1-7-11 - An Interview with Ross Mathews and Ricki Lake Part 2

In case you missed it...

Rosie began today's broadcast asking the staff if they've ever played the lottery.  No one in the room was really big into playing.  Rosie said her kids were so impressed with the latest lottery sum and the idea that you can spend only one dollar and win millions of dollars.  She overheard Blake and Vivi talking about it and Blake said he would get a Bugatti if he won the money and Vivi said she would get six animals.  She mentioned a really sad commercial for the ASPCA that's running in her area that she said makes her children weep and beg for another dog.  This then made her remember a Hoarders episode where the woman mistreats her animals and is an animal hoarder.  Blake wanted to watch it originally but they ended up turning it off because it was so disturbing.  Rosie said the thing about the show that was so interesting to her was how the woman highlighted in the episode was such a master manipulator to everyone around her - even the people sent to help her.  She also said it was quite obvious the woman was seriously mentally ill and wondered why they didn't just commit her.  She said the show was beyond exploitative.   Janette, who absolutely loves animals, said she wouldn't have been able to watch that show because she cannot deal with cruelty to animals.  She said how you treat animals defines ones humanity.  Rosie wished the producers would have stopped taping and realized the case was too far gone and that the woman was too unstable to continue.   Pete looked up the episode on the A&E Hoarders site and said people were incensed that the producers weren't helping this woman more and they were horrified they weren't doing enough to help the animals.  Rosie turned it off thinking the show is too exploitative and there was no compassion for how sick the woman really was.  You can watch the episode in it's entirety here: PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART 4, PART 5

Rosie said she originally started watching Hoarders because of what her best friend Jeannie had been through growing up with her own mother who is a hoarder.  She said it's been really hard for Jeannie dealing with her mother's illness and that was what originally sparked her interest in the show.  But now, after that episode, she thinks she's done with that show. 

Bobby told a really funny story about losing his iPhone.  He got home from work the other day and realized he left his phone at the radio house with the use of an app he can see where his phone is using GPS.  He can also send a message to his phone to email his friends to ask them if they find his phone to get in touch with him.  So, Pete got the email and let Bobby know he had his phone and would bring it back into the city.  With the GPS app, Bobby could watch his phone leave the radio house and watch as it traveled with Pete and Shoshana all the way back to the city!  He could even tell when they were crossing the Tappan Zee Bridge!  Shoshana didn't know Bobby had the GPS app and couldn't understand how Bobby knew exactly where they were at any moment!  lol  After Shoshana found out that he was tracking their every move she said it freaked her out.  Rosie was impressed and asked Pete to put that on Parker's phone so she could tell where he is at any moment.  Bobby also checks in on his dog at home with his iPad!  Shoshana read an article about how a woman who caught a man burglarizing her apartment with her iPhone!  Bobby said he also loves the iSpy Cameras app that allows him to see cameras positioned all over the globe.  He said he takes a trip to Amsterdam (his favorite place to visit) every day!  During the broadcast, he showed Rosie a picture of a camera positioned in the middle of Times Square. 

Rosie then introduced her friend and television personality Ross Mathews!  Rosie told Ross she's been following him on both the Tonight Show and Chelsea Lately.  Ross, who's a huge fan of Rosie's, was shocked and pleased that Rosie is keeping up with his career.  Ross said he loves doing Chelsea Lately because of the encouraging environment they have.  He said he was intimidated when he started on the program but he feels like he's learned so much being on Chelsea Lately about how to get his ideas heard. 

Rosie told Ross they were discussing losing weight and keeping it off and she discussed Ross's weight loss on air and how he's gained some of it back.  Rosie feared that's what happens to most people who've lost weight.  Ross said he's still a work in progress.  Ross explained that he was overweight his entire life then decided to do Celebrity Fit Club.  He said the show was a lot of pressure because it was aired on national television and for two years he closely watched his diet.  Rosie recalled a time they were in Vegas together and how dedicated Ross was to sticking to his weight loss regimen.  Ross said sticking to that plan was a lot of work and then.....he fell in love!  He said being in love changed everything for him and with love came comfort and happiness.  He stopped being so strict about what he ate and unfortunately gained back the 60 pounds he had lost.

