1-14-11 - Bobby's Broadway Game and Sarah McLachlan

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast asking everyone if someone had ever come up to them and thought they should be instantly connected because something they have in common.  Janette said this happened to her once at a party.  Janette was at a party and a friend dragged her over to another woman who was at the party and literally said, "Janette, you're fat and Kim is fat and I think you two would have a lot in common."  Janette was horrified!  Rosie said she had a comedian friend who was also Irish and couldn't believe that Rosie's Irish-ness wasn't a more prominent part of her life as it was in his.  Deirdre has a friend of a friend who also owns a french bulldog and keeps emailing her to talk about their dogs!  But she hasn't responded and now the friend of the friend is emailing her asking if they did something wrong.  Rosie said that's why she doesn't like Facebook.  She doesn't like how people can unfriend you for not writing them back.  She said it's too much pressure for her.  Janette advised Deirdre to just ignore the person and hopefully by doing that they will just go away.  Jeannie said people will often meet her and then say she looks so much like Rosie.  She thinks it's mostly their body shapes and their accents and mannerisms but doesn't think they look alike at all.  Rosie told a funny story about how Jeannie's college roommate's mother thought Rosie had Down Syndrome.  And she told her how nice it was that she had a friend who had Down Syndrome that she treated so normally! 

They discussed ever knowing anyone that had won the lottery.  Janette knows someone that won the lottery twice!  They discussed how most people who win the lottery end up losing it all and this led to a discussion about taking care of your money when you have a lot.  Rosie said she refuses to pay attention to her money and completely relies on her brother to handle the financial things in her life.  She said it's a goal of hers this year to try to understand and participate more in her finances.  She said in a way, she feels like she did win the lottery with her old television show. But she said she feels incapable of understanding her money.  All she asks of Timmy is to not invest it in anything unethical, offensive or risky.  Rosie said anytime she's been to financial meetings to discuss her investments she literally starts to hear songs playing in her head and cannot focus.  So now, when Timmy explains financial matters to her, he uses the board-game Risk so she can have a visual.  She said it helps.     

When Rosie and Chelsea got pedicures recently it cost $35 and Chelsea gave the woman $35.  Rosie had to explain tipping to Chelsea and then she went back over and gave the woman another dollar.  Rosie went back over to the woman and gave her  $20.  Chelsea told Rosie that she "overdoes it" with service people.  Rosie had to explain to Chelsea when you're fortunate enough to have more money you should give more.  Because it doesn't affect your life but it might affect her life in a big way.  Rosie said giving is all relative to how much you have.  She said after 9/11 her friend Lori Klinger gave all over her life savings to the 9/11 fund.  She's a teacher so it wasn't like she gave millions but in comparison to what she makes it was a lot of money to her.  Rosie called Lori an amazing woman.  But Janette said that Rosie has always been this way even before she was known.  She said Rosie would give money to homeless people on the street.  Jeannie remembered a time before Rosie was famous when she saw a homeless person with a baby on the street in San Diego and offered to take her into the grocery store and buy her whatever she needed.  Rosie said when she was filming the movie Now and Then she was given a huge envelope of cash for meals during the days she was on the set.  She wasn't expecting the extra money and had it in the car and then saw a woman and a baby at a bus stop.  With no explanation she gave the woman the envelope and drove away.  To this day, she wonders what that woman thought about why this strange lady gave her all that money.  Rosie said with so many bad things happening in the world when you can be part of anonymous good, it feels good.  She said it's an amazing feeling when you have the opportunity to make a person's day.    Only one time did giving ever backfire on her.  She once gave a group of elderly homeless ladies some money and wished then a Happy Thanksgiving and they threw it back at her.  She said it was humbling.

Rosie and the staff then listed off their favorite tunes for getting themselves out of the winter doldrums.  Everyone on the staff chose two songs.  The staff then got to vote on which song would be chosen for the official staff playlist. 

