1-3-11 Rosie Radio Back from Break!

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's program talking about the holidays and the traveling she did over the break.  Both Bobby and Rosie traveled over the holidays and Bobby got trapped in Florida on the Monday after Christmas!  He didn't get home to New York until Thursday of that week because of the huge snowstorm that hit the New York area after Christmas.  Rosie revealed she was in Ireland filming for the show Who Do You Think You Are.  She said there was lots of snow there and she barely made it out of the country to make it home for the holiday.  She was literally on the last plane that left Ireland before the airport was shut down.  Rosie said learning about her ancestors has been a "very emotional and intense" experience for her. She recommended all her listeners look into their own ancestries and said Ancestry.com is a great place to start your own journey.  Rosie said she's been stunned by what she's found and it's given her an entirely new perspective as to what her ancestors went through to get her to where she is today.  She told a funny story about arriving in Ireland and the greeters who met her on the jetway when she landed and how different that experience was to when she left.  When she left, there was a blinding snow and everyone was crying and yelling at the airport personnel trying to get out!  Rosie said she felt badly for the people with kids in the airport who were trying to get home for Christmas. 

Two very important pieces of legislation were passed since Rosie Radio was on air last.  Firstly, Don't Ask Don't tell was repealed and the staff discussed it.   Rosie said it's a step closer to equality for all Americans and was pleased it was finally repealed. Bobby read that it was the most productive lame duck session since World War II!  They also discussed the passing of the Health Bill for 911 Workers and the huge post-Christmas snowfall in the NY and NJ areas.     Because of the 20+ inches of snow that hit New Jersey, Jeannie couldn't go see Donny and Marie on Broadway!  She said she was really disappointed because she was hoping to redeem herself.  Before the break, Donny Osmond was on Rosie Radio and Jeannie couldn't come into the studio that day so they had Donny call Jeannie during the break!  Jeannie said she immediately became an 11 year-old girl again and started talking incessantly and wouldn't let Donny get a word in edgewise.  She was hoping to redeem herself and "be cool" at the concert because of her "ridiculous phone conversation with him."  Rosie said Donny even had plans to pull Jeannie up on stage with him and give her a kiss!  Jeannie was so disappointed she couldn't go! 

Rosie asked Bobby for a Broadway update as to what shows are closed as of yesterday and what shows are opening this year.  Bobby said 9 Broadway shows closed yesterday including Fela, Donny and Marie on Broadway, Promises, Promises, Elf, etc.  This week more shows will be closing including A Little Night Music, In the Heights, Rock of Ages (which is moving to the Helen Hayes theater), etc.  This year however, 20 new shows will open including Book of Mormon, Importance of Being Earnest, Catch Me If You Can, Anything Goes, Sister Act, Wonderland, Good People, Arcadia, Jerusalem, Master Class, Fat Pig, War Horse (Bobby recommended listeners "YouTube it"!), Spiderman, etc. They talked about some of the problems Spiderman has incurred during its previews and the number of people who have been injured because of the elaborate stunts.  (see video below)

Rosie told a story about the time during Grease on Broadway that Marcia Lewis, who coincidentally died last month at 72 years of age, fell through a stage hole during a performance because of an error made by a stage-hand.  Bobby and Rosie discussed the athletic ability one must have to do 8 shows a week and how many Broadway performers are like athletes and injuries sometimes happen.  Rosie and Bobby both said they are dying to see Spiderman when it officially opens.  Rosie then took a call from a listener who saw Spiderman  in early December.  She enjoyed it and said it was the most visually interesting show she'd ever seen and said it had remarkable, unbelievable stunts.  But she said she didn't care for the music which she called dark and dissonant.

Janette made it clear that she didn't like Bono (who wrote the music for the play) and Rosie asked her why.  Janette said she didn't care for Bono after he wore an American flag coat after 911 (see left) but mostly because his charity takes in millions of dollars but barely gives anything back!  Pete read some statistics about Bono's charity that took in more than $15 million and distributed out less than $200,000 back to the people in need.  Their defense was that they are an advocacy group campaigning to raise awareness.  Janette didn't think it made for good charitable work.  You can read more about the charity's funds HERE.

