1-5-11 - Picking a Weight Loss Program and an Interview with Roseann Barr

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's show talking about how Deirdre is out sick today because of a stomach bug.  She joked that Deirdre might be a bit of a hypochondriac and then Bobby laughed out loud at that statement because he said ROSIE is a hypochondriac.  Rosie (kind of) agreed and said the worst thing that ever happened to her was self-diagnosing on the Internet.  Pete has Internet-diagnosed himself with the human version of Fainting Goat Disease.  Janette's boyfriend Barry has banned her from looking at WebMD because of the time she was sure she had MS in her left thigh after researching it on the Internet. 

Ross Mathews emailed Rosie last night and told her he was going to call into the show on Friday to talk about how he's gained back some of the weight he lost on Celebrity Fit Club.  However, he's recently lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks on Jenny Craig!  He told Rosie he didn't think the way he lost the weight on Celebrity Fit Club through limiting carbohydrates and working out to exhaustion, was the best way to lose it.   Sara Rue, one of Ross's really good friends, is currently a spokesperson for Jenny Craig and has a great weight loss success story of her own!  She's going to be a guest on Rosie Radio in a couple of weeks.  So, don't forget to tune in this Friday (1/7) to hear Rosie's conversation with Ross! 

Rosie said she's done Weight Watchers before but she's never done a Jenny Craig, Zone or Nutrisystem program where they pick the food for you to eat.  Janette is currently on her first week of doing a diet she likes to call "the caveman diet" The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health and boundless energy.  So far, so good.  Rosie was thinking the staff should all try Nutrisystem (those that want to lose weight) and wondered if they'd sponsor them. 

Rosie then took a call from a listener who did Nutrisystem and found it to be a very easy way to lose weight and has kept it off for two years!  She and Rosie discussed dieting and making small life-changes instead of trying to change everything at once.  She recommended the Nutrisystem website too for connecting with others who are on it.  Rosie then took a caller who lost weight on Jenny Craig.  She loved the Jenny Craig program and lost 50 pounds while on it!  She said she loved the food and she loved the Jenny Craig website for connecting with others on the program.  She did comment that the program was a bit expensive so though she gained the weight back, she wasn't going to go back on it because of the expense.  She's decided she's going to do Bobby's plan where she eats less calories than she naturally burns in a day according to her Basal Metabolic Rate.  

Rosie told a funny (and sad-ish) story about her daughter Vivi who was caught over-feeding her hamster.  Rosie told Vivi not to feed the hamster so much or it will get fat and Vivi said back to her "No, the hamster only eats when it's hungry, not like you."  Rosie said Vivi was totally right!  She admitted she does eat sometimes when she's not hungry and she probably eats all the wrong foods. 

Rosie also took a caller who did the LA Weight Loss system and found success doing it.  She then took another call from a listener who found success doing Weight Watchers.  The caller that did Weight Watchers liked how you can eat what you want.  She also liked the meetings because she felt they kept her accountable.  Janette and Rosie have both done Weight Watchers before and think it works.  Janette said every diet works but you have to find the one that resonates with you.  Janette said she doesn't feel like a failure because she's gained weight back that she once lost.  She said she's just more confident because she knows she can do it again because she's done it before!  Rosie really wants the entire staff to do a weight loss program together and she wants to choose one by the end of this week. 

Rosie watched Paula Abdul's Dance Show Live To Dance last night and thought it was fantastic!  Janette liked it too though she thought it was too long and should be shortened to an hour.  Pete hated it.  He said it bugged him that the judges didn't truly critique the dancers.  Bobby (very enthusiastically) said that was the part he loved the best!  Pete said he prefers the judges on Dancing With the Stars because they do a better job telling the dancers what they need to work on to improve for next week.  Rosie talked about Paula and how she thought a lot of people were probably inspired to go into dancing because of her career.  She said she thought the overall show seemed very genuine and she really liked it.  Janette wondered if the pressure of American Idol was the reason Paula seemed "off" and if this new show has less pressure since she produces it herself.  Rosie mentioned her frustration that everyone tries to pretend like Paula didn't have a substance abuse issue during her Hey Paula show.  She said she's convinced she was under some substance that altered her behavior on that show.

a television interview with Paula during the time she was taping Hey Paula
on a substance?  nahhhhh.

