2-16-11 - An Interview with Tom Chiarella and Joan and Melissa Rivers!

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Rosie started today's broadcast talking about her appearance yesterday on the Howard Stern Celebrity Round Table that she almost forgot about!  Rosie went to pick her kids up from school but turned her cellphone off because she's made it a habit of doing that so she won't be tempted to text and drive.  Then she remembered she was supposed to be on the show and quickly called in though she was a little late.  She was on with Jeff Probst, Natalie Maines, Rob Thomas, Fred Armisen, and others.  James explained the Howard Stern Celebrity Superfan Round Table to the listeners who aren't familiar.  Rosie said it was really fun to do!  If you missed it (as I did) you can catch the replay this Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 7pm EST on Sirius 101. 

Rosie said she has the new iPhone 4 but she hates it because she keeps muting people she's talking to because her cheeks are too fat.  She said it never happened to her with the regular iPhone.  Janette recommended a bluetooth. 

Rosie said she read an article yesterday about Liam Neeson that she absolutely loved.  She wanted to talk to the man who wrote the article so she tweeted about him and he found out!  Rosie said many wonderful things about the article about how she loved the way he structured the article and thought it was so unbelievably profound and perfectly done.  The article entitled The Hard Luck and Beautiful Life of Liam Neeson was written by Tom Chiarella for Esquire Magazine.  Rosie was going to have him as a guest on the show later in the hour and she asked Pete to order every book he's ever written on Amazon.  Rosie said she thinks he's "epic" and was absolutely floored by his writing. 

Rosie then asked the staff about last night's episode of Glee.  She absolutely loved the song they did from the Broadway musical Rent.  Bobby loved it too.  Rosie talked about how much she loves that show and how some of the lines last night really had her laughing.  She said she was tweeting like crazy about it last night!  And then she worried she's addicted to Twitter already!  All the staff misses the character Kurt on the program and wished he was in more episodes.  Then there was much discussion over the new character Lauren.  Rosie was hoping she would open her mouth and redeem herself with an incredible singing voice but didn't think she did.  Bobby thinks last night was just a warm up and she still might.  Janette thought she was awful so it has to be purposeful and that there must be a redeeming quality about her character coming soon.  They played the audio of the Lauren character singing last night and compared it to the original.  Rosie took some calls from listeners with their opinions on the topic.

Rosie talked about how she projects her own self-image issues on to the character and how she thought she must have been uncomfortable wearing the wrestling uniform.  But Rosie thought she looked great in it.  Janette said she's mad when she watches her on the program because she never had a boy like Puck interested in her!  Janette thought she too was projecting her own feelings onto the character. Rosie described the time she had to be naked for a sex scene with Julian McMahon in Nip Tuck!  She was wearing biker shorts and a tube top and laying on the bed.  The tube top kept showing on camera so she had to take it off for filming!  Julian came to the bed wearing nothing but a gold lam√© cock sock!  She said to him, "Oh my God, you look like Superman."  He got on top of her and she thought to herself "I can understand why women like this!"  lol  She said the scene was empowering in a way but at the same time she had shame because of her body issues so she assumes the actress on Glee does as well.  I looked for the sex scene from Nip Tuck on YouTube but couldn't find it.  But here are two clips of her I did find. UPDATE SEE BELOW!   

Rosie on Nip Tuck!  

And some more....


Rosie then introduced Tom Chiarella who she found because of Twitter!  Rosie had Tom on the phone and she told him she read his article about Liam Neeson and was devastated by the beauty of it.  He immediately thanked her and talked with her about the process of writing the interview.  Rosie told Tom she loved the way he put the article together, the way he didn't write it in linear progression and how he showed the grief, humanity and redemption of it all.  Tom said he likes working with Esquire and said he treated the interview like he was writing a short story.   He knew people would want to read about Liam's thoughts on losing his wife so he put it up front in the article rather than burying  it within.  Rosie said as a celebrity she could understand that Liam might be worried that a writer might take his grief and turn it into a tabloid story.  She appreciated the way he presented it to the reader.  Tom said he understood the power and responsibility he had telling the story and wanted to be very careful in how he delivered it.  Rosie said when she read the article she wanted to hug Liam Neeson but she also wanted to find the writer and meet him.  Rosie thought Tom told Liam's story beautifully and that every part of it was magical. 

