3-7-11 - Sunday Night TV, Michael Moore's WI Speech and Int'l Women's Day

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast discussing dry skin, exfoliating and moisturizing.  Jackie, Rosie's BFF, has been encouraging her to moisturize ever since their trip to Miami together where she saw her incredibly dry skin!  Rosie has been using CeraVe and really likes it.   She said she stayed in her pajamas all day yesterday and read a book entitled Shadows of War: Violence, Power, and International Profiteering in the Twenty-First Century (California Series in Public Anthropology, 10) which she thought was fascinating.  This was also the first time Jeannie had seen Rosie since she got her hair cut last week.  Jeannie really likes Rosie's new 'do and said it looked very healthy.  Rosie thought her hair might be too dark but Jeannie loves the new color.   

Rosie said she had a pretty boring day except for last night's television!  First she watched Ruby and thought it was great.  Since Jeannie is a new viewer to the show, she wanted to know about Ruby's lack of intimacy with her boyfriend Denny and where that stemmed from.  Rosie said her intimacy issues have to do with her religious beliefs, her weight issues and unresolved sexual abuse issues from her past that are going to surface this season.  Rosie talked about how much she loves Ruby and how much she loves her show.  Ruby airs Sunday nights at 8pm EST on the Style network. 

Then Rosie watched Celebrity Apprentice for the first time ever.  After watching it she called it Celebrity Humiliation Festival.  Pete attempted to watch it but couldn't sit through it while Janette kept falling asleep.  They discussed how Gary Busey made everyone sad.  No one thought it was funny to have him on the show and everyone felt it was mean-spirited to make fun of him.  Rosie and Bobby thought it was obvious that they fired David Cassidy instead of Richard Hatch for ratings because Hatch is a more controversial character.  Bobby said watching Dionne Warwick struggling to use the cash register broke his heart.  Rosie wished she could have used  her psychic powers to do it!  Everyone thought Marlee Matlin was beautiful and kind on that show.  And finally, they discussed how weird Trump's comb-over looks. 

While watching television last night, a commercial for the Biggest Loser came on and Rosie talked briefly how much that show scares her!  Rosie said she likes to watch shows on weight-loss but Jillian Michaels, the trainer from The Biggest Loser, scares her!  Jeannie said Jillian scares her a little too but she loves the show.  Bobby said he would simply refuse to workout if Jillian yelled at him the way she yells at the contestants on the show!  Rosie wondered about the contestants and how long they keep off the weight after the show.  Jeannie said many gain all or part of the weight back because they don't deal with the emotional reasons for why they gained it in the first place.  Rosie said that's why the show Ruby is so great because she's dealing with the emotional component of why she gained weight.  Rosie actually filmed an episode with Ruby so look for that THIS season!   

Rosie and the staff then discussed Michael Moore's speech he gave in Wisconsin.  Rosie thought the speech was impressive and said she's a huge fan of Moore's.  One of the quotes from the speech that really struck a chord with everyone was "400 obscenely rich people, most of whom benefited in some way from the multi-trillion dollar taxpayer "bailout" of 2008, now have as much loot, stock and property as the assets of 155 million Americans combined."   Rosie was shocked by this statement and then went to read some of the comments about his speech and said 95% of the comments mentioned that he was fat in some capacity, as if that has anything to do with anything. Janette said when she hears statistics like the one Moore gives in his speech it makes her feel like the situation is hopeless.  Pete read a survey about Walker's approval rating that showed that it's almost only Republicans approving of what he's doing but that 65% (the vast majority) would prefer a compromise than completely eliminating collective bargaining rights of unions in their state.  HERE IS A LINK TO MOORE'S BLOG and you can watch the video of his speech below:

Rosie took some calls from listeners on the topic.  One caller expressed her concern for her children that they're growing up in a society that only values money and not education.  Rosie said when her talk show began in 1996 all that was on daytime television was divisive, violent talk shows.  That was one of the motivations for her to do a "Merv Griffin" type of show during the day.  She said now that violent, exploitative television, where people are pitting people against one another and set up to be humiliated has moved into prime-time!  Rosie said it's a horrible message for our society.  She said having inspiring, real, truthful television can still be good.  Jeannie spoke about the last caller's frustration over how our society doesn't value education and said the sad truth is Master's degrees don't guarantee financial success.  Both Jeannie and her husband have two master's degrees and they're still fighting to make a living.  Jeannie said she always talks to her kids about the importance of an education but said until we change what this country values, it's not going to make a difference. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who said Michael Moore has some good points but he's too polarizing and therefore people from the other side won't listen.  Rosie read the statement about the country's wealth to the caller and asked her where she would have heard that fact if it weren't for people like Michael Moore coming out and saying it.  The caller said Republicans believe no one has the right to tell Rosie what she can and can't do with her money and that's what she likes about the party, in theory.  Bobby thinks it's interesting that the Republican party doesn't feel they have the right to tell Rosie what to do with her money but they feel they have the right to tell her what she can and cannot do with her body (and with whom she chooses to marry).    Janette's frustration was over corporate tax breaks and how they're not paying 33% of their income into taxes the way the rest of the country has to.  She said we need to treat everyone equally when it comes to taxes.  

Rosie took a call from a listener who said what's happening in Wisconsin has less to do with unions and more to do with the Supreme Court saying corporations can now donate to political campaigns.  He said corporations do not care about America, they only care about the bottom line.  Rosie agreed wholeheartedly.  Rosie took another call from a listener who said we live in a nation of bullies and our news media has turned into bullying!  This caller sees the one-sided angles of Fox News but doesn't see that when she watches CNN.

Rosie took a final call on this topic from a caller who had just seen the authors of Same Kind of Different As Me speak about their book.  The caller said the book had such a beautiful metaphor for life when it discussed catch-and-release fishing.  In the book a homeless black man can't believe someone would ever go catch-and-release fishing and throw back perfectly good food.  The caller brought her children to the speech and said opening our children's eyes to moments like these are the only way we're going to raise the next compassionate leader of this country.  She said we need to teach our kids to see the world through the eyes of others.  Rosie agreed and had read the book before.  She said she loved the book and said she might try to get Ron Hall and Denver Moore (the authors) on the show to discuss it. 

Rosie and the staff played the following announcement for International Women's Day that takes place on March 8th.

Rosie and Janette talked about what a long way women have come but how we still have quite a ways to go in order to be seen as equal.  Here is a link to International Women's Day Facebook page to find a bridge in your area! 

Rosie mentioned how she saw Gloria Steinem on Bill Maher this weekend and how much she loves her.   Janette read an article recently about a book that proves how much better women are than men in everything they do!  Here is a link to an excerpt from the book and here is a link to Dan Abram's book Man Down: Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else.  Join their FACEBOOK page to find a bridge in your area. 

Rosie and the staff briefly mentioned how hydrofracking has been connected to earthquakes in Arkansas.  Pete explained how near two of the wells, where they have been disposing of the waste water from hydrofracking, there have been over 800 earthquakes in only 6 months!  Most recently, there was a 4.7 magnitude quake, the strongest they've seen in that area in 35 years.  HERE IS A LINK to the latest on that story. 

Rosie asked the staff if they had heard or seen Charlie Sheen's live stream videos this weekend.  Rosie didn't see it live and has only seen a clip of it but wondered what will happen if he dies from the drugs and the mania.  Rosie mentioned her discussion she had with Piers Morgan about it this weekend on Twitter. She had sent Piers a direct message telling him that Charlie is clearly ill and that he shouldn't forget that.  She also asked him to lead with compassion in his interview with Sheen and perhaps even hold a mirror to him to allow him to see himself.  Rosie said Piers didn't get it and just wrote her back saying Sheen has a right to live his life the way he wants to.   Then he asked her to come on her show to discuss it.  Someone (it was either a caller or Pete) quoted Seth Meyers from this past SNL that said, "Piers Morgan talked to Sheen the way a guy who just ran out of coke talks to a guy who still has some.”  Rosie thought that summarized the interview perfectly. 