Pete, who recently purchased a new home but was reluctant to buy new flooring because of his new baby, announced that he and his wife have decided to remove the carpeting in the home and get rid of the "old man" furniture that was leftover.  This made Rosie very happy and she gave him a round of applause. 

Tonight, Rosie and the staff said they will be watching I Used To Be Fat on MTV and My Strange Addiction on TLC.   

Rosie saw The King's Speech last week and said she now thinks it's the best movie of the year!  She loved every actor who is in it and said she was "swept away" while watching it.  She then took a call from a listener who loved it too.

Pete likes to go to the theater when they show all the Best Picture Nominee's in one day and you watch them back-to-back.  Pete said it's called the Best Picture showcase and it's AWESOME!  Rosie's never done the Best Picture Showcase but she said she used to go to the theater and watch movies all day on Thanksgiving.

Bobby was SO upset that Ikea is phasing out regular light-bulbs and only selling fluorescents!  He is NOT a fan of fluorescent lights.  He said they're hideous, he hates the way color looks in them, they flicker when used on a dimmer switch and the bulbs themselves are ugly!  Pete, who appreciates the fluorescent bulb, tried to tell Bobby how to get the bulb not to flicker but he was having no part of it.  Janette said her sister Lanette told her that the light bulb Edison designed is still burning bright!  She sees that as proof of obsolescence. 

Rosie and the staff briefly discussed the HUGE ratings the OWN channel is gettingOWN's ratings are 555% higher than the old Discovery Health Channel!  Rosie said that's a tribute to Oprah's brilliance and mass appeal.  She emailed Oprah last night about her hugely successful launch.  Bobby and Rosie love the overall look of the network and the programming so far and are really enjoying watching it.  Janette hasn't had time to tune in yet but plans to.  Rosie said OWN is great television. 

Rosie then welcomed Roseanne Barr to the show who was calling in to promote her new book entitled Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the Nut Farm.  They joked about over-perfuming, as Roseanne writes about in her book and Roseanne recommended Dolce and Gabbana the Rose which is her new favorite.  Roseanne was sitting in the Sirius studios in NYC for the interview and she said one of Rosie's paintings was hanging in the offices!  Rosie and Roseanne talked about the time they painted together in Rosie's craft room.  Roseanne thought Rosie's craft room was such a good idea she's building her own craft house at her home in Hawaii.  Roseanne said she loved Hawaii so much when she visited she never wanted to leave so she decided to move there!  She and her boyfriend live on a macadamia nut farm on the big island of Hawaii.  Roseanne is a vegetarian now and has been for about a year though she still eats fish.

Roseanne talks a lot about her OCD in her book that she remembers seeing signs of when she was only 5 years old.  She said at 5, she would have to do everything 5 times.  In her book she also talks about her struggles with being bi-polar, or tri-polar as she likes to call it.  Roseanne said she's tri-polar and the third polarity is worrying about the other two!  The Ro's discussed their teenage sons who are now both taller then them and and have deep man-like voices and how weird that is as a mother.  Roseanne loves being a grandmother and has 5 grandsons under the age of 10!  She said her grandsons are adorable.  She loves being a grandparent because she said you can get away with a lot.  She secretly teaches her grandkids to swear and then she'll blame her kids for using bad language around them!  lol

Roseanne is currently on a book tour promoting her book.  Roseanne said she took 2.5 years to write the book and really looked deep into herself in order to write it.  She compared the writing of her book to taking a journey and putting things in her life in order.  Rosie and Roseanne both find writing to be the most vulnerable form of art that they do.  They discussed Rosie going back to television in September and Roseanne wished Rosie luck and told her her fans miss her! 

Rosie asked Roseanne about the time she took a bullhorn and stood outside the White House demanding that mothers were taking over the world.  (I looked it up on YouTube but couldn't find it.)  Roseanne said she's planning on going to the White House every Mother's Day to demand solutions to the nation's problems!  She joked that a lot of the nations problems have easy common sense answers!  For example, the nation has a high unemployment rate.  The solution?  Jobs.

Rosie asked Roseanne what she thinks about Sarah Palin and Roseanne said she hates her guts!  She said Sarah is stealing her act and it pisses her off.  But she's getting it wrong!  She said Sarah's supposed to be for the poor people not telling the rich people what they want to hear! 

It was a hilarious interview and Rosie thanked Roseanne for calling in and told her how much she loves her and her comedy.  Go get her book!

During this game James named a cartoon character and the player had to name the cartoon companion.  Each player got one point for a correct answer. 

