12-14-10 The Culinary Giveaway, The Sing Off and Adele 21

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's program talking about their trip to the Culinary Institute last Friday.  Jeannie said the people at the Institute asked them to send in quick meals they would typically make at home and they would teach them how to revamp them.  Jeannie told them she always makes a pasta with some kind of vegetable at home so on Friday they gave her a better recipe!  The Culinary Institute then offered to give away classes to listeners so Rosie invited listeners from California, Texas and New York to call in and try to win the prizes!    Pete then went on to describe the Culinary Boot Camps they offer at the Institute. 

Rosie and Jeannie then talked about how tonight is the Biggest Loser finale.  Rosie's son Parker again mentioned how he thinks Jeannie and Rosie should go on that show.  Jeannie said after looking at her pictures in her Culinary Institute apron she said she looks like a Mack Truck and begged Rosie to go on the show with her.   Jeannie said she wants to go on it because she wants to be a hottie and Rosie said she has no desire to be a hottie!  She asked about it and sounded interested for a minute but who knows...  Rosie said 2011 will be her year of focusing on self-care. 

Rosie then took two calls from listeners who won boot camps for themselves and a friend.  One caller was suffering from depression and Rosie could immediately hear it in her voice.  They discussed antidepressants and various treatments for depression.  

Vivi's hamster Chip, the one she got for her birthday, went missing a few days ago and Rosie announced that she was found sleeping under Chelsea's bed.  Then Rosie said they had a terrible hamster incident.  First Vivi came in to Rosie's room last night crying saying they needed to take Vampire (the replacement hamster Kelli bought for Vivi the last time Chip went missing that they ended up giving to Blake) to the Vet because of a gash in her leg.  Rosie took a look at Vampire and thought she looked okay and she would heal and didn't need to go to the hamster hospital.  Then Vivi came back into Rosie's room crying even harder and then admitting that she and Tracy's daughter thought Chip and Vampire should meet so they put them together and they almost killed each other!  She was crying so hard she could barely speak!  Savannah, Tracy's daughter, had to pull the hamsters apart and Pete said it's a good thing she did because they could have killed each other!  Vampire has a bite in her leg but she's going to be okay.  Vivi made Rosie promise she wouldn't tell Blake what happened and promised to never do it again. 

Rosie and the staff then discussed last night's episode of the Sing Off.  Everyone loves the program and Rosie was amazed that there are no instruments used in the songs.  They discussed the groups and played various songs from last night's show such as Kyrie Eleison, Come On Eileen and Creep.  Rosie said she thinks the show is going to make the art form really take off.  They all feared even though the judges have such reverence for the older group, they will go home soon because America will vote them out.   Janette said she thinks Street Corner Symphony will win and while she likes the show she thought two hours was a little too long.  Rosie and Jeannie loved all two hours of the program.  Rosie then compared the style of singing to Manhattan Transfer and Lou played a couple of their songs.

Rosie quickly announced that Barbra Streisand will be on Larry King on Wednesday!  Set your TIVOs!

Rosie then asked who in the studio has ever called 311 in New York.  According to Wikipedia, 311 is a non-emergency telephone number in New York that provides quick access to non-emergency municipal services or a Citizen Service Center.  Dialing the number allows city residents to obtain important non-emergency services through a central, all-purpose phone number.  Rosie, who kind of thought it was an absurd concept, said her good friend Jackie would be the type to use this service because she is also the type who calls the number on the back of trucks to report them if they're driving poorly.  She then called her a "loserama."

Bobby defended the use of 311 and said he's used it before when he has questions about city parking, there's a strange package or he's seen something out of the ordinary on the streets of New York.  Once he saw 6 bicycles abandoned outside his building and watched them be repeatedly vandalized.  Rosie pretended to be the 311 operator and told him he was being absurd!  Pete also defended the service and said he called it once when there was a dead cat on the sidewalk in front of a school.  Rosie thought the concept was ridiculous and said so.  Jeannie said she'd be too embarrassed to ever call it.  Pete said it's his civic duty to report these matters!  Rosie took a call from a listener who called it her "tattletale" line.  She's reported her neighbors barking dogs, people who water their lawns during water shortages and a sink hole in her neighborhood.  She said the service makes her feel very important.  Pete also used the 311 service one time he smelled a strong smell of natural gas.  They transferred him to 911 to report it to the police.  Rosie laughed hysterically!!!  Janette talked about all the times she's ever called 911 and Rosie thought she sounded crazy and said 911 probably has her name flagged on some list. 
Rosie just casually mentioned that Donny Osmond might be on Thursday's show and Jeannie freaked OUT on her!  She said "ROSEANN, how could you not tell me?!"  Jeannie was PISSED because she can't be in the studio on Thursday and she almost started to cry.  Jeannie said she doesn't just want to see  Donny in concert (which she has many times) she wants to sit and have a conversation with him and get to know him on a personal level.  Jeannie was sad she couldn't be there on Thursday and pissed at Rosie for not giving her more notice.   

