3-11-11 - LIVE FRIDAY SHOW - Japan, Wisconsin and Memorable Teachers

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff immediately started today's broadcast talking about the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.  They were LIVE today because they are going to be gone for part of next week and the week of March 21st.  Rosie talked about the images coming out of Japan, what areas were being evacuated and what countries are effected.  Pete read the latest reports coming out of Japan but the news I type here will be out of date by the time you read this so I'm posting a good website where you can get the latest updates:  http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/03/11/live-blog-japan-earthquake/  Rosie talked about how this type of disaster shows us all how our lives can change in an instant and how tragedies like this give us instant perspective on our own perceived problems.  Rosie said she needs to emotionally prepare herself for the numbers of dead that are going to be reported from this disaster (it was 300 at the time of the broadcast).  Rosie shared her own story of the earthquake she experienced in California in 1993.  She had flown from Boston to L.A. to film a McDonald's commercial as Betty Rubble for the McRib and she was staying at the Four Seasons Hotel.  She heard what she thought was a train rumbling.  It was right before the Cable Ace Awards so many celebrities were staying there.  They all went down to the lobby and Robert Klein began to entertain everyone with jokes to help ease the tension.   Bobby and Rosie were in an earthquake together once!  He said it felt like the room was rattling and he didn't know it was an actual earthquake until Rosie told him that's what an earthquake feels like.    Rosie took a call from a listener whose mother is in Hawaii right now but is okay.  Rosie follows Beth Chapman on Twitter who is also reporting that everything is okay where they are in Hawaii.  And Rosie said Cyndi Lauper is in Japan right now and reporting everything is okay where she is.

Rosie and Janette talked about their personal experiences with 9/11 and how their reactions differed.  Janette couldn't really grasp the enormity of the disaster in the beginning and kept trying to go about her normal day.  Rosie, on the other hand, said when the second building fell she fell.  She literally fell asleep and couldn't wake back up.  The enormity of it all rendered her powerless and incapable of functioning.  Rosie said in the wake of catastrophes like this she is often undone because of her overwhelming feelings of helplessness.  It also reminds her she needs to give up trying to control everything and have faith.  She said the philosophy Faith or Fear has really helped her in her own life. 

Janette was on Pan Am flight 103 six months before it went down, was on that highway in California that collapsed in '89 a week before it fell and she was in St. Croix a couple months before Hurricane Hugo! She thought to herself, "Wherever I go, make sure you don't follow!" Pete's Uncle was on the highway that collapsed in California and had just pulled off of it before it fell. He saw it shake and fall in his rear view mirror.

Rosie and the staff then discussed the latest happenings in Wisconsin.  Rosie said she adores Rachel Maddow who she doesn't know personally but hopes to one day.  She said she loved her coverage from last night.  If you didn't see it, here it is in its entirety. 

Rosie Radio played several clips from Rachel Maddow's show last night including the clip where she discusses the fact that many Republicans are up for recall now because of voting this bill through.  Rosie hopes the public will teach their representatives through voting them out of office that there are consequences for their actions.  Rosie took a call from a listener who was so horrified by what Rachel said the motivation(s) were behind this bill she had to turn off the television because it gave her so much anxiety.  Rosie also talked about how the bill included a provision that wouldn't allow students with only a student I.D. as identification to vote in the election.  A vast majority of students vote for the Democrats in elections so they tried to include a provision that wouldn't allow many of them to vote! 

Rosie also discussed how the Koch Brothers are individually tied for 18th richest man in the world and their combined fortune ranks them at 4th richest man in the world according to the Forbes Billionaires list that was just released this week. Yet we continue to blame the middle class for the mass grand larceny that has happened by the richest, most powerful people in the nation. 

Next Rosie took a call from a Walker supporter from Wisconsin.  She was a private business owner who over the last five years has had to close one of her businesses because of rising tax rates and rising unemployment.  She said while they struggle to keep their doors open she knows of teachers and union members that live in huge houses, barely have to pay for their health care and dental (the way they have to) and get 5 weeks paid vacation.  Her reason for supporting Walker was because she wants other individuals to have to contribute to their benefits and pensions the same way the rest of them have to.  Rosie told her if she thinks this bill will somehow protect her she is mistaken.  Rosie told her it's all an illusion because the only one who benefits from the bill are the corporations, not the middle class.  Regarding her complaint over insurance premiums, Pete said unions have agreed to repeal their raises and pay more into insurance premiums but the Governor still refuses to work with them.  The caller told Rosie she's not getting the full story and all the correct information.   Rosie thought it was interesting that this country has gotten to a point where the media will deliver messages that encourage people to vote against their own interests.  Janette agreed.  She said everyone has a story about some cousin that works for the union who lives in a big house.  Everyone knows an anecdote about some union member that took advantage of their situation but that doesn't mean you dump unions completely.  Rosie thanked the caller for calling in and for sharing her opinion but she didn't get it. 