Tom started his career as a fiction writer in the late 1980s and really loved it.  But for him, writing for Esquire Magazine has become a more significant intellectual experience.  Rosie and Tom discussed how he and Liam came to talking about his wife's tragic skiing accident.  Tom actually told Liam a story about an accident he was involved in where a young woman fell out of a boat and was killed.  Rosie complimented Tom on being brave enough to share his own experience with Liam.  She said not all writers are willing to give the person their interviewing what they're asking of them.  Rosie compared it to the emotional scene where the actress in the play Frankie and Johnny at the Clair de Lune exposes her body to the man she loves thinking he is too good for her.  She said it was beautiful to see an interviewer and celebrity who had both survived tragedy relating as equals as they did.  Rosie said Lauren Slater, who is now her good friend, is the only other writer she felt compelled to meet after reading what she wrote.

Rosie thanked Tom for calling in and recommended his article in Esquire to her listeners.  She and Tom planned to meet soon! 

Rosie and the staff then discussed yesterday's Oprah with Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher. Rosie thought it was brilliant and heartbreaking. She said everything Carrie says makes her think.  Rosie appreciated her view as to what it's like being the child of two famous people.  She thought it was amazing to watch them together and see their relationship as it is today.  Bobby saw the interview and also liked it.  Rosie thought it was very brave of Carrie to admit she gets ECT every six weeks.  She said some people said they were very shocked by that but Rosie said when you want to live and the pain of your existence is so overwhelming you will do it because there's no medical options left.  Rosie said her father's sister died having ECT.  Rosie's Aunt suffered from serious mental issues and after being on Lithium for a while she died on the table having ECT.  Rosie said she thinks Carrie is very brave and said every time she sees her it's inspiring.  Rosie also loved Carrie's book Wishful Drinking which she called brilliant.  Wishful Drinking was also a play and a documentary and is currently showing on HBO.  Rosie took some calls about yesterday's Oprah.  One caller was in tears at the end of the episode and so was Rosie. 

Rosie said she was supposed to do Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight but she had a "teen issue" that has since been resolved.  She canceled the interview on Monday because she thought the teen issue wouldn't be resolved in time but it's all been worked out.  She tried contacting Jimmy Fallon to rebook but they've since booked someone else.  Rosie tried to go on Live with Regis and Kelly to promote her episode of Who Do You Think You Are that airs this Friday but Kelly Ripa is still pissed at her over the Clay Aiken thing that happened in 2006 and won't allow her to come on.  Rosie really wanted to go on the show to say goodbye to Regis before he leaves, but it looks like she won't be doing that.  Tomorrow (THURSDAY), you can catch Rosie on Joy Behar's show at 10pm.

Rosie wanted to discuss how Billy Ray Cyrus' latest interview in GQ Magazine.  In the interview, Billy talks about how he regrets ever allowing his daughter Miley to go into showbiz.  He also regrets allowing her to do the Disney series Hannah Montana.   This all after Miley was recently video taped smoking from a bong though she claims it wasn't pot.  Rosie doesn't think any of the problems Miley is facing have anything to do with being famous.  She said any parents of an 18 year-old could be having the same problems.  Rosie wanted to tell Billy that just because his daughter is famous doesn't prevent him from having to go through the normal teenage stuff with her.  Rosie said she knows this because she's living it!  Rosie said the "teenage separation thing" is really hard and he's probably just speaking out because it's all happening in the public and it's humiliating for him.   Rosie took some calls on the topic of teens and how they break away from their parents regardless of fame.  In the end, Rosie said she doesn't think Miley's out of control.  She thinks she's just going through typical teen stuff.  

Rosie then introduced Joan and Melissa Rivers who were on the telephone!!!  Rosie absolutely loves the show Joan Knows Best which she called amazing.  Joan told Rosie she's a big fan of her radio program too!  Rosie, Joan and Melissa talked about the show and they assured Rosie that none of it is shtick and that it's all real.   They talked about the time Joan filmed Melissa in the shower!  Also the time Joan tried to encourage Melissa to do a Girls Gone Wild video!  Joan said it was all real and she totally encouraged Melissa to do the video!  Joan said we live in a different world today and that everyone has a porn tape these days.  She didn't think it was such a terrible idea.  Melissa said she thinks it's a little odd as a parent to hear her mother say that, but has declined. Rosie also loved the time Joan bought a surf board for her grandson, something he was supposed to wait to get as a reward from Melissa for getting good grades.  Rosie said she thought it was the perfect grandparent moment.  Joan talked about how much fun it is to be a grandparent and do all the things with your grand-kids you never did with your own kids. 

Rosie got an advanced copy of next week's show where Joan makes fun of her!  Joan said Rosie and Cher have the most mentions ever in her act and if she offered to take anything she has ever said about Rosie out of her act if it bothers her.  Rosie laughed and took it all in good fun.

