4-01-11 - April Fool's Day and Rosie's Interview with Tom Shadyac (Part II)

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast talking about how it's Pete's wife's 30th birthday today!!  He said he took her snowboarding for her birthday last week.  Rosie tried snowboarding back in the 80s when she was pretty fit.  She said she went to the top of a mountain with her board and then proceeded to fall flat on her face over and over.  First her face, then her ass, then her face, etc.  It took her hours to get down the hill and she never did it again!  Rosie considered asking the ski patrol for help but she was to embarrassed.  Rosie said her mom was the same way.  One summer in the 70's she and her family were at Robert Moses State Park and there was a bad riptide that kept dragging everyone out into the water.  Her mom was way out in the water and the lifeguards went out to save someone but Rosie's mom was too embarrassed to ask for help too.   Jeannie had a funny skiing story too!  She had mastered the bunny hills so she decided to try a big mountain and she couldn't do it!  It was late in the evening and the ski patrol was trying to clear the mountain.  Jeannie didn't want to ask for assistance so she slid down the hill on her skis on her belly!  Rosie said she'd never heard that story before because if she had she would have teased Jeannie relentlessly.     

Shoshana shared with the listening audience that she's now engaged to her boyfriend of 7 years!!!  Shoshana and Matt have been dating since she was 19, a freshman in college.  People have been asking Shoshana when she was going to get engaged for a while now but she really wanted to be surprised.  She knew they would get married at some point in the future but she was totally taken off guard!  So one night last week Matt ordered Chinese food which they frequently do.  He kept the food in the kitchen and kept bringing out courses which she thought was sweet.  At the end of the meal he brought the fortune cookies over to the table, got down on one knee and proposed!  Shoshana was SO surprised and of course she said YES!  The fortune in the cookie said, "Will you 'the Chinese word for marry' me?"  Shoshana said after the proposal they called a bunch of their friends and family to share the good news and then they went to a hotel in Manhattan where he had the room decorated with rose petals and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.  :)  Congratulations, SHOSHANA!!!!  

Jeannie told her engagement story.  Jeannie's husband began by telling her and her daughter (who was 7 at the time) a love story about a couple and then he took a ring out and proposed to Jeannie and took another ring out and proposed to her daughter, Toni!  Awwwwwww.  Pete then told his engagement story.  He said he took his now wife Barbara to breakfast on Valentine's Day and then for a walk through Central Park where he proposed to her on Poet's Lane.  Rosie asked Pete if he got down on one knee or gave a speech and Pete said he did not, he basically "pulled out the ring and shoved it in her face."  So Romantic! ;)  No, it is.  That's a great story.  

Jeannie then told a really funny story about some teenagers having sex right under her bedroom window!  She said she was home alone with her two little ones watching a movie and they had both fallen asleep on the couch.  She went upstairs to turn down their beds and she heard voices coming from the backyard.  She opened her bedroom window and a young couple was having wild, LOUD sex right under her window! She sat her glass of wine on the window sill and sat and listened to them for at least an hour!  The next day her husband went out and found a condom wrapper, a lighter and $6!  lol  Jeannie said she didn't yell at the kids to be quiet or to leave but said if her children had heard it she would have intervened.  Rosie said she's not sure what she would have done but said she might have screamed something at them.  Rosie calls the cops on teens who go down and smoke pot in a common area near her house.

Rosie said when she was a VJ there was a domestic violence situation in the apartment next to hers.  The guy would throw the girl against the wall so hard it shook the wall.  Rosie tried calling the cops, the concierge and even banging on their door in her Snoopy pajamas and threatening the guy!  One time after an especially bad night Rosie saw the woman in the elevator and asked her why she stayed and the woman just cried.  

Rosie had Tom Shadyac in the studio for part 2 of her interview!  Rosie recommended all her listeners see Shadyac's documentary I Am which she called a "beautiful film."

Rosie asked Tom about his father whom he interviews for the film.  Tom's dad was a lawyer and a co-founder of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital where no child is ever turned away because they cannot pay for cancer treatment not covered by insurance.  Tom said in the film his father expresses some disappointment about human kind not emulating the type of business he founded.  His father said on Sunday we're one kind of person and when the church doors close it's a different world.  Tom said his father founded St. Jude because it brought him a kind of wealth that the law profession never did.  However, Tom thinks his dad is wrong in the fact that he believes that giving is not an aberration but part of our innate nature.  Tom talks about this and gives examples of how this is true in the film.

