2-15-11 - The Protests in Egypt and Bobby Turns 50!

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast announcing that Rosie Radio's Bobby Pearce is 50 today!!!!  The staff talked about turning the big 5-0 and growing older and how that feels.  Rosie remembered when her ex Kelli told her that she was dating someone who was 50 and Rosie wondered how Kelli could date someone that old.  Then it occurred to her that she's almost 50 herself!  Bobby said tonight he's going to celebrate his birthday at home with friends.  Rosie joked that he didn't invite her over and of course Bobby told Rosie she's always invited.  Jeannie made Bobby tuna fish birthday cakes for his birthday!  She knows he's dieting and trying to watch what he eats so she wanted to make him something health conscious.  She talked about the struggles she was having trying to make this unique treat for Bobby.  The staff sang Happy Birthday to Bobby and brought him his Tuna Fish birthday cakes.  Rosie's daughter, Vivi, was in the studio today commenting on  the goings on.  She's adorable on the radio and not shy at all!  Jeannie also made frosted brownies for James because it was his 30th birthday yesterday!  Happy Birthday James and Bobby!!!

Jeannie went to Chilis last night with her family to celebrate Valentine's Day.  She forgot that they post the caloric content of every item on their menu.   Jeannie said she and her family go out to dinner so infrequently, she would rather not see the caloric content of all the items on the menu.  Janette went out to dinner at The Capital Grille last night with her partner Barry.  She said they too list the caloric content but she has been sticking to her diet so she ordered one of the low calorie items.  Barry had flowers delivered to their table at the restaurant and they were already at the table when they were seated.  Awwwwwwww.  Rosie said she was doing really well on her diet last week, but yesterday she said she did horribly and the Valentine's Day candy around the house didn't help.  She was trying to get "back on the horse" today.  Jeannie's doing a Zumba DVD where you exercise to music and she really likes it!  Jeannie said she and her kids do it together and they have a blast.  Rosie said she buys those DVDs but never does them.  She said she gets excited and thinks losing weight is possible and then gets discouraged and thinks it's never going to happen for her.  She mentioned her friend, Jennifer Hutt, who lost a lot of weight recently and proved to Rosie that it can be done.  Janette reminded Rosie that it wasn't easy for Jennifer either and not to get down about it.  Rosie said she will take her kids to Dunkin Donuts after school sometimes and she's so proud of herself when she doesn't order a donut for herself.  Jeannie said the kids leftovers, like their leftover Mac and Cheese, is what really gets her.  Rosie isn't a huge fan of Mac and Cheese but said she loved the Mac and Cheese at 44 and X!  She described it and it sounded delicious!  Has anyone been to this restaurant and tried it before?  I once ordered a Cajun Chicken sandwich at Joe Allen's because I heard it was Rosie's favorite.  I know. I have issues. 

Pete spent last night working with his wife at the florist.  He said it was nuts and they had many more orders than they had last year.  Bobby spent last night cleaning out the craft supplies from his oven (which he uses as storage) because his friends are coming over to cook for him tonight for his birthday. 

Rosie asked the staff if any of them had seen Roseanne Barr on Oprah.   Bobby had and he said she's crazy but in a fun and charming way.  Rosie thought she looked beautiful and recommended her book Roseannearchy and wished her luck on her reality show.