Pete shared with the listening audience that he and his family have now moved into their new house!  He's happy to be a home-owner and loves his new place except for the "old man smell."  Rosie offered to buy Pete and his wife, as a house-warming gift, all new carpeting!   Pete said he wasn't going to get any new carpeting or re-paint until his youngest daughter reaches one year of age because of an increased incidence of SIDS.   Rosie offered to buy them hardwood flooring as an alternative but Pete still seemed concerned about the fumes and the newborn baby.  Rosie was pleading with him to get rid of the carpet and the old man smell but Pete wasn't budging and was willing to live with it.  Rosie took a call from a listener who said it was true, that new carpet and paint can increase your baby's risk of SIDS and she described her own babies health problems which she was sure was due to new carpeting.

Rosie and the staff then discussed which new television shows they would all be watching and discussing on the air during the upcoming months.  First Rosie wanted everyone to promise to watch A&E's Heavy.  She said she loves the promo for the show and is excited to see it.  Next everyone will be watching NBC's Biggest Loser which starts tomorrow night (1/4/11).   Parker, who was off from school today, came on the air and told Rosie she and Jeannie should go on the Biggest Loser!  He said it would be hilarious television and they cold motivate each other.  Rosie and Jeannie have always said they wouldn't go on The Biggest Loser because they're both afraid of trainer Jillian Michaels.  James confirmed this is Jillian's last season on the show so Rosie might consider it!  The staff will also be watching My Strange Addiction on TLC. Rosie described the latest episode she saw of My Strange Addiction  about a woman who cannot sleep without her blow-dryer blowing on her.  Rosie thought it was incredibly dangerous!  The staff will be watching Season 4 of Celebrity RehabAmerican Idol and Paula Abdul's Live To Dance.  Bobby, Lou and Jeannie will be watching The Bachelor but Rosie refuses to watch that show.  They discussed watching The Jersey Shore but no one in the studio even remotely sounded interested in it except for Rosie.  They then took a call from a listener who also has to sleep with a blow-dryer blowing on him all night.  Rosie was very worried for him that he'd start a fire in his bed and Pete read an article about a Richmond, Virginia, man who recently died doing just that

Rosie recently watched Dog the Bounty Hunter with Blake and Vivi and she was surprised when Blake asked why Dog was carrying around a paintball gun and not a real gun.  She didn't know why he would be carrying a paintball gun and Pete read that Dog is a convicted felon and he's not allowed to carry a firearm because of it.  A listener called in and said that it's common practice in prisons for staff to carry paintball guns filled with pepper gas to incapacitate dangerous prisoners as a non-lethal alternative to acting out. 

Rosie talked about the many movies she saw over the two-week break including True Grit which she LOVED and The Fighter.  She said The Fighter was "absolutely brilliant."  She took Vivi and Blake to see Gulliver's Travels which she thought was hysterical.  Rosie told a funny story about going to see that movie.  Gulliver's Travels was sold out so they bought tickets to see the latest Narnia film.  Then she fibbed to the movie theater attendant that they had friends in the Gulliver's Travel movie they needed to check in with.  She snuck Blake and Vivi into the movie and they sat in the front row.  But Blake and Vivi were so shocked that Rosie was breaking the rules!  Rosie said she's excited to see the next Kung Fu Panda movie and recommended Janette see it.  Rosie also saw Black Swan which she called a "psychological horror movie."  She said it was a bit hard to follow but beautifully done. 