Ross said the shame of gaining back the weight was crippling for him and he didn't want to even go out anymore.  He said he felt anytime he was at an event talking to someone all they were thinking was that he had lost weight and gained it all back.  This feeling was new for Ross because he had never felt bad about his weight before and now he was so ashamed of it.  His partner Salvador is naturally thin and doesn't care at all that Ross isn't as thin as when they met.  Ross and Rosie then discussed how being self-conscious about your weight can affect your intimate relationships with your partners.  Ross said the weight not only affected his intimate relationship with his partner but started to affect all his interactions with people because it was always on his mind. 

About six weeks ago Ross went to lunch with his good friend Gwyneth Paltrow who he hadn't seen in a year and a half.  She was the first one to ask him about his weight gain and said, "Honey, I love you.  Get yourself together."  They talked about it in length and he said that finally allowed him to let the shame go and decide to start doing something about it!    Rosie mentioned Ross's BLOG and how much she loves it and how you can ask Ross a question there like AskRo!  Ross said the only reason he has a blog is because Rosie inspired him to have one. 

After Ross decided to begin to do something to lose the weight he had gained back, he ran into his friend Sara Rue who is now a spokesperson for Jenny Craig and has lost over 50 pounds!  He asked her for her help and started on the Jenny Craig program.  He said he was tentative about it at first but in the past 6 weeks he's lost 20 pounds!  He said he works out moderately and is taking his time losing the weight.  Ross said he gets lots of emails from people who struggle with weight and he understands that feeling of being completely lost.  He said he gets it.  And he's trying to find his way out right now. 

Rosie wished Ross success with his weight loss and asked him if he felt different when he was thin than he ever did before.  She asked him if it was hard for him to adjust to the difference in the way he was perceived as a thin person.  Ross said he got down to the 150s and was very thin but never really felt it.  He said it felt like a role he was playing that he would snap out of at one point.  Rosie told Ross the story of her daughter finding a photo of Rosie when she was in Exit to Eden.  Rosie said when she was in that movie, and much thinner than she is today, she never really even realized it and didn't enjoy what it was like to be that thin either.  

Ross told Rosie about his new love in his life and how good it is to be in love.  Ross met his partner when he was on a date with someone else that wasn't going very well.  He said he saw Salvador and when his date went to the restroom Ross went up and introduced himself to him!  He had never even done that before but he felt drawn to him.  Ross and his partner live together now and he said he thinks it's "the real deal." 

Ross just finished shooting a pilot for the E! network.  Ross said on Chelsea Lately they're looking for a "Colbert to her Stewart."   Ross is also writing a book that will be called "Man Up" about using what makes you different, as he has done in his own life. 

Ross told Rosie that he listens to Rosie Radio and loves how she helps so many people through having honest conversations with them.  He said that was why he wanted to call her and talk about his weight issues with her.  Rosie told Ross she's always loved him and called him pure happiness like "a little dose of Prozac."  She said she wished she would have done what he did and lost weight when she was in her 20s too.  She said she watches everything he does and feels like his Aunt or another mom to him.  She thanked him for coming on the program and wished him much success! 

I just have to say, covering this interview is kind of like a full-circle moment for me.  I've followed Ross Mathews career and always told my friends that I wanted to be the Ross Mathews for Rosie's next TV show.  My dream was always to be the one behind the scenes giving the inside scoop to all the fans.  And while I'm not there, and I'm no Ross, the fact that I'm working for Rosie now covering her radio show and writing about it from a fan's perspective and now covering her interview with Ross Mathews totally blows my mind!  I love you Ross and thank you for inspiring me!  Learn more about Ross by visiting his website HERE:  HelloRoss.com.

