3-15-11 - Tear-Jerkers, Janette's Story of Peas and RoPardy!

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast briefly discussing the Ides of March and what it means to cross the Rubicon (what the sayings mean and where they come from).  Rosie then asked Shoshana about the article she read that claims Joran Van Der Sloot is going to plead temporary insanity in the murder of Stephany Flores.  Joran was the main suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.  Van Der Sloot is hoping to plead "violent emotion" in order to have his sentence reduced to only 20 months in prison.  Rosie and Shoshana discussed how absurd it was that he might only serve 20 months for murder.  The staff then discussed the difference between murder, premeditated murder, manslaughter and murder because of violent emotion. Janette used to be pro-death penalty until she saw the movie Dead Man Walking which totally changed her opinion.  Rosie asked if the plea of temporary insanity has ever worked to get a murderer suspect off?  Pete said the guy that killed Harvey Milk successfully got off with an insanity defense.  Shoshana doesn't want Van Der Sloot walking away in only 20 months behind bars!  And Rosie didn't think she had to worry.

Rosie and the staff discussed how the disappearance of Natalee Holloway changed American parents' minds about letting their kids go on Spring Break.  Rosie thinks it's a natural reaction but said it's a ridiculous fear because it could have happened anywhere.  However, Rosie said she doesn't think she'd ever allow her kids go on a Spring Break vacation with friends.  Bobby got really hurt skiing on a Spring Break vacation with friends and almost died!  He also said if you live in Florida during the Spring Break months, you loathe that time of year.   

Rosie and the staff discussed an article about the top tear-jerking moments in film and each then listed the movies that made them cry the most.  Rosie listed The Champ which was the first time she remembers crying at a movie and couldn't control her crying.  Then she said Trip to Bountiful which she said devastated her so badly she couldn't move from the theater until she recomposed herself.  Her final movie she listed was Schindler's List.  Shoshana listed Bogus, Selena and P.S. I Love YouBobby said The Diary of Anne Frank and Sybil.  Janette said The Killing Fields and Missing.  Pete first said Field of Dreams.  Rosie interrupted and said she HATED that movie.  She called it a boy movie and said she thought it was unrealistic and dumb.  Pete's second choice was Dead Poets Society.  My picks for tear-jerkers would be Terms of Endearment, Sophie's Choice and Steel Magnolias.  Here's the Steel Magnolia's scene that gets me every time!  What are yours?

Bobby admitted that he even cries at happy things!  Both Bobby and Rosie cry during musicals all the time.  They discussed the special on the 25th anniversary of Les Miserables and Rosie mentioned a funny video she loves that two of the actors from the musical did.  She said she loves British people in general except for Piers Morgan, lol.  Rosie and Piers "twitter-banter" each other back and forth.   Rosie said she's going to do Piers Morgan's show in September before her show premieres on OWN!   

Rosie and the staff discussed an article about how Facebook is teaming up with Samaritans to help prevent suicide.  Facebook users can alert the site if someone has posted that they are suicidal and this service will  answer that cry for help and contact the authorities.  Janette said she's a strong believer in a person's right to die and said even though she'd never do it, if she posted she was going to kill herself she'd be very upset if someone interfered by calling the police!  Rosie said she recently saw a documentary entitled How To Die In Oregon which she called beautiful and riveting. In How to Die in Oregon, the filmmaker "gently enters the lives of the terminally ill as they consider whether—and when—to end their lives by lethal overdose. What emerges is a life-affirming, staggeringly powerful portrait of what it means to die with dignity."  [source:imdb] Rosie said the film is coming to HBO this year.   Rosie said she's in in favor of assisted suicide when someone is terminally ill though she was always conflicted over it until she saw that documentary.   Janette remembered when her father was dying and how saddened she was that she couldn't help him go peacefully, as she could with her cat.  Janette's father suffered and died with two broken hips and was in a good amount of pain when he passed.  Rosie and Bobby have both been there when their friends have been dying of AIDS and the doctor comes in and gives a friend a good deal of morphine to assist in a peaceful death. Shoshana believes in the right to commit suicide but said there's a difference between physical illness and emotional distress. She doesn't think someone who is in emotional distress should be encouraged to die because they can recover from that.  Janette said she thinks suicide is horribly sad but said she believes in your right to die no matter what.  Rosie remembered the time she was in a very bad place emotionally (before she had kids) and Janette told her of her 3 month rule.  Janette's 3 month rule is "when you want to kill yourself, you must want to kill yourself at peak intensity for 3 months.  If you feel good for even a minute one day, you have to start your 3 month count over again."  That rule has helped her through some difficult times in her life. 

