12-2-10 Coping with Teens, Life Coaching and an Interview with Colin Quinn

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff began today's broadcast talking about Rosie's tragic pet news.  Vivi's hamster went missing and she's a wreck over it.  Vivi just got the hamster for her 8th birthday 3 days ago and it somehow escaped from its cage at Kelli's last night.  Vivi went to bed in Kelli's bed and woke up in the morning and the hamster was gone.  It's mildly suspicious to Rosie because Blake was threatening to kill the hamster when he and Vivi fought earlier this week.  Kelli questioned Blake and he said he didn't do it but Rosie doesn't know if she believes him.  Pete specifically purchased the cage because it was unopenable by a hamster. 

And Janette had news too.  She has a nervous habit of peeling the skin on her lips and this morning her lips have been bleeding.  She's literally dripping blood and got some on her shirt.  Bobby recommended using your own saliva to get blood out of clothing and it worked!  (a little tip from the in-house Tony Award nominated costume designer)  Rosie put a picture of Janette with her big bandage on her blog. 

In an effort to get healthier, the radio staff has been wearing pedometers to track their walking.  Rosie had a 1780 on her pedometer and Deirdre had a 5560 yesterday.  Bobby walked 8531 steps yesterday and Janette got a 9717.  Pete got a 4677 and Lou had a 7298.  Rosie told Lou to fuck off over his walking score because he beat her so badly.  Lou said he's been walking more and attributed all the extra steps to all the times he went out to smoke at the Sirius studios yesterday.  Shoshana got a 11,667!!!  Brendan got a 5794 and James got a 6130. 

Yesterday, Rosie said she took a nap and then got into a fight with Parker who refused to do his homework.  He flat out refused.  She threatened to take away everything in his bedroom and he told her to "go ahead because he's not attached to material things."  Rosie really doesn't like being a parent of a teen and said she feels ill-equipped for the job.  She said it makes her question everything about herself.  Pete empathized with Rosie because he admitted that he feels totally useless when parenting his 5, 2 and 0 year old girls.  He said he can't keep from losing his cool with them and he can't understand why.  Bobby told Rosie that her relationship with Parker reminds him a lot of his relationship he had with his mom when he was a teen.  Rosie described their entire night together and how she and Parker fought.  Rosie sounded utterly beaten down.  :(

Rosie took some calls on the topic.  One caller asked her to "reframe" her sentences with Parker and tell him she's doing the best job she can.  She also recommended Rosie think of the qualities and attitude that Parker has and how they will benefit him in later life.  The next listener called her to tell her she was having the exact same problems with her son who is the same age.  Rosie told the story of when she hit Parker in the head with a soft-covered dictionary after he called his younger brother a very bad name.  She said the fight caused her to take to her bed for two weeks.  And lately, he's really been acting out and almost provoking her to engage in these huge fights.  The caller told Rosie she needs to stop taking responsibility for Parker not getting his homework done.  Rosie worries the grades he's getting are going to prevent him from getting into the college of his choice however.  One caller was having the same problems with her teen and struggles so much because she had it so much worse than he does.  Rosie agreed. They discussed how Rosie grew up without these struggles with her parents.  She couldn't handle the fighting with him. 

Rosie watched Celebrity Life Coach on the Biography channel last night.  She wanted to know what it takes to become a life coach.  Janette knows a bunch of life coaches and called them motivators and organizers.  She also knows people who have been to life coaches who have claimed they've changed their lives.  Janette sad life coaches help you believe in yourself when you have no one else that does.  Last night's episode was about Sean Young who had some problems in her career and a drinking problem.  During the episode, Sean had to make a list of all the people she's offended in Hollywood and apologize.  Carl Reiner, who was one of the people Sean offended, agreed to meet with her and she apologized to him.  Rosie thought it was a fascinating show and pretty interesting.  It made her wonder what qualifies you as a life coach.  Janette has seen people in her Women on Fire group completely change their lives from going to a life coach. 

Rosie took a call from a life coach who said there aren't really regulations or standards to becoming a life coach.  He said you need to find someone you connect with and will hold you accountable to your goals.  He teaches at the Global Youth Leadership Summit and said Parker should go.  He said they teach about personal responsibility and his own son went through it and is a changed kid today because of it.  The caller also said a good peer group will greatly influence his behavior and that kids in their teens are more influenced by their friends than their parents at that age.

