1-6-11 Movies, TV Shows, Cars and an Interview with Ricki Lake!

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast discussing two of the movies she saw last night.  Rosie gets screeners for the Oscars since she is an Academy member. She saw Blue Valentine last night which she said was FANTASTIC.  She loved it.  She said it was sad but had amazing performances.  Rosie also said there was a lot of nudity in the film so Janette, who hates the naked human body, said she would be sure to put Blue Valentine on her list of movies not to see.  Rosie also saw Fair Game last night.  She said every American needs to see that movie.  She called it poignant and said it's a "must see" and described the plot of the movie to the other radio staff members.  Rosie said she would love to interview Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame.   

Rosie said her kids love the show Dog the Bounty Hunter now and insist on watching it.  She said she told her kids that Dog was arrested before and they don't care.  And she told them he used the "n" word to which Vivi gasped in horror and then asked, "Nerd?!"   Rosie then had to explain the "n" word to her kids and what it means without actually telling them the actual word.  This then brought up a brief discussion of how the "n" word is being removed from Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn. All the staff members were horrified when they originally heard this news and wondered what will be censored next.  There was then a long discussion about how many children Dog the Bounty Hunter has and how many times he's been married. 

Somehow the conversation then went to Janette's huge crush she has on (an incredible attraction to)  Howard Stern.  Janette said she simply admires what a handsome man Howard is and swore that didn't mean she would "do" him if she had the opportunity.  Rosie called her a LIAR!  Janette said Lennox Lewis is Janette's list of celebrities she's "allowed" to have sex with should the opportunity ever present itself but Howard is not.  Perhaps because she now works at Sirius and is actually in his vicinity?  Then Janette finally admitted that if her boyfriend Barry wasn't in the picture she WOULD do Howard and could promise him unlimited oral sex!  (Are any of Howard's people reading this?!)

They discussed last night's episode of My Strange Addiction about a woman addicted to eating kitchen cleanser and a woman addicted to tanning.  Rosie wondered if they liked these type of shows simply because they made them feel better about themselves (as in, they aren't as crazy).  Deirdre thinks that's the exact reason.  Janette thinks the shows are useful because people can see themselves (in a milder form) in the people on those shows.   Deirdre thinks it makes viewers realize we all have our crosses we bear in life. Rosie used to be a Chronic Skin Picker (which she's since stopped) and Deirdre used to have to vacuum her house every single night.

Rosie said Janette has a truck, a 1964 Chevy Pickup that her father and she restored.  It's been sitting in Janette's garage since 1968!  It's rarely driven and it's in gorgeous condition.  Click HERE to see a pic!  Janette doesn't drive and Barry doesn't want to drive it.  Rosie really, really wants to buy it from Janette.  Janette said she might sell it to her and said she's seriously considering it.  Janette said her father really loved Rosie too and would probably love it if Rosie owned it.  The first time Rosie met Janette's father she really had to go to the bathroom and she asked if she could go in the house and Janette told her no!  She had to go to a gas station.  Her dad called her "that Rosie O'Donnell.

Rosie then told a funny story about a Saab she once owned.  She bought a Saab when Parker was a baby because she thought it would be a very safe car for driving a baby around.  She had a very steep driveway to her house and even when you hit the brakes it would roll backwards in the driveway.  She took it back to the dealership after about a month and got a Volvo.  When she had the Saab she went to the doctor and told him that she was having hot shooting pains in her back and legs when driving and was sure there was something seriously wrong with her.  The doctor asked her what kind of Saab she had and suggested that the pain she was feeling was actually heat from the seat heaters!  It was!  One other time she took her kids to the doctors with suspicious rashes on their backs.  She was sure they had a disease and it turned out it was from a temporary tattoo! 

Blake had to read aloud in school and the sentence he had to read was "And so the boy knew his life was his own." So, the teacher asked him if he knew what that sentence meant and he said he did- "OWN stands for the Oprah Winfrey Network."  He's also at a Waldorf School where he's not supposed to watch TV!  Oops.  Rosie wrote to Lisa at OWN and said that's pretty good market saturation if an 11 year-old knows what OWN stands for. 