Rosie took another call from a listener who felt the opposite as the last caller.  He felt because of the fact that Governor Walker refused to compromise proved that he was out to only get rid of unions.  Rosie completely agreed and asked Pete to post on her blog the video of protesters shouting "shame" at the Republicans who voted for the bill. Rosie thought it was so powerful.  The caller assured Rosie that she's getting all the same and correct information that the people of Wisconsin are getting.   Here's the video of the protesters shouting "shame" - something Rosie said she'll never forget...

Rosie took a call from a listener who is 30 days away from retiring from the police department.  He has worked 20 years for NYC and is insulted at this movement to take away everything he's worked his entire life for.  He said he has risked his life for a $4,000 a month retirement stipend.  He said the caller who supported Walker just sounded like "sour grapes."  He said people like her would never run into a burning building or take a bullet to protect someone else.  Rosie agreed.  She said she's spoken to Cory Booker about this very topic!   He has three generations of police to support and doesn't know how he can do it because the city doesn't have the money.  Rosie said WALL STREET stole the American public of their money and no one ever paid for the crime and it's unfair to make the public pay.  Rosie thanked him for calling in and for his service. She told him that police, firefighters and EMTs are the heroes of our society. 

Rosie took a call from a listener in California who works for the Department of Collections.  She sees the need for reform but also appreciated the benefits and job security.  Rosie agreed with the need for reform.  Rosie had some interaction with unions when she was producing a show on Broadway.  She said because of the Musicians Union they were forced to have an orchestra of a certain number (maybe 23) for a show that could have had only 8 or 9.  The cost of that large orchestra was prohibitive of them being able to keep the show open and thriving.  She agrees that there's room for reform but doesn't agree the rights of collective bargaining should be thrown out so that corporations have the right to treat their employees any way they like.  Rosie said it's tragic that more Americans aren't aware of all the benefits we have today because unions fought for those rights.

Rosie said we are in big trouble and the Koch Brothers behind it says everything you need to know about what is going on in Wisconsin. Listen....

Rosie said she is so interested in what's going on in Wisconsin she feels compelled to go there.  But at the same time she realizes she can't effect change just because she's famous.  Janette said Rosie is doing exactly what she can do, she's giving the story the airtime it deserves.   

Rosie and the staff then started talking about the rising cost of health care in this country.  Tracy's son who has Down Syndrome was on Medicare before they got together but now Rosie takes care of his health care costs.  Well, he needs to have heart surgery again.  Rosie said Tracy still worries about the cost because she used to have to worry about those types of expenses (even though Rosie assures her she doesn't need to). Yesterday, Bobby went to the drug store and had to pay $560 for a medication (because of a deductible) and he actually debated with himself if the medication was absolutely necessary.  Janette put off her colonoscopy because her insurance is going to end soon and she worries if they find cancer she won't be able to pay for the treatment.  

Rosie took another call from a woman who voted for Walker and is sick at what he's doing!  She said the way the bill was passes, in the middle of the night, infuriates her and he needs to be thrown out on his ASS.  She said union and non-union supporters should be in an uproar.  Rosie took a call from a listener who is frustrated by the fear-based politics the Republican party is spouting.  She said just because something needs to be changed doesn't mean you throw the baby out with the bathwater.  She said what Walker has done is wrong, un-Democratic and un-American.

Rosie took a call from a listener who is a former New York State employee who lost her job due to downsizing who wished the community had stood up for them the way they are in Wisconsin.  She said the media came in and made it all about the money and made the state employees look like the bad guys. 

Rosie briefly changed topics to address the fact that Wendy Williams said she and Tracy were getting married and had plans to adopt a child.  Rosie was furious at the rumor.  She said Wendy is "full of shit" and she's not getting married or adopting another child.  She said they already have 10 between the two of them and there are no plans for marriage.

Rosie was frustrated at the vilification of teachers.  She acknowledged that some are bad but she said most are good and teachers are the fabric of our society.  Rosie said teachers often spend more time with our own kids than we do!  So, to honor teachers, each member of the staff spoke about a teacher that's affected their lives in a positive way.  Pete talked about one of his good friends who's a public school teacher.  She's dedicated to her job and it really struck him how little money she made when she told him she qualified for low income housing.  Her dedication to her job really inspires him. 