Rosie took a call from a listener who has two young children.  She said she was raised in a household where she was pushed to be ambitious and she's trying to find a balance of ambition and concentrating on our future while teaching her children to enjoy the present.  She asked Tom how he thinks she can best teach that balance.  Tom said the caller was doing a great job because she was already aware of the need for balance but asked her what is the definition of ambition to her.  Tom said happiness begins when ambition ends and while it's good to be ambitious we must be wary of what we're striving for.  If we're striving for status, money and/or power then we have to question the ambition.  He said she needs to ask herself and consider what it means to lead a meaningful, joy-filled life.  Rosie sympathized with the caller and said she struggles with the same dilemma with her own kids - pushing them to get good grades and to get into a good college.  But Tom reminded Rosie that it's only when we do what we love and what sets our heart aflame that we can truly be successful.  Tom said we must look at education and find out how we can craft an education around what we are most passionate about.  Rosie said Parker is, and has always been, passionate about the military.  Tom said that Parker should look in to the military then and maybe be can help change it to become the service organization that it could have been.

Rosie took another call from a listener who wanted to know when natural disasters happen why people react so negatively and respond by saying, "Why are we always paying for problems over there and not concentrating on the things that are wrong in our own country?"  Tom said his experience with worldly disasters is actually the opposite.  He said when disasters happen it awakens us out of our sleepwalk and for a while we are all pulled in one direction to help until we revert back and humanity moves on.  Tom talked about how even seeing acts of great humanity on television can release a drug in our brain called Oxytocin.  Tom said Oprah is a great drug pusher of the natural kind constantly showing the positives of our humanity on her program.  Rosie agreed wholeheartedly.  

Rosie and Tom discussed the phenomenon of random number generators.  Tom said there are 65 random number generators all over the world that produce rows and rows of random numbers.  The generators produce completely random results until there is a worldly disaster and the numbers become ordered.  Their theory is that large scale group consciousness can effect the physical world.  You can read more about this theory at the Global Consciousness Project.  Rosie and Tom also discussed the intuitiveness and how we can feel things we cannot explain.  My only experience with intuition is when my 7 year old niece died.  One morning my sister called me to tell me my niece was very sick and was being rushed into brain surgery.  I live 6 hours away and threw everything in my car to rush home to Cleveland.  Half way through my trip and exactly four hours after my sister's call while I was driving I had this overwhelming feeling that her spirit had left this Earth.  Not really "left" but had been released, for lack of a better word.  When I arrived at the hospital I found out she had been declared brain dead at around the exact time I felt her leave.  I will never forget that moment on the road and the peace and the lightness I felt.  When I miss her a lot I try to remember that feeling of peace.    

Tom and Rosie talked about how our heart informs our brain through its unique heartbeat and how the heartbeat registers an emotional state.  They discussed how our emotions emanate from us and the compassion that was felt after 9/11. 

Lastly, Rosie asked Tom if he finds it hard to date and maintain friendships living such an introspective, philosophical life.  He said he doesn't ever push his feelings on to other people.  He admitted he got a lot of blank looks when he chose to leave the limelight of Hollywood but said his true friends have seen a change in him over the years that is impossible to deny.  He also believes his bike accident was not an accident but exactly what knocked this idea for the film from his head to his heart.  Once he decided to make this film, Tom said it was what helped him heal and what began his journey.  Rosie thanked Tom for coming in and told him how pleased she was to meet him.  She advised all her listeners to try and find a screening of the film.  CLICK HERE TO FIND A SCREENING NEAR YOU.   

Bobby then read a bed bug knowledgeability quiz that he saw on CNN.com for the radio staff. 

Here it is:
Bed bugs only bite in the dark.  FALSE. 
Only dirty cluttered homes get bed bugs.  FALSE
Bed bugs cannot be seen with a naked eye.  FALSE, they're the size of apple seeds.
If I see bite marks I have bed bugs.  FALSE, other insect bites can resemble bed bugs.
If you have bed bugs you need to get rid of infested clothing and furniture. FALSE, clothing can be laundered and the furniture can be treated. 
Bed bugs are not known to spread and/or cause diseases. TRUE
Bed bugs cannot fly or jump from the floor to the bed. TRUE
Bed bugs are only found on the bed. FALSE
Some people are not affected by bed bug bites. TRUE
Bed bugs can live for many months without feeding. TRUE
A bed bug needs scent detecting dogs to detect them. FALSE
Encasing a mattress and box spring will prevent future infestations. FALSE
Products can claim to be effective against fighting bed bugs without proof. TRUE
Using some products can actually make elimination of bed bugs more difficult. TRUE, some products can actually make bed bugs run and hide.