About How To Die In Oregon

Rosie and the staff recalled the times they used to create and bury time capsules.  Rosie said she used to do it a lot but she's since forgotten where she's buried them!  They're somewhere in her old backyard.  Janette then told a hilarious story about a can of peas.  There is no way I will do this story justice but here goes.  Janette and her father once buried a can of field peas in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  It all started when her father had this can of field peas and held onto it for over 10 years!  He was tormented by the peas but didn't know what to do with them because they were now too old to eat.  But he didn't want to throw them away.  So he, Janette and her sister decided to bring the peas back to their homeland of Virginia.  Somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains they pulled over and went into a cave in the woods and buried them.  Her father even created a map of where they were buried (in case they ever need them again) and hid their footprints so no one could trace their steps.  So then, 10 years go by and her father still wonders about the peas so he used his old map, went back to Virginia and dug up the peas!  They found them!  The can had rusted and burst but they found it and in its place they buried a jar of raisins and a walnut woman.  Janette said someday she'll go back to find that too.  Then there was silence in the studio.  Rosie said the story of the peas is the most absurd story Janette's ever told and there have been some doozies over the years!  She told Janette she worries about her.

Bobby said he once buried a Cher album in a time capsule.  He said he used to go into the record stores and if he saw one of Cher's albums in the sale bin for only .99 cents he would buy it so Cher would never come into a store and see one of her albums on clearance.  Then he buried the album so the future would have her music!  Janette said she would bury a CD of her cat talking in a time capsule.  Shoshana said she would bury cash and a credit card because she's sure money is going to be going away and in the future we will only pay for things electronically.  

There was then a brief discussion on tanning beds.  Rosie asked the staff members if they had ever been to a tanning booth and what it's like.  James goes tanning once or twice a week so he described it for Rosie.  Bobby only ever went tanning once in a tanning bed and said he got burned in straight lines from the bulbs!  Rosie was reading that doctors want to make tanning beds illegal for those who are underage because they're so dangerous.  James described a typical tanning session and what a tanning booth looks like to Rosie.  Rosie's never been to a tanning bed but said she thinks she would be too afraid she'd get third degree burns.  Pete thought the mere concept of Rosie considering going to a tanning bed sounded more ridiculous than Janette's pea story.  He said hiding peas sounds like a fun adventure but tanning in an electronic coffin is crazier. 

Jeannie, Janette and Rosie played Ro-pardy (Jeopardy style) with Pete acting as Alex Trebek.  The categories were: Triples, Oprah, Amanda, Glee and Current Events!  Each player chose a category and an amount (same as Jeopardy) and Pete provided them with the answer.  The player had to guess the question.  Janette won the first round, Rosie came in second and Jeannie came in third.

In Double Jeopardy, the categories were Health, Dog, Movies, Changes and Guest Trivia.  All the questions had to do with radio show topics or staff members at Rosie Radio.  At the end of the second round Jeannie had -850, Rosie had 6600 and Janette had 8800! 

During Final Jeopardy, each player wrote down a wager after hearing the category which was: Brendan McDonald.  The Final Jeopardy answer was:  Brendan is expecting his first child in this month.  Jeannie wagered 2000 points and guessed April.  That was incorrect!  Rosie wagered 6600 and answered June. That was incorrect! And Janette wagered 8000 and guessed May which was correct! 


All the plays won "shit that Pete doesn't want to move."  Jeannie won a Celtic cross carved from Cork (from the county of Cork).  Rosie got a topper to a soda cup from a zoo shaped like a white Siberian tiger (and she then proceeded to immediately throw it away)!  And Janette won a collection of superheros stamps!

