4-4-11 - #OprahLiveTweet, Zumba and Discovering Kevin Hart!

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast discussing the spring weather and Rosie said her youngest daughter Vivi hurt her ankle and knee this weekend on the trampoline.  Viv has to wear an ace bandage on her knee for a while (which she loves).  Rosie's youngest son Blake is also home today because he has a sore throat and threw up this morning.  Rosie was really excited to announce that Parker received an 87% on a recent math test!  Math and Latin have really been challenging to Parker this year so Rosie was so happy to hear he got a good grade on Math!  She was so happy she said she felt like doing back flip off the roof!  Jeannie said her daughter Toni is taking the Suffolk County police exam in June! Jeannie's really proud of Toni and happy she's found what she's most passionate about.  Jeannie said Toni's always had a passion for forensics and police work and Rosie said her daughter Chelsea has a passion for that too.  And Rosie's son Parker has always had a passion for the military.  Rosie said Parker has never been deterred from wanting to be in the military even after she shows him documentaries and film on war.  In fact, Rosie and Parker are going to look at a military school on Friday!   Pete read some of the questions from the New York City police exam for the members of the studio.

Jeannie also said her daughter has a new job.  She was working at Applebee's but now she's working at a family owned restaurant and bar and she likes it much better.  Jeannie said working at Applebee's there was a lot of pressure to always be the perfect waitress because of all the secret shoppers.  Rosie remembered the time she suggested they go to Applebee's for a birthday dinner a few years ago to see if she was still famous!  Rosie called it "doing a Soapdish"  (in reference to a scene from the movie Soapdish where an aging soap opera actress, played by Sally Field, goes to the mall to get recognized in order to get an emotional boost from fans).  Janette remarked on how far Jeannie's come with her daughter who just last year was a complete challenge to Jeannie.  She told Rosie to be inspired and know that that same successful relationship with her teen is in her future too!   

Rosie said she and the kids went to see Hop this weekend and she hated it.  She said parents were leaving with their kids it was so bad.  She overheard kids in the audience saying, "This is boring!"  Rosie said it was boring and hard to follow.  She likes seeing animated features when they include funny parts the adults can enjoy too.  In fact, one of her favorite animated movies was Kung Fu Panda and she's very excited that  Kung Fu Panda II is coming out soon!  Rosie loves Jack Black!  And she and her kids watched Jack Black host the Kids Choice Awards this weekend.  Rosie kept telling them that she used to host the KCAs and they didn't believe her.  She said she had to pull up old YouTube videos of her hosting to prove it to them.

Clips of Rosie hosting The KCAs!

While Rosie was at it, she also showed Blake video of him with Elmo from The Rosie O'Donnell Show when he was just two years old.  Rosie said it totally flipped him out.

Rosie said her daughter Chelsea, who stopped paying attention to her horse so they sold it, is upset now and wants her horse back.  Rosie said being a parent is hard sometimes.  And Tracy's son Wyatt is having open heart surgery tomorrow.  Rosie will be at the surgery with Tracy tomorrow so they'll air a taped show tomorrow (but ALL NEW content) and be back live on Wednesday.  Rosie said she's sure Wyatt will be fine because the mortality rate for this type of surgery is very low but of course Tracy is very worried about tomorrow. 

Rosie talked about tweeting with Oprah during Season 25: Oprah Behind The Scenes last night!  She said she had a lot of fun doing it!  Rosie said she watched it with her kids and all they wanted to see was Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) get his face smashed in.  She also watched Part 2 of Oprah's Master Class which she LOVED.   After Master Class she tuned in to Celebrity Apprentice.  Janette said she also watched Celebrity Apprentice and said it wasn't very exciting watching celebrities calling their friends so they could come and buy things.   Rosie agreed.  Rosie and the staff talked about how Meatloaf screamed at Gary Busey for supposedly "stealing" his art supplies and then realizing that Gary didn't steal them.  Rosie was impressed that Marlee Matlin made almost a million dollars in one day for her charity but she wasn't impressed when Donald Trump made up the difference with a measly $14,000.  Bobby was pretty sure he saw Georgette Mosbacher at the art show during the episode last night and Rosie said that's because Big and Rich is one of her favorite groups. Overall, Rosie said she's glad Richard Hatch is gone and she's very proud of Marlee and hopes she wins. 

