3-14-11 - Japan, Wisconsin and Interviews with Joe Madison and Urijah Faber!

In case you missed it....

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast discussing the latest information coming out of Japan since the earthquake and tsunami.  Rosie discussed some recent footage she saw of the water quickly rising and I think I found what she was talking about.

They discussed the latest death toll projections (which will change by the time this blog is posted) and the fears over the nuclear power plant venting radioactive steam.  Rosie was happy she was able to not let this natural disaster "take her out" as she has allowed with other worldly disasters in the past.  She thinks she's better able to process it and perhaps that means she's getting a healthier mental outlook on things.

Rosie also watched the documentary I AM this weekend.  She said everyone MUST go see this groundbreaking, revolutionary film.  I AM is a "non-fiction film that poses two practical and provocative questions: what’s wrong with our world, and what can we do to make it better?"  The filmmaker, Tom Shadyac, steps in front of the camera to recount what happened to him after a cycling accident left him incapacitated, possibly for good. Though he ultimately recovered, he emerged with a new sense of purpose, determined to share his own awakening to his prior life of excess and greed, and to investigate how he as an individual, and we as a race, could improve the way we live and walk in the world."  [source: Iamthedoc.com]  Rosie loved the film and how it shows how we've lost touch with what it really means to be alive.  Rosie said the film is so good she watched it three times this weekend and wants to have the filmmaker on the show.  Rosie said the film shows the science behind how everything we do affects everything else in the world in a very easy to understand way.  Two of the major themes in the film are that we emanate emotions and that we are perceptible to all living things and that happiness is not measured by what we own.

Rosie said the film really shows the science behind how we create our own realities.  Rosie said I AM is amazing and everyone needs to see it.  She said all the devastation in Japan makes us wonder whether all our positive energy and prayers are really doing anything.  Rosie said movies like these would suggest that the power of collective prayer helps.

Radio then introduced radio host Joe Madison to the program.  Joe hosts "The Power" from 6am-10am on Sirius 820 and XM 169 and recently spent the weekend in Wisconsin with the protesters.  Rosie and Joe talked about the huge crowd that was protesting.  He said he's sure the numbers of protesters were close to 150,000 people.  They discussed the high school protesters and how they're organizing through Facebook and Twitter.  Rosie said seeing the younger generation get involved inspires her and she remembered seeing the protests of Vietnam and how they inspired her generation that the people can effect change if they gather together.  Joe said there was great unity amongst the various unions who were represented at the rallies this weekend and this protest has turned an event to a movement! 

Rosie and Joe discussed the President's involvement in the protests (or lack of).  Rosie wished the President would give it more attention than he has.  Joe said this would be a perfect thing for Michelle Obama to get involved in since her father worked in the public sector for his entire life.   Rosie said she was thrilled celebrities like Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore showed up at the rally.  She said she came from a working class family and supports the working class!  They discussed how protests are moving to Ohio and Michigan and they discussed what Michigan's Governor is attempting to do.  (see video, Rachel explains it best)

Joe said the latest revelations prove that this movement against unions is not about finances.  He said unions need the right to sit down and collectively determine standards of work and living or we will end up as a one party country.  Both Rosie and Joe agree that the Republican party is spewing lies like propaganda and the Democrats have to learn to come together.

Joe and Rosie talked for a while about the protests and how peaceful they were.  He said there wasn't one arrest and there are lies that the protesters have damaged the Capitol which just aren't true.  He said there was a front page story saying there was 7 million dollars worth of damage to the Capitol and it's simply not true!  He said they're just doing it to make the protesters look bad and he saw no damage.
Rosie thanked Joe for coming on the program, for going to Wisconsin and for keeping the story alive.  Rosie said it took 18 days for Egypt to topple their government and it may take months for us to get the media to take note as to what's happening in our own country, but it will be worth it.  Rosie said the Republican party is stealing America right before our eyes and we can't let them do it.  

Rosie then took several callers on the protests in Wisconsin.  One caller attended the protests on Friday and Saturday and thanked Rosie for all the attention she's bringing to their cause.  He also saw no damage to the capitol building.  One listener called in because she was sick of hearing how much money people in unions are making because of the overtime.  She said she heard some garbage men and city bus drivers are making up to $70,000 a year!  Rosie asked the caller if she would want to be a garbage man and she said no.  Rosie also told the caller that for her to think if they got rid of unions it would somehow make her situation better is just wrong.  Rosie said we cannot rely on corporations to work on the behalf of the middle class and we need unions to do that.  The caller said she wants unions to change and Rosie completely agreed that unions need to change but she didn't think we should abolish them completely.  Rosie acknowledged there are people who abuse the system but said we still need unions to protect the rights of workers.  Rosie told the caller that she has bought into the bullshit that somehow it's people like her (and the middle class) that are the villains and bankrupting the government when it's not them at all!  It was quite a long and involved argument but Rosie was very calm and dealt with the caller very well!  Rosie took another call from a listener who was very upset at the last caller.  She said she was sick of hearing people complain at union members benefits that THEY don't have.  Pete said it's wrong to blame the Middle Class.  He said Corporations are taking millions of dollars in tax breaks and that's why our taxes are going up. Rosie said it's wrong to blame the teachers!  She said in all the states where teachers are not unionized they have the worst education in the country.  She said teachers have agreed to make concessions in their union agreements but they shouldn't lose their right to bargain.  Janette agreed that unions in general, need reform but said unions, in general, have made this country better.  Rosie agreed and said unions have helped the working class and if we destroy them, there's no hope and we will lose whatever rights we are barely holding on to.  Rosie and the staff then discussed how hard teachers work.   

