12-13-10 Cooking, Self-Care and and Interview with Jim Breuer

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Rosie and the staff began today's program talking about how this is Brendan's last week of Rosie Radio!  Everyone said they're going to miss Brendan terribly.  Brendan is leaving because he was hired to produce Countdown with Keith Olbermann.  James, who has been promoted to Producer, was in Brendan's chair today taking over his duties.  Congratulations, James!   

Rosie and her girlfriend Tracy went and saw Donny and Marie Osmond perform in A Broadway Christmas on Thursday night.  She talked all about the evening and how lovely it was.  She said Marie looked beautiful when she went backstage to see her and Donny.  Rosie said it's weird to think they've been performing as long as she's been alive!  Jeannie, who is a HUGE Donny fan, couldn't believe Rosie is personal friends with Donny and has never introduced her to him.  Rosie talked all about the night and said Donny and Marie sang beautifully.  She said it felt like it was 1974 all over again. 

Rosie also went to the Z100 Jingle Ball hosted by Elvis Duran.  There's a picture of her son Blake and Elvis on the front page of Rosie.com!  Rosie didn't realize what a hot event the Jingle Ball was and how hard it was to get tickets!  She took her son Blake and a friend of his because she wouldn't allow him to go to the Eminem/Jay-Z concert she went to a few months ago.  Rosie said they entered through the back and the event people asked her if she'd stop by the press room.  She told Tracy and the kids to go to the seats and she went through the press line.  First there was a S.W.A.G. room.  She said it felt really wrong to take any of the free gifts they were giving out so she told the people she would pose with the products instead.  Rosie met Ryan Cabrera and joked with photographers about how they were dating.  She also met Pauly D. from the Jersey Shore.  She called out to him and they chatted about fame and his latest interview with Barbara Walters.  She said he looked and acted exactly like he did on the television show.  Then she went through a press line that she said seemed bigger than the Oscars!  Rosie was surprised at how talented Justin Bieber was!  She said he's a great dancer and singer but she still doesn't like his hair which she compared to Donald Trump's hair.  She also enjoyed Michael Buble, B.O.B. and Katy Perry.  Blake was a bit disappointed that Lady Gaga wasn't there this year but he had a great time.  Click here to see pictures of Rosie at the Jingle Ball concert and the Donny and Marie concert. 

I feel like I wasted 4 minutes of my life watching this
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Rosie's son Parker went to his first formal but don't expect pictures because Parker refuses to allow Rosie to take his picture anymore!  Jeannie said her 19 year-old daughter Toni is the same way and wouldn't pose for their family Christmas picture this year.  Parker went to the dance alone but only because he waited to late to ask anyone.  

Rosie also went to a holiday party at Linda Dano's house!  She said she went to the party alone because her children didn't want to go because it was so cold and rainy.  And it was a good thing she did because she said Linda's house is so nice she would have made them stay in the car!  Rosie said Linda has the most spectacular home and it's as if you've been taken back to the 1700s.  She compared it to a museum and said it is filled with beautiful antiques.   

Jeannie, Janette, Pete James, Brendan and Shoshana went to the Culinary Institute of America for a cooking class this weekend!  Phil Crispo was their instructor and they all loved it.  Jeannie said she's just getting to know Brendan and she's so sad he's leaving!  Brendan made some inappropriate jokes under his breath during part of the instruction and Jeannie couldn't believe it was coming from Brendan.  Brendan said whenever he's sitting in a lecture situation he feels the need to crack jokes.  Jeannie seemed shocked that Brendan, the one they always see as so professional, was the one goofing around during the class.   Shoshana was known as the "trouble maker" of the class by the time it ended.  She told the story of her attempt to make triangular pasta and how it didn't exactly turn out as planned.  All the staff members talked about how they made pasta from scratch, ice-cream, decorated cupcakes and so much more!  Three staff members brought their cupcakes into the studio for Rosie to see.  Rosie guessed whose cupcake belonged to who but she only got one correct.  The staff recommended listeners who are interested check out the list of available classes and take part in one themselves!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.  Jeannie, who loves to cook, said she had such a good day she wanted to make a whole weekend out of it.  They showed Rosie some of their pictures from the day and Rosie wished she liked cooking more so she could do it too. 

Rosie said she loves Adele's new song and is excited about her album 21 that is available for pre-order now.  She was watching a talky-blog where Adele answers questions from fans and Adele mentioned learning how to cook and Rosie wished she could learn to cook too!  Janette said she taught herself how to cook and said cooking can really be about self-care and about having control over what you put in your body.  And there's also an art to cooking that Janette thinks Rosie would really enjoy. 