Pete read an article that explained how Senator Mark Leno, a state Senator from California, wants to make it a law that history books have to cover LGBT accomplishments.  Janette thought it was a great idea and also thought we should have a month that honors the LGBT accomplishments, too.  Pete said the law has been introduced before but Arnold Schwarzenegger killed it.  Rosie said Arnold and his wife would never have looked as good in their movies or on television if it weren't for the talents of gay people.  Janette said when she heard of this law it made her realize she really wasn't familiar with the contributions of the LGBT community.  So, Rosie and Bobby began to list off every famous gay person ever known to mankind!  I couldn't write them down fast enough but they included Michelangelo, Alexander The Great, Tennessee Williams, James Baldwin, Tchaikovsky, Noel Coward, Julius Caesar, etc. 

Rosie said she went to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert this weekend and she loved it!  She said it was really fun and very well done!  She and Bobby talked about the beautiful cast of performers and the captivating performances.  Rosie declared, "Tony Sheldon IS GOING TO WIN A TONY AWARD!"  Rosie loved the music and said it's much better than Mama Mia.  Bobby went to see Book of Mormon which he said was the best musical he's ever seen!  Rosie said on Friday she went to dinner with Norman Lear who said Book of Mormon is the best piece of art he's ever seen in his life!  He said he thinks it will do more to help with world peace and understanding than anything he's ever seen.  Rosie cannot WAIT to see it!   BOBBY LOVED IT and said it's hysterically funny.  He said they take pot shots at everyone and you are literally laughing out loud during the show.  Janette loves Team America which is done by the same people, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Parker told Rosie to listen to the comedian Kevin Hart who she had never heard of!  And then she and Parker sat and watched hours of Kevin Hart videos on YouTube.  Rosie said she hasn't laughed that hard in a long time!  She played a clip of his standup CLICK HERE FOR THE CLIP.  Rosie said she loves his cadence, his delivery, everything.  She said she was dying laughing.  Rosie and Parker are going to see Hart perform in April!  And Rosie just couldn't believe that her son is now turning her on to hot, new comedians.  Rosie thought maybe Hart was new to the business and she could have him on the radio show or her new television program on OWN and then she realized how popular he already was!  He's already been in a ton of movies and has over a million Twitter followers!  Janette still thought Hart would be a great booking!

Rosie said she was also listening to a lot of Adele's live performances on YouTube.  She said Adele is "beyond brilliant."  She loves her look, how she dresses and is so inspired when listening to her. 

Rosie said her kids favorite song right now is Waka Waka by Shakira and they are even doing the dance!

Rosie told her kids (again) that she once had Shakira on her old TV show and (again) they weren't impressed.  But her kids LOVE the song! ;)

Rosie took a call from a listener who said that the creators of Zumba came up with the dance for the video.  The caller said Zumba is AWESOME and she lost over 40 pounds doing it!  She recommended listeners go to Zumba.com, put in their zip code and find a Zumba class near them.  Jeannie has the Zumba DVD's at home and said she could barely get through the 8 minute warm-up!  Rosie put in her zip code and realized there are Zumba classes very close to her! 

Rosie talked to another caller about Zumba who lives in Nyack.  She said the instructors are sweet and supportive and she encouraged Rosie to come.  Rosie was all about coming to the class with the caller until the caller mentioned putting on a belly dancing skirt during the class.  Rosie said she had her until the word "skirt."  The caller insisted that there are women of all shapes, sizes and dancing abilities at the class and that Rosie would love it.  She promised to save Rosie a spot on Wednesday.  Bobby and Janette were sure the class would be packed now that Rosie has announced she's going on Wednesday and Rosie was sure no one is listening.

They briefly mentioned how Charlie Sheen got booed off the stage during his first performance in Detroit.  Rosie wondered what made Sheen think he could all the sudden be a live performance artist.  She said it's not as easy as it looks!   