Jon Stewart says it best.

Rosie said she was so excited because this Saturday, her boyfriend, Urijah Faber is fighting Eddie Wineland at the Prudential  Center.  Rosie is attending the fight with Parker!  She then introduced Urijah who was on the telephone.  Rosie and Urijah discussed how he's been preparing for the big fight on Saturday.  Rosie's never been to a fight before so she was asking all about how the evening would go.  Urijah offered to hang with Rosie and Parker either before or after the fight!  Urijah said he's on Twitter and will let  Rosie  know exactly what time his fight will be on Saturday. 

Rosie told Urijah she doesn't want to see him get bloodied (because he's her boyfriend) and he promised to do his best to avoid it for her.  And then she asked how he's going to do his hair for the big event (because that's what she's most worried about, ha!).  Urijah wasn't sure what he was going to do with his hair but said he'd like to get corn rows done so it doesn't get in the way.  But he didn't know anyone in the New York area that could do it.  Rosie jumped all over that and said she'd have someone sent to his hotel room to do his hair for him when he arrives.  She offered to pay for it too, her gift to him.  She said she wants to do it for him so she can claim some responsibility for how cute he looks during the fight.  :)

Rosie asked Urijah if he gets nervous during a fight and he said he does not.  He said it's the closest he gets to being a rockstar!  Rosie told Urijah how she can see him as a movie star like The Rock.  She said no one is cuter than him. 

Then Rosie and Urijah talked about Dominick Cruz who currently holds the belt for their weight class though Urijah said it's only a matter of time before he takes it from him!  Urijah said he's not a fan of Dominick's.   Rosie asked Urijah why he doesn't like Cruz and Urijah said he's immature and acts like a little punk.  He remembered the time Cruz was very disrespectful to him at an autograph signing event and said he hasn't liked him since.  Urijah said it will be fun to fight him again.  First, he has his fight this Saturday against Eddie Wineland and then he hopes to fight Dominick.  Rosie thanked Urijah for calling in and told him how excited she was to see him fight this Saturday.  They made plans to hang out together and Rosie wished him luck and told him not to get hurt!  Listeners in the area can CLICK HERE for tickets and more information about Saturday's fight!

Rosie said she, Tracy, Natasha Lyonne and Chloe Sevigny went to see Kathy Griffin on Broadway in Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony yesterday!  Rosie went back to say "hi" to her and Kathy asked her to make an appearance on stage!  First Kathy made a joke about how she's the baddest bitch on Broadway and that no celebrity has done more for Broadway than her.  Then Rosie walked out to challenge her!   Rosie said it was fun. 

Kathy then went to Rosie's house after the show to watch Sister Wives and Celebrity Apprentice with her and Tracy.  Rosie and Jeannie seemed shocked that the Sister Wives acted like they were civil rights activists.  Rosie seemed shocked that polygamy needs activists!  It seemed funny to her. 

Rosie then talked in length about last night's Celebrity Apprentice.  She said Star was being sneaky, manipulative, and not supportive of the other women.  And she thought Dionne Warwick was a bitch!  Rosie loves Marlee Matlin though and hopes she wins.  They played some of the audio from last night's episode where Dionne puts down deaf people and says little kids aren't ready for that type of diversity.  Rosie said, "Dionne, if that's what friends are for, call the psychic network and watch your career go down the toilet!"  lol  Janette watched it too and said all the women on the show seemed like a bunch of "snakey bitches."  Rosie agreed and thinks the show is horrible with how it represents women.    And she said Star was not respectful at all.  Rosie also found it insane that Donald Trump was commenting on people's appearances!  Rosie took a few callers to discuss Celebrity Apprentice.  One caller was pissed at Dionne Warwick last night!  Rosie said Dionne seems very unhappy and very screwed up. Rosie also apologized for giving away the person who gets voted off to the fans who follow her on the West Coast!  She said she's new to Twitter and doesn't have her etiquette down yet. 
Janette reminded listeners that she will be hosting Living Today on Martha Stewart Living Radio starting at 2:00 pm today.  She'll be hosting for the next two weeks!!!  And next week, Google Pete will be co-hosting with her!!!!!  Janette invited listeners to call in and chat with them!  Catch Janette (and Google Pete next week) on Living Today on Martha Radio on Sirius 112 XM 157!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosie said there will be an all new show tomorrow (3/15) and then Rosie Radio will be off until March 28th and closed the show. 
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  1. Looking forward to hearing Janette on Sirius XM for the next 2 weeks!!! Plus Pete too! FANTASTIC.

    Alison (aka Alderella)

  2. I'm not surprised that Star Jones is disrespectful. I think Tracy Morgan, playing Star on SNL,said it best: "I AM a laywer!"

  3. Oh mylanta. I cried during the TRAILER of *I AM* so I am in BIG trouble. I have to see it though. Thanks, Kelly.

    : ) P

  4. Thanks so much for this blog! I couldn't wait to read what Rosie thought of Star and Dionne's behavior last night. It was very unfair and unkind to Lisa Rinna. I was never a fan of Lisa Rinna before, but after last night's show I really like her, and I commend her for how she handled an incrdibly unfair situation.