Janette spoke about her 8th grade History teacher.  Janette said she was "scape-goated" and loathed by all because she was a quirky, overweight kid and she was made fun of for it in every class.  In every class except for her History class, that is.  Janette said her History teacher wouldn't allow for any shenanigans in her class and it meant that for one hour a day, Janette was able to be in a classroom where no one called her names.  This teacher also made sure Janette was able to remain in her class when they tried to take her out because it was advanced placement history.  At her school in order to be in AP History she also had to be in AP math and Janette was never good at math.  The teacher fought for Janette to stay and that year Janette won every history award you could win for history.   

Bobby remembered a college teacher who took him under her wing, took care of him and taught him everything he knows about the theater.  He said that teacher changed his life completely and in many ways also saved his life.

Shoshana remembered a Sociology teacher in high school who she accredits with making her socially aware.  She thanks him for alerting her to social causes like sweat shops, inequality, etc. and said his passion made her passionate and the person she is today.  Shoshana said she thinks about him all the time.

Rosie remembered her teacher Pat Maravel who died of breast cancer in April, 2005.  Pat was a public school teacher who changed her life and in many ways saved her life.  Rosie wrote the following blog entry when she died (which she read aloud on the program for the listening audience).   


The blog really says it all.  Rosie went to commercial after reading it. 

Rosie discussed today's date and said she has 10 days until her birthday to break the 200's!  Being under 200 pounds by her birthday was a goal for Rosie when she started this.  Janette encouraged Rosie to exercise!  Rosie said she and Tracy are going to Vegas this weekend and wasn't sure how much exercise she would be doing there but considered it.  She said she only had plans to stay in the hotel room, play some blackjack and go to the shows.  Janette told Rosie she'd feel better if she worked out and Rosie said everyone keeps telling her that.  Janette said that's because it's true!

Rosie was happy to announce that Alexis Stewart is now a MOTHER!  She said the news made her very happy and she emailed Alexis and said, "Please, please, please, let her come over and hold the baby."  Alexis had trouble conceiving so she had a gestational carrier with her egg.  She had a little girl who is named Jude.  Congratulations Alexis! 
Rosie and the staff briefly discussed last night's American Idol.  Casey Abrams was in the hospital with ulcerative colitis due to stress.  Rosie said she had that too as a teen.  Casey has received two blood transfusions because of the illness!  Everyone agreed that the correct person was voted off last night and Pete read the odds from Entertainment Weekly.  EW has Casey winning but Janette said he's the best so he won't win.  She said the best always comes in second.  And Rosie is a huge James Durbin fan. 

Rosie said she got a tweet from Margie Phelps last night calling her a dyke.  Margie Phelps is one of Fred Phelps' people.  Rosie said she couldn't help but respond to the woman.

First Rosie retweeted "The Rachel @Maddow Show should be mandatory viewing for.. everybody. Just sayin."
Then Margie tweeted her and said "Filthy dykes want sin to be mandatory. #GodH8sU RT@WesleyDietrich: Rachel @Maddow Show should be mandatory viewing for.. everybody. @Rosie"
So Rosie tweeted back "@MargieJPhelps ...i love u margie xxxx and god loves u 2 .... do u think jesus would use the word dyke? have a swell night sweet cheeks .." 
Rosie asked Pete to read to her some of the people Margie Phelps follows on Twitter.  Turns out Margie follows Rosie, Steven Colbert, Jay Leno, Lisa Ling, Goldie Hawn, the Ellen Show, The Oscars, Piers Morgan, Shawn Hannity, Cornell West, Bill Maher, Lord Sugar and Lady Gaga.  Rosie was sure Margie is most likely a lesbian herself and after reading the list of people she follows, she's even more convinced.  Bobby agreed and said, "Margie, me thinks the lady doth protest too much."

Rosie took a call from a listener who once mistakenly ran into the Phelps group protesting a funeral of a fallen soldier.  The caller said the evil coming off of the Phelps representative made her shaky.  She said she tried to converse with her on a rational level but it was useless.  She whispered to the Phelps lady, "You really want me, don't you?"  ROSIE LOVED IT!  Turns out the woman has the entire interaction on video and Rosie asked to put her on hold so she could get her email and she could send her the video! 

James played the audio of a popular television catch phrase and the player had to recall which show the catch phrase was from.

