1-17-11 - The Golden Globes and an Interview with Sara Rue!

In case you missed it....

Jeannie made treats in honor of Martin Luther King Day today.  She googled recipes from Atlanta, Georgia and Alabama and chose to make Alabama Iced-Tea and Atlanta Love Cakes.  Janette and Deirdre didn't taste the recipes because they were dieting but Pete did.  He didn't really like the cakes because he isn't a fan of beans, the main ingredient.  This then led to an entire discussion about Fried Green Tomatoes and how they're made. 

They then discussed Ricky Gervais and last night's Golden Globes.  Rosie said it was hard to watch Ricky be so mean at the Globes last night.  Janette agreed.  Deirdre has had a major crush on Gervais for a while and she said she was very disappointed in him last night. 

Ricky's Opening Monologue

Some highlights from last night
(or lowlights depending...)

The staff particularly didn't like what Gervais said about Robert Downey, Jr.  Janette said last night's biggest crime was that he wasn't being funny.  She said if you're going to be mean as a comedian, at least be funny.  Rosie talked about her own experience hosting awards shows in the past and said you ask other friends to help you write your material for the night but in the end, you're responsible for what you say.  Rosie had an uncomfortable moment on stage at the Grammys (?) when she made a joke about Whitney Houston liking doobies (as in the Doobie Brothers) after she had been caught with pot in her purse.  She said Whitney gave her the finger when she delivered the joke on stage!  Overall Rosie thought last night's Globes felt more like a "roast" than an award show and they all agreed with Robert Downey Jr. when he said last night's event was "hugely mean-spirited with mildly sinister undertones."

They discussed last night's winners - many of whom have been guests on Rosie Radio!  Rosie recalled telling Melissa Leo last week that she was going to win the Globe and how she told her to think of Rosie when she was going up to accept her award.  She wondered if Melissa remembered her saying that.  Here is a link to all the Golden Globe winners from last night.  Rosie took MANY callers on this topic.  About half of them loved Ricky's humor from last night and the other half felt it was mean as the staff did.  Rosie also loved Chris Colfer's look of shock after his name was announced and his acceptance speech.  They played it for the listeners at home.  One caller didn't think Ricky's comedy was anymore mean-spirited than Kathy Griffin's.  She thought Hollywood is too used to people kissing their asses.  Janette thought the environment was what made his humor  inappropriate.  Rosie thought the night should have been more about celebrating the industry and the achievements.  One caller was shocked at the fact that Ricky came out with alcohol every chance he could.    Rosie said the Globes is a big drunken festival.  She also said the Golden Globes didn't used to be a precursor to Oscar predictions like it is now.  She admitted that the Hollywood Foreign Press does look a little odd and that they're kind of a strange group of people, a lot of whom want autographs and pictures with the stars they're nominating.  She said the Hollywood Foreign Press has more of a "fan" feeling than a "people of the industry" feeling.

Rosie was in Utah this weekend with her eldest daughter Cheslea.  Chelsea was listening to the radio and a song came on and they had changed the lyrics of the song to say "Oh my Gosh" instead of "Oh my God."  Just curious if it was Usher's new song "Oh My God" so I looked for a version of it on YouTube and there is a Oh My Gosh version.  Interesting!  Rosie thought it was weird.

She went through Kennedy airport on her way to Utah and the greeter at the airport asked if she would wait in the golf-cart for Robert Redford!  She's interviewed him before and said he's still as gorgeous as ever.  They chatted in the golf-cart and chatted in the airport lounge and Rosie had a  "Whose life is this?" feeling that came over her.  Sometimes even still, her life and the people she's able to meet shocks her.  They made plans to catch up with each other at Sundance and maybe have dinner.

While they were in Utah, Rosie went to a restaurant named Tracks which she had been to before and likened it to Dave & Busters or TGIFridays.  The owner came up to Rosie and told her no one under 21 was typically allowed at Tracks but he told her it would be okay if they stayed.  A little while later the manager came over and told them they had to get the hell out!  So they did and they went to Applebees even though Rosie tried to explain to the manager that the owner said it was okay.  The next day, Rosie's publicist called her and the Associate Press had been tipped off that Rosie had tried to take her daughter out drinking!  The jackass manager called the press!  He should be fired.  I'm just saying.  And if this is close to where Sundance is about to occur, I would be worried if I were the owner that the manager was going to be creating other stories about celebrities who come in to Tracks.   