Joan had everyone in the studio roaring when she talked about how much they make (or don't make) for filming the reality series.  They also talked about how it feels to share the real issues they're having but how important it is to show real life. 

Rosie thanked Joan and Melissa for calling in and said there's something beautiful and amazing about their relationship.  And Joan told Rosie how much she loved her.  You can catch the hilarious Joan and Melissa Rivers in Joan Knows Best Tuesday nights at 9pm WE TV.  Rosie said it's a great show!

Then there was a brief mention on last night's Jeopardy where the machine played two of Jeopardy's best players ever.  Pete became very excited about this topic and Rosie quickly got bored, cut him off and moved toward the game. 

THE IMDB GAME (Internet movie database)
During this game, the player is given three clues based on a popular Hollywood actor and they had to guess the actor.  If they could guess it in 1 clue they got 3 points, 2 clues they got 2 points and 3 clues they got 1 point. 

Janette: #1 this actor starred in Spanglish, #2 had a recurring role on MTV's remote control in 1987, and #3 starred in Big Daddy.  She didn't know it was Adam Sandler for 0 points.  Rosie recommended Sandler's film Punch Drunk Love to Janette who had never seen any of his movies. 
Bobby: #1 she played Tess McGill in the television version of Working Girl in 1990, and #2 starred in Miss Congeniality and its sequel.  He knew it was Sandra Bullock for 2 points.
Shoshana: #1 he starred in Enemy of the State, and #2 was the star of sitcom that ran in the 1990s.  She guessed Will Smith for 2 points.
Rosie: #1 she starred in 2007 The Brave One.  She knew it was Jodie Foster for 3 points.
Pete: #1 this star had a breakout role in The Outsiders, and #2 starred in A Few Good Men in 1992.  He guessed Tom Cruise for 2 points. 

Janette: #1 he directed Bronx Tale, #2 had an early role in 1973 in Mean Streets, and #3 starred in Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers.  She guessed Robert De Niro for 1 point.
Bobby: #1 this actor played the serial kill in Seven.  He knew it was Kevin Spacey for 3 points. 
Shoshana: #1 this actor starred opposite Jim Carrey in The Mask. She guessed Cameron Diaz for 3 points.
Rosie: #1 This actor had an early role in Nighmare on Elmstreet, and #2 starred in 21 Jump Street. She guessed Johnny Depp for 2 points.
Pete: #1 she played Barbara Bush in W, #2 won an Oscar for Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, #3 and played in Requiem for a Dream in 2000.  He guessed Ellen Burstyn for 1 point.

Janette: #1 this star had a breakout role in Manchurian Candidate, #2 played Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast, and #3 played TV's Jessica Fletcher.  She guessed Angela Lansbury for 1 point.
Bobby: #1 this actor starred in Ice Storm, and #2 played a famous character who says, "Get away from her, you bitch!"  He knew it was Sigourney Weaver for 2 points.
Shoshana: #1 this actor played Shi Fu in Kung Fu Panda, #2 starred in Ishtar, and #3 starred in Midnight Cowboy.  She didn't know it was Dustin Hoffman for 0 points.
Rosie: #1 this actor starred in Leprechaun, #2 and the hit Marley and Me.  She knew it was Jennifer Aniston for 2 points.
Pete: #1 this actor starred in 25th Hour.  He knew it was Edward Norton for 3 points.


Rosie quickly reminded listeners that she will be on The Joy Behar Show tomorrow night (2/17) at 10pm!  (EST) and will be on Who Do You Think You Are Friday night (2/18) at 8pm! (EST) 

Rosie closed the show.
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  1. hi kelly and everyone,
    brilliant show, loved the interviews and rosie's loving appreciation of the writer and of joan and melissa rivers.

    just want to correct something janette said - the 'retro' phone receivers that plug into mobile phones are not just 'jokey' as she said. i have an iphone and got myself one of these for xmas, after seeing it featured by the gadget guy on 'the talk'. it cuts 99% of the radiation put out by a mobile phone! when i'm at home i never talk without plugging it in first. highly recommend! (i got the moshi moshi brand, in black, for $29.95 on amazon; i'm sure there are loads of options, though.)

    another benefit - when using this receiver with my iphone, i can put the phone in my pocket, and cradle the receiver if i need to open a jar or something while talking. remember those days?!

    bluetooth is just putting all that radiation right next to your brain - highly discourage!

    p.s. kelly your heading 'jeopardy something or other' cracked me up -- not to mention being entirely accurate! -- what the heck was pete on about?!