Rosie: Stifle yourself!"  She guessed "All In the Family" which was correct.
Pete: "Giggity giggidty."  He guessed "Family Guy" which was correct.
Janette "Nip it in the bud."  She guessed "The Andy Griffith Show" which was correct.
Bobby: "Live long and prosper" He guessed "Star Trek" which was correct.
Shoshana: "Walka ,walka." She guessed "The Muppet Show" which was correct.

Rosie: "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."  She guessed "The Hulk" which was correct.
Pete: "How you doin?"  The answer was "Friends" but he didn't know it. 
Janette: "Come on down!"  She guessed "The Price is Right" which was correct.
Bobby: "That's what she said." The correct answer was "The Office" but he didn't know it.
Shoshana: "How are you everybody? Norm!"  She guessed "Cheers" which was correct.

Rosie: "Nanu nanu." She guessed "Mork and Mindy" which was correct.
Pete: "Danger, danger Will Robinson!"  He guessed "Lost In Space" which was correct.
Janette: "Let's hug it out, Bitch." The correct answer was "Entourage" but she didn't get it.
Bobby: "Hi Ho Silver Away!" He guessed "The Lone Ranger" which was correct. 
Shoshana: "I couldn't understand it.  :)" The correct answer was "Sanford and Son" and she got it.

Rosie: "Thank you very much."  She guessed "Taxi" which was correct.
Pete: "Have mercy." He guessed "Full House" which was correct.
Janette: "Pretty, pretty, pretty girl."  The correct answer was "Curb Your Enthusiasm" but she didn't get it.
Bobby: "I love it when a plan comes together." The correct answer was "The A Team" but he didn't get it.
Shoshana: "Plug your nose with a rubber hose" She guessed "Welcome back Cotter" and got it.

Rosie and Shoshana TIED FOR FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. Take a breath. Conservatives don't hate teachers. Really! Why didn't Obam abolish the cancellation of union collective bargaining for federal union employees in Washington? Why hasn't he said anything about Wisconsin? The White House has been polling on this issue. The results are that the majority of Americans are not in favor of collective bargaining for unions. The president cannot offend these voters, so he chooses not to say anything. It is politics that motivates this man. It is all about the election. It has been since he was inaugurated. Why did he hide a billion $ in the budget to fund Obamacare? The majority of Americans want the bill repealed. Its sneaky. Its politics. Why is it so unthinkable to lay off a NY city worker and not a Wall Street employee? It isn't. That's the point. Its time to level the playing field. There is so much waste in municiple and federal budgets people are just fed up. Not one politician D or R wants to offend voters. Well its time for someone to stand up and do what's right. It hurts but its fair and its time. Again, no one hates teachers!!!

  2. In my town, 65% of the yearly budget goes to education. That leaves 35% of the revenue goes to fire, police, DPW and town administration. Not very balanced is it? I don't have kids in public school. I don't complain. But don't preach or condemn those that want to see change on the local level. We have to contribute to buy bullet proof vests for the police, because there isn't enough money for them in the budget.
    When a family moves to town with a special needs child, the education cost goes up. Still, we don't complain, because its our responsibility to help. It does take a village, but some villages are broke. There has to be some kind of compromise.

  3. Actually I just wanted to point out that the Wendy Williams show that Rosie heard about was a repeat from about 6 months ago! Wendy had on someone from a magazine that was just going over that week's stories. She was not 'spreading rumors'. Wendy was quite nice about the story & I think Rosie was pretty nasty about it when not knowing the facts. I am a fan of both so just wanted to write in & let y'all know.....

  4. hi fans,
    don't have the time or the inclination to point out the factual inaccuracies in anon #1 and anon #2's posts, but they are numerous.

    two links re: wisconsin of interest:
    folks are not giving up and there is plenty of resistance that is ongoing and to come:


    and a highway sign in wisconsin that is all-too-apt:


    with love from memphis (which was *inaccurately* represented on my beloved 'glee' - that story was already debunked, though you wouldn't know it from the mainstream media. high rate of teen preganancies - yes (along with high poverty rates - they are *related*) but not 90 at one shcool.

  5. Thanks Kelly for posting Rosie's blog about Pat Maravel. Listening to Rosie read it brought tears to my eyes. What a truly remarkable story.

  6. Just a reminder, set your clocks back 50 yrs today because that's where the GOP thinks this country should be.

    Even Michele Bachman can't keep her states straight. Bwahaaahaa

    Happy Spring to my fellow BLEEDING heart Liberals.

    We are not the ones to fear. It's the GOP and their anti-women, anti-democratic, anti-republic agenda.

    Cheers from Indy,