Bobby and Rosie have also been following the launch of OWN!  Rosie loves the overall look of the network and is excited for the upcoming shows.  Rosie also really likes the show that documents the Behind the Scenes of the last season of The Oprah Winfrey Show.  Bobby loves it too and how they're not holding anything back and revealing the problems they're having backstage and showing Oprah with no makeup at all.  Rosie said the program shows exactly what it feels like to be backstage at a television show and recommended it to her listeners.  She also really liked the show Master Class.  You can go to www.Oprah.com/OWN and enter your zip code to find out what channel OWN is on in your area. 

During this game each player had to name one of the top 100 television shows of all time (according to television critics).  Each player got a point if they named one of the shows on the list.

Bobby: Mary Tyler Moore.  1 point
Parker: NCIS which was not on the list. 0 points
Rosie: Seinfeld. 1 point
Pete: Simpsons. 1 point
Janette: Sesame Street. 1 point
Jeannie: All In The Family. 1 point

Bobby: I Love Lucy. 1 point
Parker: passed
Rosie: Mash. 1 point
Pete: Cheers. 1 point
Janette: Leave It To Beaver. 1 point
Jeannie: Friends. 1 point

Bobby: Will & Grace which was not on the list. 0 points
Parker: Glee which was not on the list. 0 points
Rosie: American Idol. 1 point
Pete: Saturday Night Live. 1 point
Janette: Star Trek. 1 point
Jeannie: Taxi. 1 point

Bobby: Golden Girls which was not on the list. 0 points
Parker: pass
Rosie: Welcome Back Kotter which was not on the list. 0 points
Pete: The Daily Show. 1 point
Janette: Lassie which was not on the list. 0 points
Jeannie: Charlie's Angels which was not on the list. 0 points

Bobby: Gilligan's Island which was not on the list. 0 points
Parker: Brady Bunch which was not on the list. 0 points
Rosie: Little House On The Prairie which was not on the list. 0 points
Pete: ER which was not on the list. 0 points
Janette: The Show of Shows which was not on the list. 0 points
Jeannie: The Twilight Zone. 1 point

Bobby: Mod Squad which was not on the list. 0 points
Parker: Ugly Betty which was not on the list. 0 points
Rosie: The Andy Griffith Show which was not on the list. 0 points
Pete: Arrested Development. 1 point
Janette: The Bob Newhart Show. 1 point
Jeannie: Fraiser which was not on the list. 0 points

Bobby: I Dream of Jeannie which was not on the list. 0 points
Parker: The Oprah Winfrey Show. 1 point
Rosie: Price Is Right. 1 point
Pete: Lost 1 point (Pete won!)
Janette: Gun Smoke. 1 point
Jeannie: Law and Order which was not on the list. 0 points

Pete WON!   

Bobby's resolution for the new year was to never use seamlessweb.com to order food from again.  He said he gets too much unhealthy food this way and has vowed to not use it in the new year. 
Jeannie's resolution was to respect herself more and take better care of herself. 
Janette's resolution was to lose weight and exercise more.  She's joining a gym and has a new workout buddy Larry Flick!  She's also trying The Primal Blueprint diet book. 
Pete's resolution was to behave more like an adult in the new year which means he's going to shave every day, watch his weight by eating like a responsible person and quit smoking!  He's also going to iron his shirts on a daily basis, keep his haircut, and eat a healthy breakfast every morning.

Rosie took a call from a listener who said she's going to learn to swim this year and Rosie asked her to call her back when she reaches her goal.  Another caller promised to reduce his hours spent watching TV ( at least until Rosie's new show starts on OWN in the Fall!).  One caller had promised herself to stop drinking soda and then broke that promise only hours into the new year!   Rosie recommended she try seltzer water and Pete recommended brewing her own iced tea. 
Rosie closed the show playing her kids' new favorite song....  (except she played the censored version on air)

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. Glad you are back Kelly, it's been a long two weeks.


  2. Thanks Kelly. I can't wait for Gail KIng's show to start on Monday. I am following the OWN channel too. Great write up.

