2-7-11 - The Big Facebook Conversation and Rosie Takes Unscreened Calls

In case you missed it...

Today Rosie began the  program saying, "It's Monday, all day, just like my Nana would say."  She opens the show saying this almost every day and it's really cute.  Then Jeannie and Rosie started talking about Rosie's Nana and the show Who Do You Think You Are.  Rosie taped an episode of Who Do You Think You Are that will premiere on Friday, February 18th!!!  Rosie said she does look a lot like her older relatives.  Tune in next Friday to see Rosie's journey! 

Then Rosie and the staff discussed the Superbowl!  Pete and Rosie thought it was a good game.  Janette's boyfriend Barry thought the game was boring and turned it off.  Deirdre thought Ben Roethlisberger's interview after the game was heart-wrenching.  Rosie thought the halftime show was FANTASTIC!  I AGREE!!!!!  I loved it and the 13 kids I watched it with loved it too!  Pete didn't like the presentation and Janette has decided she doesn't like the Black Eyed Peas.  Rosie was horrified that Janette doesn't like them.  Deirdre wasn't surprised Janette doesn't like the BEP's because she's a "metal-head."  Rosie then took callers who also didn't like the half-time show and was totally shocked they didn't like it!  Rosie gave one caller who said she enjoyed the half-time show a gift.  lol  They also discussed how Christina Aguilera messed up the words on the Star Spangled Banner.   None of the staff members thought it was a very big deal and they all understood how it could happen. 

Rosie didn't like the Pepsi Max commercials AT ALL.  She didn't understand the purpose of the ad campaign and how the Pepsi flew through the air and hit people.  She was disappointed in general, over the commercials.  Janette didn't like the Groupon Timothy Hutton Tibet commercial at all and thought it was misleading.  Rosie didn't like the Doritos Superbowl commercials at all.  Rosie took several callers and talked to them about the commercials, most of whom didn't like them either.

They didn't mention it, but being a mom of three boys, this was my favorite commercial from last night. 

Rosie then asked if any of the staff stayed up to watch Glee last night.  No one really watched it because it was on so late.

Rosie said she uses her iPhone as her alarm clock to wake up in the morning.  She had an appointment with her doctor who scolded her for not wearing her sleep apnea mask at night.  Rosie will be watching her diet now and limiting carbohydrates and eating more tuna for protein.  Janette warned Rosie that she shouldn't eat Tuna more than twice a week because of its high mercury content.  She referenced an article she read about a man who ate too much Mercury who ended up with Mercury poisoning.  Janette also said in the olden days, if a woman was hysterical or emotional they would dose her with Calomel (mercury).  This was what Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women, died of.  Rosie said she's also going to eat more egg whites and reduced fat cheese.  Or an apple with peanut butter. 

Jeannie made snacks for the kids and a big meal for the adults last night!  She described it and it sounded yummy!!!  Jeannie said she prefers red wine, a nice Cabernet and  then Rosie told a red wine story.  She once went out to dinner with Tommy Mottola, and he kept ordering this fabulous wine that Rosie fell in love with!  Turns out it was $150 a bottle!  It's called Camis Reserve?  I'm trying to find a link.

Rosie, Jeannie and Jackie went out for Margarita's Friday night and Rosie's credit card was denied and Jackie thought it was the funniest thing that ever happened in her life.  She couldn't stop laughing and then Jackie went to the bathroom so Rosie gave the waitress another credit card and that one got denied too!  Jeannie was hysterical.  Turns out one credit card was expired and Jackie took the other one to find out why it was denied.  Rosie suggested she go out to dinner with one expired credit card now every time they go out just to give Jeannie and Jackie a little thrill.  :)

James told a story about a friend, who he hasn't spoken to in years, who recently friended him on Facebook.  The last interaction James had with this friend was not good, in fact, their friendship ended badly.  This person just recently "friended" him on Facebook and he couldn't decide if he should accept it or deny it so he just left it there.  He got an email from this person asking why he didn't accept the request.  James said if he saw this person face-to-face, this person wouldn't even want to talk to him but now because they're on Facebook this person now wants to be "friends?"  James wasn't sure this person really wanted to be friends or just see his personal photos, etc.

