2-8-11 - Rosie Radio Family Feud and Lisa Kudrow about WDYTYA

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast talking about her new diet.  She met with a doctor who told her the worst thing she can do is have a bagel for breakfast because it will make her 80% hungrier.  He told her not having carbs in the morning and wearing her sleep apnea machine will have a big affect on her trying to lose weight.  Today James made breakfast for her which was some egg whites, a chicken breast and some berries.  She also learned cardio is good for losing weight but she really needs to lift weights in order to help her weight loss.

Rosie said she watched Heavy last night and she told the staff all about last night's episode.  There was a promo for Heavy on earlier in the night and Rosie's youngest daughter Vivi saw it and asked, "How come everyone thinks it's so bad to be fat?"  Rosie didn't really know what to say to her.  She told her that a really long time ago being heavy was a sign of wealth and status but it has changed over the years and now it's seen as a sign of laziness.  Vivi told Rosie she thinks that's "dumb."  Rosie said it's no wonder she feels that way with all the weight loss shows on television today.  The staff then discussed Hollywood actresses and the double standard for male actors who are overweight and accepted as opposed to female actresses who get shunned and made fun of for it.  When Rosie was watching last night's Heavy, she thought to herself that she'd like to go to a fitness center like the one in the show!  Jeannie watched it and said she couldn't believe the tiny portion sizes and thought it was not practical for long-term weight loss.

Rosie took a call from a listener who has also been to the Lake Austin spa that they feature in the show. She said you can go to the spa to relax (like a typical spa) or go to workout with a trainer.  She said the portion sizes bothered her too but our portion sizes in America are too big.  The caller worked out so hard she lost 5 pounds in 4 days!  Rosie said she wanted to go with Jeannie!  Janette's friend Laura Banks (who co-wrote Embracing My Big Fat Ass with Janette) goes to Optimum Health Institute for weight loss.   Rosie said her friend Sharon Gless spends all her free time at "fat farms" and loves it there.  Rosie called her a "fat farm enthusiast."  Rosie said she would like the male trainer on the show to work her out but she wouldn't like the woman.  She also said Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser scares her.  James feels the opposite and said he would pay good money to have Jillian kick his ass for the day. 

Rosie took another caller from a listener who watches The Biggest Loser.  She caught the menu written on the wall displaying the food they were eating on the show and it only added up to 1,064 calories for the day!  Rosie said she's 209 pounds right now and wants to get into the 1's so badly.  Jeannie prefers Weight Watchers, that allows you to eat more if you're heavier and as you lose weight it decreases your allotted calories.   Janette likes the LoseIt app on the iPhone.   Rosie said her first goal is to see how much progress she can make between now and her birthday, March 21st.  Janette said in a couple weeks she will feel profoundly different no matter how much weight she's lost and Pete agreed wholeheartedly.   Janette passionately believes in writing down everything you eat.  It's made a huge difference for her. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who decided to cut out dairy and hired a personal chef to cook her only vegan meals.  She's been doing it for 2 months and she's lost 2 pant sizes!  She said the best part is she feels so much better.  

Rosie said she watched the Trump family on Oprah yesterday and said she didn't find him as repulsive as she normally does.  She did notice that he's gained a lot of weight and she said that's what he gets for calling everyone fat!  On the whole though, she found him "mildly likable" but she thought perhaps that was because he was surrounded by his kids.  Janette said not everyone is horrible all the time but couldn't forgive Trump herself for what he did to Rosie in the past. Rosie took some calls from listeners who also watched the episode that aired yesterday.  One caller agreed with Rosie that Trump seemed likable and one caller thought he was repulsive on the show.  She called him a "roly-poly-daddy's-little-fatty" which made Rosie laugh.  Rosie took calls from a couple listeners who found his kids robotic and thought his kids comments  felt scripted.  Bobby knows the Trump kids personally and said they're grounded, smart, cool kids. Bobby did mention he's heard the kids say their father is never not working.  Overall, Rosie thought it was interesting she could watch the show without being completely repulsed. 

Janette cannot get over what Trump did to Rosie and said he did it because he had a show to pitch.  She said Trump used Rosie so he could get on every media outlet for his own personal gain.   Bobby thinks everyone has made fun of Trump's hair but the reason he makes so much money is because people think he is so rich and that's why he really went off on Rosie.  Because she called him out on it and pulled the curtain back on the truth about his wealth.

