2-10-11 - The amfAR Gala, Rosie's Twitter Revelation and Crystal Bowersox!

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's program talking about her big night at the amfAR NY Gala which she attended along with many other big celebrities!  Rosie got to introduce the woman she admires most in the world, Dr. Mathilde Krim.  Dr. Krim created amfAR and 4 of the 6 drugs that treat AIDS were created because of amfAR.  Rosie said Dr. Krim is the most amazing woman in the world today and she was called to this purpose as if it was her destiny.  Dr. Krim asked Rosie if she would present her with the award and Rosie accepted but she was very nervous!  Rosie's publicist told Rosie before the event that she was sitting at President Clinton's table!  Rosie said she was prepared to see celebrities but she wasn't prepared to sit with the Clintons!

Rosie recalled the time she was given Clinton's phone number after the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  She didn't believe it was actually his number but she called it to see.  Bill answered the phone!  Rosie told Bill that he broke her heart and that she loved him like her mother loved John F. Kennedy.  He apologized to her and told her he was sorry for any man who hurt her in the past and he was sorry for what he did. 

Bill's daughter, Chelsea, was there too.  Rosie had to follow Bill in the program which was incredibly intimidating for her! Rosie said she felt a little out of place at the event.  She wore Eileen Fisher's clothing because she said that's all famous plus sized women have to wear to these events.  Rosie did tell Kenneth Cole, who she called an amazing man, that he needs to do a plus-sized clothing line.  Rosie said every man she's ever had an issue with was either at last night's event or she was asked about them in the press line!  First there was President Clinton, who was the recipient of her misplaced "daddy issues." Then as she was seated she saw she was sitting at the table next to Woody Allen! Rosie said she's never met Woody and doesn't really want to either.  And in the press line everyone was asking her about Donald Trump! 

Rosie said contemplated Twittering about last night but decided not to.  Rosie is a new member of Twitter and totally getting into the Twitter groove!  Crystal Bowersox, today's guest, twittered Rosie yesterday and was her first tweet back!  Rosie said she was so excited!  A few days ago, one of the founders of Twitter, Jack Dorsey came to her house to get her set up!  Rosie said she peppered Jack with questions.  When Jack was 15 years-old, he invented a system that would be able to post where he was and what he was seeing for the police so that police cars and ambulances would be able to locate each other and events.  He used that idea and discovered Twitter.  Jack gave her a Twitter page and she IS verified.  It is really her.  HERE IS A LINK.  Rosie said when she gets to OWN they'll be using Twitter a lot so that she can communicate within the OWN world.  Everyone following her and the other OWN hosts can follow along in the conversation.

Rosie said she's had dinner with the mega-famous like Elizabeth Taylor and Madonna, where there's not an eye in the restaurant not staring at them.  But never in her life has she seen what happened to Bill Clinton last night.  Rosie said everyone wanted a piece of him and everyone felt entitled to it too.  She thought it might be because he served in office but she said he was extremely affable and charming to EVERY person that came up to him.  She said he was gracious and kind to everyone so much so that he barely had a chance to eat!    One woman was almost crying because she wanted a picture with him so badly.  Rosie was worried the Secret Service were going to have her removed.

Rosie said she was so nervous to present the award her knees were actually shaking and she's not sure that's ever happened to her before.  Rosie said if you're living with AIDS today, it's because of Dr. Krim and the work she has done.  Rosie was really astounded and couldn't think of any human being who's done more for the world then her.  Rosie said she saw Elton John at the event too and told him she wanted to see his new baby!