Janette said she's been friended by a couple of people on Facebook who she doesn't like and she's sure they don't like her either!  Jeannie said she recently friended a roommate from college who she had a huge falling out with.  But she also included a message with the friend request asking if they could move past it.

Rosie, again said she doesn't really love it and still doesn't get it.  Janette loves Facebook.  She even found out Howard Stern mentioned her on his radio show from Facebook!  Rosie said she saw Howard on Letterman recently and said he did GREAT!  Janette again talked about how gorgeous and sexy Howard is to her.  Rosie doesn't really like Facebook because you find out things about other people you don't really want to know - like who they're dating and how it's going, etc.  Rosie took a call from a listener who mentioned this video/song and how funny it was... 

Janette thinks the fun of Facebook has really worn out for Rosie because she's had the blog all these years.  It's almost like she's already "been there done that."  Janette has become Facebook friends with listeners and really loves the connections she's made.  Jeannie said she hasn't "friended" any of the listeners because she puts personal pictures of her children up there and doesn't feel comfortable but she always tries to write back and explain. 

Rosie said she wished she could like Facebook more but says she kind of hates it.  She then took some callers who also hate Facebook.  Rosie agreed that her blog was very Facebook/Twitter-esque and now she's kind of sick of the blog too.  She said it got to be too mainstream and she didn't feel the need to do it anymore. 

Rosie said when she goes to OWN, she's going to be on Twitter!  She and the other OWN hosts will have Twitter connections and conversations you can follow!  She's getting a Twitter-training today actually!  Janette and Deirdre pretty much HATE Twitter.  Janette sees value with Facebook and sees it as a great way to meet and connect with others.

Rosie and the staff then discussed the latest happenings in Egypt and how the protesters are still waiting for Mubarak to leave.  Pete described the changed Mubarak has attempted to make and whether or not that will please the protesters. 

Rosie watched the Bill O'Reilly/Obama interview and thought it was interesting how O'Reilly didn't seem to have any reverence for the fact that he was speaking to the President of the United States of America.  Rosie thought it was also interesting that Obama even chose to do the interview.  Janette thinks he was trying to gain access to the base of viewers that enjoy Bill O'Reilly's program.  Deirdre agreed with Janette and said Obama did it for the viewership. 

Rosie said she's started reading Infidel.  She also said a right-wing blog took what she was trying to say about ethnocentrism last week and turned it all around.  Rosie was merely trying to say we need to look at our own country and its faults before trying to make changes to or judgments of other people's countries.  The blog took it out of context and and made it sound like she was saying something totally other than what she meant and Rosie wanted to clear it up.  Rosie said she was trying to find out more about Egypt this weekend in order to be more educated about the area and what role America has played in its history.

Pete mentioned a New York Times article he read about a kid who got an e-reader who now goes weeks without watching T.V.  Janette thinks anything that makes a kid read is an advantage.  Jeannie, who's a Speech Pathologist in "real" life, said half her case-load has access to their own or their parents' iPads and iTouchs.  She said there are great apps for children on them as well! Jeannie thinks, with balance, many times these tools can be useful!  Rosie and Janette said they can always tell by the vocabulary in other adults when they've met someone who isn't a reader.  Jeannie (who nicely, didn't take offense) said she wishes she read more but doesn't have the time.  She said reading feels too much like work for her and after receiving her bachelor's and two masters degrees, she doesn't want to read anymore because it reminds her of school. 