Bobby LOVES Paula Abdul's new show Live To Dance.  He loves that the judges are so kind to the contestants and he loves the way the show is produced.  Janette and Bobby both voted for their favorite act, White Tree Fine Art.  They thought the group was BRILLIANT.  Jeannie's favorite act was the little girl that the judges put through. 

No one especially loved I Used To Be Fat on MTV so they didn't really discuss it.   Janette feared it's just going to be the same formula for each episode over and over.  Deirdre and Rosie watched and discussed Celebrity Rehab from last night and Rosie said she's looking forward to watching Beyond Scared Straight.  Watch the promo for Beyond Scared Straight below...

When Rosie showed this promo to her kids, her kids immediately asked if that was where Bruno Mars was going.  Janette had no clue who Bruno Mars was so Lou played some of his music for Janette who still didn't recognize a single song.  As a side note, Vivi analyzed the lyrics to Grenade and told Rosie, "That is not a good relationship!"  Bruno Mars faces four years in prison for drug possession

They again discussed the weight loss programs they were contemplating doing and how much better they'd feel if they could look back months later and see the progress they've made.  Janette said the show has made her do things she never thought she would like contemplate selling her truck (which she NEVER thought she would be able to part with) and quit smoking (which she had done consistently for 27 years).  So, you never know!  Rosie, Bobby and Janette thought the teen's weight loss on the MTV Show I Used To Be Fat was too much too soon because she lost 90 pounds in 90 days.  Janette once lost 50 pounds in 5 months doing Slim Fast and kept it off for 6 years!  Rosie gained weight when she was in college and said the woman she fell in love with became anorexic over the Christmas break.  So, then she became obsessed with her eating.  They talked about counting calories and not knowing which foods are higher in calories.  Pete gave up soda for his birthday!  Rosie asked Bobby to give up diet soda and he said he was working on one thing at a time and diet soda would be his last vice to go.  He doesn't eat after 9pm at night, he gave up white bread and white sugar and he reduced his sodium intake. 

Pete read that Ashton Kutcher gave an interview for Men's Fitness which said the only reason he stays in shape is so when anarchy reigns and civilization collapses he'll be able to save the people he cares about.  He pretends he's being chased by an apocalyptic creature when he's running, for example.  Pete completely identifies with this.  He often wonders what life will be like when civilization collapses and worries he's too heavy to outrun the mass hoards of people that will come for him as food.  He even admitted he'd eat his cat if he was looking for food!  All the members of the studio gasped in horror.  Rosie wondered how often he worries about this and if he should talk to a therapist about these thoughts.  Rosie said she never has apocalyptic thoughts because she would never want to live if the world as we know it is over.  Rosie took a call from a listener who totally related to Pete and also often thinks about the end of the world.  Lou played a "coo coo" noise and went to commercial break.

Rosie then introduced her friend Ricki Lake who was in the studio promoting her new kids weight-loss book Too Small To Be Big: The AllStride Solution.  Rosie and Ricki started the interview discussing the fire that happened in the beach house she rented. Ricki said she lit a candle that sparked onto the couch and the entire place erupted in flames!  Rosie and Ricki discussed her documentary The Business of Being Born and Rosie told Ricki how much she loved it.  Ricki said they're doing a follow-up to the movie with celebrities discussing their successful home births.  They discussed the Ricki Lake Show and how much life has changed for Ricki since she did that program.  Rosie and Ricki then discussed the challenges of raising teens.  Rosie said it was like it took 48 years for the best looking kid in school to love her and now it's like he's broken up with her!  Rosie gave Ricki advice about her son and dealing with issues when her teen isn't listening and how to teach teens that the world isn't all about them. 

Rosie told Ricki all about her double-king bed designed by her friend Linda Dano and how she lets her kids sleep in her bed and then sometimes has to fight with them to get them out of it.

They then discussed obesity in adults and how we deal with it in our children.  Ricki and John Monaco, M.D  a pediatrician, wrote a book together entitled Too Small To Be Big: The AllStride Solution which is FREE if you order through AllStride.com!  The book "lays out a simple, realistic approach to help kids lose weight, prevent and reverse disease caused by over-eating and under-activity, boost energy and self confidence – and literally save their lives."  Ricki told Rosie about her own molestation as a child and they discussed how that can contribute to weight issues. 