Since bed bugs can often be spread in hotels, Bobby bought canvas bags he uses as luggage when he stays at hotels so he can throw them in the dryer when he gets home from traveling.  Throwing an effected item in the dryer for 30 minutes can kill bed bugs.   

Rosie and the staff discussed a new law in New York (soon to be adopted nationally) that requires New York restaurant chains to put the calorie count of each item on the menu.  Rosie loves the restaurant Chili's and appreciates the fact that it has the calorie count on the menu now.  Her favorite item is the Margaretha Chicken which is under 700 calories! Rosie was glad to hear this will soon be a national law for restaurants because it will make it so much easier for people to monitor their weight.  Janette said this law recently helped her choose salmon over a chicken dish at the Capitol Grille.  Jeannie and Shoshana don't like the law.  Jeannie barely ever goes out to eat and doesn't want it to ruin her dinner and Shoshana feels like when she goes out, calories isn't something she wants to think about.  Shoshana said she gets upset that she must choose the healthier option and feels ignorance is bliss.  Janette said awareness has to be the first step in getting this nation healthier. 

Rosie said she's been listening to her friend Susan Powter's webcast series on losing weight and Rosie did a kick-ass impersonation of her.  Rosie met Susan years ago on a cruise and said she's an interesting character.  Rosie called Susan "a little nutty but so freaking smart."  Rosie also follows her Twitter feed which she said is not always easy to understand!  Rosie and Pete read some of Susan's more unique tweets.  Rosie said Susan's brain must be so busy she wonders if she ever gets a moment's peace!

Rosie and Janette then had a long discussion comparing almonds, walnuts and peanuts.  Rosie said she went off her diet for a while during her birthday and vacation but she said she's back at it and she feels a lot better when she's more in control of her eating.  Janette's proud of Rosie that she got back to her diet after falling off because that is hard to do!  Janette has never felt so free of food since she's been on her diet The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy by Mark Sisson.  Since beginning her diet, Janette has lost 22 pounds and feels great!  She's also been going to the gym regularly!  Rosie was happy to find out that there's a full state-of-the-art gym at Harpo studios and she hopes to make use of it.  Janette encouraged Rosie to go to the gym for 2 weeks and she'll begin to feel like she wants to go.  Rosie said she's 49 and it hasn't happened yet but she'll try it!

During this game each player heard a clip of a song from a movie and they had to guess what movie the song is from.  

Pete heard a clip of Wind Beneath My Wings and guessed Beaches for one point.
Janette heard a clip of Lose Yourself from Eight Mile but didn't get it for zero points.
Jeannie heard a clip of Don't Rain on My Parade from Funny Girl and guessed it for one point.
Shoshana heard a clip of Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate and guessed it for one point.
Rosie heard a clip of The Rainbow Connection from The Muppet Movie and got it for one point.

Pete heard a clip of Unchained Melody from Ghost and got it for one point.
Janette heard the theme from Beverly Hills Cop and got it for one point.
Jeannie heard a clip of Bohemian Rhapsody but didn't know it was from Wayne's World for zero points.
Shoshana heard a clip of When You Wish Upon A Star and guessed Pinocchio for one point
Rosie heard a clip of Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head and guessed Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid for one point.

ROUND THREE (the lowest two were out)
Pete heard a clip of Uninvited and guessed City of Angels for one point.
Shoshana heard a clip of Gangster's Paradise and didn't know it was Dangerous Minds for zero points.
Rosie heard Up Where We Belong and didn't know it was Officer and A Gentleman for zero points.

PETE WON!!!!!!!

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. Kelly, thank you for sharing that story about your niece.

    Alison (alderella)

  2. Kelly that was a really touching story about your feeling of peace when your niece passed on. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I AM will be here in Atlanta! No date or location set yet.

  4. Our whole household had that unusual feeling of peace just before my Dad (who died of cancer) began his final last breaths. His spirit left well before his body stopped. It was amazing.

    Another strange thing is that I seem to be able to sense when something big has happened in the world. I can't tell what or where - I just feel something is different. It was very strong the night I was driving home from work - which was the same time the quake and tsunami in Japan was likely just occurring. It could be just hind sight but it's happened so many times it can't be a co-incidence. I just wish I was more tuned!

    I'm looking forward to Tom's movie. It's been on my Netflix list for a while now. I typically don't go to theaters because people talk during the movie or do other rude things.

    Thanks for the wrap-up Kelly! Have a great weekend!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale