12-17-10 Brendan's last day and Christmas Wishes

In case you missed it...

Today was the last live show before the Christmas break and it was also Brendan's last day!  Rosie said it's a sad day but she is really happy and excited for Brendan too for his new job as producer on Keith Olbermann's show. 

Rosie announced that Mark Zuckerberg is Time's Person of the Year.  She's happy for him after being almost vilified in the Facebook movie The Social Network.   Rosie and Janette also thought Mark giving 100 million dollars to the New Jersey school system didn't hurt either.  Janette said anyone who achieves great things will have people that hate you and people that love you.  Rosie agreed.  And she said it's a waste of time trying to analyze why people hate you because it's usually more because of something they hate inside themselves rather than anything to do with you. 

Rosie asked everyone in the studio to share their favorite memories about each other.  First everyone shared about Pete.  Janette loves Pete's ability to be enthusiastic, excites, and passionate about even the little things in life.  Bobby and Rosie agreed and love that about him too.  Rosie loves Pete's honesty about parenting because she feels most people aren't willing to be as honest about how hard parenting can be.  Shoshana loves Pete's stories about his kids.  She said his stories are so funny to hear because she's not a parent. James likes it when Pete brings in yummy food in the morning.  Lou loves that Pete is so very proud of being a bit of a dork and he doesn't care what anyone else thinks.  Brendan loves Pete because he reminds him of his brother and hanging with him makes him feel like he's hanging out with his brother. 

Then everyone shared what they love about Bobby.  Janette loves that Bobby will say to her every morning, in the exact same tone and inflection, "Good Morning, Janette Barber!"  She also loves that Bobby will come through in a pinch whenever he's needed and he's very funny.  Rosie loves that Bobby will cheat at the games every day in order to help her win.  They've been friends for 17 years and still going strong.   Pete loves Bobby's attention to detail and is jealous of his creativity and talent.  Shoshana loves Bobby's preparedness and said he's the guy to go to when you need something.  Lou admires the way Bobby's so obsessed with Cher and said it reminds him of his own love/obsession with Pearl Jam.   He also touches his mic 12 times a day and Lou loves him so much he can never correct him for doing it.  Brendan loves the way Bobby makes him laugh when they're calling out the time during the broadcasts and Bobby's sense of humor.  James loves to make fun of Cher and seeing how Bobby defends her.  Deirdre loves Bobby's jokes about her.  She also loves to come to him for advice about what to wear. 

They all said what they love about Shoshana.  Rosie said Shoshana is always fully prepared, competent, always on time, always in a good mood and just a good person.  Bobby loves that Shoshana will always tell you the truth.  Janette loves how smart Shoshana is and that she will always give you an honest opinion.  Janette called her wise beyond her years.  Pete loves how Shoshana sings along to all the songs on the radio on the drive to work in the morning.  Lou likes Shoshana's speaking and singing voice.  James likes trading notes on stories with her in the morning.  Deirdre loves Shoshana's dry, sarcastic, sense of humor that comes out of the blue.  Brendan loves Shoshana's dryness and how she can be snide and snarky when she's not working. 

Then it was Deirdre's turn.  Rosie loves that Deirdre's so willing to share what's going on in her personal life.  She said she enjoys and respects that and needs that in her employees.  Shoshana likes Deirdre's willingness to go against sexual conduct rules.  Rosie said that's why she became so famous when she worked at The Rosie O'Donnell Show!  Bobby loves Deirdre's bravery and said she's never afraid to go there.  Janette loves that she's such a loyal friend.  Pete loves that he's seen her ass more than anyone in the studio and said he will always be indebted to Deirdre for helping him with his job.  Lou loves Deirdre because she gives great relationship advice.  Brendan loves Deirdre because the same things drive them both crazy.  He said it's a cathartic, bonding experience being friends with her.  James said when he first started working at Rosie Radio he was sure she hated him but now he just knows she doesn't give a fuck about anyone and that's what he loves about her. 
Then it was Lou.  Rosie said she loves everything about Lou especially his friendship with Jeannie.  Shoshana loves Lou and how easy going he is if she makes mistakes with the mic.  Bobby loves Lou's laugh and how he turns beat red.  Janette loves Lou and called him a "handsome Yoda."  She said he's incredibly gentle, kind and competent.  Pete loves Lou because he's his friend.  He told him so in a text message.  Deirdre loves Lou because he covers her ass all the time, gives her his cigarettes and has a calming presence.  Brendan said Lou's a producer's best friend and a dream board op.  James loves Lou because he gives him cigarettes and they talk about radio together.

