2-11-11 - Interviews with Cory Booker and Miranda Cosgrove!

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast discussing how Miranda Cosgrove is going to call into the show today!  She said when her kids found out, they wanted to skip school to meet her. Miranda Cosgrove is the star of the very popular kids' television show iCarly.   Ever since Rosie got Dog the Bounty Hunter to come into the studio they've been asking when they can stay home for another show.  And her youngest daughter Vivi keeps asking Rosie when they're going to visit "Uncle Dog" in Hawaii.

Rosie and the staff then discussed the article The Myth of Joyful Parenthood.  The article asks if parenthood is really all it's cracked up to be or just something we tell ourselves we have to love.  Pete said he's  experienced saying having kids is so great while at the moment, not at all feeling that way AT ALL.  Pete said having three kids under the age of 6 can be a real challenge.  When he just had one child, Sophia, he was really happy because Sophia was such an easy going baby.  Now he has two more and parenting isn't as easy as it once was.  Jeannie said going from zero children to one child was the hardest for her.  She remembered seeing younger women with all the freedoms to come and go as they please and feeling jealous of them.  Jeannie does think she has become a better mother as she gets older because she has more patience.  Jeannie doesn't think joyful parenthood is a myth but she does think people don't tell you about how hard it's going to be.  Pete said there are constant tears in his house and that leaves him with feelings of failure as a father.  His second child Irene has been a huge challenge for him and really makes him doubt himself.  But in school she's getting reports that she's too shy.  When she's at home though she talks up a storm!  Irene is only 2.5 years old and Jeannie said it sounds to her like it's a control issue.  For example, Irene barely speaks in school but last night he had a 45 minute argument with her!  Rosie said her friend Tanya's little boy Ellis, who spends lots of time at Rosie's place, is just hitting the terrible twos too.   Jeannie, who works with kids as a speech-language pathologist, said it's typical for 2 year-olds to have behavior but that doesn't mean you give into it.   Janette said she was the same way, refusing to talk as a child.  She didn't want to talk and no one was going to make her!   

In the morning meeting they were discussing aging and getting older.  James said a big fear of his was aging and getting older.  He sometimes worries who's going to take care of him and what's going to happen to him when he gets old.  Rosie never worries about getting old and thinks it's odd that James is not even 30 and worrying about this.  Janette thinks about it often and even has her caretaker lined up.  She said her old assistant Kate, who's now a producer, has been instructed to put her in a home and sign the necessary paperwork when the time is right!  Jeannie said she doesn't worry about growing old but instead worries about dying too young because her kids need her so much right now.  Rosie never thinks of living that long so she never worries what will happen to her when she's older. 

They then briefly discussed if any of the staff members ever send food back in a restaurants.  Shoshana said she will only if there's a hair in it which has happened to her once or twice.  Jeannie's done it before.  Pete once had a roach in his hamburger!  Rosie only sends food back if it's not cooked enough.  And if Janette considers the food to be inedible, she will send it back.  This information didn't surprise Rosie. 

Rosie then introduced the Mayor of Newark, Cory Booker who was speaking with Rosie on the telephone.  Rosie got a chance to hang out with Cory recently at Sundance where they premiered his documentary series Brick City.  "Brick City, is a documentary series that captures the daily drama of a community striving to become a better, safer, stronger place to live. Against great odds, Newark’s citizens and its Mayor, Cory A. Booker, fight to raise the city out of nearly a half century of violence, poverty and corruption." [source: sundancechannel.com]

Brick City Sundays at 8pm on Sundance

Rosie thinks Brick City is an "amazing program" and that the filmmakers did an incredible job.  Cory said Brick City is really a story of hope and promise in American cities today.  Rosie asked Cory if he had any hesitancy doing the program and he said he did.  But he said the filmmakers dealt with it with such sensitivity and integrity he was pleased with the outcome.  In order for the series to be authentic, he didn't ask for a lot of edits either. 
Rosie spoke to Cory about his experience as a Rhodes Scholar.  Cory loved it and said he was so happy he did it.  She asked him when politics became a part of his life.  Cory attributes his desire to have a life with purpose to his parents.  He moved to a really tough area of New Jersey after college and met a community organizer named Virginia Jones who taught him to see the hope, possibility and love rather than all that was wrong in the neighborhood so he could learn to help.   He said it was a life changing moment for him and from them on he saw the area from a different perspective.  During this time, the government in the area was broken and they needed someone to lead a reform movement.  He became that person.  Cory's parents were worried because he was working within a pretty intense political environment and they were more used to the solidarity of the civil rights movement.  The politics Cory was facing was vicious and demeaning.  Rosie and Cory talked about some of the parallels between us not fully understanding what's going on in our own country and what is happening around in the world in places like Egypt.

Rosie asked Cory if it was devastating for him to lose the election in 2002 and he said it was.  But Cory's come to realize he's only defeated if he stops and gives up.  Cory said we learn so much more from the times we hit bottom then the times we win.  When he lost the election, the love and reverence he had for the city of Newark only grew deeper.  Many famous black politicians spoke out against Cory and Rosie asked what that felt like for him.  Cory said it was disheartening because he had once voted for Jesse Jackson in a Democratic primary and to hear him talk about him like he was a dog was devastating.  But Cory said we all face betrayal and those demoralizing moments but if we can still hold on to our dream we can forge ahead and do the things that people say cannot be done.   