Rosie said it was her friend Jackie who really got her "into" reading.  She got her hooked on Graham Greene in seventh grade and she's loved escaping into other worlds ever since.  After she reads a book she still thinks about the characters long after she puts the book down and then has to remind herself that it was just a book.  Rosie took a call from a librarian who appreciates the new devices for reading.  She said if she can get "the words" into the kids' brains she doesn't care how she's doing it.  Rosie agreed and said reading can change your whole world and anyway you can get kids interested in it has value.

James gave each player 3 clues about a fictional green character.  If they could name the character after one clue, they'd receive 3 points.  If they could name the character after two clues, two points...and so on. 

Shoshana: She guessed Kermit (with ZERO clues, just based off the title of the game!)  3 points
Rosie: Clue #1 -Died at the age of 900, Clue #2 - despite his popularity he can only be characterized as a species unknown, Clue #3 - he trained Luke.  The answer was Yoda and she got it.  1 point
Pete: Clue #1 - Named after a variety of unusually large peas. Clue #2 - a proponent of non-perishables.  He guessed The Jolly Green Giant for 2 points. 
Janette:  Clue # 1 - A puppet known for not saying anything nice.  Clue #2 - he has an orange pet worm named Slimey. She guessed Oscar the Grouch for 2 points.
Jeannie:  Clue #1 - caricatured in a berry flavored cereal.  She guessed Frankenstein for 3 points.
caller: Clue# 1 - he is accompanied by his companion, his dog named Max Clue #2 - befriends Cindy Lou.  He guessed The Grinch for 2 points.

Shoshana: Clue #1 - a Cockney accent. Clue #2 - his name is often confused.  The answer was Geico Gecko but my Sirius went out so I missed the third clue!  She got 1 point. 
Rosie: Clue #1 - had his own musical.  She guessed Shrek for 3 points. 
Pete:  Clue#1 - Urban legend claims it's an aphrodisiac.  He guessed Green M&Ms for 3 points. 
Janette: Clue #1 - Often used by editorial cartoonists to represent an evil force. Clue #2 - She can cause accidents too.  Clue #3 - She commands a fleet of winged simians.  She guessed the Wicked Witch of the West for 1 point. 
Jeannie: Clue #1 - Absorbed massive amounts of gamma rays.  She guessed The Hulk for 3 points.
caller: Clue #1 - Has a human pal nicknamed Boo.  Clue #2 - You can get to his world through your closet. He guessed Mike from Monster's, Inc for 2 points. 


Shoshana:  Clue #1 - MTV gave him a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997.  Clue #2 - You probably want to avoid his atomic breath.  Clue #3 - The citizens of Tokyo wish he'd go back to the sea where he came from.  It was Godzilla but she didn't get it.  0 points
Rosie:  Clue #1 - Cuban Pete.  Clue #2 - Wears a yellow Zoot Suit.  Clue # 3 - Jim Carrey.  The answer was The Mask and she got it at the third clue for 1 point. 
Pete: Clue #1 - They trademarked his long tongue and his green spotted eggs.  He guessed Yoshi for 3 points! 
Janette:  Clue #1 - He was first scene destroying the ballroom of a fictional hotel in NYC.  Clue #2 - he had a fruit juice named after him.  Clue #3 - a gluttonous blob.  It was Slimer and she didn't get it.  0 points.
Jeannie: Clue #1 - If you've got a heart, then he's a part of you.  Clue #2 - he can walk into any book.  Clue #3 - he's friends with a horse, a dinosaur and a flying mermaid.  The answer was Gumby but she didn't know it for 0 points. 

PETE WON!!!!!!!

Rosie took a call from a listener who asked Rosie about a picture on her blog.  She wondered where she took it and what she took it with.  Rosie explained the picture is of her back deck that she took with her iPhone in order to get a record of the huge snowfall they got in New York!

Rosie took another call from a listener who asked Rosie if she's decided who her first guest is going to be in the fall when her show premieres on OWN.  Rosie said she hasn't decided yet.  She said they haven't yet found a venue for where the show will be taped or staffed the show entirely yet.  She said they'll be planning that between now and her birthday (March 21st)!