Rosie was happy to announce that Howard Stern has re-signed his contract with Sirius/XM!  Rosie, Janette and Jeannie feared he wasn't going to.  Rosie said Howard is IT. She said he defines satellite radio.  Rosie said Howard brought millions of people to satellite and his show is the number one radio show in the history of the world.  Janette felt a sense of loss at the mere idea that he might not re-sign.  Rosie wondered if Howard truly knows what a prominent part he plays in his listeners day-to-day lives?  James agreed and said every morning since in high school he's listened to the Howard Stern Show and said when he thought he might not continue he didn't know what he would listen to in the mornings.  Janette said Howard defines the medium and said there is simply no one else even close to him to compare to.  The staff discussed when Sal, the Howard Stern Show staff writer, came into work late that day Howard told him he was retiring from radio as a prank.  You can read about it and listen to the audio HERE. Sal cried and the prank continued and then Howard yelled at him for being late and told him that he signed for 5 more years and that's what happens to people who come to work late.  Rosie said if Howard had gotten Sirius to pay her a little bit more money she would have stayed!  And she mentioned the day Howard re-signed millions of people renewed their Sirius subscriptions.  She said it's a testament to Howard and the power of his audience. Janette said the Howard Stern Show is "the best produced show - period."

Rosie and the staff then discussed how Bernie Madoff's son, who he hadn't spoken to in two years, committed suicide.  They discussed the details of the story and Rosie said it's unbelievably sad to her. Rosie wondered how Bernie must feel after everything he's done and now that his son is dead over this.  Pete was livid because the man killed himself with his two year-old in the other room.  He said he can't imagine his own pain being so great he would put his child's life at risk.  Rosie said the baby was safe in his crib and the nanny was on her way.  Pete worried if something happened and no one was there to help the baby and what if the nanny didn't show up?  Bobby said Pete obviously can't imagine the amount of pain he must have been in to do that.  Jeannie said when someone is on the brink of suicide they're not thinking rationally.  They discussed whether or not the legal proceedings will continue now that Mark Madoff is deceased.   

Rosie then took some calls on the topic of suicide.  One caller's father committed suicide and she spoke directly to Pete.  She said she too was really angry at her father for a while after his death and said Mark probably wasn't thinking of his kids because he wasn't thinking at all.  He was in so much pain he couldn't think about anything else.  Rosie thanked the listener for calling in and sharing her story and gave her $711 from Seven Eleven and the caller was so grateful.   

The second caller first mentioned how she was flipping through January's O Magazine and Rosie is in it!  The caller told Rosie she looks amazing!  The caller's boyfriend killed himself 9 years ago and had a 3 year-old and a 1 year-old at the time of his death.  Everyone commented on what a selfish act it was but she read his note and she found him and she said the pain in his note was unbearable.  The caller's boyfriend had gambled and lost almost 1 million dollars and killed himself over it.  Rosie said she didn't ever understand gambling addiction.  She once won $3,000, when that was more money then she was making at the time but she never got the high from it that she's heard about.  Rosie thanked the listener for calling in and sharing her story with her and told her she was sorry for her loss.   

Rosie ended the conversation wondering how Bernie Madoff must feel now looking at all the destruction he caused.  Rosie said it's almost as if he was drunk driving and killed everyone around him, including his son, yet he survived.  Rosie recommended the movie Boy Interrupted to callers interested in a documentary about suicide.  She said it's an unbelievable story and gives the viewer a glimpse into suicide that she's never seen done before.   

Then it was time for the staff to open their Secret Santa gifts.  Deirdre got play-dough from her Secret Santa, Jeannie got a picture frame that said "Family," and Rosie got a fake tattoo "to do list."  Pete got a bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser, Belgian waffle snacks and a fruit and grain bar.  Rosie got a Milky Way, M&Ms, a Hershey Bar and "the stupid cookies Bobby loves from Holland" and she screamed, "Bobby, it's YOU!!"  Bobby denied the Stroopwafels were from him and said he wasn't Rosie's Secret Santa!  Shoshana said there were some leftover Stroopwafels in the radio studio kitchen and said someone might be giving them to Rosie to throw her off.  Janette got Chapstick and Bobby got lip balm and glitter glue pens.  Brendan got a poem and scratch out wipes for DVDs.  Rosie was sure Brendan's Secret Santa was Lou and his girlfriend Maral.  Shoshana got sugar cookie mix with cookie cutters, Lou got a large can of Redbull and 3 cigarettes and James got Stella, a $5 beer. James guessed his beer was from Pete but Pete said he would NEVER buy Stella which he said was "only for people who think they're cool."  He called it European Budweiser.  Everyone then all at once, started guessing whose Secret Santa was whose but not one person thought Rosie was theirs.  Hmmm....

