2-14-11 - The Grammy's, Twitter Mistakes and an Interview with Linda Dano!

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's program letting everyone know that Shoshana wasn't there today because she is on jury duty!  Rosie's never been called to jury duty but Janette and Jeannie have.  Janette loves jury duty and thinks Rosie would love it too.  Janette said you meet people you'd never encounter before and that's part of what makes it so interesting.  She also said jury duty gave her a feeling of "the system works." She liked the fact that a group of strangers were given very clear instructions and descriptions of reasonable doubt and following them.  Jeannie sat on a grand jury and heard many cases and said it really humanized criminals and some of the defendants were good kids who just made bad choices that could be anybody's child.  Rosie said that's how she felt when she saw Martha Stewart in prison.  Rosie joked that she didn't want to go visit Martha all dressed perfectly so she dressed down (way down) for her visit and then felt like the most under-dressed person in there!    Rosie said her brother Danny used to be a public defender and people would come up to him on the subway and thank him for getting their family member or friend off charges.

Rosie was watching the Grammy Awards last night and thinking she can't believe she hosted it before!  Jeannie remembered the time Rosie took her and Jackie to the Grammys as her guests.  She was just remembering what an awesome show it was because of all the amazing performances and thinking how lucky the audience was to witness it in person!  Bobby LOVED how Gaga arrived in her egg and he loved her performance.  James said Gaga's latest song Born This Way is already number 1 in 22 countries and it was just released on Friday!  He said there's some controversy that the song sounds very similar to Madonna's Express Yourself.  James said he didn't hear it at first.   Rosie could hear it in the under-structure but not enough to say it's exactly the same.  James played clips of Born This Way and Express Yourself so they could analyze them. 

Born This Way by Gaga

Rosie said she made a huge mistake in her Grammy watching and Twittering.  She's explained that she's new to Twitter and still just figuring it all out!  Well, she was watching the Grammy Awards and when Arcade Fire won Album of the Year she tweeted she had never heard of them before.  Well, she got bombarded with haters and she wished she could delete her tweet!  She really just had honestly never heard of Arcade Fire and people got so mad at her for it!  She wasn't saying the band was bad she was simply stating she hadn't heard of them.  That's all.   No one else in the studio had really heard of them either.  Others in the studio had heard or read the "Grammy buzz" about the band but no one was a huge Arcade Fire listener.  James then played some Arcade Fire music.  Rosie thought the Best New Artist award was kind of surprising too.  Glad she didn't tweet that too or they would have come to lynch her!!!  People can be so rude over the Internet.  Jeez.  

Rosie said she saw the Justin Bieber movie this weekend, Never Say Never, and even though she wished the movie focused a little more on his upbringing and life prior to his career, she thought it was "enjoyable."

Bobby also joined Twitter last week!  HERE IS A LINK!  Bobby mistakenly had his iPhone alert him whenever someone he followed posted a tweet and he said his phone kept going off all night!  He's since fixed it.   Jeannie had a Twitter for a half a day and then deleted it after getting bombarded. Rosie said that was her same experience with Facebook!  Tracy asked Rosie why she would do Twitter and open herself up like that.  Rosie didn't really see the difference between Twitter and blogging.  Rosie then read on the air, some of the incredibly mean things people were tweeting her.  Janette felt like with Twitter you're more exposed and had her boyfriend delete her from Twitter after being on it for only a few days.  However, now that Howard Stern is twittering she's going to come back to Twitter!  Oh, we see how it is Janette!  If Howard is on, then it's okay.  :)  Then there was a big discussion over verified vs. unverified Twitter accounts.  Here's a short little blurb I found about verified accounts.  There are also some fake Rosie O'Donnells on Twitter and Pete said he would report them.  What about the fake Rosie O'Donnells on Facebook?  Can we get rid of those too! 

Rosie took a call from a listener who followed along with Howard Stern's running Twitter commentary while watching Private Parts yesterday.  Howard was commenting, cracking jokes and giving little insider tips about certain scenes as fans watched the movie along with him.  Rosie saw that as a great way to use Twitter and wished she'd thought of it!   Here's a great article about Howard's guide to Private Parts from yesterday

Rosie ended the conversation suggesting they have a game on Twitter and give away prizes!  Pete was so excited at the concept!  Rosie said they may do it on a Friday so stay tuned.   Rosie and the staff then talked about many of last night's performers on the Grammy Awards and most of all, Rosie loved Barbra Streisand last night. She thought she looked great and sounded beautiful.