Rosie took a call from a listener who asked Rosie if she could name every actress who's played Elle Woods in Legally Blonde on Broadway?  She couldn't.  Rosie then asked the caller to name them and she did! 

Rosie took a call from a listener who asked Rosie when she will be on Who Do You Think You Are?  Rosie told the caller her episode will air Friday, February 18th!  They chatted for a little while about Autism too, because the caller has two kids with the diagnosis.

Rosie took a call from a listener who asked Rosie if she's been asked to be on Glee.  Rosie said she hasn't been asked but if she was she would do it but also enjoys not knowing the behind-the-scenes of the show so she can fully enjoy it with her kids every week.  Rosie said it's one of the few shows they all enjoy and she wouldn't want to do anything to ruin the magic of it all, but of course she'd do it if she was asked.

Rosie took a final call from a listener who asked Rosie what they think about AOL purchasing The Huffington Post.  Rosie thought it was very interesting and hopes they don't decide to charge because they might ruin it.  All the staff members were impressed at the site and what it sold for.

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Does anyone know why sometimes when a new show has been on in the morning, a prior show is played on the loop? I'm hearing Friday's show right now and yet I can see from Kelly's post that there was a new show today (Monday 2/7). Thanks.

  2. "Who do you think you are" is one of the best shows on tv. It is so interesting. The celebs are so genuine in their quest and so kind to those they encounter along the way. Has anyone out there used "Ancestry.com?" I would like to try it. Anyway, I bet Rosie's story will be another great episode.

  3. I am so glad to hear someone else enjoyed the halftime show!!!! We had about 6 adults and 8 kids standing around the TV singing, dancing and enjoying it! So - I thought it was a great halftime cause it brought everyone together....we had fun! Then I saw all the postings/reviews and was so surprised! People love to bitch!

  4. I'm not much of a book reader because I read rather slowly. I hear about all the books Rosie reads and find it amazing! I think this blog is the most reading I do each day (out side the bathroom). LOL But I do think it is very important for kids to read. It is a totally different brain activity than passively watching TV

    Thanks Kelly!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  5. Oh - BTW - I think I am the only person I know that didn't watch "the big game". I enjoyed a nice bicycle ride and dinner on the beach instead.

  6. Hey Kelly,

    I expect by the time you read this, you'll have been given the answer multiple times, but the third clue to the Geico Gecko question was that he has a cockney accent. I REMEMBER that because he DOESN'T! The Gecko's accent is purposefully ambiguous. Anyway, hope this helps. LOL

    My XM went out multiple times. I listen online and they have a new platform and I have had some trouble with it since then. Hope they get it fixed! Thanks, as always, for an awesome recap!

    : ) P

  7. @anonymous (the first one) - i'm in the same boat, and frustrated as hell. i love to listen to rosie radio every night - usually after 10 p.m. by the time i get around to it. and, once again, reading over the recap and getting all excited, i notice...wait...they're having a discussion that sounds familiar...oh - because i've heard it before.

    if anyone having any way to contact sirius and get them to correct this problem just happens to read this blog - can you get them on it?

    it's f'ing ridiculous that every few weeks they replay an old show on the 24/7 channel. and every time when i've waited until after they rerun the show on stars, so that's not an option.

    i only have sirius for this one show, and they really should get their shit together.

    (apologies for the language, kelly - hopefully carnie wilson's daughter doesn't read this blog!)

    trying to simmer down now...
    p.s. is it sad just how much i was looking forward to listening to this show all weekend and all day today? or maybe y'all understand?...

  8. I tryed listening to Rosie online.It cut out and at times did not work at all.So I tryed to cancel and that was impossible,even wrote them a letter.Finally I had to call my credit card co. and cancel it and get a new card.It was a nightmare.Don't see Serius in the long term because of customer service.So Kelly you are really appeciated by me.Good job!