Rosie said she'll be watching today's Oprah about the two girls raped by their father and brothers their entire lives.  Rosie said her daughter saw the promo for this episode and then asked her what rape is.  Rosie told her it's when someone has sex with you against your will.  And Vivi asked if that meant children too.  And Rosie had to tell her yes.   Rosie asked the staff if they could watch it today so they can discuss it tomorrow but Janette and Deirdre said they couldn't bare to watch it.   

Today's Oprah

Rosie told a story of when Parker was only 5 years old and they were in Miami.  A 7 year-old girl had been beaten and raped by her older brother's friend while her mother was in the other room.  Rosie heard about the case and knew the doctor of the little girl so she went and visited her at the hospital.  Rosie became obsessed with the story and felt so furious with the mother who she didn't feel protected the girl.  Rosie even went to the hearing where the mother lost her rights to the child.  Rosie said one of the reasons she became a foster parent was because of that little girl in Miami. But by the time she got her foster parent license the girl was sent to live with her father. Deirdre explained that she cannot watch shows like the one that is on today's Oprah because the story stays with her and then she can't shake it.  She said she would have to seek revenge and would be the type who would give her own life to avenge the person that was victimized.  Rosie thinks shows like the one that is on today's Oprah have tremendous value for people who carry huge secrets.  She said seeing someone else recover from such a tragic event can be inspirational for those struggling with their own secrets.

Janette said she won't watch the show today because she feels like she's heard the story of abuse in America.  Rosie asked her how she could read stories like Infidel, a book she recently recommended to Rosie.  Janette said when tragedies happen in other countries she feels like if she doesn't help NO ONE will help.  She said here in the United States we have so many more opportunities for help.  Rosie, on the other hand, feels much more pulled to help people in this country though she thinks it's so interesting how people are pulled to other countries to help.  They mentioned Sarah Symons, a former Rosie Radio guest who was pulled to help the human trafficking by creating MadeBySurvivors.  Janette said the difference between this country and other countries is that there is NO ONE to help if they do not and she can really see the impact their organization has with the people in need.   Jeannie said if she had more time and money she would open a soup kitchen on Long Island.  

Rosie said they'll be off the week of March 21st and she's been thinking of places she'd like to visit but there really isn't anywhere she really wants to go. 

During this game the player had to guess the most popular answer to the question based on a survey of 100 people.  The more obscure the answer, the more points they got! 
Name Something You Eat With Peanut Butter
Janette: Jelly which was the #1 answer for 1 point.
Jeannie: Apple which was not on the board for 0 points.
Deirdre: Honey which was not on the board for 0 points.
Rosie Bananas which was the #4 answer for 4 points.
Pete: Chocolate which was not on the board for 0 points.

They missed bread, crackers and celery.

Name Something Little Children Play With That Makes a Mess
Jeannie: Playdough which was the #2 answer for 2 points.
Deirdre: Paint which was the #1 answer for 1 point.
Rosie: Lego which was the #6 answer for 6 points.
Pete: Mud which was the #7 answer for 7 points.
Janette: Food which was the #5 answer for 5 points.

They missed clay, crayons, pots and sand.

Name Something That Comes In Stick Form
Deirdre: Chopsticks which was not on the board for 0 points.
Rosie: Sunscreen which was not on the board for 0 points.
Pete: Pretzels which was not on the board for 0 points.
Janette: Deodorant which was the #2 answer for 2 points.
Jeannie: Lipstick which was the #4 answer for 4 points.

They missed gum, butter and glue.

Name Something Besides Clothing That Some People Wear Every Day - for double points
Rosie: Deodorant which was #4 for 8 points.
Pete: Makeup which was #6 for 12 points.
Janette: Watch which was #1 for 2 points.
Jeannie: Shoes which was #3 for 6 points.
Deirdre: Rings/jewelry which was #2 points for 4 points.

They missed glasses and a smile. 