Rosie asked the staff about their feelings about what happened in Egypt this weekend.  Pete has been speaking to some of his Egyptian friends who live in the United States and he said they're incredibly excited about Mubarak stepping down.  But Pete's optimism carries some skepticism because the cabinet Mubarak appointed is still in power and the army is running the country.  He worries the change in the Egyptian government might not be as apparent as we hope.  Rosie was amazed at the footage on Friday as the celebrations over him stepping down played out live on the news.  Bobby watched it live too and said he was welling up watching it.  Rosie was too and said she was moved by the celebrations.  The staff then discussed last night's 60 Minutes interview with Wael Ghonim.  You can watch the full interview below.

Last Night's 60 Minutes Interview with Wael Ghonim

Rosie wanted to know why American commentators haven't been talking about the fact that the United States has been supporting a man who is accused of such brutality.  Pete heard a right-wing station calling the American public who supports the overthrow of the Mubarak regime Marxists because now America's best interests won't be looked after.  Janette and Jeannie admitted they didn't know Mubarak was such a horrible dictator until this uprising.  Rosie said we may not have known, but the United States has known yet we chose to support him anyway.  Bobby believes there's value in trying to be friends with our enemies.  Jeannie and Bobby then discussed how they dislike it when Americans act like our way is the best and only way.  Bobby listed driving on the right side of the road as an example.  He hates it when Americans say in London they drive on the wrong side of the road. He wanted to know why it is viewed by Americans as the wrong side?    Janette said when we're discussing torture and human rights violations that's where she disagrees with saying we can't make judgments of other cultures.  Rosie said we can't criticize others for their human rights violations when we refuse to look at our own.

Rosie took a call from a listener who had a metaphor she likes to use when it comes to this situation with Mubarak and the U.S.  She said think of it as if you have a neighbor who loans you tools, brings you treats, shovels your driveway but he was beating his wife and his children every night.  Would you step in and say something or would you not because you enjoy the advantages from having him as a friend?  Rosie thought it was a good metaphor for the current situation and wondered why our involvement or feigned ignorance isn't being discussed more in the media. 

Janette had a great local charitable giving experience she wanted to share with the listeners at home.  Rosie has been trying to convince Janette for years that she should consider donating her time to people in the United States as well as abroad.  Janette has flown all over the world helping other countries but admits she never thought it would give her the same sense of accomplishment to do it at home.  On Friday, Shoshana, Amanda and Janette volunteered at the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen in one of New York's needy areas and Janette loved it!  She said she's going back next Friday and could barely express how great it made her feel to help out.  Janette worked on the food assembly line spooning out rice pudding onto the plates of guests as they came in to eat.  She said just doing that simple act made her feel great about herself and about life in general.  One man in particular was in love with Janette's rice pudding and she said she was as proud as if she had made it herself.  Rosie, who has been trying to get Janette to do this for years, asked her if it gave her a better sense of the magnitude of need in America.   Janette said it did.  She said through the experience she learned that she could love an older person who spoke English as much as a younger one who did not. Janette described The Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen and said they have a church, a piano player that plays music during dinner, counseling, a medical team that does free AIDS testing and a writers' group to help the homeless tell their stories.  Jeannie said the experience sounded like a dream come true and she wished she could have gone with them but she had to work.    Jeannie said it's her dream to win the lottery and cook for people who really need it.  Janette said it was the best experience and if you're ever feeling bad about yourself, find yourself a soup kitchen and it'll make you feel great.  Janette said since she can only go to a third world country a couple times a year with Medical Missions for Children, this is the perfect local solution for her!

Janette said after speaking with the people that run the soup kitchen they really need more awareness, donations and volunteers.  Rosie said no matter how bad you're feeling, it feels good to do something for someone else and helps take the spotlight off of your problems.  Janette said buying presents for friends on MadeBySurvivors made her feel great too because she knew she was doing something.  Amanda really enjoyed the experience too.  She said it made her feel better about her own life and she went home to her apartment that she normally hates with a better appreciation. Find a Soup Kitchen Near YOU or Find a Food Bank Near YOU.   