Lastly, they discussed going back to television - how Ricki is contemplating it and Rosie is doing it!  Rosie said going back to TV for her is partly about Oprah.  She said what Oprah stands for, who she is and what she's done in her life is something all women (including Rosie) try to emulate.  Rosie said Oprah's a force of nature and the fact that she would believe that Rosie was competent and capable enough to go back to TV on her network made her believe she should!  Rosie is glad she's going back to television and thinks she has a lot to say in an even better way because of her life experience.    Ricki said she would hang around and keep chatting and they will play the rest of the interview tomorrow. 

To be continued....

Rosie closed the show.

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  1. Hey Kelly....I might be crazy...cause I think the same thing that Pete does! I often think that if something awful happens and our way of life goes by the wayside...would I survive!

    I think it is because I read "Alas Babylon" and I live in FL which during the bad year of hurricanes we lived for days and days without water or electricity...it changed me.

    But being like Pete isn't the worst thing I suppose...I could be like Jeanette!!!! Hee Hee!

    Jeannie Briggs

  2. Love Ro's chat with Ricki Lake. Dream interview: Rosie and Jeanne at a restaurant ordering margheritas with Ricki Lake, Carni Wilson, Jane Fonda, Roseanne Barr, Naomi Wolf and Jennifer (from Whatever with Jennifer & Alexis) at the table discussing life, and just let a tape recorder roll.... (but after bedtime for Carni Wilson's daughter, so the swearing can flow).

    Alison (aka Alderella)

  3. I am just wondering why no mention on Rosie Radio today was made of People's Choice Awards that was on last night. All other shows that were on were discussed but not People's Choice Awards. A lot of the favorites were on and would have enjoyed hearing comments on this from Rosie Radio. But not even a mention to it! Strange....

  4. Loving your talks about weight loss. I have tried weight watchers, nutrisystem, Atkins and also calorie counting. All have worked; lost weight with each, but found, like Bobby, that calorie counting works best for me. I think fitting a diet into your life and lifestyle will work best. BTW; LOVE your show. I laugh. I cry. I wet my pants.

    Lori B.

  5. Thanks, Kelly, for giving such wonderful recaps. Due to an extremely long, unplanned period of unemployment, I have not been able to spend money on radio, tv, or other luxury items and I really appreciate being able to keep up with Rosie through your blog.

    I am an extremely experienced dieter. Although in general I agree with Janette that whatever diet you stick with will work, I did not have success with NutriSystem. And, instead of trying to evaluate how to better make the plan work for me, or admit that maybe it doesn't work as well for everyone, they accused me of lying in my accountability meeting each week. So, I was paying them money to ridicule me and feed me food loaded with horrible preservatives and additives. I hope the staff does NOT choose Jenny Craig or NutriSystem.

    The best plan for me is Richard Simmon's Food Mover, formerly "Deal A Meal." Whatever one may think of Richard Simmons, his plan is basic, practical, uses real food, and has its own accountability tool that you carry with you. I once was on his plan for a year and lost 100 lbs in that time. You don't have to count calories -- you just learn the food categories and measurements. Then you use his handy device to keep track of your daily eating, water, exercise, etc. If you follow it, it is fool proof, and it teaches you how to eat a balanced diet with real food.

    My question for Rosie today is what she thinks/knows about the new Autism controversy around vaccinations. Can she address this on her show, or have a guest report about it? I'm finding this new media information confusing, and Rosie always seems to give great clarity to such issues.

    Today I totally laughed out loud (alone in my home) over the story of Blake explaining to his teacher that the word own is Oprah Winfrey Network. Thanks to you and Rosie for bringing joy and humor into our lives. It is something I would like to find part of my mission in whatever becomes my new work!

    -- Janet in Austin, TX
    (Posts on Rosie's website as "One")

    Thanks again, Kelly.

  6. Hey Kelly,

    Just wanted to say Thanks and Happy New Year!

    Lisa in Indy

  7. I heard the first 30 minutes of the show in the morning and planned to hear the rest during the repeat but Sirius didn't work for whatever reason....thanks to your blog I got to find out about what I missed.

    Thanks for your recap of yesterday's show and every show.
    Happy New Year to you and your family!