4-5-11 - Two Hours of Gold! (Judy, that is)

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast by announcing that comedienne Judy Gold would be sitting in on the show for the entire two hours!  Bobby sang along with the theme song as he frequently does and Judy had no idea Bobby had such a fantastic singing voice.  Rosie demanded Bobby sing, "There are worse things I could do" from the Broadway show Grease.  And Rosie revealed that Bobby used to perform as a drag queen named Beverly Hills.  CHECK HERE for a list of Judy's gigs and when you can see her perform live!  I have never laughed so hard!  I highly recommend seeing her perform live.

Judy and Rosie chatted, sharing one story after another about their teens.  They talked about arguing with their teens, their teens inflated sense of self-worth and entitlement, their teens not listening to them, taking phones and computers away for punishment, and trying the master the art of non-reactive parenting.  Judy said a good hiding place for your teen's laptop is the hamper because they never look there!  Good tip!  Rosie said her girlfriend Tracy runs a very tight ship at her house and when she tells her kids to do something they do it!  Tracy's philosophy is say what you mean and mean what you say.  She tells Rosie that she threatens too much without any follow-through and that's why her kids won't listen to her.  Rosie said she's trying to change that.  Recently on a trip to Miami Parker didn't want to come on a family outing out on the boat.  Rosie told him if he didn't come on the outing he would not be allowed to do any of the other fun things they had planned for the rest of the week.  He didn't come and Rosie held strong on her threat and didn't allow Parker to participate in any of the events for the rest of the week!  Rosie said it was hard and she hated it, but she did it because she needs him to be respectful and responsible.  Judy, Rosie and the staff the talked about how things were different when they were young, how they would have never talked back to their parents the way their kids do today.  I'm pretty sure I heard the low dim of the song "Old People Complaining" in the background, but I'm not totally positive.  lol  just kidding.  

Pete shared his latest news about his new house!  He described all the work he has done to it over the past few months to make it ready for them to move in.  He said it's been a lot of work fixing it up but he's loving living there now.  He explained (and showed before and after pictures to the staff) how he put in new hardwood floors, painted etc.  Judy said listening to Pete describe all the work he's done makes her think this is when she thinks she could be straight.  lol  Pete said his daughters are adjusting well except for his middle daughter who spent a half-hour on the front porch crying that she wanted to go home (to the old house).  Pete also updated the staff on his crazy neighbor.  Pete's neighbor is an elderly woman who spends a lot of her time on the front porch cursing at the other neighbors.  They had a fine relationship until recently when she turned on him too!  Now she's telling Pete to go "F" himself for being on her property when they were installing new siding to his house.  Pete politely asked her to stop cursing because his little girls were with him and she told him to "F" off, went in her house and slammed her door.  Pete isn't sure what he can really do about it.  Rosie asked everyone if they've been watching The Big C where there was a whole storyline last season about a neighbor with dementia. 

Rosie and Judy both spoke of their personal struggle battling depression.  Rosie said she has a friend who is also battling depression who revealed to her she never understood what people meant when they talked about depression until it happened to her.  They talked about how people who are depressed often don't reach out enough for help.  Judy said it was shocking to her when she did reach out, how many people have also been through it.  Rosie said she has a friend on Broadway who has become very depressed because of a person who's been stalking/harassing her for the past three years. The friend is reluctant to seek treatment because she just wants to "snap herself out of it" or "get over it."  Rosie said that reluctance to seek treatment can often lead to needless extended suffering.

Janette feels quite the opposite about antidepressants however.  She said her sister has had to struggle to get off of antidepressants and her doctors were reluctant to allow her to get off of them.  Janette said her sister has now successfully weaned herself off of them and feels like after 10 years, she's alive!  Janette said she was offered antidepressants after only being seen by a psychologist for 20 minutes and she wasn't even depressed!  Rosie said she sees a therapist for two hours a week and and a separate Psychopharmacologist once a month who prescribed her medications.  Bobby sees the same kind of doctor for his medications who won't refill his unless he comes and sees him.   