Janette and the staff members each wrote down team building exercises they could do as a group and Rosie had to guess whose idea was whose.  Then, they were all going to vote on which ones they would most like to do.   

1. Record a song together.  
2. Take a CPR class at the local fire station.
3. Have a drinking contest. 
4. Go to Pump It Up.   
5. Take a group hike at a New York State park. 
6. Have a group fitness day at a New York Sports Club.
7. Play a game of softball/baseball together.
8. Go to Dave and Busters

Rosie guessed that it was Bobby's idea to do the CPR class and she was correct!  She guessed Pete wanted to do the softball game and was correct!  She guessed Lou's idea was the drinking game and was correct!  She then guessed Janette's idea was the fitness club but that was incorrect.  She guessed James's idea was to record a song together but that was Shoshana's!  She liked that idea the most and said they would be doing that one for sure.  The Pump It Up idea was Jeannie's!  Pete said he would love to do it but Bobby said if he pops a child ride he would never recover!  Jeannie admitted she popped a hippity hop in her dance class when she was little!  Rosie thought this was the most hilarious statement and laughed so hard she said she was going to pee her pants!  Then she said she wanted to make a t-shirt that said "I popped a hippity hop."  Janette said she once went to a children's park and got stuck on a slide and had to get up and walk back up.  She said that memory has stayed with her forever.

Rosie revealed that she voted for the trip to Dave and Busters.  She said she didn't really want to go but it's close to her house.  Janette came up with the hike idea and James came up with the fitness club idea.  They all voted on the ideas they'd like to do the most and decided based on popularity they would record a song together and go to Dave and Busters.  And they would play the drinking game at the Dave and Busters and hire a designated driver for it!  Janette agreed to go but wanted to know if they have a fine wine at Dave and Busters that she could drink.  If not, she'll settle for Absolut.   

Rosie then introduced Ricki Lake who was back for part 2 of her interview.  They continued their conversation on weight and issues and how they related to being molested as a child.  Rosie said when she started to become sexual at 21 years of age, all her memories of her sexual abuse came back to her.  And it was at the age of 21 when she started to become overweight.   Rosie said she's learned now to take more responsibility and that at some point she cannot blame the things that have happened in her past for her weight issues.  She advises many people she knows who are dealing with depression to move, walk and shower every day though she said, sometimes that's easier to say than to do. 

Ricki told Rosie all about the new love in her life and how much her children enjoy her new boyfriend.  Christian, Ricki's boyfriend, was in the studio too and sat down and chatted with Rosie.  Christian is a jewelry designer and has a child of his own. 

Ricki and Rosie then discussed her book for kids on weight loss entitled Too Small To Be Big: The AllStride Solution.  Ricki said she's very conscious of her weight and of her kids weight and she tries to keep them active.

Rosie asked Ricki if she's thinking about going back to TV?  Ricki said she's going to watch Rosie's new show on OWN but she said she's not sure if she's going back to television or not despite the fact that she misses the platform.  Ricki's currently writing a memoir with Simon and Schuster entitled The Natural Rebirth of Ricky: How She Trusted Her Gut and Got Rid of It

Rosie told Ricki all about her experience filming Who Do You Think You Are.  She said it changed her life and gave her a completely different perspective on life and family.  She said she was stunned to find out what she did and that she didn't expect the emotional transformation that took place for her. She said she doesn't cry much but the show made her sob.  Ricki was intrigued and said she too wants to be on the show. Rosie's episode will air in February.

They then began discussing Janette's crush on Howard Stern!  Ricki said her "free pass" in her relationship would be actor James Franco because he's so interesting.  Rosie's would be Johnny Depp!  She said there's something about how he lives his life that's really attractive to her.  They discussed some of the movies that are out today like Kings Speech, Black Swan and Blue Valentine.  Rosie asked Ricki if she had ever been to the Oscars.  Ricki then told Rosie a story about when she first became known and met Tom Cruise backstage.  She said Lucille Ball introduced her and she was so star struck to meet Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman she started crying!  She said it was a night she'll never forget.  Rosie told Ricki she thought Tom Cruise was the nicest guy in the world.  Ricki agreed.  
Rosie thanked Ricki for coming in and for her interview and Rosie closed the show. 