Janette had big news.  Her car was stolen from the monthly parking garage they use in New York City!  Her longtime boyfriend Barry went to the garage and asked for their 2009 Chrysler and the attendant brought down the wrong car!  No one at the garage spoke English and they had no explanation for why the car was missing except that they gave it to the wrong person.  Janette filed a report with police and they suspect it is part of a car theft ring.  They hope the Sirius radio in the car will help them track it down.  Janette was furious that the people at the parking garage had no explanation for why it was missing except that it was taken by a lady with a baby.  At first she was horrified and now she's livid!  Janette said she loves the NYPD and said they were fantastic about it.  They rented a car this weekend in order to get to their house in Connecticut and next weekend they'll have to buy a car if they don't get it back!  Rosie took a call from a listener who had her car stolen right out of her carport.  She never got it back and what was most distressing about the theft was that there was a family album in the car with pictures in it that can never be replaced. 

Rosie never had a car stolen but once went skiing in Colorado and had two rings stolen.  She used to wear her mother's wedding ring and grandmother's high school graduation ring.  She was afraid they would fall off so she left them in the hotel room unlocked.  When she came back they were gone.  She even offered the hotel maid staff $500 cash and promised she would never say anything to the hotel managers if they could get them back for her.  They never did.  She kept an eye on all the pawn shops in Crested Butte, Colorado for a a while but never found them and there is no way to replace them. 

Janette read portions of a New York Times article on Natural Gas that claimed it's "time to tap the bounty of natural gas."  That made Janette think of the documentary Gasland and the horrors of Hydraulic Fracturing (aka fracking).  Janette is concerned  that the writer of the article didn't even mention the dangers of fracking and instead calls it "wonderful and clean."  She said if readers merely read this article they're going to tell their Congressmen to vote for it while it has the potential to poison all of New York's water!  Rosie said the documentary Gasland should be required viewing.  Janette agreed and said Natural Gas is not the clean alternative it claims to be and it is shocking to her that the New York Times would print an article claiming it is!

Rosie took several calls on the topic.  One caller was from Pennsylvania who said her state is the only state that allows them to dump water tainted from fracking right into the rivers.  She said it's horrifying.  One caller lives in an area where fracking has been going on for a long time and said there's an abnormally high rate of heart defects in newborns in her area.   Rosie took a call from a listener who likes to get her news from the BBC (Rosie likes this too).  One caller, who works for the natural gas companies, said methane leaks get into water supplies in natural situations too and it doesn't necessarily mean it's because of fracking.  Rosie argued with him about fracking and the statistics of how often it happens.  He claimed that it only taints the water supply in less than 20% of the cases.  Pete checked the stats that said fracking has a 52% probability for leakage with each gas well drilled.  Janette said the scariest part about obtaining Natural Gas through fracking is that it's an unregulated industry that doesn't have to comply with clean air and water acts.  Rosie recommended all her listeners see Gasland and familiarize themselves with the facts about fracking.  Janette advised concerned citizens to write their Congresspeople and tell them we're against fracking for natural gas.  She said that's the only way to make a difference on this issue. 

Rosie said she really wants to see Seasons of the Witch which she thought had a really great trailer.  She also wants to see the Green Hornet.  Watch that trailer HERE

Rosie said  today she's having a TV put in to her workout room in her craft house so they can watch TV and work out!  She thought about buying a Nordic-Track elliptical machine but thinks she will just start with walking.  She doesn't have any specific plan except to eat less and move more.

She got a preview of A&E's Heavy which premieres tonight and she said the formula of the show isn't that different from any of the other weight-loss shows.  It promises a complete transformation every week but she was a bit disappointed and was hoping for more drastic results.