Janette, Bobby and Rosie reminded listeners to go to Rosie.com  and vote for their favorite Christmas Craft!  Janette learned that listeners are wanting to purchase her "hand of crap" so she's going to have a Facebook friend Petra, auction it off and have the proceeds go to MMFC.  All the other members of the staff donated their items to Petra to auction off for MMFC too!  Looking to bid on a Rosie Radio craft donated for MMFC?  Check The After Ro Show for more information.  Bobby encouraged listeners to vote for Lou's craft on Rosie.com if they think it's the best.   

During this game, designed by Pete, Pete listed off three famous people and the player had to guess which person was born in Long Island, New York.  He clarified that it meant the person had to be born in Suffolk and Nassau Counties not Queens or Brooklyn.  Pete said the game is in honor of Jim Breuer who will be on the show again on Friday (12/17)! 

Jeannie: Steven Baldwin, Steven Dorf or Steven Colbert.  She knew it was Baldwin and that was correct. 
caller: Matt Damon, Casey Affleck or Ed Burns.  He guessed Affleck but it was Ed Burns so he was out. 
Bobby: Craig Bijou(??), Jose Raius (??) or Wade Boggs.  He guessed Boggs but it was Bijiou so he was out.
Rosie: Mariah Carey, Celine Dion or Cher.  She knew Mariah and that was correct.
Janette: Larry Bird, Julius Irving, or Kobe Bryant. She guessed it was Irving and that was correct!

Jeannie: Edie Falco, Cameron Mannheim, Portia DeRossi. She knew it was Falco and that was correct.
Rosie: Chuck D, Vanilla Ice or Snow. She guessed it was Chuck D and that was correct.
Janette: Angela Lansbury, Patti Lupone or Kristin Chenoweth. She guessed Patti and that was correct.
Jeannie : Lou Reed, Tom Petty or Warren Zevon.  She guessed Tom but it was Lou Reed and she was out.

Rosie: Robert Frost, Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman. She it was Whitman and that was correct!
Janette: Erica Badu, Ashanti or Rihanna.  She guessed it was Rihanna but it was Ashanti. Janette was out.

(for the win) Rosie: John Waters "Divine", Ricki Lake or Nikki Blonsky.  She knew it was Nikki and that was correct! 

Rosie WON!

Rosie wanted all her listeners to know that one of her favorite artists, Adele, has a new album dropping in February.  It's entitled 21 and you can pre-order it now on iTunes.   

Adele: Rolling In the Deep

They listened to "Rolling In the Deep" and Janette and Rosie loved it.  Rosie asked Janette if she had ever heard Adele's version of Make You Feel My Love, a Bob Dylan cover.  Janette had not so Rosie asked Lou to play it for her.  Rosie said when Bob Dylan heard Adele's version he said he feels as if he sang the song for her to sing. 

Adele: Make You Feel My Love

Rosie said she enjoys Adele in every capacity. 

She also asked Lou if for the next couple days he can play a few of Rosie's Christmas songs from her Christmas albums!  Rosie said her girlfriend Tracy put one of the CDs on for her kids and they couldn't believe it was Rosie singing! 

Rosie closed the show. 

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. I didn't get to listen and completely appreciate your recaps for those of us who can't. Just curious if Rosie really said Bob Dylan because the singer of that original song was Garth Brooks (written for the movie Hope Floats). Unless I'm wrong and goodness knows that happens alot.


  2. Other notable folks from the Suffern area: Carole Raziwill, Caroline Bessette Kennedy. Radziwill's memoir, "What Remains" is one of my fav's. I wondered if Pete would include either of these ladies in his game. I was a bit confused when Pete said that Rhianna is English, but then googled it to find that Rhianna is not Rihanna (Barbados aka Bajan born).
    So glad that Howard re-signed, but I don't know if I will re-new my Sirius subscription without Rosie. I signed up for Rosie, and love to hear Howard's interviews, but there will be such a gap on Sirius without Rosie. Kelly, will you be recapping the Ro Show on OWN when it starts?
    Alison (aka Alderella). I don't think that I'll be able to get OWN on Cogeco in Ontario.

  3. Bob Dylan wrote and recorded that song. Billy Joel covered it before Garth Brooks. Song was not written for the movie.

  4. I'm confused. Thought they did a Secret Santa gift opening yesterday?

  5. Is Rosie not returning to the radio after her television show debuts? That's too bad.

  6. anon- i think they are doing secret santa gifts all week which will culminate in the big reveal!

    thanks for the recap, kw!! xo

  7. I love Rosie, but I think she only thinks 311 is silly because she rarely has to solve that type of problem HERSELF. It is really useful if the trash hasn't been picked up in a week or you want to know which numbers of recycling NYC takes or you want to report a really scary restaurant experience to the health department or you saw a scary stray dog in the neighborhood. I've only used it twice, just for info, but I can think of many instances where it would be helpful.
    If Rosie ever had a problem like that, I'm pretty sure she'd just tell one of her people and THEY'D solve it. Maybe by calling 311.