Rosie asked the other staff members if they had seen The View women on Oprah last week.  Rosie said she found it "interesting" and wished Janette had seen it.   Rosie loved how they showed how little goes into getting Whoopi's hair and makeup done for the show.  And she mentioned the part in the program where each View member brought out their pocketbooks and took a few things out and explained why they carried that particular item with them.  Whoopi was the only one who didn't carry a pocketbook.  Rosie doesn't carry one either!  Jeannie couldn't imagine not carrying a pocketbook.  Rosie also thought it was interesting how Barbara Walters again told Oprah she's responsible for her career. 

Pete watched a lot of Star Trek this weekend and was upset at a recent politician who said the next step after allowing gay marriage is that we will allow people to marry robots!  He mentioned Data from Star Trek - The Next Generation and said we SHOULD ALLOW people to marry robots!  Janette sees this as the perfect solution for really cranky people.   

Rosie then introduced her friend and decorator Linda Dano!  At the beginning of the conversation Linda said she was feeling particularly sad today and Rosie thought that might be because it's Valentine's Day and she misses her husband Frank who passed away 7 years ago.  Rosie and Linda talked about Frank and Linda said sometimes it feels like their relationship wasn't even real, like it was a dream. She talked with Rosie about how certain songs or movies will remind her of all that she's lost and will ruin her for the rest of the day.  Linda said her husband got sick and died within months and both of them pretended like they were going to beat it while really knowing he was not.  She said she was "down" for two years after his death before she could begin to recover.  It's not common for Linda to feel this way and Rosie was sure it's because of the holiday.

Rosie recently went to a holiday party at Linda's and told her her house is stunning!! Linda said she wasn't always into old homes but once antiques sparked her interest she studied, learned and became an expert!  Rosie said she was relieved when she didn't bring her children to Linda's holiday party because there were so many expensive antiques there.  Linda said her home might not be the best place for kids but she loves children.  Linda told a funny story about the time her granddaughter picked up a very expensive antique and brought it over to her.  Linda said she asked her granddaughter to hand it over to her nicely while she was completely panicking that she might drop it!  Rosie said that's like the time Parker came down the stairs when he was 5 years-old carrying their newborn baby!  She said she talked very calmly to him, telling him what a great big brother he was while calmly walking towards him terrified he would drop his sibling!    

Linda designs a line of items for the home for QVC!  She talked about how she selects the items and how she has the exclusive rights to many wonderful items like beautifully lit, handmade, flowers.  Rosie told Linda she has unbelievable taste.  This she knows because Linda re-designed Rosie's bedroom for her!  Rosie said when she goes to OWN Linda will be her surprise decorator!  They're going to call her segment "Oh No, DANO!" and Linda will surprise viewers by knocking on their doors and redoing their rooms!

Linda gave the listeners some decorating tips.  One of her tips included paint as the key to really changing a room when you're on a limited budget.  She said if you can decorate your home in only three colors it will discipline you for all your decorating and make it seem like everything goes together.

You can catch Linda Dano's Home Collection on QVC this Wednesday (2/16) from 6-7am and 11am-12pm EST on QVC!!!  And follow Linda Dano on Twitter!   

During this game James asked a Grammy trivia question and if the player got it right, they got a point.

Rosie: this Best New Artist of 1989 had their Grammy revoked when it was revealed they didn't actually sing on their album.  The answer was Milli Vanilli and she got it for 1 point.
Pete: this artist is the youngest Grammy winner in history for the album Blue in 1997.  The answer was Leann Rimes and he got it for 1 point.
Janette: this is the artist behind the song of the year in 2002.  He played a clip of Falling by Alicia Keys. She had no idea for 0 points.
Jeannie: Did Madonna win best pop album in 1998 for Music? Ray of Light? or Erotica?  She guessed Ray of Light for 1 point.
Bobby: In 1980 this song won a Grammy for Best Disco which remains a staple today.  The answer was I Will Survive and he got it for 1 point.
caller: Alanis Morissette won a Grammy for You Ought To Know from this album.  The answer was Jagged Little Pill and she got it for 1 point.