Rosie said Dog the Bounty Hunter will be on Rosie Radio later in the week and she may let Vivi and Blake stay home so they can meet him!  He's flying to New York from Hawaii to be on the show!  Vivi and Blake are HUGE fans.  Vivi was in the studio because of the holiday and Rosie made her promise to talk that day and ask Dog lots of questions if she lets her stay home.  Rosie then talked to Vivi a little about school.  Vivi said she doesn't really like school because she said it's boring and she wished she could learn more real school things.  At Vivi's school, a Waldorf based eduction, they don't teach you to read until the 3rd grade.  Vivi really wishes she knew how to read and Rosie recently had to read a game to her on her DS that had a lot of directions that Vivi couldn't understand.  Rosie then asked Vivi what her favorite DS game was and she said Super Mario Brothers.  Her favorite game on the Wii is Super Smash Brothers.  She's not supposed to play video games as a student at her Waldorf school but she doesn't tell.  Rosie asked Vivi what she wants to do after the show and she said she wanted to craft at the craft house.  Rosie asked Vivi what she wants to be when she grows up and she said a bounty hunter!   Tune in later in the week to hear Vivi and Blake interview Dog the Bounty Hunter!

Pete then read an article that stated scientists are in the process of cloning a Woolly Mammoth.  Pete said they're on an expedition to find some well preserved Woolly Mammoth samples to clone.  Janette and Jeannie asked if we've leaned nothing from Jurassic Park?!  They then talked about cloning dinosaurs and had a debate as to which dinosaurs would be the best to clone.   

Rosie then introduced Sara Rue who was on the phone!   Sara has had a lot of success losing weight with the Jenny Craig program.  Here's a link to Sara's Jenny Craig weight loss blog

Sara said she's had a weight issue for most of her life.  Once she signed up to diet publicly, that actually helped her lose weight because it helped her stay committed.  Sara said inspiring others has been a great motivator for her too.  Sara really likes Jenny Craig because you can eat anything and it teaches you about portion control.  Sara said she was worried about starting Jenny Craig but said she's never lost as much weight as she has with this program.  She said at first you start with two days on your own and then, as you lose weight and reach your goal you wean yourself off the program and learn to do it yourself.  She uses it as a tool, and this is the thinnest she's been in her adult life.  Rosie asked Sara if she thinks this is permanent and Sara said she hopes so but she doesn't want to jinx it.    Rosie asked how it feels for her to be thin, recalling the time she lost weight and felt uncomfortable by advances from others.  Sara just said she doesn't believe anyone when they hit on her so the weight loss hasn't affected her too much.  Rosie and Sara talked about how she's engaged to be married and about her great friendship she has with Ross Mathews!

Sara's got a new show coming out entitled Shedding for the Wedding which premieres on Feb. 23rd on the CW!  She said it's a show about couples trying to lose weight for their weddings similar to The Biggest Loser.  Sara said they haven't filmed the finale yet and Rosie encouraged Sara to push the producers to give both couples who make it to the end the wedding prizes.  She said to push them to get the sponsors to kick in and the finale will be happy, happy, happy!  Rosie said she'd promote the show for them if they promise to do that.   

You can catch Sara on Rules of Engagement tonight at 8:30pm EST on CBS.  Rosie wished Sara luck with the show and said she hopes it works out for her.  She thanked her for doing the interview and told her how adorable she is.  :)

The game was to list off famous things in a category that come in 3s.

Pete: a group of three from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack that shot to stardom.  He guessed the Bee Gees and was correct.
Janette: a famous sandwich  which features a crispy protein with 2 vegetables. She guessed the BLT and was correct.
Jeannie: a trio of small striped squirrels in an animated music group.  She guessed the Chipmunks - Alvin, Simon and Theodore and was correct.
caller: In 1492 Columbus sailed on these ships.  The correct answer was the Pinta, Santa Maria, and the Nina but he couldn't remember the Nina.  He was out.  Rosie gave him a prize anyway. 
Shoshana: A famous western from 1966 starring Clint Eastwood.  She guessed the The Good, the bad and the ugly which was correct.
Rosie: a fictional series with three female private investigators.  She guessed Charlie's Angels which was correct.
Pete: 3 colors found on patriotic confection the bomb pop.  He guessed Red, White and Blue and that was correct.
Janette: the operatic singing group listed in the Guinness book for the greatest selling classical album of all time. She guessed the Three Tenors and that was correct.
Jeannie: 3 basic human needs. She didn't know but the answers were food, shelter, and clothing.  She was out.
Shoshana: a famous film trilogy about a hobbit that destroys the one ring to save middle Earth.  She guessed the Lord of the Rings and that was correct.
Rosie: inseparable friends who were all for one and one for all.  She guessed the Three Musketeers and that was correct.

