1-18-11 - Snow Day!

In case you missed it...

Today Rosie Radio was a snow day!

But since you're here, let's talk about Rosie's new talk show on OWN.  Are you so excited?  What do you hope the show will be like?  What kind of topics do you want to hear about?  Are you currently watching the OWN network?  I am!  Let's discuss! 

And I'm starting to run again.  Planning for a 5K in April and a 10K (yikes) in May.  Anyone else working out? 

And did anyone see Skins last night on MTV?  I loved it!  Breakfast Club reincarnated for 2011.  John Hughes would be proud.  LOVED IT!



  1. Ok was thinking I was having a groundhog day! Have fun in the snow guys!

    To answer the blog questions - I'm not watching OWN yet but will when Rosie is on if I can get it from my cable company. I do listen too Oprah radio sometimes (Gayle King Show) so I hear some of the programs. I know Rosie's show (no matter content) will be great!

    And, I'm a 200+lb girl who has lost 100lbs already and ran my 1st mini marathon (13.1 miles) last April and this year I'm doing the same race this year and trying to beat my last year time. SO ladies you can totally run even if you're "chubby" :)

  2. Jenn, you ROCK! Go you for sticking with your running! I ran a 10K 2 two years ago. I trained, ran the race and sat my ass down and never ran again. Now I'm trying to get back at it. And you're right, chubby girls can run. I did it too!

    It's not snowy here in Virginia, just icy. But my kids are home bc of the ice which makes it practically impossible to listen to the show and catch it all so I'm relieved it's a snow day today. :)

    Good luck with your training and keep me posted!

  3. I'm glad I checked in here during the snow day Kelly. Thanks for asking for our ideas on Rosie's new show and OWN.

    We don't get OWN in Canada yet but we are getting previews and I like what I see. I am very excited about Rosie's new show. I know it will be fantastic!

    I hope the show will be somewhat similar to the radio format to the extent that that is possible.

    Even though it may not be celebrity driven (I think Rosie mentioned that) it would be great if it had a mix of interviews with some celebrities and non celebrities. I love the in depth interviews she does on the radio show and it would be great to see that translate to the screen.

    A variety of topics like they cover on the radio show would be interesting (documentaries, living a healthy life, parenthood, autism, broadway, books, homosexuality, mental wellness, current news events, films, comedians, music.....) A mix of light, laughter, and more serious topics.

    I love the radio crew and the ensemble concept. They gel so well together and are like a family. It would be great if there could be a way to integrate that into the show if possible.

    As for working out......

    I'm trying to mix up my work out routine to include more weight training. I find that sooo boring and yet I know it's good for me.

    Sorry for writing so much. Once I get on a roll I keep going.....

    Have a great day everyone!

  4. wtg Jenn and Kelly on your running!

  5. unfortunately I don't have cable TV and won't be getting it in the future.
    So, I won't be able to watch the Rosie show on OWN. darn.

  6. I am so excited about OWN and rosie! I remember when I had my first baby, I saw (and still am) a SAHM and I loved watching her show. I am obviously older now and I am looking forward to her being able to cover a topic for an hour and really have the freedom to educate people, make them laugh, etc. I love the radio show (and thanks to your Kelly for having this site because I do miss it when my kids are out of school!) and I love how honest she is about all of the crap that happens to all of us!

    I am running, and I am trying to love it! I have lost 30 pounds (I am finally to my pre baby weight from 10 years ago!) and my hubby is training for a half marathon. My oldest daughter and I are running a 5k in april, so that will be fun. My goal though, is to run a half marathon. I will keep you posted!

  7. Snow Day! Jenn & Kelly, congrats on the running. Very inspiring!

    Regarding Ro's upcoming show on OWN, I too love her radio mix of celebs and non-celebs so I hope she can have a similar mix on tv, and today the person that I wish she would interview is Mark Ruffalo. Here's the link regarding his speech on fracking. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/18/mark-ruffalo-fights-frack_n_810461.html

    I FRACKING (sorry CW's daughter) love that man!