Janette did the Erhard Sensitivity Training in the 70s and she said it totally transformed her life.  She said it was a pain in the ass but she learned, more than she ever knew before, that she was responsible for everything in her life.  Janette had a fantasy that was taking over her life completely.  Her fantasy was that she was walking through a cave and and then she'd take a dagger and stab herself in the chest.  It was an obsessive, intrusive thought that she couldn't stop having.  She just wanted that thought to go away and after going to the seminar it did!  Janette thinks what Parker needs more than anything else is to be inspired or motivated to want to change.

Bobby thinks Parker is still trying to find himself at his new school.  Rosie told him he needs to try it for a year and if he wants to go back to his old school he can.  Parker also doesn't like it that she talks about him on the radio. 

Yesterday, Rosie also talked about not speaking to her sister and her brother for the first time ever.  It wasn't until she talked about it that she really realized how much it bothers her.  She said it's painful and shameful to her that that is what has become of two of her sibling relationships.  She remembered when Eddie's daughter was Parker's age and would fight with her mother so much Eddie said it was like World War II at their house.  Rosie would go talk to her teenage niece and tell her not to be so mean to her mother.  Now she wishes Eddie would talk to Parker and tell him not to be so mean to her.

Steve Martin has a new book out entitled An Object of Beauty and one of his huge passions is art.  He was doing an event at the 92nd Street Y and with Deborah Soloman, the art critic from the New York Times.  Apparently, Martin and Soloman had done this same evening previously in Washington, D.C. and it was met with great success.  This event however was broadcasted over television and viewers were writing in emails complaining that they were only talking about art.  During the event someone from the Y handed Martin a note and asked him to talk more about his career and less about art.  He did not.  The people at the 92nd Street Y issued refunds to 900 people who had purchased tickets for the event!  Bobby asked how the event was marketed.  He wondered if people were expecting something else because it wasn't marketed correctly.  The people from the 92nd street Y have said they refunded the money because the evening didn't meet the standards of excellence that their audience expects.  Steve Martin is upset about it and Rosie said she would be too! 

Rosie said she did an event with Sheila Nevins and documentary film makers about documentaries.  She said if someone had asked her what Madonna was like (which had nothing to do with the event) she would have told them that wasn't what the night was about.  Rosie's going to do an event about families and God on December 14th with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.  Bobby totally blamed the venue for not billing it correctly and Janette saw it as lack of respect for a legend.  Rosie said it's hard when you're a comic for people to see you as anything else. 

Rosie then introduced Colin Quinn who is in Long Story Short directed by Jerry Seinfeld at the Helen Hayes Theater on Broadway!  Rosie and Colin joked about how when Rosie was 17 years old she did Jerry Seinfeld's entire act on stage her first night!  They talked about the standup days and gigs from hell. 

Colin said his latest show is based off world history and how each empire falls because they continue to do the same thing even when it stops working mixed with jokes from his act and observations about human behavior. 

Rosie congratulated Colin about the huge success of his show.  They talked about their days at MTV and VH1, standups friends who they've lost over the years and just generally bonded over being Irish.

Rosie invited listeners to call in to try to win tickets and she promised she would go see Colin in his show on Broadway.  Go see Long Story Short between now and January 8th at the Helen Hayes Theater! 

Brendan then introduced a game where he would list off three famous people and the player had to guess which person was of Jewish ancestry (in honor of Hanukkah).  Each player got one point if they got it correct. 

Bobby: Jennifer Garner, Scarlett Johansson and Rachel McAdams.  The answer was Scarlett and he got it!
caller: Justin Bieber, Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson.  The answer was Zac and she got it.
Shoshana: Amy Adams, Kirsten Dunst and Natalie Portman.  The answer was Natalie and she guessed it.
Rosie: Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez and Shiri Appleby.  The answer was Shiri and she got it.
Pete: Christian Bale, Adrien Brody and Mark Wahlberg.  The answer was Adrien and he got it.
Janette: Jennifer Connelly, Megan Fox and Kate Winslet.  The answer was Jennifer and she didn't get it.  Janette guessed Megan. 