Rosie discussed the news that Elizabeth Taylor is currently hospitalized and being treated for congestive heart failure.  Rosie said she was so sad when she found out the news.  Elizabeth was one of the honorees at last week's amfAR event Rosie attended, but Elizabeth was too sick to come.    Rosie said it's so sad when someone you've know your entire life dies and couldn't remember her life without Elizabeth Taylor in it.  Rosie said at the amfAR gala they did a video tribute to her and she said it was astounding to see all she's done for AIDS awareness.  Rosie recalled the time she had lunch with her at The Ivy in Santa Monica.  Rosie said she was at the table when Elizabeth walked into the restaurant and it was fascinating to watch.  Rosie asked her about what it felt like to walk into a restaurant with all eyes on you and she said to her, "You put the eye on the seat you're going to, keep it there and never take it off and they'll all look at YOU."  Rosie said she was at the height of her beauty at the time.  Bobby said Elizabeth Taylor is such a beautiful woman and a great actress.   Rosie was really sad about the news and thought maybe it had something to do with her mother.  Rosie said Liz looks like her mother and her mother loved her and maybe that's why she's so affected by it.  Rosie also recalled the time she went to Elizabeth Taylor's house for brunch when Parker was just a baby.  She said everywhere you looked there was a star from days gone by.  Brunch was at 11 and Elizabeth didn't join the brunch until 3:40pm and she just came downstairs, got her meal and went back to her room.  That's how she did it.  Elizabeth also held Parker when he was a baby.  Rosie told him this yesterday when she found out the news that she was ill and he had no idea who she is. 
Rosie said she spent last night listening to Arcade Fire!  This was the band that she got in trouble for not knowing and writing about it on Twitter.  Rosie said she's not enjoying Twitter now because of all the haters who like to insult her and add how she's fat.  Janette couldn't understand why people would be so mean!  Rosie said it's making her want to get rid of Twitter.  She said on her blog it seemed more controllable.  Janette prefers Facebook to Twitter.  Rosie said she doesn't want to say anything now for fear of getting people all riled up and thinking she should just use it for promotional purposes.  Rosie said she's enjoying following Steve Martin who she said is very funny!  She said she can see how Twitter can be a great form for people like him.  Rosie took a call from a listener who told her to ignore the haters on Twitter.  She told her to just follow the people she knows and the people she enjoys and ignore the rest.  Rosie also said Steven Colbert is freaking funny on Twitter.  Her favorite moment on Twitter was  when she watched the announcement of Mubarak stepping down live on television and was able to share with others immediately through Twitter.  She said she has learned how to block people and Pete told her she has over 15,000 followers in just a week!

The staff was chatting in the morning meeting and wondered when you go shopping, and you put something in your cart and then decide you don't want it, if you will put it back where it belongs or just put it on any shelf wherever you are in the store.  Jeannie said she will put it back where it belongs, always.  Rosie said if it's perishable she will put it back but if it's not she will put it on any shelf.  Bobby gives the items he changes his mind about to the cashier at checkout.  James used to work in a Blockbuster and spent hours re-shelving misplaced items so he said he would never not put something back where it belonged.  Janette sees it as giving someone a job!

Rosie said when she was a young teen her father used to give her and her sister $100 and asked them to do the food shopping for the family.  They would each shop at separate ends of the store to save time and then constantly subtotal the purchase as they were checking out.  When they got close to the $100 amount they would start to eliminate items from their carts, which usually ended up being the meat because it was the most expensive.  Rosie said it was a lot of pressure for kids to do and they would end up coming home with a lot of sweets and not a lot of nutritious food.  Then they would fight about who would have to push the cart to the car.  Rosie did say if a person leaves their food at the table in a food court at the mall it makes her furious.  Rosie asked if they always put their carts back.  She said she does because there are never any spaces at the Target and she doesn't want to block the parking.  Janette doesn't put her cart back because again, she sees it as giving someone a job to do!  Rosie took several callers with opinions on the topics. 

Rosie said to this day she doesn't litter because of the Crying Indian Commercial.  She remembered seeing it and feeling so badly that she made him cry, stole his land and gave his tribe blankets that were purposefully infected with small pox!  Rosie said she's been in so many fights with people over that fact and talked about how some people cannot ever believe that our country might do something so hideous.  She compared it to the recent happenings in Egypt and how some Americans refuse to admit that the U.S. turned a blind eye to the human rights violations of Mubarak's regime in Egypt. 

Rosie and Pete discussed how the recent Egyptian protests have sparked protests in Iran and Yemen!  Rosie wondered if the protests in Egypt were so inspiring to Americans because it reminded us of the time when we used to stand up and protest our own government.  Rosie feared our ability to protest has gone away.  Rosie said when she first heard Eminem signing his song Mosh it made her inspired that he was teaching the next generation about standing up to our government when they think it's acting unjustly.  She read the lyrics to Mosh on the air.  When she was watching what was happening in Egypt she remembered those lyrics.  When the war started in Iraq she remembered thinking Americans were going to mobilize in the same way they did against the Vietnam war and say No to war.  But everyone was so wrapped in fear after 9/11 no one was brave enough to stand up against the government.  When Rosie saw Mubarak step down last Friday she was so excited about it she went to the school and chatted with other parents about it and they hadn't even heard about what was going on! 