Because the man who invented Superglue died, the staff asked each other if there was one household item they could not live without.  For Rosie she said she couldn't live without Zip-lock bags.  She said she needs them in her life and she can't live without them!  She said she used to be jealous when she would see the kids at lunch with their zip-lock bags and their cool thermoses.  Pete said he's recently had to go a week without the Internet at home and for him he cannot live without it.  He said this past week without Internet access damn near killed him.  Rosie said she and Tracy recently went away and they decided not to bring their computers with them and it was really hard for her!  And she noticed in the waiting room at the airport no one talks to each other anymore.  Everyone is just looking down reading their phones or iPads. Judy said she doesn't bring her "crack-berry" with her when she and her girlfriend go out to dinner now for that very reason.  Rosie said her checking her phone has become an issue with Tracy too and now Tracy is totally annoyed by her love for Twitter.

Judy said she couldn't live without her coffee maker.  She said she would die.  And Bobby and Rosie revealed they've both never had a cup of coffee in their lives!  Rosie said she hates anything coffee flavored and she hates the smell of coffee.  Bobby said he's never even had a beer!  Rosie said, "Now, that's just weird Bobby." 

Rosie then talked about her recent experience at a Mixed Martial Arts fight with Urijah Faber!  She talked all about her love of Urijah and how she became interested in the sport.  For her birthday, Rosie got tickets for her, her son Parker, Tracy and Tracy’s eldest son.  Tracy and her teen weren't as excited and Rosie and Parker were!  As as soon as they walked in there was a fighter being escorted out who was covered in blood!  Rosie described the moment when Urijah walked out and how he kissed her before he went into the ring.  She got it all on video!  (see below!) Rosie was happy Urijah won his fight!  Next she said he will be facing Dominick Cruz for the title.  Rosie hopes she can go to the next fight.  Rosie said many people were surprised to see her at the fight and she didn't understand why!  Judy said it could be because one minute she’s belting out a Broadway showtune and the next minute she’s cheering on a bloody fight in a ring.  She said it’s not consistent.  Rosie and the staff talked about how violent the sport is but how in shape the fighters are.  Rosie said both Parker and Tracy’s teen loved it and want to go again!  CLICK HERE to see the video!

Rosie, Judy and the staff started talking about what work they wouldn't see now because of the personal mistakes of certain actors and directors.  Rosie said she still won’t see any of Woody Allen’s work because of how she feels about his personal life.  Though she did make an exception when it came to Larry David’s last movie because she loves everything Larry David does.  They talked about Mel Gibson and what Mel has done in his personal life which doesn't affect Janette, but  Judy won’t see anything with Mel in it.  Janette feels this way about Bono’s charity after a NY Post article she read on September 20th!  (yes, she remembered the exact date!)  In the article, the Post claims that while his charity took in $15 million dollars in donations, they only distributed $184,000 in aid!  $8 million was spent on salaries alone!  And Janette remembered those numbers almost exactly!  Judy wanted to know if they were hiring!  Rosie wanted to know what the response was by the charity when this article was published.  She then went on to read their response.  After looking in to it further Janette realized what the Post said was wrong.  The charity is about raising awareness and they are chartered to change public policy on world health. Rosie said it’s scary how easy it is for people to get the wrong opinion on a topic based off of an incorrect article.  Janette sounded relieved and admitted she might have been wrong all this time.    

Judy told a story about one of the fathers at her kids’ school who publishes the works of Holocaust deniers.  He's part of a group that questions the facts about the Holocaust and he wrote an email to his Holocaust denier friends about a recent book he loves.  Well the father sent the email to the list of parents at the school instead of his Holocaust denier group!  He’s apologized and all Judy could do was worry about the kid whose father was such an idiot!  Rosie wondered what would make someone ever become a Holocaust denier?!  And what their reason would be for being one?    