Name Something a Picky Girl Always Finds Wrong With Her Date
Pete: Clothes which was #1 for 2 points.
Janette: Money/job which was not on the board for 0 points.
Jeannie: Teeth/looks which was #2 for 4 points.
Deirdre: Car which was #6 for 12 points.
Rosie: Smell which was not on the board for 0 points.

They missed cheap, manners, hair, and personality.

Name a Specific Occupation That's More Like Play Than Work - triple points!
Janette: Dancer which was not on the board for 0 points.
Jeannie: Teacher which was #8 for 24 points!
Deirdre: Musician which was #6  for 18 points!
Rosie: Porn Star which was not on the board for 0 points.
Pete: Clown which was #7 for 21 points!

They missed athlete, lifeguard, actor, TV show host, cruise director, sports coach, and travel guide.

Pete and Jeannie Fast Money
They each got 30 seconds and had to answer 5 questions.

name something a parent says to a small child over and over: she said "be quiet" for 4 points
name something you buy frozen: she said "vegetables" for 2 points
name something that has a chocolate covering: she said "pretzels" for 6 points.
name something with holes in it: she said "lifesaver" for 0 points.
name something people cut: she said "paper" for 3 points.
15 points total

name something a parent says to a small child over and over: he said "stop" for 2 points. 
The #1 answer was "no."
name something you buy frozen: he said "ice-cream" which was the #1 answer for 1 point!
name something that has a chocolate covering: he said M&Ms which were not on the board for 0 points.  The #1 answer was "cake" for 1 point.
name something with holes in it: he said donuts for 2 points.
name something that people cut: he said fruit which was not on the board for 0 points.


Rosie then introduced Lisa Kudrow who called in to talk to Rosie about her episode of Who Do You Think You Are which is premiering on NBC on Friday, February 18th!  Rosie said doing the show was a very interesting and emotional experience for her.  And she didn't expect it.  Rosie said she never knew anything about her mom and when she died in 1973, no one ever talked about it.  Rosie never had any concept of her mother's family history. There was an unspoken rule in the house to never mention her so the didn't.  Rosie said there was a photo of a woman that hung in her playroom her entire life and they never knew who it was.  The researchers for the show started with that picture.  And apparently there's a huge dramatic story behind it!

Rosie said her brother Eddie went along on the journey with her but she has not shared what they've learned of her family history with her brother Danny and her sister Maureen because they do not speak.  Since they haven't talked in years she didn't feel right calling them for this.   

One piece of family history that wasn't included in the final episode that will air is that her grandfather, who died before she was born, used to drive a Wells Fargo Wagon full of gold, securities and armaments for the  war.  She went to Jersey City with the show and got to see photos of him as a young man dressed in his uniform.  She also met relatives she didn't know she had on her journey, all of whom are in their late 80s and 90s.  There were 10 children from her parents' generation.  She met one of her elderly second cousins and the woman confused her with her mother.  She told her she remembered her as "the girl with the black hair with the dancing shoes who was always dancing."   Rosie had to tell her elderly cousin that she was confusing her with her mom.  Her cousin told her Rosie looks just like her mother.    Rosie and Deirdre are huge fans of the show Who Do You Think You Are

Rosie then welcomed Lisa to the program!  Lisa and Rosie talked about Lisa's episode of the show where they researched her family history.  They also talked about the "deep horror" that Rosie discovers from her own history, though they weren't specific as to what it was.  You'll have to watch to find out!  Rosie said she's so grateful she got to do the show and said it's remarkable how much information they can find.   

Rosie asked Lisa how they select who to do on the show.  Lisa said they choose people who are intellectually curious and people who will be interested in finding out their own family history.  Rosie mentioned her good friend Natasha Lyonne who has grandparents who survived Auschwitz who would be great for the program. 

Lisa and Rosie discussed her movie Easy A and how much Rosie loved it.  Rosie also was excited that Lisa's Web-Therapy is now going to be on Showtime!  Rosie said she'd be available for an episode if they want her!  Rosie LOVED Meryl Streep's episode of Web-Therapy and asked Lisa all about it.  Rosie also mentioned Lisa's show The Comeback and how much she loved it and how disappointed she was when it was canceled.  Lisa was really disappointed it was canceled too and wished HBO would have given it more than one season. 

You can catch Rosie's episode of Who Do You Think You Are on February 18th!