Eminem sings Mosh
Pete was so excited to discuss the computer that's been playing Jeopardy!   Pete said IBM has created an artificial intelligence to try to analyze the clues to decipher the answer on Jeopardy.  Rosie Radio played an audio clip of the computer playing the other contestants.  Pete described in geeky detail how this is all possible and Jeannie giggled at his excitement.  Everyone on the staff said they're going to watch Jeopardy tonight so they can talk about it tomorrow.  See below for more...

"Watson" on Jeopardy

During this game, James played a clip of a song that the television show Glee covered and the player had to guess the original artist.  For every correct answer, the player received one point. 

Jeannie: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Poker Face.  She guessed Gaga and was correct for 1 point.
Then there was a little side conversation about Gaga's interview on 60 Minutes.  Rosie and Bobby loved it and how she discussed mastering the art of fame. 
Bobby: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Can't Touch This.  He guessed MC Hammer and was correct for 1 point.
Rosie: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Open Your Heart.  She guessed Madonna and was correct for 1 point.
Pete: heard a clip of the Glee cast signing Papa Can You Hear Me.  He guessed Barbra Streisand and got it for 1 point.
Janette: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Empire State of Mind.  She didn't know it was Alicia Keys and Jay Z for 0 points.
caller: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Firework.  She guessed it was Katy Perry for 1 point.

Jeannie: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing One Love.  She guessed it was U2 for 1 point.
Bobby: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Beautiful.  He guessed it was Christina Aguilera for 1 point.
Rosie: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Leaving on a Jet Plane.  She couldn't remember it was John Denver for 0 points.
Pete: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Only the Good Die Young.  He guessed Billy Joel for 1 point.
Janette: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Slave For You.  She didn't know it was Britney Spears but got 1 point because Vivi guessed it for her!
caller: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Amazing.  She guessed Bruno Mars for 1 point.

Jeannie: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Dancing With Myself and guessed it was Billy Idol for 1 point.
Bobby: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Dream On and he didn't know it was Aerosmith for 0 points. 
Rosie: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing My Life Would Suck Without You and couldn't guess it was Kelly Clarkson for 0 points. 
Pete: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Anyway You Want It and guessed it was Journey for 1 point.
Janette: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Somebody To Love and guessed it was Queen for 1 point.
caller: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Total Eclipse of the Heart and guessed it was Bonnie Tyler for 1 point.

Jeannie: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Don't Make Me Over and didn't know it was Dionne Warwick for 0 points.  She ended the game with 3 points total.
Bobby: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore and didn't know it was REO Speedwagon for 0 points.  He ended the game with 2 points plus 1 extra point because it was his birthday.  :)
Rosie: heard a clip of the Glee cast singing We Want The Funk she didn't know it was P Funk for 0 points.  She ended the game with 2 points. 
Pete (to win the game!):  heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Gives You Hell and didn't know it was The All American Rejects for 0 points.
Janette (to win the game!): heard a clip of the Glee cast singing River Deep Mountain High and didn't know it was Ike and Tina Turner for 0 points. 
caller (to win the game!): heard a clip of the Glee cast singing Good Vibrations and didn't know it was Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch for 0 points. 

Jeannie, Pete and the caller had a 3 way tie! And Rosie gave the caller some prizes! 

Janette asked the staff what is the most terrifying moment they've ever had.  Bobby first joked it was when Bush was voted President!  HA!  Then he admitted it was actually the time he went skiing and fell against a ski pole and tore his right kidney in half.  When he finally figured out the seriousness of what had happened and that he was going into emergency surgery, he became frightened he was going to die.