Rosie said she's finding herself completely addicted to her Twitter! She also said she loves tweeting during a television show and getting immediate answers when she has a question about a show.  She also said Steve Martin is the funniest person on Twitter.  Rosie said one of her tweets was not understood well this weekend so she explained it.  Rosie picked Vivi up from school and they were discussing American Idol and Vivi said, "I'm so glad the contestant with assholes got through to the next round."  She meant to say Aspergers.  Rosie said few people got the joke over Twitter so she wanted to clear it up.  Including me!  I totally thought her Twitter was hacked! 

Going back to the Charlie Sheen situation, Jeannie and Rosie talked about how badly they feel for him.  Rosie said the circus will soon leave town and the fascination will end and she wondered what will happen then.  She said she was disappointed to find out Sirius dedicated a channel to covering Sheen's rants entitled Tiger Blood Radio and felt ashamed when she saw her name attached to the 24 hour station.

During this game James played two short clips of songs.  The player had to identify the names of both songs in "before and after" style.  They would get an extra point if they knew both artists. 

Bobby: heard With Or Without You /You Outta Know.  He didn't know the names of the songs or that they were by U2 and Alanis Morissette.  0 points
Rosie: heard Just the Way You Are/Are You Lonesome Tonight.  She knew the songs and that they were sung by Bruno Mars and Elvis. 2 points.
Pete: heard Close To You / You and Your Hand by the Carpenters and P!nk.  He didn't know the songs or the artists for 0 points.
Janette: heard Semi-Charmed Life / Life Is a Highway by Third Eye Blind and Tom Cochrane. She didn't know the songs or the artists for 0 points.
Jeannie: Pour Some Sugar On Me / Me and Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin and Def Leppard.  She knew the song titles and the artists for 2 points.

Bobby: I Want You Back / Back In Black by the Jackson 5 and AC/DC.  He got 0 points.
Rosie: Every Breath You Take/Take It Off by Sting and Ke$ha. She got 1 point for knowing the artists only.
Pete: Greatest Love of All/All You Need Is Love by Whitney Houston and The Beatles. He got 0 points.
Janette: You Should Be Dancing/Dancing in the Dark by the Bee Gees and Bruce Springsteen. 0 points
Jeannie: Just Dance/Dance to the Music by Lady Gaga and Sly and the Family Stone. 2 points

Bobby: Please Don't Stop the Music/Music by Rihanna and Madonna. He got 0 points
Rosie: I Kissed a Girl/Girl From Ipanema by Katy Perry and Stan Getz. She got 0 points.
Pete: Saved the Best for Last/Last Dance by Vanessa Williams and Donna Summer. 0 points.
Janette: Man In the Mirror by Michael Jackson and another song that I didn't catch and she didn't know either for 0 points.
Jeannie: Waiting for Tonight/Tonight's the Night by Jennifer Lopez and Rod Stewart.  She didn't know for 0 points but it didn't matter!

JEANNIE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bobby went to see Spiderman on Broadway this weekend!  He normally doesn't like to give his opinions on plays before they've premiered because he said it's like "tasting a meal before it's finished cooking" but he said this play has been in previews for so long he decided it was time.  Bobby said there are moments in the musical that are really good and there are also moments that are really bad.  He said he loved the special effects and the set was phenomenal.  He does think it's "savable" because he said there are moments that are pure genius - like the opening scene!   He actually cried at the opening scene because it was so breathtakingly beautiful.  He said the audience seemed to have mixed feelings about the play but he said he'd definitely go see it again.  He said he was never afraid for the the actors' safety either. Rosie said she hopes to see it soon too.   

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. Great recap Kelly,
    On Sunday morning, I started my day watching the 30 minute video of Michael Moore's speech in Madison and it was worth 5 tissues. I haven't heard such passion since the '08 election speeches! He was brilliant and I am hopeful that many people saw it. Yes, Mr. Moore is a liberal, big whoop. The man talks sense and if Fox (Lies) "News" watchers stopped listening to the bad press they gave Moore, they might learn something from that speech. Please do yourself a favor and watch it.

