1-19-11 - Discussing Recent Events & an interview with Hoarders' Dr. Robin Zasio

In case you missed it...
Rosie started today's broadcast discussing the ice-storm that hit the New York area which caused the cancellation of yesterday's show.  However, Rosie's kids were extremely excited to have yesterday off and then extremely depressed this morning when they had to go to school.  Two nights ago they wore their pajamas inside out and were sure if they did it again last night school would be canceled.  It was not and Vivi couldn't understand why it didn't work!  Rosie and her kids were all hanging out in her bed watching TV together last night when they saw flashing lights outside the bedroom window and heard a knock at the door.  It was the police!  Seems Tanya's two year-old son Ellis (Rosie's Nanny/Friend who sometimes stays in the apartment above the garage) dialed 911 by accident causing the police to come to the O'Donnell's!  Rosie adores little Ellis and his amazing use of the English language at such a young age.

Rosie announced that tomorrow (1/20) Dog The Bounty Hunter will be in the studio!  Her kids are taking off school in order to meet Dog because they're huge fans of the show.  Rosie joked that Dog cannot cancel or she'll lose all credibility with her children.  I'm not sure if the interview will be aired Thursday or post-taped for Friday's show but I'll keep all you Dog fans posted!

Tomorrow Rosie is leaving for Sundance where she will be hosting the screening of the documentary film Becoming Chaz.  Rosie said Becoming Chaz will be shown on  OWN.  She said Oprah will first interview Chaz and Cher on her program and then Rosie will host the after-show with the filmmaker and some of the participants in the film!  I'll keep looking into this and if I find out any more details, I'll keep you all posted.

Rosie wanted to discuss the first two episodes of the CNN show Piers Morgan Tonight.  Janette and Rosie both agree that Larry King has been difficult to watch over the past few years and that he should have probably retired sooner.  Rosie complimented Regis who has just announced his retirement.  She called Regis an amazing broadcaster and entertainer and she respects him a lot for leaving when he's still at the top of his game.  Rosie said she'll miss Regis on TV and said she loves him and he's "as sweet as he can be."  Piers Morgan has replaced Larry King's show and time slot and he interviewed Howard Stern last night.  Firstly, Deirdre and Rosie (both Emmy winners) hated the set.  Rosie had never heard of Piers Morgan on anything but as a judge for America's Got Talent and she didn't enjoy his arrogance.  She especially thought he was extremely arrogant when he was interviewing Oprah Winfrey, though she thought it was a good interview.  Here's a link to an article where you can  read about Oprah's interview with Piers.  Rosie didn't like it how Piers equated himself with Oprah and implied he was her competition.  They played the audio of Piers challenging Oprah on who could get the interview with Michael Vick first.  Rosie said her jaw hit the ground during that part of the interview.  Janette (also an Emmy winner) didn't think Piers was very respectful to Oprah or to Howard Stern.  Deirdre is disappointed with CNN in general because they had a chance to fill the Larry King spot with something fresh and new and she doesn't see it in Piers.  Rosie thought the biggest problem with the show is that it's not live and the fact that you can see the edits.  Rosie thinks the reason people watch those interviews is because it's live and without that aspect it loses something.  Janette found herself missing Larry King when he was in his prime.  In regards to Piers interview with Howard Stern, who Janette has a HUGE crush on, no one in the radio studio thought they learned anything new from the interview.  Janette said Howard Stern is the talent of our generation and a genius.  She said Howard created the forum they were currently working in and Piers didn't ask him any questions everyone doesn't already know about him and that was disappointing.  Rosie wanted to know the history behind Piers' career so Pete googled him and read about it.  Overall, Rosie said she was disappointed by Piers Morgan and his new show.   

Rosie then took several callers on the topic.  Some loved Piers but most of the callers agreed with the staff that Piers was way too arrogant.  One caller said Piers is getting everyone to talk about his show and that's exactly what he wants is to create buzz so this is why the caller thought his  show is working.  Rosie said, "Let's see if in a month from now if anyone gives a crap about this show."  Rosie talked with one caller about the celebrities Piers has banned from his show and said she would like him to ban her.  One caller listened to Howard's radio show this morning and said he was was put-off that they edited him.  The caller thought they edited Howard because they wanted the interview to be more about Piers then about Howard.  Lastly the caller said she didn't learn anything new from the interview and Janette and Rosie agreed.   

Rosie said she would rather do live interviews because with editing they can change the context and the meaning of your statements.  Rosie thinks Piers show isn't live so he can go back and fix all the parts of the interview that were dull.  Rosie took a call from a listener who said Piers said he tapes the show so that he can interview celebrities at their convenience instead of his.  Rosie said sometimes people who aren't entertainers or talents, such as Donald Trump, try to impose themselves into the celebrity entertainment world and it doesn't always fit.  Perhaps this is the case for Piers Morgan too.   

Rosie took a call from one listener who became a huge fan of Rosie's during the days of The Rosie O'Donnell Show when the caller was home with terrible postpartum depression with her newborn.  She told Rosie she used to live for that one hour Rosie was on TV because she knew it would make her laugh.   She always wanted to thank Rosie for helping her through those days and she finally got to today.  Rosie was so appreciative and happy to know that her old show had such a positive impact on her life.  This caller saw Piers on The View and his reason for not airing the show live was because he wanted the chance to promote his guests.  Rosie didn't buy it and thinks it's because Piers isn't good enough to do it live.  It was the caller's birthday so they sang happy birthday to her and Rosie gave her an e-reader from Borders

 Rosie took one final call from a listener who thought CNN should have hired Graham Norton if they wanted a fun, inventive, British interviewer.  Rosie agreed and called Graham "quick-witted" and "entertaining!"  And before Rosie and the caller ended their conversation he quickly blurted out to Rosie "and I met you and I don't think you're that fat!"  Rosie laughed and loved it and gave him an e-reader too. 

Finally, Deirdre (the booker for the show) said there's an unspoken code in the world of celebrity booking that Oprah will get whoever the "hot" interview is first.  She said it's assumed.  And for Piers to imply that he could get a guest before Oprah made Deirdre really pissed off.

Rosie said she's very excited for the new American Idol which premieres tonight!  Rosie is looking forward to the new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.  But, she hates the making fun of people that happens at the beginning of the season and hopes that won't happen this year.  From what Rosie knows about JLo she doesn't think she will be cruel to any of the aspiring singers.  The staff then discussed whether any of them think American Idol still has the capacity to make a star.  They listened to Lee Dewyze's new song (last year's winner) Sweet Serendipity.  Rosie liked it but thought the song was not really identifiable and it could be anyone singing it.  But overall she thought it was a good song.  Then they played Crystal Bowersox's song Farmer's Daughter.  Rosie said it was good and had kind of a Melissa Etheridge-type-of-feel but wasn't very impressed.  She wished Crystal would have rocked out more.  Janette said both songs were good but she could never imagine listening to them again because they don't grab you.  Deirdre called both songs formulaic.

Speaking of Melissa Etheridge,  Rosie was pleased to announce that Melissa Etheridge is going to star in American Idiot on Broadway!  Rosie was excited and said she's definitely going to see it.  Rosie loved the show American Idiot and said she almost prefers the soundtrack from the play to the original Green Day album.  She asked Lou to play Are We The Waiting by the American Idiot cast.  Listen below...

Rosie said that version "leaves her weak."  She asked if they can give away tickets to the show and Janette said she'd check with Bobby who wasn't in the studio today.

Rosie and the staff then discussed the latest news coming out of Camden, New Jersey.  Camden has the not-so-glorious title as the second most dangerous city in the United States.  Well, in Camden, they just fired half of the police force and a third of fireman because of budget constraints.  Drug dealers in Camden have been seen wearing t-shirts with the date of the firings and the phrase "it's our time" as a celebration over the news.  Pete said because of the massive firings, the police won't even respond to certain calls.  If you're in an automobile accident that is not life-threatening or you've been a victim of a minor robbery, they're not going to show up.  Janette wondered what happens in Camden if your house catches on fire?!  Janette fears with the economy the way it is, we're going to see more and more of this. 

Rosie said Jeannie texted her during the show and told her not to be mean to Lou (because he first pulled the Green Day version of the Are We the Waiting instead of the Broadway version and Rosie jokingly scolded him for it).  Rosie then accused Jeannie of "flat-leaving" her for Lou because she's now his BFF.  She said this happened to her and Jackie in High School when Jeannie "flat-left" them for another friend she liked better.  

Rosie wanted to know why it seems Jake Gyllenhaal is dating every woman in Hollywood in quick succession?   She said she doesn't understand  why all these women would date him knowing his track record?  Pete understood!  lol   Rosie wondered why other famous women wouldn't understand the game he's playing.  Rosie said she's never had the desire to date another celebrity, since she is a celebrity.  She said she understands it because famous people sometimes feel like no one else can understand their reality but said it's like adding "gasoline to a fire."  Janette thinks it has to do with who you meet when you're a star.  She said stars hang out with other stars and that's how they connect and then date.  Plus she thinks there's an advantage because when you're a celebrity dating a celebrity you never worry they're just dating you because you're famous.  Rosie said  she would have no interest in dating another celebrity.  Here's a link to an article entitled Who the Hell Is Jake Gyllenhaal Dating Now for those of you dying to know. 