Rosie said she'll be watching the show Relapse that premieres tonight on A&E.  And she'll also be watching Addicted to Food on OWN that premieres on Tuesday.  You can read about the show HERE.  Rosie said the therapist, Tennie, also counseled Ruby on her weight loss journey.   Janette said Addicted to Food seems like an interesting show and not like all the other weight loss shows that are on TV right now. Rosie and Jeannie then had a discussion about how they think some people might look better heavier.  And Rosie used her girlfriend Tracy as an example.  She said Tracy recently lost 25 pounds due to stress and Rosie said she looks older and like a different person!  And Rosie keeps telling her she's too skinny and then she realizes that might be hurtful.  Rosie said here was something about her curviness that she loved.  Rosie wondered if she ever got thin if it would change the way people thought of her.  Janette assured her that it would.  Janette said when you are thin or heavy, everything you put out in the world is effected and therefore the way people treat you is different depending on your weight.  Years ago, when Janette was very thin, she was working with fellow comedian Mike Sweeney who asked her how it felt to be thin.  He asked her if people now treat her differently.  Janette said she went on a rant about how much nicer people were to her now that she's thin and he pointed out that when she was really fat she wasn't much fun to be around because she was always so down on herself.   Janette and Rosie thought that was probably true!  Rosie said she loves Mike Sweeney and so does Janette. 

Rosie then took several callers.  One caller went to the Shades of Hope treatment center they highlight in the television show Addicted to Food.  She said her husband went there for drug addiction and an eating disorder and her family went there for family therapy.  She said treatment saved her family because it got her husband clean and sober but sadly, they are still getting divorced.  Rosie said she shouldn't look at the divorce as a failure but see it as how she tried everything to save her marriage.  Rosie said her friend Wynonna Judd went to that treatment center, too.

Rosie talked some about how sedentary she is and how she won't ever move if she doesn't have to.  She said she has to do a Broadway show and have 1700 people with a ticket to sit in the audience to watch her perform to get her to move.  Jeannie whispered to Rosie that she's a narcissist.  lol   

Rosie took a call from a listener whose partner lost a lot of weight and ended up looking older and more wrinkled.  After losing the weight her partner dumped her for someone else!  Rosie said that happened to friends of hers too.  Rosie thanked the listener for calling in and told her to hang in there.  She told the caller everything happens for a reason.

Rosie took a call from a listener who had gastric bypass surgery and lost over 100 pounds!  She almost died after the surgery from blood clots in her lungs but managed to survive it.  Now she's gaining the weight back and wonders if it's all rebellion against everyone who's been warning her that she's going to gain it back.  Rosie encouraged the caller to nip her weight gain in the bud now before it's too late.  She thanked her for calling and told her to try again.

Rosie took a call from a listener who lost weight and is sure she has more wrinkles now.  She said her nails were healthier when she was heavier and wondered if diet had anything to do with it.  Rosie wasn't sure but thanked her for the phone call.  She told Rosie to enjoy Zumba but not to watch herself in the mirror. ;)  Bobby thinks Zumba is going to work for Rosie because she loves to dance so much. 

Rosie closed the show talking about how much her youngest daughter Vivi loves Justin Bieber and how much her son Blake hates him.  She said Vivi hung up two Justin Bieber posters in her room this weekend that made her so happy and Blake wanted to buy a "I beat up Justin Bieber" shirt and wear it to annoy her.  Rosie closed the show.

Got a prayer for Tracy's son Wyatt who is facing open heart surgery tomorrow?  Post 'em here.
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  1. Much love, light and prayers going up for Wyatt, the surgeon and of course the fam! Speedy recovery!

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  3. I can picture Wyatt in a bright green healing light and am sending him light and love.
    Beautifully said Amelia.


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    Kelly - thanks for the great wrap-up. I had a chance to watch a lot of the media - really miss TRODS! Loved Kevin Heart (funny and handsome too!) and the new Shakira song.

    I lost 20 lbs in 3 months on my cross country bicycle ride in 2009. I only weighed 150lbs to start and I did not look well after losing that much weight. Glad I got it back and in the right spots!

    More prayers for Wyatt!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

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