Rosie: Shaggy. She guessed Scooby and was correct.  1 point
Pete: Marge.  He guessed Homer and was correct.  1 point
Janette: Jessica Rabbit.  The correct answer was Roger Rabbit but she didn't get it. 0 points
Bobby: Donald Duck.  He guessed Daisy Duck and was correct. 1 point
caller: Yogi Bear.  He guessed Boo Boo and was correct. 1 point

Rosie: Mr. Smee.  She had no idea.  The correct answer was Captain Hook.  0 points.
Pete: Belle.  He guessed The Beast and was correct. 1 point
Janette: Lady.  She guessed The Tramp and was correct. 1 point
Bobby: Peppermint Patty.   He didn't know.  The correct answer was Marcy. 0 points.
caller: Pebbles. He guessed Bam Bam  and was correct. 1 point

Rosie: Road Runner. She guessed Wile Coyote and was correct. 1 point
Pete: Odie.  He guessed Garfield and was correct. 1 point
Janette: Borris.  She guessed Natasha and was correct. 1 point
Bobby: Calvin. He guessed Klein (haha) but the correct answer was Hobbs. 0 points
caller: Peggy Hill.  He guessed Hank Hill  and was correct. 1 point

Rosie: Lois Griffin. She guessed Peter and was correct (though it was a guess!). 1 point
Pete: Porky Pig.  He guessed Bugs Bunny but it was Petunia. 0 points 
Janette:  Dagwood. She guessed Bumstead Blondie and was correct. 1 point
Bobby: Professor Bunsen Honeydew.  He guessed the Swedish Chef but it was Beaker. 0 points 
caller: Princess Fiona.  The correct answer was Shrek but he didn't get it. 0 points

Rosie: Tommy Pickles.  She guessed Angelina and was correct. 1 point
Pete: Gargamel.  He knew it was the Smurfs but forgot the name of the cat Azreal. 0 points 
Janette: Jack Skellington.  She didn't know the answer which was Sally. 0 points.
Bobby: Pinky.  He didn't know.  The Brain was the answer. 0 points
caller: Mr. Incredible.  ElastiGirl was the answer but he didn't get it.  0 points

ROUND SIX -for the win with the players with the most points
Rosie: Ned Flanders. She didn't know but it was Maude. 0 points
Pete: Meatwad.  He knew it was Master Shake or Frylock. 1 point
Janette: Dr. Claw.  She had no idea.  It was Mad Cat. 0 points  Janette was out because of not enough points.

ROUND SEVEN - Rosie and Pete are tied
Rosie: Gumby. She knew it was Pokie. 1 point
Pete: David Seville.  He guessed Bugs Bunny but it was Alvin, Simon or Theodore.  0 points

Rosie WON and rubbed it in Pete's face and then closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Because Roseanne eats fish she would be a practicing pesceterian, not a vegetarian.

  2. #1..Great Show today!
    #2..I'm also a Hypochondriac
    #3..My Dr.told me last year. " Heidi I'll be your internet for any medical advice do not go on the internet for info"...I was flipping out over info I read about a medical issue..Lost 5 pounds from worrying so much about it.
    #4..I would not get tired of hearing about weight and diet issues..Keep it coming.
    #5..I forgot! ugh I know there is something else I wanted to say.

  3. I've been part of the 1 Year Challenge that you started awhile back and have had GREAT success, finally, by following the Beck Diet Solution. You pick any diet/nutrition program that you want and it teaches you to STICK TO IT longterm. Not sure if Rosie and staff check the comments on your blog but I would highly recommend it!!!!

  4. Tired of all the weight loss stuff on the show and on TV. Diets don't work. If they did, no one would be gaining their weight back.

  5. Rosie,

    I want so much to talk with you about your weight loss struggle and your eating so little..My chiro calls it "fatty liver". Such an aha moment for me when Portia was on...and it all goes together. I have lost 8 lbs so far, we are about the same height and weight.

  6. hi kelly and fans,
    loved the show and thoroughly enjoyed the interview with roseanne - hilarious and heartfelt.

    some relevant web sites -
    here's the link to roseanne barr 'u.s. presidential campaign announcement part 1':

    and she mentioned the toxicity of perfumes - they contain many harsh chemicals which disrupt hormones, amongst other things - here's an informative article:

    and finally, with all the show's talk about various reality shows involving rehabilitation, a provocative piece:

    love & light