Rosie said last night was one of those nights where she remembered, "Oh yeah, I am famous."  She also sat with a Swiss businessman Jean-Claude Biver.  Mr. Biver made his money in Hublot Watches but told Rosie all about his cheese making!  Rosie loved him and his enthusiasm.  After his speech, Rosie told him he gave an amazing speech.  Rosie asked him what he did for a living and he told her he made cheese.  She asked what kind of cheese and he responded loudly SWISS cheese!  Then he told her all about why his Swiss cheese is the BEST!  Mr. Biver doesn't let his cows eat corn or grass.  Instead, he takes his cows up up into the mountains and allows them to only eat flowers which he says changes the consistency of the milk.  Then they walk 15 miles back to his farm and he makes the cheese!  He doesn't sell his cheese, he only gives it to friends.  He makes watches for a living.  One of his watches costs about $250,000!  Rosie said Mr. Biver had an amazing spirit, passion and world view and she LOVED him.  He invited her to come to Switzerland to experience walking the trek back with the cows when he makes the cheese and she's thinking of doing it!  Okay, first Rosie is on Twitter and now she's going to Switzerland for a 15 mile hike?!  I'm loving this!   He offered to send her something and she told him as long as it was cheese, and not a watch, she would take it.  She then told him he could send the watch to the girl that writes her recap.  (LOL, just kidding.  Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.)

Rosie said with the kids staying at Kelli's, she came back from such an exciting event to an empty house and that part wasn't fun.  She thought about blogging about it and then decided to just go to sleep and live it.  At the event she thought about Twittering about it or taking a photo or two but decided to just BE there and enjoy it.  It was hard for her to realize she was actually living such a surreal moment.  CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES FROM LAST NIGHT'S GALA!   Rosie looks fabulous!  And don't forget when you go follow Rosie on Twitter to follow The Recap Blog on Twitter too for instant updates about Rosie and the show! (when really I'm just surfing the web for you, and finding these things out because I'm not an insider, just a girl with too much obsession/time on her hands...)

Rosie then introduced Crystal Bowersox!  Rosie started the interview by telling Crystal she was ROBBED and should have won American Idol.  Crystal laughed and said she really does feel like she's won.  She said she's in such a good place now.  Rosie told Crystal how she started her career on Star Search and also came in second!  Ed McMahon's daughter saw Rosie perform at a comedy club and told her she wanted to get her on the show and she did!  Rosie understands the kind of pressure you get from a television show like American Idol.  Crystal agreed that AI was a lot of pressure but it's the only entrance into the music industry today.  Crystal started playing gigs when she was only 10 years-old and there was no doubt in her mind about what she wanted to be when she grew up.  One of her favorite artists growing up was Jewel and she's the reason Crystal learned to play guitar.  Crystal said she learned every song on Jewel's album one-by-one and played them whenever and wherever she could.  She played for tips and remembered the time she made $300 playing and thought she really could do it for a living! 

Crystal is only 25 years old and her career has just begun!  Rosie figured out she's only a year younger than Crystal's mother and only 8 years older than Crystal's husband!  Rosie said American Idol is giving a voice to a whole new generation of artists.  Crystal is thankful for American Idol because it gave her her start in music.  She said she'll never forget what being on American Idol has done for her and she'll always be grateful. 

Rosie asked Crystal if there was pressure to change her look.  Crystal said there was pressure but she didn't fold to it. 

Rosie told Crystal her new CD Farmer's Daughter is beautiful.  She asked her about some of the lyrics especially in the title song - Farmer's Daughter.  Crystal said she doesn't want to lie and her way of telling the world about her life is through her music.  The song Farmer's Daughter deals with some of the issues she had with her mom and the challenges she and her brothers faced.  Her childhood was a difficult one.  Crystal said her mom had a tough life too but didn't deal with it properly.  She said there's no excuse for some of the things her mother did but they've now been able to work through it and she's a good grandmother and a better mom today.  Crystal said we're all works in progress in this life. 

Rosie asked Crystal about when she had her first baby and how that affected her.  Rosie found when she had her first baby, it opened the floodgates with the stuff that happened to her in her own childhood.  Crystal said that happened to her too.  She said she made a conscious decision to stop the perpetuation of abuse and dysfunction that she lived.

Crystal said she was playing in local clubs in Chicago before American Idol.  She moved back to Ohio for three months for help with her new baby and then she had plans to move to Nashville.  And then American Idol happened!  Crystal said she grew up on country music and some of her music idols are Patty Loveless, Trisha Yearwood and Bonnie Raitt.  She said the instant fame was a little traumatic for her but she hasn't really changed how she lives her life now.  Rosie told her that's the kind of strength she needs.  She told her not to change who she was in order to be consumable to the masses because then she'll just be bland. 

Crystal talked about when she met her now husband Brian.  She said she met him at and open mic in a cafe in Chicago and they grew to be great friends.  After Idol, she had a very public breakup with the man she was seeing.  The timing was finally right and they started dating and got married on 10/10/10!  Crystal and Brian were married where they met at the open mic night.  

Rosie asked Crystal how the rise to stardom feels for her.  Crystal said it feels very quick but she always remembers that she's not better than anyone else.  She said it's important to keep your ego in check.  Rosie agreed and recommended a book by Charles Grodin where he says how it's as important to treat the man in the washroom giving him towels as if they are no different from the CEO's of a large studio. 

Rosie and Crystal talked about her album Farmer's Daughter and how she got pressure to do songs that she hadn't written.  She wouldn't do it because she thought why would she make an album she didn't write?  Crystal always assumed the person singing was the person who wrote the song and was shocked to find out it wasn't always true.  Though Crystal doesn't think there's anything wrong with collaboration.  Eight of Crystals songs on her album are written by her and two are co-writes, one with her husband! 

Rosie asked Crystal if she's still friends with any of the people on the show and she said she is still friends with Idol contestant Didi Benami.  She was a bridesmaid in her wedding!  She said there was great camaraderie on the show but they were competitive with each other too.

Crystal then sang Farmer's Daughter live in the studio! 
Crystal Bowersox sings Farmer's Daughter on Rosie Radio

Rosie called the performance "absolutely beautiful" and asked Crystal if it's a hard song to sing because of the meaning behind it.  Crystal said it is.  She said she doesn't carry what has happened to her in her past around with her but every time she performs it she's goes right back to it.  Rosie then told Crystal's husband that she loves him and she loved his letter he wrote to her!   

Crystal then asked Rosie if she could sing another song for her, one she wrote for her son that's not on the album.  It was entitled Heart Shaped Lullaby and it was beautiful!  Rosie thanked Crystal for coming in and they promised to craft with each other soon! 

Rosie said she'll be getting the new Verizon iPhone and asked if it was really better.  Everyone in the studio said Verizon had a better network and she would have less dropped calls with her new network.

Rosie was happy to read that Gabrielle Giffords has spoken!  No one on the staff could believe that in only one month from being shot in the head that the Congresswoman is now speaking.

Pete announced the breaking news that Mubarak will step down this evening!  Rosie said, "Thank the Lord!"  She watched Anderson Cooper's show last night about Egypt and was astounded.  Anderson Cooper interviewed the man that started the revolution and Rosie thought his story was amazing.  Rosie couldn't believe his bravery and was truly speechless over it. 

Rosie said when she was speaking with Jack Dorsey from Twitter yesterday, she asked him if Twitter has ever been used to help a political situation.  He told her it has, and mentioned the time a reporter from Berkeley was reporting in Egypt and was arrested.  The reporter was twittering at the time of his arrest and tweeted was "arrested."  His friends in Berkley got together, pushed for his freedom and put pressure on the government and he was freed.  When he the reporter was released he simply tweeted "free."   Rosie talked about what an amazing invention Twitter is and how it's changed the way the world communicates.

Rosie also asked Jack why they only allow 140 characters.  He said they chose that number because in the poorest countries like Kenya, that's the maximum amount the cheapest cellphone can text.  It was engineered for use by those with the least access available.  Janette said they often talk about the negative side of social media on the show but said they need to mention this other positive side to it too!  The staff then discussed the historical significance of Twitter and how technology has changed over the years. 