Rosie asked Cory about his love life and Cory currently isn't seeing anyone.  Rosie asked Cory about the rumors that he and Gayle King are a couple.  Cory said they are best friends and both single and when they need someone to take to an event they often ask each other but they're not dating.

Rosie asked Corey how he became friends with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.  Cory said they met when they were in their 20s at a Jewish center he had been invited to.  Shmuley and they started talking.  They couldn't have been more different but they found a great friendship.  They agreed to learn about each other's culture so Cory gave him every African American book he knew about his own culture and Rabbi Shmuley gave Cory the same.  The first book Rabbi Shmuley gave to Cory was Elie Wiesel's Night. Cory said they've found a great friendship and have been arguing with each other for the past 20 years now. 

Rosie told Cory that she's very good friends with Atallah Shabazz, the eldest daughter of Malcolm X, and she wondered why the African American community hasn't stepped up more to support them the children of Malcolm X.  She told Cory they're struggling and she thought that lineage would be something of interest and more supported by the African American community.  Cory was surprised to hear they're struggling and they talked some about African Americans in politics today.  Cory quoted Cornel West who recently tweeted, "There were more black Senators in the 1870s then there are today" and how shocking that is.  Cory said we have so much to be proud of in this country but that there's still so much work to be done to bring truth to "liberty and justice for all."

Rosie thanked Cory for the interview and told him he was very inspirational and that she sees a great future for him.  You can catch Brick City on the Sundance channel on Sundays at 8pm EST! 

During this game, the staff was challenged to sing one or two songs that they knew all the words to!  This game gave most of the staff members great anxiety! 

Pete sang a Tom Waits Better Off Without a Wife and Right Field by Peter, Paul and Mary
Lou, who was so nervous he had to go in the bathroom to sing, sang the Charles In Charge Theme Song! When Lou was going into the bathroom Pete thought he couldn't hear him and he told everyone that Lou recently sang in a Pearl Jam cover band but he had to promise not to tell.  Well Lou heard Pete and called him a dickhead and told him he'd get him later! 
James sang Don't Stop Believing by Journey
Shoshana sang How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You by James Taylor
Deirdre wouldn't do it at first and then sang I'm Just a Bill from School House Rock.  Rosie made her pick another one so she sang September by Earth, Wind and Fire.
Jeannie sang Gavin DeGraw's I'm in Love With a Girl
Amanda sang Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and everyone sang along with her.  Rosie gave it up for Amanda because she did a great job!!!  
Janette sang Marilyn Manson's Disposable TeensI literally was laughing so hard at the lyrics (and hearing Janette sing them) I could barely type.  I rarely quote Rosie but this is what she said:  "Janette, honest to God of all the songs you could have chosen, that's the song you chose to do. She has satanic music tastes."  She then sang Come To Me, Bend To Me from Brigadoon.  Rosie then said, "The fact those are your two choices distresses me."
Bobby sang Ava Maria in Italian!  (I think!)  He said he was an alter boy and still remembers all the words!  Rosie then made him sing When You're Good To Mama from the Broadway musical Chicago
Then it was Rosie's turn.  Bobby told her to sing Marty the Martian and she did perfectly!  Janette asked her to sing Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice and she did!  Rosie said she could sing almost every song because she remembers almost every lyric to every song she ever hears!  

Rosie then introduced Miranda Cosgrove who called into Rosie Radio!  Rosie told Miranda that she has four children and her show iCarly is a staple in her house!  Miranda thanked her and was happy Rosie's kids watch and enjoy the show!  Rosie and Miranda talked about the other characters on the show and how funny and talented they all are.  Before iCarly, Miranda was on the Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh.  The character who plays Josh on Drake and Josh was once on The Rosie O'Donnell Show and did standup when he was only 7 or 8 years old!

Miranda is now 17 years old and has been in showbiz since she was 3 when a talent agent came up to her parents and asked if they'd like to take her on some auditions.  Neither of Miranda's parents are in showbiz themselves.  Her mom travels with her and her father runs a small business.  Right now Miranda is traveling all over the U.S. on a tour bus promoting her album and having a blast!  Miranda started singing when she was 5 and she's always loved music.  Her second album is being released in March of this year!  

Rosie asked Miranda who her role models in acting were.  Miranda said she loves Natalie Portman.  Rosie told Miranda she was in Natalie's first movie with her!  It was entitled Beautiful GirlsSee my favorite clip! And yes, I have this speech memorized and once tried to make my friends Liz, Michele and Kat memorize it, too.  I have issues. 

Rosie asked Miranda all about college.  Miranda said she's waiting to find out if she's gotten in to NYU, Yale and Brown!  Miranda said she gets pretty good grades but she's not a good test-taker.  She's thinking about deferring for a year to keep acting but she wanted to apply to see which ones she gets into.  Rosie asked Miranda how she stays so grounded and make sure she doesn't end up like other teenage actors.  Miranda said she has a great family and stays very close with her parents.  She's also still best friends with her best friend from growing up! 

