turkey" when he's ready. 

Rosie compared their smoking to her wanting to eat cookies and said she once had a friend who was a lap band nurse.  Rosie went to see the lap band doctor the woman worked for and the doctor told her she didn't weigh enough at only 208 pounds.  Janette said a company is currently asking the FDA to lower their weight threshold to get the lap band.  The company would like the FDA to lower the required weight to 186 pounds which Rosie said was her goal weight!  Today you have to be at least 216 pounds to qualify to get the surgery.  Rosie said she contemplated the surgery 10 years ago and has no plans to do it today.  She said she can't imagine having the surgery because she doesn't think it really addresses the issue of why she's overweight. 

Rosie very briefly discussed the Ronni Chasen murder and how the cops were interviewing the suspect and he pulled out a handgun and shot himself in the head.  You can read more about the latest revelations HERE.  This suspect had told his friends he was about to do a job and get paid $10,000.  Janette said hit-men really need to up their price. 

Brendan had the list of the 10 Worst Christmas songs according to Spinner online.  They played clips of each song and discussed them together and whether or not they thought the songs were bad enough to be qualified as the worst.  Two of the songs were Do They Know It's Christmas and Wonderful Christmas Time which Rosie and Bobby didn't agree with.  Bobby guessed that the dogs barking Jingle Bells would be on the list and he was correct!  Bobby said that song is the WORST Christmas song ever.  Also on the list was Bruce Springsteen's Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.  Brendan and Janette said they are generally against rock versions of Christmas songs but Bobby and Shoshana liked them!  Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer was on the list which Rosie really liked.  I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas was on the list and Rosie said if Kristin Chenoweth had sang it it would have been much better.  Madonna was on the list singing Santa Baby which Bobby thought was a GREAT song.  Even (cynical) Brendan didn't see what was wrong with that song.  Wham signing Last Christmas caused a big argument in the studio.  Janette said ICK but Shoshana and Bobby liked it.  John Denver's Please Daddy Don't Get Drunk This Christmas was on the list and everyone agreed it was a very bad song (despite the fact that everyone loved John Denver and was sad he was dead).  The song "The Christmas Shoes" was Brendan's LEAST favorite on the list.  They played the song in its entirety and Janette groaned.  Rosie really liked it and compared it to Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors which Lou played for them.  Watch and listen to "The Christmas Shoes" below...

Bobby called them all "Humbugs" for not liking the Christmas songs.   Janette said she needed smelling salts after listening to the last one and Shoshana thought the kids chorus signing was a little much for her.

Lou then played Rosie and Cher singing Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) and Rosie and Rosemary Clooney singing Santa Claus is Coming To Town.  Rosie said she really misses Rosemary.  Rosie talked about the time she first talked to Rosemary when she was working with her son on Another Stakeout.   He was talking on the phone with someone about how upset he was that Brandon Lee had just died.  Rosie said Rosemary was as "lovely as lovely can be."

Rosie and the staff then played Shoshana's "Getting To Know You" segment Parts 1 and Parts 2. 


audio coming


audio coming

Rosie was surprised Shoshana was such an avid TV watcher and such a fan of The Rosie O'Donnell Show because she never knew that about her!  I will put the audio up as soon as they put it up on Rosie.com so you can all hear it for yourselves. 

Rosie asked where they're going to have their Rosie Radio Holiday Party.  She threw out some ideas like bowling, Dave & Buster's, and karaoke. No one really had any great ideas for where to have it though.  James said he went shopping on Black Friday and saw two ladies get into a fight over a toaster oven. 
Rosie wanted to discuss an article she read that sounded like the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  In the movie, Jim Carey tries to erase the memories of a woman that broke his heart.  Turns out there's actually a treatment now that can help people forget traumatic events.  It could be helpful for treatment with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but Rosie wondered how it would affect you to erase your memories.  No one in the studio said they would ever want to erase one memory from their past. 

