1-4-11 - The Weight Debate and Jeannie's First Interview!

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast talking about weight and weight-related issues.  With so many television shows out now talking about the obesity problem in America, it's really got her thinking about her own weight issues.  She said she's looking forward to watching A&E's new show Heavy

Rosie said she was watching A&E's Intervention last night and she was noticing the similarities between drug addiction and food addiction.  Then the promo for Heavy came on and her kids said, "Ewwww" while they were watching it.  Rosie's reaction is completely different and she actually sees herself in the people on the show.  Then she was reading Cory Booker's article he wrote about the challenges of the world and his own weight struggles.  He's gained 65 pounds in a year and is beginning to try to take that weight off and get back down to 230 pounds.  She felt inspired by his piece and has been wanting to talk about it with the other staff members. 

Rosie talked about her friend Ross Mathews who lost a lot of weight doing Celebrity Fit Club and has now gained his weight back.  She wondered how anyone, even those that seem to have mastered the weight struggle, actually achieve permanent weight loss.  She asked Ross to call in if he was listening.  Rosie admitted she used to be very critical of people who had weight loss surgery but has since realized people do what they need to do for their own health.  Rosie read the story about Gandhi that Cory had posted in his article aloud for her listeners and said it really rang true for her.  Rosie said it made her realize that children will do what we do.  Rosie's youngest son Blake, who is 11 years old, has been coming to her recently telling her he thinks he's fat.  Rosie feels horribly that Blake is already feeling badly about how he looks.  She thinks part of the reason he's become so aware of how he looks is because of the week they just spent with Jackie's incredibly fit son, Nicholas.  Jackie's son has a great body with no fat on it and they all just spent a week together in Miami.  He works out a lot and refuses to eat anything that's bad for him.  Rosie asked Nicholas when it "clicked" for him (that he wanted to get in shape) and he told her he really changed after he put on some weight his freshman year of college.  Janette said that everyone finds their one motivator and the other day they had a listener call in who said to them that "cancer loves sugar" and that statement has always stuck with her.  

Rosie then took several calls from listeners about weight loss and weight issues.  One caller's daughter had a brain tumor in her pituitary and was struggling with her weight because of it.  The caller has always struggled with her own weight and talked with Rosie about how difficult it is for parents when your children face their own weight struggles.  One caller found success with weight loss through lap-band surgery.  She went from 318 pounds to 215 pounds and her blood pressure and cholesterol both went down because of the weight loss.  She said she also feels much better and is more active because of the loss.  One caller lost 90 pounds after her second baby was born but gained it all back.  This year she's decided to keep a video journal for herself discussing her weight loss journey to keep herself on track.  She told Rosie that finances were tight and she would be losing her Sirius subscription soon and while they were talking Scott Greenstein, the President and Chief Content Officer of Sirius/XM, texted Rosie and gave the caller a free year subscription to Sirius!  The caller was so excited she started crying!  So sweet! 

Rosie took another call from a listener who is 4'11 and 300 pounds and wonders why Rosie sees herself when she sees those really heavy people in the promo of the show Heavy.  She wondered how Rosie could possibly relate to people that are so big.  The caller said she struggles just to move and has a 2 and a 4 year old and worries what they will think of her when they're old enough to realize her weight.  She's on a waiting list for weight loss surgery in Canada and feels like it's her last resort.  Bobby, who has lost over 100 pounds himself, told the caller to think of weight loss not as a diet but as a new way of life.  He said he doesn't deprive himself of anything but he counts every calorie.  He found his Basal Metabolic Rate, the rate at which your body burns calories just existing, and eats less than that number every single day.  He said his weight loss has slowed down recently but he chooses to stay on his journey every day, even when he has a bad day.  Janette said there are many ways for the caller to look at all the diets she's tried that haven't worked and told her she hasn't failed- she just hasn't found the one that will work for her yet.    Rosie recommended the caller look into Overeaters Anonymous and they'll come to YOU.  Rosie asked if there were any sports equipment companies listening and if they would send the caller a recumbent bike as a way for her to start exercising.  She also recommended the caller check out the latest People Magazine where they spotlighted stories of people who've lost over 100 pounds.  Rosie said it was very inspiring to her. 