Rosie loves James' baking skills, his enthusiasm and his commitment to working out despite his smoking.  She wishes they grew up together because she knows they would have hung out.  Janette loves James because even though he wasn't chosen for the job in the beginning and he joined the staff late with no attitude and complete competence.  She loves his professionalism.  Pete likes that he and James are both Italian yet very different.  Shoshana likes how James owns who he is.  Bobby loves James' commitment.  Brendan loves their shared interest and knowledge of pop culture.  

Rosie said after 24 years of friendship there is nothing she doesn't enjoy about Janette.  She loves her insanity and said it makes sense to her.  Rosie enjoys Janette on many levels and said she's professional, never misses a day of work and a phenomenal friend and worker.  Shoshana loves that Janette is crazy and knows it and will laugh about it with you.  Bobby likes how Janette is like a bull dog because she latches on and never lets go of an issue.  He loves that about her.  Pete called Janette a "case study in interesting" and he loves that about her.  Deirdre loves Janette and is depressed when she's not working with her.  She said she's loyal, non-judgmental and she "gets" her.  She also loves her sense of humor.  Lou said Janette is a wonderful person, a brilliant producer and finds it funny that she claims she hates kids so much but will cross the globe to go and help them.  Brendan loves how Janette is a phenomenal reader of people and chemistry.  James never met anyone quite like Janette and loves how she can take a horrific description of a story (like the description of the plague) and deliver it with a smile on her face.  

Then it was time for everyone to say what they love about Rosie but Rosie limited them to only one word and if they went on too long she cut them off!  Shoshana loves Rosie's creativity.  Bobby loves Rosie's honesty.  Janette loves that Rosie is never boring and that she's incredibly smart.  She loves her for empowering them as an ensemble and a group.  Pete said Rosie is funny and said thank you.  Lou said Rosie is fuuuuuuny.  Deirdre said Rosie is honest, loyal and loving.  Brendan loves how trusting Rosie is. He said he appreciated how much trust she put in him at the beginning of the radio show and said for the rest of his career that is what he'll remember most about her.  James loves that Rosie is so open and real and said he's told her things he's never told anyone before.  Bobby loves Rosie's honesty but said it's what he loves and worries most about her.  He said he wishes sometimes she wasn't so honest all the time and then knows that is what he loves about her the most!   

During this game, designed by Bobby, each player reached into a box and pulled out Christmas lyrics.  Then they pulled out a song title out of another box.  Each player had to sing the lyrics to the tune of the song title they pulled out.  Jeannie thought it was going to be really hard and said it's like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time.

Rosie went first.  She pulled the lyrics to Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire and had to sing those to the tune of Do you Hear What I Hear.  And she totally did it like she does this on a daily basis at home!!!  And she didn't just do it she did it PERFECTLY!  The whole staff was shocked that it came so easy to her and Rosie had no explanation for why it was so simple for her brain to figure out. 

Deirdre had the lyrics to Have a Holly Jolly Christmas to the tune of Frosty the Snowman. She said she felt challenged doing it and could barely get through the first couple lines.  She tried. 

Jeannie had Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer lyrics sung to the tune of Winter Wonderland.  She did a great job!  

Janette got Silent Night lyrics sung to Joy To the World.  And she could NOT do it.  She started to sing it to the song of We Three Kings which wasn't even one of the songs.  Rosie cut her off because she said dogs were covering their ears with their paws while she was singing.  Janette then told a very funny story about how she was out to dinner recently with a group and  she told a woman how she used to weigh 275 pounds.  The woman said, "And you weigh less that that now?" 