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Hi Kelly,

    I loved your comments about coming full circle with Ross and Rosie. You do a fabulous job on this blog and your personality shines through!

    I just found out that our area does not get OWN for free. I was wondering if you were in line to do a blog for the TV show! lol :-)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Me again. I wanted to post the following on ASK RO, but it is closed now. Hoping that someone from her staff reads your blog I wanted to suggest the following guest due to all of the controversy these last few days about the autism-vaccine link.

    Kim has 3 daughters with Autism and has lots of information to share that I think would interest Rosie and her audience.

    Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her book from Skyhorse Publishing,
    All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa; A Life Raising Three Daughters with Autism is available now. Visit her website at Kim Stagliano.

  3. Super update Kelly. Your comments about Ross are so sweet. You're adorable.

  4. This is like a full circle show for me too! I've been following both Rosie and Ross for at least 4 or 5 years now. Here I am following your blog and there they both are! How wonderful! I'm a big fan of Ross's - he is just fantastic on Chelsey Lately. So funny yet doesn't "dis" people. It's refreshing.

    I am in total agreement on both James Franco and Johnny Depp! Two of my favorite leading men because they have a sense of mystery and attractive "oddness" to them. Would love to meet them someday.

    Kelly - thanks for another great wrap-up! Your blog is such a great compliment to the radio show - even for those who do subscribe to Sirius because of your links to the media discussed on the show. I only get your blog but those that get both are doubly blessed!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  5. I am one of those doubly blessed ones. I get the show (sometimes when I have the car) and I read the blog! Thanks Kelly.

    But I have to admit, while I was out Friday listening to the show and running errands, I didn't catch the intro to who this Ross person was. And it wasn't until I read the blog that I realized she was a HE! I thought all along that Rosie was interviewing a woman (who I obviously didn't know). So it is kinda shocking that the woman's voice ended up being Ross! Whoa!

    Great Job Kelly as usual. Have a great weekend.
    Lisa in Indy

  6. Kelly! You are so fantastically thorough! Thank you so much for doing this blog - I check it often and I'm honored to be mentioned on it. Did you see my re-tweet of your tweet?

    Keep up the good work, honey!

  7. Ross!! Of course I saw the re-tweet of my tweet. I got about 200 new followers directly because of it! Thank you!

    I hope your pilot gets picked up. You deserve it. And congratulations on your new love.

    I'm so happy you read my blog. :)


  8. I'm so sad that I missed this day of radio due to my dumb job. I hope they replay it at some point again in the future.


  10. Kelly - Love your Blog...thank you!
    Do you follow Kelle Hampton (Enjoying the Small Things)?
    I follow her because of ROSIE!!
    Her blog post on 1.7.10 was amazing.
    She is trying to raise $47k by Nella's birthday...a thousand dollars for each magical chromosome!!
    I don't know if you have direct contact with Rosie and her staff but I thought that if you passed this info on to them maybe Rosie could give a little shout out to Kelle.
    I'm sure that Kelle's blog would pick up some new readers and donations!
    Happy MOnday - Tracie O

  11. Hey Kelly - Love your blog!!
    Do you still follow Kelle Hampton (Enjoying the Small Things)?
    I follow her blog because of Rosie and you!!
    Her post on 1-7-10 is so amazing. She is trying to raise $47,000...a thousand dollars for each "magical chromosome" to benefit NDSS for Nell's first birthday on 1-22.
    I don't know if you have direct contact to Rosie and her staff but I thought if Rosie knew what Kelle was trying to accomplish she may want to give Kelle a Shout-out on the next show.
    Happy Monday - Tracie O