Jeannie's picks were Fat Bottomed Girl by Queen and Stevie Wonder I Wish.  Everyone (except Janette) preferred the second song. 
Bobby selected Only In Miami by Bette Midler and Welcome To Miami by Will Smith. Second choice won.
Rosie liked Victim of Love by Erasure and Adele's Rolling In the Deep. Everyone liked her second choice best.
Pete picked Taj Mahal's Ooh Poo Pah Doo and the Staples Singers singing I'll Take You There.  Everyone voted for his second choice.
Lou's first choice was Jackie Wilson's Higher and Higher and his second choice was Pearl Jam's Let My Love Open the Door.  Rosie said she got an immediate headache from trying to listen to Pearl Jam's songs and wouldn't let him play the entire thing.  They all voted on the first one.
Amanda (the new Associate Producer) picked Third Eye Blind's Semi-Charmed Life and Vampire Weekend's A punk.  The first one won.
Shoshana picked Happy by Melenie Smith and Okay It's All Right With Me by Eric Hutchinson.  The second one won.
Deirdre selected P!nk's Raise Your Glass and Stop Look and Listen by Elvis.  They all liked her first selection. 
James picked Paradise City by Guns and Roses Together Forever by Lizette Melendez
Janette picked VooDoo by Godsmack and her current favorite workout song Du hast by Rammstein. Listening to Rosie making fun of Janette's song made me laugh so hard I could barely type.  She also picked House of the Rising Sun by Dolly Parton.  I think they all allowed her to select her first song even though no one liked it and Rosie made fun of her relentlessly for it. 

Ian Axel - This Is A New Year

Chris Brown Forever

Rosie then introduced Sarah McLachlan who sang two songs live in the studio!  Both songs are from her new album Laws of Illusion.  The first song she sang was Loving You and the second song she sang was entitled Forgiveness.

Sarah and Rosie discussed singing and how it's almost like a meditation for Sarah.  She said it takes her to another place when she sings.  Rosie asked Sarah why she had so much time between albums and Sarah said she wanted to take time to just be a mom to her two young kids.  She said she had no idea what she was in for becoming a mother but said she loves it.  She said it's the most challenging job she's ever had but the most rewarding too.

Rosie asked Sarah all about growing up and what kind of teenager she was.  Sarah said she was a rebellious teen that came from very strict parents.  She was adopted but fought against everything her parents tried to instill in her.  Rosie told Sarah that her own daughter Chelsea has always been very fixated on meeting her birth mother and asked Sarah if she was the same way.  Sarah said she didn't seek out her birth mother but her birth mother sought her out when she was 19 years old.  At the time, she was having great difficulties with her mother, and it happened at the perfect time in her life.   For Sarah, meeting her birth mother was like meeting an older version of herself.  She never told her mother she met her birth mother because she wouldn't have reacted well to the news.   

Rosie asked Sarah who some of her greatest influences were and she named Peter Gabriel as her greatest influence.  Sarah said she discovered Peter Gabriel when she was 16 and it was like a light-bulb went off in her head and she thought, "That's what I want to be."  She said when she met him the first time in person she almost threw up because she was so nervous.  

They discussed Lillith Fair that returned in 2010.  Rosie loved the idea of it - women supporting other women.  Sarah said it was really powerful and an amazing time but thinks last year may be the last.

Rosie asked Sarah how her kids handle her fame.  Sarah said they see it as mostly as an annoyance and see it as people taking up their time with her.  Sarah explains to them that it's part of her job and she doesn't mind it when fans come up to her because she really likes meeting people.  She said sometimes she has to tell people she's just "a mom" today and people are usually very understanding. 

Sarah's currently on tour and you can find out more about her tour dates on her website: http://www.sarahmclachlan.com/.

Rosie thanked Sarah for coming and wished her luck on her tour!   

During Bobby's Broadway Game the player heard a song fragment from a Broadway show and got one point if they could finish the lyric and one point if they could name the show.   

Rosie heard a clip of a song from Rent.  She finished the lyric and named the show immediately. 2 points
Pete heard a clip of a song from Victor Victoria.   He couldn't finish the lyric and or name the show. 0 points
Janette heard a clip of a song from Sweeney Todd.  She couldn't finish the lyric but named the show. 1 point
Jeannie heard a clip of a song from Priscilla Queen of the Dessert.  It actually isn't a Broadway Show yet so Rosie insisted she get another shot and let her try again.
Jeannie heard a clip of a song from Man of La Mancha. She couldn't finish the lyric and couldn't name the show.  0 points
Shoshana heard a clip of a song from Music Man. She couldn't finish the lyric but named the show. 1 point

Rosie heard a clip of a song from Rocky Horror.  She got the lyric and named the show. 2 points
Pete heard a clip of a song from Mama Mia.  He couldn't finish the lyric and didn't name the show. 0 points
Janette heard a clip of a song from The Lion King.  She couldn't finish the lyric but named the show. 1 point
Jeannie heard a clip of a song from La Cage Aux Folles.  She couldn't finish the lyric but named the show. 1 point
Shoshana heard a clip of a song from Kiss Me Kate. She couldn't finish the lyric or name the show. 0 points