Pete got Frosty The Snowman lyrics sung to the tune of Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. He did it (sort of).  Everyone was laughing hysterically during this game!

Lou got the Jingle Bell lyrics sung to the tune of Silent Night.  He did it and then said "Fuck" as he screwed up and apologized to Carnie Wilson's daughter.  :)

Brendan sang Deck the Halls lyrics to the tune of Jingle Bells.  He did it really, really well!

James got lyrics to Joy To the World and sang them to the tune of Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.  James kind of did it but no one could really recognize the song. 

Shoshana got the lyrics of Do You Hear What I Hear and sang them to the tune of Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire. She did it! 

Rosie did one more since she did so well and proceeded to sing Winter Wonderland to the tune of Deck the Halls.  She did it again perfectly as if she practiced it at home the night before or does this everyday. 

Rosie then introduced Jim Breuer who was in the studio for a second interview this week.  Rosie told Jim how much she loves him and his love of his father.  She also loves his new book I'm Not High and said it's a book full of stories some people might not expect from a comic.  Jim said the older he gets the more he gets tired trying to appeal to people.  When he wrote the book his intention was to tell the stories of his life because he felt people could really relate to them. 

Rosie then asked Jim to tell the story of his nephew.  Jim proceeded to tell a beautiful story of his nephew Steve that he took into his home after he was released from prison. Jim said he was always worried about his nephew getting into trouble and once he was out of jail he really wanted to help him.  He took him on the road for 6 weeks trying to decide how he could help him and if he would be okay to have around his family.  It took him 1-2 years but he eventually bonded with him and helped him get his own job and car.  Now he's with a lovely woman from a great family and just had a baby!  

They talked about his documentary about Jim's dad that Rosie loved.  And Jim told Rosie all about his connection to the teens at Daytop Village that he's worked with and a particular teen that he really connected with. 

Rosie talked about how hard it is to help kids with addiction issues because relapse is often a part of it.  She said when she sees Eminem, Robert Downey Jr. and Natasha Lyonne she knows there's always hope when it comes to addiction. 

Rosie asked Jim where he gets his look on life and Jim said he's big into not judging others.  He said it's been powerful and instead of judging someone for what they've done he wants to know why they are where they are.  He also prays and knows every action causes a reaction and lives his life very aware of that.  He said anyone in life can give you a moment that can change your life or open your eyes.  Jim likes to learn from everyone he meets and said every person can enhance your life.  Rosie thanked Jim for coming in and sharing his life stories.  She encouraged listeners who would like to learn more about Jim to go to JimBreuer.com and listen to his shows every Friday on Raw Dog on Sirius/XM.   

First each member guessed who they thought their Secret Santa was.  Janette thought her Secret Santa was Pete because she thinks she got old crap from his house.  Rosie thought hers was Bobby.  Shoshana thought hers was Bobby too!  Bobby thought his was Shoshana.  Deirdre thought hers was James.  Jeannie thought hers was Janette.  James thought his was Lou.  Lou thought Deirdre was his and Brendan thought his was Jeannie. 
And here are the final Secret Santa reveals....
Pete had Janette and gave her a Comedy Legends DVD as her final gift. 
Janette had Pete!  She gave him gourmet cookies and a Star Wars Pez Dispensers as his final gift. 
Bobby had Shoshana!  She said she knew it day one and he gave her fingerless gloves and nail polish. 
Jeannie had Brendan!  Jeannie wrote the poems and wrapped the presents herself!  She gave him a Christmas ornament with a pregnant bear and a baby name book for his final present. 
Shoshana had Jeannie!  She got her apple cinnamon tea lights as her final present. 
James had Deirdre!  She got gum, a protein bar and a lighter as his final presents. 
Rosie had Bobby!  She got him a stuffed, animated chipmunk as his final present. 
Brendan had Lou!  He gave him 6 Amstel Lights as his his final present. 
Deirdre had Rosie!  She gave her an Elton John Christmas ornament for her tree for her last present. 
And Lou had James!  Lou got him an iTunes giftcard as his final present. 