Rosie said she's been thinking a lot about the self-care and ordered more of the sweaters everyone loved her in off J.Jill.  She also walked into a hair salon and got a trim and a blow dry which she hadn't done in ages.  Normally, her friend and stylist, Eric, does it for her.  She typically blames her poor self-care on not having a mother but she's worried she may be teaching her children her poor self-care habits.  This year, taking more care of herself is Rosie's big resolution.  She talked about a learned helplessness that has come along with her celebrity and with age.  Jeannie said Jackie often takes care of Rosie and that may have been why Jackie felt so entitled to comment the time Rosie came to Blake's birthday party in her nightgown. 

In Rosie's defense, Jeannie used to be a single mom and did everything herself.  Now that she has a husband who does certain things for her she said there are some things she's completely forgotten how to do!  Rosie said Kelli used to do a lot of things for her too.  Rosie said she knows one of the only reasons she's doing Who Do You Think You Are is because Tracy bet her she would cancel it.  Tracy told Rosie that she thought when the filming got close and she'd have to travel out of the country, Rosie would cancel it because she gets anxiety over traveling. Rosie said when she was in the "other land" taping the show she realized the only reason she was there was because she was trying to prove Tracy wrong.  Rosie said Tracy's life is totally her own and she chooses not to be pampered.  She talked about the time they flew first class and Tracy told her she'd never do it again because it was an insane waste of money.  She said next time she'd take the ticket in coach and take the money that she would have spent on first class and give it to charity.   One time Rosie had to change one of their flights and had to change a ticket and it cost $8,000!  When Tracy found out she put her hand over her face and said "Do you know how many prosthetic limbs you can buy with that?"  She had just read an article on prosthetic limbs.   

Adele's Rolling In the Deep

The Rosie Radio staff is doing Secret Santa gifts for each other so every member of the studio opened their Secret Santa presents on air.  Jeannie got a festive serving tray.  Deirdre got a bag of mango chips.  Rosie got lottery scratch offs.  Shoshana got an indoor planter.  Brendan got a gigantic bag of wrapping paper and gift bags.  Janette got the Consumer Guide to Protecting Everything You Own.  Pete got a Yo-Yo, smarties and Copenhagen Butter Cookies.  Bobby got a beautiful holiday ribbon and a Slinky Jr.  James got a dozen eggs (because he eats 5 eggs a day).  And Lou got a big bottle of Samuel Smith Pale Ale.  EVERYONE thought their gifts were from Bobby except Rosie who thought she got hers from Lou. 

The staff reminded listeners to vote for their favorite crafts in the Rosie Radio Craft Contest

Rosie then introduced her friend Jim Breuer who has a new book out called I'm Not High: But I've Got a Lot of Crazy Stories about Life as a Goat Boy, a Dad, and a Spiritual Warrior  it's about his life, standup and how he met his wife.  Rosie and Jim talked about everything from raising kids, to losing weight, to how he met his wife.  Jim told a beautiful story of how he was friends with his wife for years before he ever considered her as a possible girlfriend.  He told Rosie all about their relationship as friends and the concerts they used to go to.  When he saw her again years later he had a feeling come over him and thought, "OMG, that's my wife!"  He couldn't get over the feeling and they eventually fell in love and  married!  

Jim also told Rosie about his big brother who always worried about Jim because he didn't have a steady job.  The night he got his television show Jim was so excited to call his brother and tell him that he didn't need to worry about him anymore because he now had a steady job.  Jim decided not to call him because it was too late at night.  At 5am the next morning his phone rang and he got the news that his brother had died.  After his brother's funeral he came to Jim in a dream and told him he was okay but asked him to look after his kids and their mom.  Rosie loved both the stories and loved having Jim there for the interview.  She thanked him for coming in and recommended her listeners get his latest book I'm Not High.  You can also catch Jim Breuer on  Raw Dog every Friday at 4pm

Rosie closed the show.

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  1. Whenever I hear about how much people pay for extravagant things I always think to myself how many "small miracles" that would buy for the needy. A friend worked at Nieman Marcus (which we refer to as Needless Markup) and he used to tell me how much a pair of jeans cost or a hand bag. I was in shock and thought how you could clothe a whole school room with the money some spend on just one pair of jeans. I guess it's all relative.

    Thanks for the wrap-up! Happy Holidays everyone!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

    PS - a house guest recently bought me a bag of dehydrated mango chips - they were AWESOME!

  2. Thanks, Kelly! It is funny, because as I was listening, I thought to myself, "I can't wait to see what clips Kelly finds!"

    : ) P

  3. i love this recap its so much better than the R Blog!

  4. Thank you so much for these updates-they are the best part of my day!!!!

  5. My mom to me in a dream after she died and apologized for not being there and for leaving so quickly (she died of a heart attack at Pizza Hut, I was livid I was so mad after a few days). Then a few years later she came and took me shopping for my wedding when she knew how upset I was she wasn't there for it.