Bobby felt that everything in life is a culmination that brings you to this moment in time and didn't think anything should ever be erased.   Janette thought most horrible experiences would turn into a good learning experience.  Bobby said all of our experiences make us who we are and if we delete bad experiences we are playing with fire.  Jeannie said she understood how the treatment could be useful if someone's PTSD was completely debilitating.  They then discussed muscle memory and rolfing (deep tissue massage).  Rosie tried rolfing once but said she bruises easily and ended up having bruises all over her body.  She said she also bruised severely after her breast biopsy.  Janette feels that bad things can end up being good later because of what we learned from them. 

Bobby told a story of the time he was mugged walking home alone from a bar at 4am in Amsterdam.  It was very traumatic but he said he would never erase the memory of it because he learned to never walk alone in Amsterdam at 4:00am.  Mostly, he's thankful he survived it.  Rosie yelled at Bobby for walking alone at 4:00 in the morning and was upset he had never told her that story before.  They discussed pick-pocketing in NYC and Rosie and Bobby said they've both been pick-pocketed before.  Bobby was robbed the first day he arrived in NYC!  He said he put his red tool kit down to prop the door open to his building as he was moving in boxes and someone grabbed it and ran away with it (not knowing it was full of theater makeup).  Janette's father once parked on the street near her building and someone broke into his car and stole his tool box filled with antique tools.  Janette said she still mourns the loss of the old tools and the tool box.  Rosie thought that was such an odd hoarder-ish thing to say.  

Rosie isn't allowed to talk about filming her episode of Who Do You Think You Are but she said finding out all the things she has about her ancestry has had a much bigger affect on her than she thought it would.  She said she feels more connected to her roots than ever before and it's as if she's filling in the chapters of the book of her life that were always empty.   

Rosie asked if any of the staff members have begun Christmas shopping.  Pretty much everyone had started but no one was finished yet.  Rosie said she's trying to not go as crazy on the kids this year which made Bobby burst out in hysterical laughter.  He said Rosie says that every year and never follows through on the promise.  She said part of the problem is that she shops online and then forgets what she's ordered for the kids and that makes her over-shop.  Janette said if people are shopping online for gifts this holiday season they should go to IGive.com, register their charity like MMFC or Rosie's Theater Kids, and a portion of everything they spend online gets donated to the charity of their choice.  Jeannie's five year old little boy just wants Legos for Christmas.  He doesn't write to Santa but he talks to him in the air (like he's praying to God) when he sees something in a catalog that he wants.   Bobby used to write his letter to Santa and tell him exactly what he wanted and what item and page number it could be found on in the Sears catalog.  Rosie said she once worked at the catalog department in Sears.  She said so many people would come in and complain because they didn't get refunded for the shipping charges so she would keep dollar bills in her pockets to reimburse people for the shipping so they would go away. 

Then Brendan announced to everyone that December 17th will be his last day at Rosie Radio because he got a new job!!!!!  He was hired to produce Countdown with Keith Olbermann!!!!!!!!  See, I didn't think I could love Brendan anymore and I was wrong.  I'm so sad he's leaving though!  :(  Rosie said it's the perfect job for Brendan and she's excited for him.  She wondered who they will have explain the politics to them after they lose him though.  Rosie was a bit disappointed that he wouldn't be on the staff when his baby comes too.  Brendan said he's excited for his new job but nervous about it too.  He said Sirius has been wonderful about his leaving though.  Brendan said it was hard for him to choose to leave Rosie Radio because he's loved it there but Rosie said  she would never have allowed him to pass up this opportunity.  Janette said Brendan's the best hire she ever had anything to do with and she's thrilled for him. 

Brendan told everyone that the Harry Potter movies are the second most successful film franchise ever.  He asked the players to name one of the other 30 most successful film franchises on the list.  If the player could name a film franchise on the list they would get one point and if they could tell him how many films are in that series they would get two points.  