During this game each player read three statements about themselves.  The other players had to guess which statement was true.   

Pete: 1. He has been to Italy. 2. He has been on a submarine. 3. He has been to Mount Rushmore.  The true statement was he had been to Mount Rushmore. 
Janette: 1. She makes a to-do list for the next day before she goes to sleep every night. 2. She wears dirty underwear every now and then. 3. She doesn't floss.  The true statement was she doesn't floss! 
Jeannie: 1. She pooped on the delivery table when giving birth.  2. She doesn't do regular self-breast exams. 3. She slept with a guy in college whose name she didn't know.  The true statement was she doesn't do regular self-breast exams!  Both other statements were lies and no one guessed hers correctly! 
Bobby: 1. He didn't vote in the last election. 2. He once had a car accident involving a police car. 3. He was a high school archery champion. The true statement was he once had an accident involving a police car!  And Rosie guessed it!
Rosie: 1. She can hold her breath for 3.5 minutes under water.  Jeannie yelled out, "YOU CAN NOT, you can't walk up the steps without panting!"  Everyone laughed so Rosie threw that one away and tried again.  She then said she loves cottage cheese.  Janette immediately knew that was a lie too!  Rosie couldn't play this game because everyone knows everything about her.  The truth she had written down was that she likes artichokes which everyone knew.  Rosie said she sucks at this game and they moved on. 
James: 1. He never ate vegetables until he was 25 years old. 2. He once fell in pool at 3 years old and nearly drowned.  3. In 1988 he sent a letter to Whitney Houston and she sent him a picture that still hangs in his office to this day.  The true statement was that he never ate vegetables until he was 25!  Jeannie guessed it.
Lou: 1. He was in a rap video with Jay-Z. 2. He was serenaded by John Mayer. 3. He did the twist with Chubby Checker.  The true statement was he was once serenaded by John Mayer.  Lou said he interviewed John for a Jim Breuer segment and John found out he loved Pearl Jam so he started to sing some of his songs to him.  Lou said he was so embarrassed he hid under his desk. 
Shoshana: 1. She didn't get her drivers license until she was 22 years old. 2. She performed to Opposites Attract at a talent show once.  3. She had her foot ran over by a truck on the street.  The truth was that she once performed to Opposites Attract and Jeannie guessed it! 

Rosie said she recently learned about hashtags on Twitter.  "The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages." [source: Twitter.com] Rosie said she clicked on a hashtag #stuffnobodysays and thought some of the answers were really funny!  So, she asked some of the staff members to think up their own.
Bobby: read off many!  A few of his funny ones were "Snooki for President. #stuffnobodysays"  "These seats in coach are so roomy. #stuffnobodysays" and "I wish they would bring back rotary dial phones. #stuffnobodysays"
Shoshana: "I hope this traffic jam never ends. #stuffnobodysays" "Weekends are too long. #stuffnobodysays" and "Yes, please tell me every detail of your last dream, it's fascinating. #stuffnobodysays"
Janette: "I'm in the mood to amputate. #stuffnobodysays" "She smokes cigarettes for lung health. #stuffnobodysays" and "Medical insurance, don't bother. #stuffnobodysays"
Pete: said "I really miss the sound of that baby crying. #stuffnobodysays" and "I sleep a lot better with kids in the bed. #stuffnobodysays"

Pete's sleep comment then sparked an in-depth conversation about bedtime, what time everyone goes to bed, how much sleep they all need, who likes to wake up early in the morning, who stays up late, etc.  Rosie thinks as she gets older she needs less sleep and said she sometimes stays up very late.  Janette cannot stay up late because it knocks her out the next day.  Pete and Bobby love staying up late and have to make themselves go to bed.  Shoshana, on the other hand, loves to go to bed early. Rosie thinks it's harder for her to go to sleep now and said she's even getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night which she never had to do.   Janette uses Proease, Procalm and Prosoma to sleep and she explained her regimen to the listening audience.  James is up and out of bed when his alarm goes off while Janette doesn't even need to set an alarm.  She can just "think" about what time she needs to wake up and she will!  