Rosie thanked Miranda for the interview and told her what a really good show iCarly is.  Her album High Maintenance drops on March 15, 2011!  And you can catch her on iCarly on Nickelodeon Saturday's at 8pm EST. 

During this game the player would hear a clue and then have to guess the teen idol James was describing. 

Rosie: this former teen idol has a resurgence after his billboard hit Soldier of Love. She guessed Donny Osmond and was correct!  1 point
Pete: this teen idol boasts over 7 million Twitter followers.   He guessed Justin Bieber and was correct for 1 point. 
Janette: this one hit wonder is best known for his acting role as Noah Drake on General Hospital. She didn't know it was Rick Springfield.  0 points
Jeannie: this very first American Idol winner sold 10 million albums.  She guessed Kelly Clarkson. 1 point
Shoshana: this boy band was responsible for launching the career of a young Ricky Martin. She guessed Menudo for 1 point.

Rosie: this Genie in a Bottle singer first appeared on Star Search when she was only 9 years old.  It was Christina Aguilera and she got it for 1 point.
Pete: this teen idol did a photo-shoot for Rolling Stone where they cropped a picture of him with his pubic hair exposed.  The answer was David Cassidy but he didn't get it.  0 points
Janette: this former child star had the biggest selling album in the history of pop music in 1982.  She guessed Michael Jackson and was correct for 1 point.
Jeannie: this teen idol had a perfume called Electric Youth. It was Debbie Gibson but she didn't get it. 0 points
Shoshana: this teen idol played a character on television who was a young Republican and a big fan of Ronald Regan.  It was Michael J. Fox but she didn't get it. 0 points

Rosie:  this teen idol suffered a post career depression after she showed up high to an audition for a Steven Spielberg film.  It was Maureen McCormick and she got it for 1 point.
Pete: Marsha Brady got him to play at her school dance.  It was Davey Jones but he didn't get it. 0 points
Janette: this Disney channel boy band is known for wearing purity rings.  It was the Jonas Brothers and she got it!  1 point
Jeannie: this former teen star known for her outbursts got her start on Little House: A New Beginning. It was Shannen Doherty and she got it.  1 point
Shoshana: this former idol is best known for Disney's Lizzie McGuire.  She knew it was Hillary Duff for 1 point.

Rosie: in 2003 he was the most bankable teen, now he drives race-cars and got into a feud with Shia LaBeouf.   It was Frankie Muniz and she got it!  1 point
Pete: this former teen idol left New Edition and went solo and was best known for his rebellious hits.  It was Bobby Brown.  0 points  (I must have missed part of that clue, sorry.)
Janette: this Party of Five teen star shot back when pictures of her in a bathing suit surfaced where she was criticized for her weight.  It was Jennifer Love Hewitt but she didn't get it.  0 points 
Jeannie: this multi-platinum artist started out as a guest star and then became a regular on Good Times.  It was Janet Jackson and she got it!  1 point
Shoshana: this singer got his start on TV with Ozzie and Harriet but went on to score records in the 1950s.  It was Ricky Nelson but she didn't get it.  0 points

ROSIE WON!!!!!!!!!
And Pete came in last place with one point!

Rosie asked Lou to play Adele's latest song from her album 21 that drops on February 22nd and closed the show. I didn't even have to look up that date, I've already pre-ordered my album and I'm anxiously awaiting its release! 

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. loved the clip of Rosie in "Beautiful Girls"
    that's a lot of memorizing to do Kelly!
    great clip of such a young Natalie Portman.....I sure hope she wins best actress Oscar for Blue Swan
    great recap!

  2. Being a parent was rewarding at times and devastating for me at times. I wish I had another chance at it. I would be better.

    I never saw or felt myself getting older until a few years ago. I'm 57 and now I feel it rushing towards me.

    I envy Rosie knowing lyrics to almost every song she has heard! I make up lyrics I can't remember, but they rhyme! lol

    Many thanks Kelly for the great recap!!

  3. I LOVE CORY BOOKER!! I've been writing into Ask Ro asking Ro to have him on her show and she finally did. Not because I was asking but because she met him at Sundance. I don't care! She had him on and that's all I care about. I encourage everyone to follow him on twitter. He is amazing, and funny and corny and thoughtful and silly.

    Ok, I know, enough.

    Have a great weekend everyone.


  4. Love the clip of Rosie from Beautiful Girls. The Bette Middler walk cracks me up. (Kelly, if we ever meet up in person, you know that I'm going to ask you to recite that speech!) Natalie Portman actually was in a movie called Leon The Professional that was released a year before Beautiful Girls, but maybe it was filmed first? Not sure.

    Love the Adele clip.

    "Have a great weekend" to Kelly and all of the Blogtourage!

    Alison (aka Alderella)

  5. RPGypsy, thank you thank you thank you for suggesting Cory Booker. Fantastic Interview!