Rosie heard a clip of a song from Titanic.  She didn't get the lyric but named the show.  1 point
Pete heard a clip of a song from Jesus Christ Superstar.  He didn't get the lyric and didn't name the show.  0 points
Janette heard a clip of a song from Hairspray.  She couldn't finish the lyric but named the show.  1 point
Jeannie heard a clip of a song from Hair.  She finished the lyric and named the show.  2 points
Shoshana heard a clip of a song from Fiddler on the Roof.  She couldn't finish the lyric but named the show.  1 point

Rosie heard a clip of a song from The Producers.  She finished the lyric and named the show. 2 points
Pete heard a clip of a song from Beauty and the Beast.  He couldn't finish the lyric but named the show. 1 point
Janette heard a clip of a song from Finian's Rainbow.   She couldn't finish the lyric and couldn't name the show.  0 points 
Jeannie heard a clip of a song from Sunset BoulevardShe couldn't finish the lyric and couldn't name the song.  0 points
Shoshana heard a clip of a song from Oklahoma.  She finished the lyric and named the show.  2 points

Rosie won the game!  Shoshana came in second place! 

At some point during the game, possibly around the Mama Mia discussion, Pete insulted Meryl Streep by saying any movie that she's in she either cries or dies.  Rosie was horrified and made Pete apologize at the end of the program to Meryl.  He had to repeat back an apology that Rosie recited to him. 

Rosie closed the show with a public apology to everyone they insulted during the game.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. I like your picks Kelly. Here are mine:
    1. Pata Pata (Miriam Makeba)
    2. Try Jah Love (performed by Third World, Music & Lyrics by Stevie Wonder)

    So lovely to hear Sarah McL on today. She's wonderful.

    Alison (aka Alderella)

  2. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt when Rosie made up hilarious lyrics during Janette's song choice...I can see why it was hard to type during that segment Kelly!

    I like your first song pic Kelly

    Here are my 3 pics (couldn't narrow it down to 2)

    1. There's A Place For Us (West Side Story original recording and Barbra
    Streisand's version)

    2) Whiter Shade Of Pale (Procol Harum and Annie Lennox cover)

    3) Unloved (Jann Arden)

  3. AG, now that you mentioned Jann Arden, may I please amend my list to include Jann Arden's "Sleepless" (Remix version)?


  4. I love "Sleepless" Alison but haven't heard the remix version....is it a single or on a CD? Have you seen Jann in concert? Her music and lyrics are so heartfelt and yet she's so funny on stage in between songs. It's like seeing two shows in one!

  5. First, to ag and Alison - I am such a HUGE Jann Arden fan. Love, love, love her music so much. And ag is right - her songs make me cry my eyes out yet she, herself, is hilarious in concert. I've seen her live three (or is it four? No I think it's three) times.

    And Sarah is another huge favourite of mine. Her music is beautiful. Ethereal almost. Hearing her on Rosie's show today was wonderful. That voice - wow. I'm so glad I was able to listen today.

    I was at Lilith Fair in '97 where I saw Sarah, obviously, and another of my favourites, Jewel. The whole concert had an amazing vibe.

    And if I was adding to the playlist I'd have trouble chosing only two, but I'd consider offering 1. The Beautiful People (Christina Aguilera, from Burlesque) or 2. Same Changes by The Weepies (I heard this one in the movie Morning Glory and loved it.)

  6. I found Jann Arden's Sleepless Remix (CHR Remix by Squeegee Boy) on Arden's Greatest Hits Album (International Version). I bought it in Canada, so I'm not sure if it's also featured on the U.S. version, but if you look on itunes under that album, you can purchase the song for 99 cents. It's a bit faster than the original. "It's got a good beat and you can dance to it" (must be said in a Cockney accent).

    Alison (aka Alderella)

  7. Thanks for the info Alison. I bought her Greatest Hits CD in Canada but not the international version. Now I know where to find it!

    I'm a huge Jann fan too Leigh. I'm surprised she hasn't cracked more of the US market but she does have a loyal following in some states I think.

  8. No such songs needed here in San Diego - it was 79 degrees today :-)


  9. Kelly, thank you for these updates. I'm behind in reading them, but...

    I'd like to know if the topic of Kelle Hampton's fundraising drive for her daughter, Nella, has been discussed. She is the blogger that Rosie loves, whose daughter has Down Syndrome. In just a week, Kelle has raised $60k for the Down Syndrome Assn. She keeps having to raise her goal, because her readers keep donating. It's very inspiring!

  10. Due to unfortunate circumstances I am now unable to listen to Rosie Radio so I live for this blog! Do you know if any of the radio crew is going with Rosie to OWN?