    For the Canadian viewers, it looks like Corus Entertainment will be carrying OWN starting in March so hopefully Rosie will be available to us when she starts in Sept. (I'm currently not too happy with Corus since last week, they allowed a DJ at Toronto radio station CFNY to swap 2 minutes of air time with WBC in exchange for them agreeing not to protest the little girl's funeral in Arizona. They took a lot of flack for that lack of judgement...probably only .05% of the complaints were from me, and I wrote EVERYONE! :-)) Can't wait until Ro is on and elevates the level of discourse, spotlights on research and humanity on topics like that.

    Peace, Alison (aka Alderella)

  8. I second ag's 'wtg Jenn and Kelly!"

    I haven't been watching a lot of OWN, but I do enjoy the Ask Oprah's All Stars. I think it's a great show. I will probably watch more once Rosie is on ; )

    Looking forward to her Who Do You Think You Are episode as well!


  9. Thanks for the questions, Kelly! I am totally pumped about Rosie's show on OWN and here are my burning questions about it:

    1. Will there be a studio audience (bc I tried in vain to get on the old show with no avail and this is my second chance!!)
    2. Is it 5 days/wk or once/week?

    I've been loving the current OWN stuff too, especially "Your OWN Show" and the behind the scenes year 25 show. Both have me on the edge of my seat!!

    For exercise this year, I've been to Jazzercise 6 times -- we're nearly approaching my total for all of 2010, so that's a plus! ;-) I'm also continuing with the gluten-free lifestyle I've been practicing since early November. It's made such a positive difference in my life -- a few pounds, body shape, intestinal pain, lethargy, and even some depression. And so much easier to stick to that anything I've tried before (still working on reducing sugar ... slowly but surely).

    Other than that, it's just a lot of crappy weather here in Kansas City. Between snow days, Christmas, MLK Day, and pre-scheduled teachers meetings, my son has been in school only 5 days since December 21. Crazy, but he's loving it.

    Hugs to all out there!

  10. I just checked and DirecTV does carry OWN - but I haven't had time to watch it yet, there is just too much Star Trek to watch! :) But you can bet when Rosie is on I'll have my DRV set. So far I like what I've heard Rosie say about her vision of the show. A few celebs would be nice but not just those trying to plug a book, show or movie. I think and "Incredible Kids" type thing would be great for Rosie's show since she has such a great way of talking with children. Plus, children say the most wonderfully honest things.

    Regarding health and fitness - I was blessed with good genes so I don't struggle with large weight changes - but still I work out every week to stay in good shape and health. There are many ways to get the heart pumping and I suggest folks try various ones until they find one they actually enjoy. Mine is bicycling. I own a car but ride instead as much as possible. And I do long pleasure rides as well. Easier for me in a warmer climate but they have bikes at the gym too. In '09 I rode my bicycle from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Seattle Washington in 3 months and lost 20 lbs! That was way too much for me to lose but I mention it just to say all you have to do is burn more calories than you take in and the weight will come off. Keep at it - it's worth it! You only get one body.

    If anyone is interested - the journal of my bicycle trip is at http://bikedenbec.blogspot.com

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  11. One more thing I wanted to say - I see so many seriously overweight people join my gym this time of year - only to drop out a week later. I know they think those with the gym bods are looking down on them but I really don't think it's true. If those people are like me they are happy to see you there! We want you to get healthy! I so want to run up to the newbies and say "stick with it!" but it seem inappropriate. Maybe I should next time.

  12. Hi - I have a question. So when Rosie starts on OWN will the radio show be done, or will she be doing both? Thanks. T

  13. I just wanted to clarify that by "integrated" I meant perhaps having a segment once in awhile incorporating elements of the radio format.

    I see the show as Rosie interviewing one on one in depth. I'll miss the radio show but can't see it being replicated on TV...two different media.

  14. Honestly, I am sure that Rosie will find the balance of fun, entertaining and important. When I watched TROS, it was sometimes the highlight of my day. It was a bright spot during some really difficult times and I hope Rosie will get as much out of it as she gives to all of us...that only seems fair. I can't wait for the new show!

  15. I let my Sirius expire. Rosie and Howard are the only 2 shows worth anything. Sirius allows them to take off for 2 weeks in Thanksgiving, 2 weeks for Christmas, 2 weeks for Spring Break, and then they have 2 weeks vacation. That's 2 months of re-runs. Plus now SNOW DAYS!! Please. All the radio stations I know of on snowy days are on-air and live. I love Rosie and Howard but to me it's just not worth the money.