Rosie said her most terrifying moment was the time she was in the hospital for a staph infection in her hand.  She too thought she might die and it terrified her.  She remembered, after many surgeries and hearing they might have to amputate her hand or her arm, pleading with the doctors to not let her die.  She was 39 at the time, exactly the same age as her mom was when she died.  Janette remembered the time Rosie was in the hospital close to death and how terrified the staff was.  Rosie said it's because of that experience that she will never have elective surgery.  She has a resistance to antibiotics probably because of all the bronchitis she suffered from as a child and the many antibiotics she was prescribed.  She said the pain she felt was unbelievable and she remembered telling the doctor how much pain she was in and how she was sure something was wrong.  She compared it to the pain she felt when getting a tattoo and said it was much worse like a hot knife in her hand.

Jeannie's most terrifying moment was the moment the doctors told her her father had a brain tumor and only had 6 months to live.  She remembered being terrified when she thought about what was going to happen to her father and her family.  She said for her, the world stood still that day.

Pete's most terrifying moment was the time he went hiking with family when he was only 8 years old and they had such bad altitude sickness he feared they wouldn't make it down the mountain. 

Janette's most terrifying moment was hard for her to recall which she was grateful for.  She remembered being on a date with a guy she barely knew that she met through a personal ad.  He told her that she had to marry him and she was afraid for her life.  She spent a scary night being really afraid he was coming to get her because he wouldn't stop calling her! 

Rosie read breaking news, that thousands were marching in protest on the streets of Iran.  Pete read from the announcement and said thousands of people are on the street protesting and the leaders are saying the protesters should be killed.  Janette said for us to protest we sacrifice a day and for people in those countries like Iran and Yemen, they're risking their lives!    Janette wondered how many more countries will follow in this manner and what it means for the Middle East as a whole.  Rosie said she often wonders if we're better off without the Internet but in times like these she sees how beneficial it can be for people.   Pete read the update as to what's going on in Iran, what this means for other countries in the area and what's happening to the Internet access in these areas.  Rosie asked the staffers if they thought they would be part of the protests if they were living in these countries.  Pete said he wouldn't, because he's a father and he wouldn't want to be killed.  Janette marched in the 60s though she wasn't very political.  She said she most likely would be protesting.  Bobby remembered being terrified during the 60s that he would get drafted.  Rosie remembered worrying about her brothers getting drafted.  Rosie said it's inspiring and terrifying to read what's going on in the rest of the world. 

Rosie closed the show.
and that's what you missed -kw


  1. hah! i asked rosie about what to order at Joe Allen AND 44 & x! so who is the one with issues now?? the mac and cheese was delicious!!! i could go for some of that right about now!

  2. Kelly ~ thanks SO much for writing this blog each day. I don't get to listen as often as I'd like, and being a huge Rosie fan, it was disappointing, until I found your blog. Just wanted you to know that it's greatly appreciated.

  3. I've had my blog for several years and have used it as a place to vent my frustrations at how the right wing conservatives are trying to control this country. Now I'm realizing how futile that has been. It may have made me feel better by venting but I doubt it has solved any issues. I think it's time I step out of the blog and into the street. We all need to protest in a visible way or the Tea Party will take take over this fine country. Protesting has worked for the Tea Party the same way it worked for Egypt - and it can work for the Democrats too - if we step outside!

    Thanks for the wrap-up Kelly!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  4. Dennis, you're so right. I am sick of the conservatives having the voice. And yesterday, the Indiana House voted to outlaw same sex marriage by 70 something to 20 something. It will have to pass the senate which is very likely.
    I don't know why I moved to this state. I'm ready to march on the state capital.
    Egypt has inspired me.
    Let's all march for everyone's rights.
    Lisa in Indy

  5. Thank You for the time you take to do this. I am a Canadian listener and have tried repeatedly to get through but have been unable - I must confess I was not a Rosie fan (indifferent - not a hater) until I caught your show one day and I have been hooked ever since - I don't always agree - but that's ok - that's really what it's supposed to be about. Sometimes I laugh out loud (that's good on my way to work), sometimes I feel mad and wish I had time call (that's good that I'm at work), and sometimes I cry (that's when I wish I wasn't at work). Anyway, Rosie and team (because the team helps make the show great) I am a convert - and even on days when you are boring or go on too long (yes, that happens on occasion, but hey - we're all at work and that's reality) I still enjoy you. Canadian listener. Valerie Hindley moreovertime@shaw.ca 403-968-5716