Bobby: Neve Campbell, Sarah Michele Gellar and Alyssa Milano.  He guessed Sarah and that was correct.
caller: Katie Holmes, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Christina Ricci.  She guessed Maggie and that was correct.
Shoshana: Tina Fey, Jane Lynch and Alyson Hannigan.  She guessed Jane Lynch but Alyson Hannigan was the correct answer. 
Rosie: Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway and Katherine Heigl.  She guessed Kate and that was correct.
Pete: James Franco, Joaquin Phoenix and Elijah Wood.  He guessed Elijah but that wasn't correct.  It was Joaquin. 
Janette: Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani and Pink.  She guessed Lady Gaga but it was Pink.

Bobby: Sandra Bullock, Wynona Ryder, Catherine Zeta-Jones.  It was Wynona and he guessed it!
caller: Paula Abdul, Cyndi Lauper and Kylie Minogue.  She guessed Kylie but it was Paula. 
Shoshana: Hank Azaria, Chevy Chase, Will Ferrell.  She guessed Hank Azaria and that was correct.
Rosie: Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane and Kelsey Grammer.  She guessed Matthew and that was correct. 
Pete: Jeff Garlin, Kevin James, Ray Romano.  He guessed Jeff and it was correct.
Janette: Lisa Kudrow, Jenny McCarthy and Molly Shannon.  She guessed Lisa and that was correct. 

Rosie gave the caller a $100 gift card from Borders!

Brendan listed 15 names and Rosie and Bobby had to write down which people were Jewish.  The names were: Pee Wee Herman, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Dave Coulier, Bob Saget, John Stamos, James Caan, Sean Connery, Al Pacino, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Charles Grodin, Ringo Starr, Michael Caine, Ben Kingsley.  Rosie guessed 4 correct and won the game! 

Rosie wished Happy Hanukkah to everyone and closed the show. 

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. I know it's easy to have an opinion/advice on someone else's problem but from my own experience follow through is key. My mother never followed through on any of her threats and now I'm 33 yr old college student, which isn't to imply that there's anything wrong with that but the alternative of doing it the normal way would have been more desirable ..had I know then the consequences of skipping school and such. Most children just cannot comprehend the consequences of their actions having a negative effect in 5 mins, let alone 5 yrs.

    Anyway, yeah, follow through is key. Earns respect points later in life. If Ro says she's gonna take everything out of his room, she needs to prepared to actually do that.

    ***oh hahaha, the word verification is clazz

  2. Feel so sad about Rosie and Parker. It is hard. Taught for many years and have seen this happen over and over. So true about following thru on any threat. So true about not raising your voice. I know there is someone that can help Rosie with this. She has so many resources. Dr. Rosemond's methods have helped many parents. Here is a link to the saying of the day from him. He tells it like it is. http://www.rosemond.com/Quotation-of-the-Day.html

  3. My kids would get mad at me for talking to my siblings about issues with them. They would have been WILD if I had a radio show and talked about them.

    You have to respect kids. If they want their private life private, it should be so.

    It is interesting to us listeners (or blog readers :-)) to hear about Parker and Rosie's struggles, but it really is not fair to him.

  4. Coincidentally I was wondering just the other day how Rosie's kids felt about being the topic of conversation on the radio show. I know I would be upset if it was me. It makes for some interesting conversations but perhaps best left off the air. On the other hand, Rosie is likely helping thousands of others get through similar issues - so there is that to consider as well.

    No good answer on this one.

    Thanks Kelly!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale.

  5. How about phoning Jo Supernanny for advice. She is good at getting kids to open up.

    I agree Rosie shud not be talking about Parker's private life - if she has to then I think she shud discuss it with him and see what parts of it she cannot mention.

    The homework thing is the scourage of family life. So many fights with my child over homework. I personally think it should be banned and all work done at school. Kids are tired after being in school all day and then to have to come home and do homework. Ban homework - restore peaceful family time.

  6. hi kelly & rosie o fans,
    just returned from being in the audience for cyndi lauper's concert being filmed here in memphis for her dvd - a truly transcendent, spiritual experience! i'll write more about it once i've had time to take it all in - she's a very special lady and the music - from her album 'memphis blues' - is amazing and even better for its respect of the music's heritage and our fine city.

    now catching up with ro & co, while still basking in the cyndi glow,

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