Janette has attended Overeaters Anonymous before and said she always liked the quote they had on the wall at OA that stated, "If you always do what you've always done, you're always going to get what you've always gotten." 

Rosie took one last call on the topic from a listener who was a fat kid in high school and one day in college he decided he didn't want to be the fat kid anymore.  He never quit and remains thin to this day.  He encouraged Rosie to try it and she said she would.  Rosie said they were all going to set June as a goal and see how much weight they can lose between now and then.   

Rosie said Jeannie and Bobby both texted her last night about how horrible The Bachelor was last night.  Jeannie said last night's show was so humiliating she was cringing while watching it!  Jeannie said the women were getting out of the Limo as the Bachelor met them and performing for him and throwing themselves at him.  She said if her daughters ever acted like for a man she would die.  Bobby was equally upset about the show especially the way it was produced.  He called it phony and contrived.  Lou put his two cents in and said it's as if the show is holding on to a formula that just doesn't work anymore. 

Tonight the Rosie Radio staff will be watching The Biggest Loser and Paula Abdul's Live To Dance.  Bobby recommended the ABC show V

They discussed how Shania Twain got married recently (to her best friend's ex-husband, the husband of her best friend that her husband left her for, confused?).   Rosie didn't recall ever having sex with anyone Jackie or Jeannie had ever slept with though she does really love Jeannie's husband Dan.  :)  Janette talked about the time she and her friend both dated the same guy named Bob. 

Pete announced that The Jersey Shore's Snooki has a new novel out entitled A Shore Thing.  He then proceeded to read several bad sentences from the book.  In one of the sentences she discusses someone passing gas by accident which then launched an entire conversation about farting.  Rosie said her kids favorite thing to do nowadays is fart on each other.  Jeannie's son likes to sit in her lap in the morning and fart and then tells her his "hiney says good morning."  Deirdre, who was out sick today, has become famous amongst the Rosie Radio staff for the gas she passes in the car on the way to work!  Janette said she will hear Deirdre yell, "Safety!" before she farts and then let one rip.  Then Janette watches as Bobby's face turns bright red and his eyes get huge and round with a look of horror!  Sounds like a funny commute!  :)

Jeannie then introduced her first guest on Rosie Radio!  Her name was Tracey Delio and she and Jeannie met at a seminar.  Tracey is also a speech-language pathologist and is an up and coming children's author.  She did the pre-interview with Tracey and Rosie wanted Jeannie to interview her on air too! 

Jeannie asked Tracey all about her books and how she got started as a children's author.  Tracey said all her books are about her cat Louie V, who she said changed her life.   She's a speech-language pathologist who has always written as an outlet for herself and decided to write children's books.  Her cat inspired her to write this series of children's books.  Tracey said she operates under the thought that if you think something you can become it and you can do anything you put your mind to.  Tracey loves her cat and said he gives her so much joy. 

Tracey has self-published her work and gives part of the proceeds of each sale to the Juvenile Diabetes Research FoundationVH1 Save the Music, and Autism Speaks. If you're interested in Tracey's books you can visit her website at http://louievadventures.com/ or pick them up on Amazon and she has a new holiday book coming out next year!   Jeannie and Rosie thanked Tracey for the interview and for coming in! 

The game was "Who Sang It First?"  During this game each player had to name the artist who was singing a cover song.  If they could name that artist they would get one point.  Then, if they could name the artist who sang the original version they got an additional two points.  

Pete heard a clip of Sheryl Crow singing Sweet Child of Mine which was originally sung by Guns N' Roses.  He got the the original artist correct but not the cover artist.
Janette heard a clip of Britney Spears singing I Love Rock and Roll which was originally sung by Joan Jett.  She didn't get the original artist or the cover artist. 
Jeannie heard a clip of Big Yellow Taxi originally sung by Joni Mitchell covered by Counting Crows.  She didn't know either. 
Bobby heard a clip of You Keep Me Hangin On originally sung by The Supremes covered by Kim Wilde.  He knew the original but not the cover artist.
Rosie heard a clip of Smooth Criminal originally sung by Michael Jackson covered by Alien Antfarm.  She knew the original but not the cover artist.

Pete heard a clip of American Pie originally sung by Don McLean covered by Madonna.  He got both.
Janette heard a clip of California Girls originally sung by The Beach Boys covered by David Lee Roth.  She got the original artist but not the cover. 
Jeannie heard a clip of Boys of Summer originally sung by Don Henley and covered by The Artaris.  She got the original artist but not the cover.
Bobby heard a clip of I Will Always Love You originally sung by Dolly Parton covered by Whitney Houston.  He got both.
Rosie heard a clip of Landslide originally sung by Fleetwood Mac and covered by The Dixie Chicks.  She got both.

Pete heard a clip of Wild Night originally sung by Van Morrison covered by John Mellencamp.  He got both.
Janette heard a clip of Nothing Compares To You originally sung by Prince covered by Sinead O'Connor.  She didn't get either.
Jeannie heard a clip of It's My Life originally sung by Talk Talk covered by No Doubt.  She got the original artist but not the cover. 
Bobby heard a clip of Your Mama Don't Dance originally sung by Loggins and Messina covered by Poison.  He didn't get either. 
Rosie heard a clip of These Boots Are Made for Walkin originally sung by Nancy Sinatra covered by Jessica Simpson.  She knew the original artist but not the cover.

Pete heard a clip of American Woman originally sung by Guess Who covered by Lenny Kravitz.  He got them both. 
Janette heard a clip of Hazy Shade of Winter originally sung by Simon and Garfunkel covered by the Bangles.  She didn't get either.
Jeannie heard a clip of Killing Me Softly originally sung by Roberta Flack covered by Lauryn Hill.  She didn't get either.   
Bobby heard a clip of I Want To Know What Love Is originally sung by Foreigner covered by Mariah Carey.  He didn't get either.   
Rosie heard a clip of Drove All Night originally sung by Roy Orbison covered by Cyndi Lauper.  She got the cover artist but not the original. 

I believe Pete won the game even after Rosie took points away from him for being a "huge nerd" and googling who originally sang Killing Me Softly (Lori Lieberman) during the game. 

Then, Rosie closed the show playing her kids new favorite song - F You by Cee Lo Green

and just because I love this scene so much...

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. Thanks for the extra "Curb" clip, Kelly. Too funny! Love, Jessica

  2. Rosie! Help this man get a job. He's fantastic! Thank you!


  3. I think Rosie is too mean to pete. It was mean to say " You have no friends"

  4. The game was so funny, Janette is priceless and hysterical, admitting she knows very few artists and naming singers from the 40's and 50's! She really is GREAT...love her.
    And FYI to "Biting Cloud"...this is not Rosie's blog, she doesn't read and respond to these posts, it's Kelly W's website where she posts a recap of the show and we comment and she can respond. Rosie.com is Rosie's blog.
    p.s. thanks Kelly! It had to be tough transcribing from the phone calls today.

  5. I'm with Lynn. Janette is hilarious. It was a fab show today. I totally checked out the BMR website that Bobby talked about. (Thanks Bobby!) It's going to be very, very helpful for me. Thanks for the great (as usual) recap, Kelly.

  6. Regarding your discussion of who covered whom on "Killing Me Softly With His Song" Roberta Flack actually covered Lori Lieberman's version from Lori's first 1972 LP (titled "Lori Lieberman" and produced by Gimbel and Fox). Back then, I worked in the Chart Department at Billboard Magazine and was aware of this musical history and I also happen to have a copy of Lori's first LP (if you'd like to borrow it). Most important to note is that the lyrics are based on a poem Lori wrote upon seeing Don McLean perform at the Troubadour in LA. As the story goes, Roberta Flack heard Lori's version on an airplane and the rest is history. Lori has since recorded the song again on at least one of her recent CDs......Sincerely....Greg Thorneycroft

  7. Kelly, can you try to let Rosie know that Melissa Leo was on the tv show, set in Baltimore, HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREETS. Maybe that is where she remembers her from. She was a police detective...I loved that show!

  8. Hey Biting Cloud, did you see? That guy got a job! :) http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/amplifier/51933/golden-voiced-homeless-man-captivates-internet/

  9. Kelly, I did see! Have been glued to his story. His mother is a pretty special woman too. Hey, please tell me if any of these posts are passed on to Rosie? I wrote one about Melissa Leo and the next time Rosie mentioned her she still didn't remember her name (for shame). Tell Ro she has to see "Frozen River." Nuff said.

    Thanks Kelly!