Janette guessed Jaws which was not on the list. 0 points.
Bobby guessed Star Wars which was number 1 on the list.  He guessed there were 5 movies in the series but there were actually 7.  1 point for Bobby. 
Shoshana guessed guessed Austin Powers which was on the list and she guessed 3 movies and that was correct!  3 points.
Rosie guessed Rocky which was on the list.  She guessed there were 5 movies but there are actually 6.  1 point.
Pete guessed Die Hard which was not on the list.  0 points

Janette guessed X Men which was on the list and she guessed 4 movies total which was correct!  3 points.
Bobby guessed Star Trek with a total of 5 movies.  Star Trek was on the list but they have 11 movies in the franchise.  1 point
Shoshana guessed Godfather which wasn't on the list.
Rosie guessed Indiana Jones which was on the list.  She guessed 6 films but there were 4.  1 point
Pete guessed Lord of the Rings which was on the list.  He guessed 4 which was correct.  3 points. 

Janette guessed Transformers with a total of 2 movies and was correct!  She got 3 points!
Bobby guessed Shrek with a total of 3 movies.  It's 4 though.  He got 1 point.
Shoshana guessed Jurassic Park with a total of 3 movies.  3 points!
Rosie guessed Friday the 13th which wasn't on the list.  0 points. 
Pete guessed Twilight with a total of 3 movies which was correct.  3 points. 

Janette guessed Home Alone with a total of 5 movies.  There were 3 Home Alones so she got 1 point.
Bobby passed.
Shoshana guessed Wayne's World which wasn't on the list. 
Rosie guessed Funny Girl with a total of 2 movies which was not on the list.
Pete guessed The Matrix which was on the list!  He guessed there were 3 Matrix and that was correct.  3 points. 

Pete won the game!  And Pete and Rosie were tied again in the game tally board for the month.  Brendan pointed out that no one guessed Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Pirates of the Caribbean, and James Bond. 

Rosie closed the show saying she'll be back on Monday after visiting a mysterious country!

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Thanks so much for posting the "Christmas Shoes" video Kelly. I've never seen it before and I've loved that song ever since I first heard it a few years ago.

    Congrats to Brendan on his new job. He sure will be missed. The whole crew is like a family.

    Thanks for another great recap Kelly!

  2. I actually missed an entire show. glad you were here to fill me in! spent the time in the doctors office and was too tired for the replay at 8 last night.

  3. Whomever KW is, writes a great recap. I listen to part of the show most days when I'm driving (or sitting in the driveway because I have to hear more)but on other days I want to know what was said. This is the best radio show I can think of and I'm 63. /Rick

  4. Love your show. Means so much to me. Please think about getting a top notch tutor for your teen just starting prep school - two hours daily (every day, 7 days a week, for about a year). Then, leave him alone if he is a "responsible" teen the rest of time. If your teen is very smart, should be able to get C+/B- grades (even with insufficient skill base) with this kind of help. Transition to prep school is so hard in every way, from easy school. Don't underestimate. Prep school culture so full of kids kissing up for grades, hard to take if a student just wants to learn in peace. My parents did the "we won't talk about your grades anymore, your responsibility thing." Really didn't help bc personal responsibility isn't the only issue. In some ways, agreeing to the tutoring is taking responsibility by agreeing to do something that will work. It is impossible to run a marathon in the rain, if one is barely able to jog down the block. A student can agree to try harder (I did) and get their grades up to B- for a semester or two, but that really won't do the trick in the long run. Without the proper help, grades will go up a bit but then get "stuck" at a level that won't satisfy the student (working so hard to be middle/bottom doesn't have much sticking power). Also, if the student ends up in lower level math and other courses, they will get the fancy prep school diploma but not the education they need to keep their options fully open in college. I wish you all the best. I feel that you have given so much to me, that I wanted to share what I learned going when I went through this as a teen.