Rosie: this artist teamed up on the Grammy stage with Elton John in 2010.  It was Lady Gaga but she didn't get it for 0 points.
Pete: she's high on Rosie's playlist and the best new artist of 2009.  It was Adele and he got it for 1 point.
Janette: This controversial Irish singer is the only artist to ever refuse a Grammy.  It was Sinead O'Connor and she got it for 1 point.
Jeannie: this furry pop children's character has won 2 Grammys.  It was Elmo and she got it for 1 point.
Bobby: Much attention has been given to the curse of Best New Artist.  This one-hit-wonder band won it in 1977 for Afternoon Delight and the lead singer called it was the "kiss of death."  The answer was the Starland Vocal Band but he didn't get it for 0 points. 
caller: This duo was the recipient of the first Grammy for Best Rap Performance.  The answer was DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince but she didn't get it for 0 points. 

Rosie: This singer has received 5 Record of the Year nominations but never won the award in this category.  The answer was Barbra Streisand and she got it for 1 point.
Pete: In 2000, she wore a green dress with slit that went all the way down to her upper thigh to the Grammy awards.  The answer was Jennifer Lopez and he got it for 1 point.
Janette: In 1988 this band was nominated in the category of Best Hard Rock Heavy Metal Performance but was beat out by Jethro Tull.  This band has since gone on to win many of these awards, however.  The answer was Metallica but she didn't get it for 0 points.
Jeannie: One of these songs was the very first to ever win Record of the Year.  Was it an album by Tony Bennett, Stan Getz or Domenico Modugno Volare?  It was Volare and she got it correct!  1 point
Bobby: this front man of this band when he received his Grammy said, "I don't know what this means, I don't think this means anything."  James played a clip of his song.  It was Pearl Jam and he got it for 1 point.
caller: In 1998 this prolific classic rocker's performance was ambushed by a man ripping off his shirt to expose "SOY BOMB" on his chest.  The answer was Bob Dylan but she didn't get it. 

It was a tie and the winners were Pete and Jeannie!!

Rosie played the audio from Barbra's Grammy performance from last night and closed the show.

Barbra Streisand sings at the Grammy Awards 2011

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. I hadn't heard of Arcade Fire, either. The responses to her were ridiculous!!! And, I, of course, get upset when she's attacked for whatever reason, but then she tweeted a few humorous (and absolutely correct) responses and it made me feel better. It's like, I think they might have upset me more than they upset her, haha. But, I just don't understand rapid fire insult tweets to celebrities... It's pointless. But, I heard something interesting on today's Oprah that fits, "Hurt people hurt people." Indeed.

    Thanks, Kw ; )

  2. Oh oh. Twitter could be a troublesome thing if you have to worry about the PR implications of every sentence that you put out there. What a headache! Twitter must be Cindi Berger's nightmare. I'm from Toronto and hadn't heard of Arcade Fire either...because I'm 46 years old and don't get out dancing and clubbing anymore. My 18-year-old son, on the other hand, knows them well but was still surprised that they beat out Eminem and Gaga.

  3. For some reason, I expected the Arcade Fire fans to be a little more mature than the Justin Bieber fans.

  4. I could comment on a lot of things mentioned today (including a wink at Kelly) but I'll keep it down to one. I watched a lot of Star Trek this weekend too and I agree - robots should be allowed to marry! :)

    Thanks for the wrap-up Kelly (and the great links!)

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  5. hi y'all,
    again great show that made me laugh and think, alternatively, for its duration.

    grammys - can't believe they didn't mention two of my fav performances, bruno mars with the energetic and wonderful janelle monae, and the over-the-top but still catchy-as-hell cee-lo & gwyneth paltrow duet with muppets (that 'forget you' chorus has been in my head all day!).

    and i'm 45 and have known about arcade fire for ages. they're not my favorite band or anything, but i thought it was cool that an indie band won, as i've heard that their LP is a real 'album' in that classic sense - that it's a coherent piece of work that really flows. i tweeted rosie that pete would probably fill her in on the band on today's show.

    and just a head's up - cyndi lauper will be on the cbs daytime talk show, 'the talk', tomorrow, tuesday 15 february (if you miss it live or on your dvr, it will be on cbs.com later, i'm sure).

    love from memphis,

  6. A few thoughts.
    b) There are PLENTY of people who NEVER heard of Arcade Fire, but are pretending they did to look cool.
    c) I also loved Jury Duty.
    d) Great job as always, Kelly!

    : ) P

  7. Sounds like a version of Express Yourself, just not as good. Not really a huge gaga googoo fan, but still, she never denied it. And the high ponytail? Didn't Maddonna virtually invent that shit? Or reinvent, at the very least.