    Then, as we do every week to start our Sunday evening, my husband and I watched 60 Minutes. They profiled some of the homeless children in this country and again, the tissues were needed. And not just for me, my husband was crying too! If something makes my husband cry, then everyone should take a moment to see it.

    It's the first segment of the show.

    They stated that we're closing in on 25% poverty for our children in this country. What? 25%! My God! I want to know how I can help those people but I'm not a job creator. I am one that gave up my job search because there is nothing out there! Everyone, if you missed it, please check that out!

    Kelly Thanks! It's only 3:30 something and you've already posted the update.
    Lisa in Indy.

  2. Great recap, kel.

    I can't stand when people say Republicans are about people spending their money how they want because that's just bs. That ideal would be closer to Libertarians than Repubs. Repubs are just as equal to Dems when it comes to enforcing how we spend our money-they only differ on where they want the money spent.

  3. I actually came on here to ask whether Rosie had watched 60 minutes and was happy to see that another listener has already provided you with the link.

    The community profiled is the area I consider home. I grew up in Central Florida; I was a teacher there for 9 years. 4 of the students profiled on the show go to the very school where I taught. It is heartbreaking to think that kids in our country are going through this and some of them are blaming themselves.

    And as their parents and teachers struggle to do what's best for these kids in any way they know how, there are idiots in power who think teachers have it easy (and shouldn't be allowed to unionize) and the wealthy deserve a tax break. Our country is a mess and I don't even know how to start to fix it...

  4. Kelly - thanks for posting these links along with the wrap-up! The Michale Moore speech was incredible! And as usual - he is spot on correct. The GOP is calling the Wisconsin 14 cowards. They are, in fact, American heroes!

  5. denbec: Running away is not a sign of courage.
    Where would this country be today if people just ran away every time things got tough?

  6. hi kelly and fans,

    re: CeraVe - i put that into the cosmetics safety database ('skin deep') at the environmental working group web site [ewg.org], and all their products come up as 3 or 4 (out of 10), which is 'moderate hazard' - might have some hormone disruptors - rosie should be careful and probably not use them - here's the link:

    in response to michael moore’s talk, a woman from tennessee called in and asked, what can we do? short answer: join up with progressive organisations, and work to create some systemic change.

    i was thrilled to hear rosie mention gloria steinem’s appearance on bill maher’s show last friday – she was bloody amazing and smart, the best on the panel. do seek out the episode if you’re able.

    i felt one of those earthquakes in arkansas recently! (memphis is 150 miles away, so that’s saying something.) had no idea until later that it’s related to fracking – so frightening. hope the pressure keeps up against this horrific, dangerous, and destructive practice. and yeah – we do have occasional earthquakes in these parts, but usually they’re related to the new madrid fault – but these ones are not; instead they’re from the fracking.

    this discussion reminded me of the proposal under the bush administration to store the nuclear waste underneath yucca mountain, a problematic site for environmental and native american heritage reasons. you can read about it here:
    some scary stuff, indeed; let’s hope the opposition keeps winning this fight.

    upon relistening to the game, i’m pretty sure that the first song for janette’s pairing with ‘man in the mirror’ was ‘mr. tabourine man’ by the byrds.

    & in closing, only rosie could say, in referring to raising children, ‘...in their little computer-hard drive souls’!


  7. "Anonymous said...

    denbec: Running away is not a sign of courage. Where would this country be today if people just ran away every time things got tough?"

    Really? Again with the Fox (Lies) "News" talking point!!! Those senators that left the state ARE DOING THEIR JOB and are the most courageous people I've never met. They also did it here in my lovely state of Indiana. The only way to keep a quorum (enough voters) from being voted on is to leave the state. Even President Lincoln pulled that maneuver when he was a senator. Google it.

    Those senators in WI (and IN) that left the state are heroes and You'd be cheering them on too if only you got your news elsewhere. Try the BBC even. They have the decency to explain the issue to the viewers so that you could see how much misinformation (from Fox Lies) is out there.

    I'm truly sorry that I feel the need to counter post against such misinformation but I can't help myself. Thanks Kelly.

    Lisa in Indy