After Lisa's interview Janette talked about how much she loved Lisa and Rosie agreed.  Rosie highly recommended that her viewers watch Lisa's Web-Therapy and called it "the funniest fricking thing in the world."  Jeannie loved The Comeback and owns all the episodes on DVD! 

Rosie said she's getting really good at Scrabble on her iPhone and scored a 430!  She said she has all the two letter words memorized and almost has all the three letter words memorized!

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Love Lisa Kudrow! It's great just to hear her voice...I agree she was the best on Friends.
    Wasn't Rosie planning/trying to make herself go to Puerto Rico, a trip which she bid on and won during a charity auction? Thought she'd go since she discovered travel wasn't such a difficult thing after all. She could take Parker there for some good bonding after their difficulties.

  2. Thanks Kelly,
    Even though it's only 18 outside, I had a cabin fever. Time to get out and listen to Rosie's show.
    I hurt my wrist shoveling yesterday as I tried to clean up the mess the city plows left behind when they finally came to our street! Almost a week! They left a 2 ft high cliff at the end of the driveway. Tears when I had to shovel that heavy slushy mess that froze overnight again. argh.
    Have a good evening everyone!
    Lisa in Indy

  3. I went to Lake Austin Spa with a couple girlfriends for a few days a while ago. It was beautiful and an incredible experience! We went for the spa part of it and didn't do any exercise classes :) HOWEVER, the portions were itty bitty! Meals were included so I made my friends order every course(I think there were four, salad, soup, entree, and dessert) and I ate EVERYTHING they didn't want. AND I am thin-ish, I just have a large appetite. I starved the first day!! I also had to drink lots of hot tea so my stomach didn't growl. The food was delicious just not enough of it. It is a wonderful place and the staff is very very nice. Recommended (but expensive!).

  4. Thanks for including the name of the app (Lose it!) that Janette talked about. I was intrigued, but missed the name of it when I was listening today. What would I do without you, Kelly!?

  5. Hi there,

    This blog is awesome. Thank you so much for posting! Has anyone else noticed that the looped 24/7 replays of Rosie Radio on Sirius's Internet Showcase are hit and miss? Sometimes they replay the same day's episode as planned, but other times they replay an episode from the previous week. It's totally frustrating. I've called Sirius Customer Care to complain but no one seems to know what I'm talking about. Any ideas? Maybe we could band together :)

  6. I've been having a lively and heated discussion on my blog about how the Republican party is trying to define what is forcible rape. I don't know if the women on Oprah's show got pregnant but I do know that if they had the GOP wouldn't have considered that "forcible". It's just disgusting.

    On a lighter note - I absolutely loved "The Comeback" on HBO. My co-worker friend and I were both sadly disappointed when it was canceled. They need a comeback comeback!

    Lisa in Indy - I'm hoping the Groundhog was right!

    Kelly - thanks for the wrap-up!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  7. Lisa, Dennis - Seriously! I'm sorry that you hurt your wrist, Lisa. :-/ It's going to be freezing again tomorrow night! ack. We are in an RV(long story) so we are beyond OVER this cold weather, lol.

    When I saw the preview for Who Do You Think You Are the other day, I noticed Rosie's reaction to something on the show and can't wait to find out what it is about! I really love that show a lot anyway, but I think the Rosie episode will be very special for all of us who love her!

    Thanks again for the recap, KW,

  8. I used Lose It on my iPod and lost 26 lbs. Now I'm using My Net Diary, which I think is a better program. They do work!

  9. Aw shucks, thanks everybody. I shouldn't complain about anything as long as I can laugh with all of you and Rosie!
    Dennis, I hope that groundhog was right too! I read your blog about the forcible rape issue and I'm not sure you'd want me to join in but I could possibly turn the tide on that conversation. I agree with you and Rachel Maddow covered that topic so well tonight that I think you should just link that video segment into your blog with an update and let it go from there.
    Lisa in Indy

  10. did i hear corectly that Rosie is leaving RAdio for tv? Say it isnt so!!!
    I will be so sad. Is the o network going to broadcast it on the radio? I love the show and will miss it. I can listen at work but couldnt oull off watching!

  11. I missed the part about Rosie's new diet. Where can I find info on it?
    Susan in MS