Rosie then took a call from a listener.  She congratulated Rosie for joining Twitter and told she has over 4000 followers already!  That was at about 11:30am.  She's at over 5,500 now! 

During this game James gave the players a clue related to American Idol (in honor of Crystal) and they had to answer it. 

Rosie: this contestant has had the most successful career with hits like Before He Cheats. Rosie guessed Carrie Underwood and was correct. 1 point
Pete: This fourth runner up scored a Grammy nomination for the rock song It's Not Over. He guessed Daughtry and was correct.  1 point
Janette: He had 15 min of fame following this memorable audition.  (James played an audio clip) She guessed William Hung and was correct. 1 point
Bobby: His legion of fans named The Soul Patrol mobilized so he could win!  He didn't know Taylor Hicks was the answer.  0 points
Shoshana: This contestant had a huge pop hit after idol with this track (they played an audio clip).  She guessed Jordin Sparks and was correct.1 point
caller: This idol contestant had a huge pop hit with What Do You Want From Me.  She guessed Adam Lambert and was correct! 1 point

Rosie: following the success of first season, Hollywood tried to cash in with this flop movie with Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini.  She didn't know the title of the movie: From Justin to Kelly.  0 points 
Pete: Steven Tyler is a new judge!  Name three Aerosmith songs.  He named Dude Looks Like a Lady, Dream On and Walk This Way.  1 point
Janette: this Idol scored a Top 20 hit with this track (they played an audio clip).  The answer was Kris Allen but she didn't get it. 0 points
Bobby: Clay Aiken went onto post Idol success with this Broadway show.  The answer was Spamalot and he knew it for 1 point.
Shoshana: This contestant is known for this outlandish hairstyles.  She guessed Sanjaya for 1 point. 
caller: this performance of Summertime was hailed by Simon as one of the best he's ever heard.  She guessed Fantasia Barrino and was correct for 1 point.

Rosie: Name one song and one movie by Jennifer Lopez.  Rosie named a song: Jenny on the Block but couldn't name a movie.  0 points 
Pete: this Idol winner's coronation song which went on to become a huge hit.  (they played an audio clip) The answer was David Cook but he didn't get it. 0 points
Janette:  Who was the other original host with Ryan Seacrest?  She didn't know.  The answer was Brian Dunkleman. 0 points
Bobby:  This contestant was disqualified after controversial nude photos of her on a website were revealed.  He guessed Frenchie for 1 point.
Shoshana: this contestant got an acting career after Idol and played Carrie Bradshaw's assistant in Sex and the City.  She guessed Jennifer Hudson for 1 point.

SHOSHANA WAS THE WINNER!  and her response was, "It's about damn time!" 


Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


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  2. CatB - the links work for me, but you could also just go to twitter.com/rosie & twitter.com/rosieradiorecap : )

    That was so interesting to read the reason behind the 140 characters for twitter!

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  3. Thank you for posting the Crystal video!!! She sounded fantastic on the show this morning and it was really cool to watch the performance here on your blog.

  4. Yeah, I went on their & found her :) I'm so excited she's finally on twitter! Me gusta twitter!!!

  5. CatB- I couldn't get the connection to Rosie's twitter pages to work either. I then went to the stie as ChristinaSky suggested and got there just fine. Thanks to ChristinaSky!

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  7. Liar Liar pants on fire! Rosie said to send the watch to CarolCJ, the girl that reads the recap, I swear she did! OMG my pants are on fire!

    Crystal Bowersox is wonderful. I just love everything about her. I'm glad Rosie had her on and loved that you got a video to show us her singing. Thanks Kelly!

  8. I mentioned the other day how odd it must be to be famous and realize you can walk freely among other famous people. That Gala must have been so surreal for Rosie! It was for me just reading about it! I'm so glad she decided not to tweet or blog about it and just enjoy it. Other people took pics so it's documented.

    Thanks Kelly for the wrap-up and for the picture links! Rosie really did look fantastic! Oh - and you did have me going on that watch thing. LOL

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