Rosie and the staff were happy to find out the news that Joe Lieberman is retiring!  Everyone applauded.  Rosie then asked Pete to read the top 10 reasons they all do not enjoy Joe Lieberman so much.  Mostly all those reasons had to do with the fact that Joe is a flip-flopper and that he's even flip-flopped between the Democratic and Republican parties!  Rosie thought Joe was one kind of a man in the beginning and said he ended up being another kind of a man and as the national spotlight grew he changed.  Like Pete feels the same way about John McCain who he said was once the leader of campaign finance reform and then felt the need to abandon all his morals when he decided to make a run for President.  Here's a good article on why many people loathe Joe.

Rosie then introduced Dr. Robin Zasio, the psychologist from the A&E television show Hoarders.   Robin Zasio, Psy. D., LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has been specializing in treating anxiety and related disorders for the past 14 years utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure and Response Prevention techniques.  Rosie told Dr. Zasio that she thinks she's very qualified at her job and really enjoys her on the program. 

Rosie told Dr. Zasio that her good friend and Rosie Radio personality Jeannie has a mother that's a hoarder.  She said it's gotten so bad that no one in Jeannie's family besides her mom has been in their family home for 10 years.  Jeannie thinks they'll have to bulldoze the house after her mother passes because it will be too incredibly cluttered to even try to go through. 

Rosie asked the Dr. what drives someone to that point and she referenced the man who was spotlighted in the season finale of Hoarders named Glenn who hoarded rats.  Dr. Zasio said Glenn had tremendous loss in his life and something happened in him psychologically where he felt it was safer to connect with animals than people.  Rosie and Dr. Zasio discussed the episode and how even she adopted two of the rats from the home.  Glenn cared tremendously for the rats unlike the woman Hannah who Rosie discusses with Dr. Zasio later in the interview.  Rosie encouraged her listeners to watch the season finale of Hoarders.  Rosie asked how Glenn is doing since the episode and while she cannot discuss specifics, she said he has taken advantage of the significant aftercare that the show provides all of its participants with.

They briefly discussed the "Hawaii episode" which was especially hard to watch for many people because the couple had children who were also suffering from the hoarding.

And Rosie told Dr. Zasio that she wanted to call her after the "Hannah" episode.  Rosie said she really felt like Dr. Zasio, Matt (from 1-800 Got Junk) and the Animal Control person were manipulated by Hannah in that episode.  Hannah had 200-300 animals in her home and Rosie said it was horrifying to watch.  She was also very abusive to her animals.  Rosie felt like Dr. Zasio and the other professionals were so caught up in her manipulative victimization and "under her spell" that they couldn't get control over the situation.  Dr. Zasio said there were a lot of factors people didn't see that didn't air and she wished the program on Hannah could have been longer.  Dr. Zasio didn't see Hannah's behavior as a manipulative ploy because in her mind she loved those animals and really felt like she was treating them well. 

Rosie wanted to know why they didn't commit Hannah when she was so clearly mentally unstable.  Dr. Zasio said they have to prove she's a danger to herself, others (not including pets) or unable to provide food, clothing and shelter.  She was able to do all those things.  Dr. Zasio said they had no idea what to expect when they got there and as soon as they did they figured the best thing they could do was to get the animals to safety.  She couldn't specify if Hannah has received psychological treatment but did say charges were filed against her.  Rosie talked about the frustration one feels as a viewer feeling completely powerless to do anything.  Dr. Zasio said in terms of the animals, you have to go through the proper legal channels to get them taken from the home.

Rosie said she still worries about the people from the episodes at least once a day and wondered why that is.  She said she's obsessed with shows such as Hoarders, Intervention and Obsessed and she cannot stop worrying about the people in them.  Dr. Zasio said Rosie is very compassionate and those shows are tapping into that side of her.  Dr. Zasio said those shows are shocking because we don't see that type of situation everyday and it makes us realize that things like that are happening in the world.  Dr. Zasio admitted to being greatly affected by some of the shows and even crying off camera because she's an animal lover.  Rosie said she wished the producers would show that human side of her.  Dr. Zasio said even though the show is so disturbing, it's important to show the reality of the world.  Rosie agreed.  Rosie's good friend Jeannie has been dealing with her mother's hoarding her entire life and said the show feels very validating to her when she hears the anger the children feel over their hoarding parents. 

Rosie closed the show recommending her listeners go to the Hoarders website to find out more about this program.

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  1. Hoping that Rosie posts photos of Dog and her family. And I hope that someone takes a photo on the weekend of Ro with Robert Redford. Siriusly, Bob Redford. Hubbell. Oh My!

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  2. Yes, I wish Rosie would call me once and awhile like she used to and update me. Hahaa :-P

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  3. That particular picture of Dr. Zasio makes her look kind of like Tanya Harding. I'll have to compare the two, next time I watch Hoarders.