Brendan had written down his predictions and had every one correct except two!  Shoshana and Pete guessed who everyone had exactly correct! 

Rosie mentioned where you can submit your Christmas wishes online that will be used as confetti in Times Square on New Years Eve.  Bobby's wish was that everyone he knows and loves will stay healthy until next year.  Pete wished that his kids stay happy.  Rosie wished all her kids are able to find their place in the world and know they're valued and loved.  And that Missy will stop peeing and pooping in her house.  Janette wished that she loses weight again next year. Shoshana wished to find a new apartment in the new year that was big but doesn't cost a lot of money.  Lou couldn't think of one on the spot.  Brendan wished for a nice transition to his new life new job.  Deirdre wished for a peaceful year and Lou wished Brendan the best of luck because he's the smartest and best producer he's ever worked with.  James wished for a good transition into his new position. 

Then it was time for the staff to share their favorite Brendan moments as they said goodbye to him on his last day.  For Jeannie it was Brendan making funny jokes about Pete at the Culinary Institute.  Rosie remembered Brendan's first day and she thought he was only 12 years old!  Deirdre remembered Brendan's great impression he did of Oprah one day and then asked him to do it for them all.   Bobby loves how Brendan played Angry Birds in the car ride every day on the ride home from work.  Pete remembered a funny moment from the convention they went to and the crazy woman they met there that thought she had a sister who was a unicorn.  Janette said she doesn't know what she would have done without him this year.  She talked about how impressed she was with him after only 5 minutes of meeting him in his interview because even though he was so young looking he was full of wisdom and so articulate.  Lou remembered Brendan's impersonation of Michael McDonald so Brendan did that and they all laughed!  James too loved Brendan's love of playing Angry Birds.  But even more, James said he learned so much from Brendan as a producer because there's nothing he doesn't know.  Rosie told him to stop because he was being too "ass-kissy."  Shoshana remembered Brendan's calm driving in a horrible snowstorm about a year ago. 

Brendan thanked everyone for everything and said he'll miss the show and promised to listen whenever he can.  He said he feels really proud about working at Rosie Radio and of what they built together from scratch. 
And Lou played this goodbye song to Brendan...

Rosie closed the show wishing all her listeners Happy Holidays and saying she'll be back in 2011.

Rosie Radio will resume live shows on January 3rd, 2011.  
Happy Holidays to my readers!
and that's what you missed -kw  


  1. Happy Holidays one and all. See you next year! Love, Jessica

  2. Happy Holidays Kelly. I will miss reading your blog. Until next year best wishes!


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  5. Today would have been a great day to actually listen to the show with that Christmas song game! But you did a great job - as always - with the wrap up. :) Thanks!

    Happy Holidays to all - I hope we have some warmer weather down here for Rosie's vacation!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  6. I triple loved the Christmas song game. I may try to get my family to play it on Christmas!

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  8. What a great last show of 2010!
    I really liked hearing what they liked about each other. You can see why they are such a great ensemble.

    Thank you Kelly for doing such a great job with this blog!

    Happy holidays to you and your family!

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    The last show was great. I was LOLing while reading about it. Great Job as usual Kelly. You've done a great job this year and we all appreciate your efforts.

    Lisa in Indy

  10. Will miss Brendan's ability to simplify and communicate complex issues. Regarding Brendan's youthful appearance, he reminded me of Miles to Rosie's Murphy Brown (except that Brendan is calm rather than hyper, and he's wise beyond his years).

    Merry Christmas to Kelly and to all of the Blogtourage who make weekday mornings rock!


  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  12. Rosie! I know you're on vacation over the next couple of weeks, but I wanted to take the opportunity to say how much I enjoy your show! You are the highlight of my morning as I'm running around doing my mommy errands. I, like some of your other listeners, thought that I was on the opposite political spectrum, but after listening to you, I realize that this is not true. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to so many issues that are dear to both of our hearts. I was listening to your recap today - and you had a caller, the truck driver, that was struggling with depression. Your outpouring of support was just remarkable and brought me to tears. Good on you for being such an inspiration to all and keep up the good work!

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