  3. Multiple lashes with a wet noodle, Rosie, for not knowing the AMAZING Melissa Leo. How dare you? "Frozen River," HELLO! One of the best indies ever made. Rent it asap. Loved Janette's comments about Bono too. Har! As a U2 obsessed fan and single mother in the 80's I would tease my daughter that Bono was her dad and that he wasn't home because he was touring so much. Just a little single mother humor there! My daughter teases me about it to this day. Haha! Sadly today Bono annoys me for different reasons than Janette's. He just too in love with the sound of his voice IMO. Bit of a windbag. But the whole "charity" or "advisory" thing is pretty uncool too. Yuck!

  4. Thrilled to have the show and this blog going again - missed you both!

    Loved Janette's calling out of Bono - I lived in the UK for several years and believe me, his work was critiqued by many folks going the hard day-to-day work for grassroots change and social justice. I find his elitism off-putting, to say the least.

    And although I'm glad the Ro & the staff discussed which TV shows they'll be watching and discussing, am I the only one who wishes they'd throw in some fiction/narrative shows, too? Other than 'Glee', they only discuss 'reality' shows, and that gets old after a while. And geez, with so much stellar tv to choose from these days (2010 gave us brilliant seasons of 'Mad Men', 'Breaking Bad', 'The Good Wife', 'Nurse Jackie', 'Modern Family', 'Treme', and 'Justified' - just to name a few!), surely they could agree on one or two of these narrative gems and throw them in the mix.

    And speaking of 'Treme' - they did mention the brilliant Melissa Leo in the film 'The Fighter' having been in this, it's an HBO show about post-Katrina New Orleans, done by the creator of 'The Wire', and it's awesome. Season 1 DVD due in March and season 2 should start in April - if you missed it, I highly recommend checking it out.

    Happy New Year Rosie Radio fans and friends,

  5. Kelly, I have missed you and the updates! Hope you had a nice break.

    Veronica, I agree with you! I don't watch much reality TV as I don't care for it. Honestly, I feel like discussing all the television is "filler" for when they don't have "good" stuff to talk about. I prefer it when the Rosie Radio gang talk about real issues!

    : ) P

  6. Hi-
    I listen to your show all the time- based in Los Angeles, I was really thrilled to hear my name mentioned when you talked about "Killing Me Softly" and "who sang it first"--
    I had gone to see a then unknown singer at the Troubadour, Don McLean, and was so moved by his song, "Empty Chairs" that I wrote a poem about it, told a lyricist, Norman Gimbel, (who was my boyfriend/manager/producer)and he put my feelings and his lyrics together with a title he'd written down in a book, "Killing Me Softly With His Blues"--(which he had gotten from a book)--- Roberta Flack was on an airplane, heard my version (on my first Capitol LP), recorded it, and the rest is history... While I've gone on to record-a fourteenth CD due out in the fall, I'm still known as "that girl who.."--- thanks again for your great show-- big fan here... Lori Lieberman

  7. Hi! I very much appreciate your blog! Keep up the great work. I see that Rosie is not allowing feedback on her site at the moment so I hope it's okay if I mention something here as an alternative.

    I was surprised at the level of criticism directed toward Bono on Monday's show. I appreciated Rosie's approach to table the conversation until they had more details (apparently Janette's source was 1 newspaper article and Pete's was completely superficial). I'd like to provide the link to the ONE organization and allow people to learn a little more about the organization. http://www.one.org/us/

    I hope Rosie and the gang can revisit the issue a little more in depth. Perhaps the organization will still not meet with some approval, but I suspect Bono's efforts and that of his organization are a little more far reaching than one might think.

    One snippet from the website:
    ONE is not a grant-making organization and we do not solicit funding from the general public. As we have always said, at ONE, 'we're not asking for your money, we're asking for your voice.'

  8. So glad you're out there! Didn't realize how much I missed listening to the show when first, our Satellite connection 'died' for 3 weeks, then had to work out of town... then Rosie was gone ... Remembered you had a blog ! Loved being able to 'catch up' ... Thanks for your investment of time and caring!