Rosie said she's going to see Celine Dion in Las Vegas tonight!  She and Tracy are going together and they're going to play blackjack!  Rosie wondered if it will be a star-studded press event.  Bobby assured her that it will be and she better dress nicely and wear makeup! 

Rosie closed the show letting listeners know Rosie Radio will be off until March 28th!  And don't forget Rosie's 49th birthday is on March 21st!!!

This week they'll be doing BEST OF ROSIE RADIO shows and don't forget to listen to Janette on Living Today on Martha Stewart Radio from 2-4 pm EST today through Thursday and 1-4 pm EST on Fridays this week and next week!  Sirius 112 and XM 157. 

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  1. thanks Kelly, you rock! it's wonderful how you capture the mood of the discussion as well. good job :)

  2. Terms of Endearment & Sophie's Choice were the two big tear jerkers I was thinking of also Kelly! My third choice is Brian's Song, a movie they showed us every year at summer camp in the late 70s. My runner-up #4 choice is Kramer vs. Kramer. I saw that with my friend and my parents, and my friend cried the whole way home in the car. I think I went inside with her when we dropped her off so her parents didn't think something bad happened in real life.

    I appreciate that the show has let us know they will be playing best of shows until they return Mar 28. For those of us who listen live every day and don't plan on listening to reruns, what will you do with your time from 10-noon weekdays? I plan on scheduling some meetings for those times, or accepting meeting notices without suggesting alternate times. As you may be able to tell, I listen at work.

    Happy Spring Break everyone!

  3. You totally got two of the movies I thought of for biggest tearjerkers (Steel Magnolias, Terms Of Endearment). The other one for me was Love Story. Lame I know, but gets me every time!

  4. tell Rosie that my husband cries like a baby to League of their Own!

  5. I love Janette. She is so different and unique.
    I can tell Rosie loves her and treasures their friendship. Her stories are so funny, quirky and sometimes a little sad. I'm glad she has someone in her life that thinks she is special.
    I really hope she has her own show one day.

  6. Steel Magnolias is my biggest tear jerker too! I must have seen it 15 times and I still cry at that scene.

    Regarding time capsules - since I was a kid whenever my Dad built something around the house like updating the bathroom I would write a note with the date and my name and hide it behind the wall that would soon be sealed off. I always wondered when they might be discovered. Recently one such time capsule that was over 30 years old was discovered when the roof on my Mom's house was being replaced. My brother, who discovered the message posted it his facebook page. I was delighted! The note behind the shower should still be there. :)

    Thanks for the wrap-up Kelly and enjoy the break!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale.

  7. I don't remember why, but the movie "Reds" with Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton made me cry more than any other.


    John Hurt.

    I dare you to watch it and not weep.

  9. Miracle in the Rain, Imitation of Life & The English Patient - all have the saddest death scenes.

  10. Sophie's Choice and Dr. Zhivago


  11. I agree. "Elephant Man".


  12. I was doubled over in laughter when Rosie tried to tell her two lies. She was hilariously mortified how much she stunk up the game. The fact that she thought she could lie to a staff and an audience who have known her for years was priceless.

  13. Does anyone recall the book or movie title that Shoshonna referenced, she said something like< "great movie, book even better"?

  14. Sophie's choice is another tear-jerker for sure, but who can forget......
    "DUMBO! IT WAS DUMBO!!!! The poor Mom.


  15. Thanks everyone for the comments!!! Anon, it was P.S. I Love You (where the book was better than the movie).

  16. Kelly, thank for P.S. title, feel silly that I didn't remember when reading your recap. She is young compared to me but I enjoy her "take" on things very much, she's a sweetie! Rosie was so motherly to her when she was all riled up about the Van der Sloot scumbag.

  17. It really shocks me people don't say BEACHES (with the awesome Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey) as THE ulitmate tearjerker. I mean can anyone NOT CRY when Bette starts singing Wind Beneath My Wings???

  18. Don't forget The Way We Were!