Pete: a hand game played by two people won by a certain skill.  He guessed rock, paper, scissors and that was correct.
Janette: Donald Duck's nephews.  She didn't know.  The answer was Huey, Duey and Lewie. She was out. 
Shoshana: Three men rub a dub dubbing in the tub together.  She didn't know the baker, the butcher and the candlestick maker and was out.
Rosie: The 3 branches of the U.S. Government.  She guessed the Executive, the Judicial and the Legislative branches and was correct.
Pete: the idiom that also describes a fisherman.  He guessed hook, line and sinker and was correct.
Rosie: Gifts by the Wiseman in the Bible.  She didn't know and was out.  The answers were Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold. 

Vivi closed the show.  :)

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. I'm with Janette on this one, it's not so much that Ricky Gervais went for the low blow, but that he wasn't very funny. I remember when Rosie did her "Aloha Whitney" joke and I thought it was hilarious!

    Sorry to hear about Janette's car. My husband had his car stolen from his office parking lot, which was pretty daring (and rotten) on the part of the thief. The police figure that when Hubby went out for lunch, someone noted that he had an older Camry that was in good shape The theif followed my husband back to the private office parking lot and then came by an hour later to steal it & strip it for the parts (sunroof, airbags, etc). The car was located within 48 hours, but it had to be replaced. It felt weird that someone had been stalking him for a car.

    Alison (aka Alderella)

  2. I can't believe there is a school that doesn't teach kids to read by 3rd grade. Vivi seems like a bright and inquisitive child. My son was reading tons of books in 3rd grade. He read everything he could get his hands on that interested him. Children's minds are like a sponge. I guess I just don't get the touchy-feely philosophy.

  3. I think a TV in the exercise room is a fantastic idea if it is feasible for anyone. I go to the gym regularly and think a cardo workout is the most important part of the visit (cardio shouldn't be an "option" for anyone - it is so very important). At the gym I wear headphones and listen to some good workout music and watch the TV with the subtitles. I jog, read the TV and listen to the music all at once. It really helps get through it.

  4. I wish I had known that Rosie was going to be in Utah this weekend. I might have actually driven all the way up to Park City to see her.

    I've never heard the "Oh my Gosh" version of Usher's song played in Utah. That is weird.

  5. Love the pink ink, Kelly - and enjoyed your shout-out at the end of the show!

    : ) P

  6. i floved janette's shoutout to 'kelly...you know-the blog girl!' when she was declaring that she should have a win up on the board that records the staff's games (she's going to confer with kelly to check).

    and omg - fried green tomatoes - grew up eating them (my grandmother's were the best, straight out of her garden!). if you've never had them, don't go somewhere and have the heavily battered ones, but instead lightly floured big slices - that's what you're looking for.


  7. How is learning to read in third grade a touchy feel philosophy, I wonder?

  8. I can't support a school that doesn't teach children to read until 3rd grade. Opportunities lost.

    Lisa in Indy.

  9. Hollywood needs to get over itself. Ricky Gervais was "appropriately" hilarious.

  10. Katherine, A "touchy, feely" philosophy in a school means they are more concerned about the feelings and creativity of the child than teaching the basics in a regimented curriculum. No tv, no homework and unstructured classes really doesn't set a child up to compete in the real world of college admissions, let alone the professiional world. Education is the silver bullet (sorry for the gun reference). No offense was intended. It just seems that Parker is having a hard time in high school, and it may be becauses of his elementary education. No work ethic.