Rosie wanted to know what the deal is with the Obama birth certificate debate.  She said she never paid attention to birthers because it seemed too beyond absurd to even give  them a thought.  Now Donald Trump has joined in on the debate and Rosie wanted to know why.  Pete explained birthers are trying to prove that Obama isn't legally allowed to be President.  Trump is also claiming that no one knew Obama when he was young.  Bobby feels Trump is doing this strictly for publicity for his television show, whether he runs for President or not.  Rosie doesn't get it.

Rosie did an episode of Who Do You Think You Are a couple weeks ago and recently got a phone message from Valerie Harper!  Valerie called her to tell her how much the show meant to her, being of Irish decent.  When Rosie was in college studying acting, the teacher was very hard on her and said to her "the part of Rhoda Morgenstern has already been cast."  Rosie was crushed.  It was a caricature she could really relate to!  Rosie said it's been an amazing experience getting to know someone in real life who she's admired since before she was famous.  Rosie told this story to Parker and she told him to imagine getting to know one of the actors from CSI, his favorite show.  Judy said her son loves Law and Order SVU!  Recently when Judy was in Love Loss and What I Wore she was in the cast with Melissa Joan Hart.  Judy's son immediately recognized the name from an episode of Law and Order SVU that Melissa was in where she raped a 13 year old boy!  Rosie is not a fan of that show and Janette said she can't change the channel fast enough if she mistakenly puts it on. 

Rosie and the staff discussed how in 20 states it is still legal to paddle kids and use corporal punishment in school!  Janette had experience with this and recalled the time she got hit and dragged by her hair for not doing her math homework.  Bobby went to Catholic school and although he wasn't, he said kids were hit all the time at school.  Judy and Bobby both had their mouths washed out with soap before!  Rosie didn't recall ever being hit in school but she remembered the time she once hit Parker in the head with a soft-covered dictionary.  She said it sent her to her bed for two days and she still regrets doing it.  It happened just after she and Kelli were separated and Blake was recently diagnosed with a learning disability.  Parker called Blake retarded and Rosie exploded on him.  To this day she feels ashamed and embarrassed over it.  Rosie said Kelli was brought up with switches and spanking and she is much stricter with the kids then Rosie is.  Rosie said Kelli put Tabasco sauce on Parker's tongue one time and never again.  Rosie and Kelli didn't really see eye-to-eye on parenting.   Judy was also raised with hitting, belts and getting her mouth washed out but said she would never do that to her kids. 

Janette asked if you could know one truth, what would it be?  For Janette, she would want to know what happens after you die.  Judy recommended the book Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back about a child who dies briefly and comes back after spending time with his grandparents who he never met.  Judy isn't sure she believes in heaven herself but thinks it's a nice thought.  Rosie said she believes that your soul lives on and that you are reincarnated in some way. 

Pete said he would like to know what happiness is and to know who he is entirely.  Bobby would like to know if there's a heaven and also who killed Marilyn Monroe.  Judy said she would also like to know what happens after we die.  Rosie couldn't come up with a truth she would like to know the answer to but said she would like to know if her mom was happy.  Rosie simply wishes she knew her.  She said she tries to imagine now what it felt like at 39 years of age to be dying and leaving 5 children behind.  Janette wished she knew her mother before she died too. Janette didn't try to find her mom until 2000 but she had died in 1997.  Janette sometimes wonders what it would have been like to know her mom. 

During this game each player heard a short clip of a television theme song and they had to guess the television show it was from.  Each player could get one strike and then they were out.

Janette heard a short clip of Will and Grace's theme song but she didn't get it.  Strike one.
Bobby heard a short clip of Gimme A Break's theme song and he got it.
Shoshana heard a short clip of One Day At a Time's theme song but she didn't get it. Strike one.
Rosie heard a short clip of The Jefferson's theme song and she got it.
Pete heard a short clip of I Dream of Jeannie's theme song and he got it.

Janette heard a short clip of Miami Vice's theme song but she didn't get it.  Janette was out.
Bobby heard a short clip of Ally McBeal's theme song but he didn't get it. Strike one.
Shoshana heard a short clip of Lassie's theme song but she didn't know it.  Shoshana was out.
Rosie heard a short clip of Sanford and Son's theme song and she got it.
Pete heard a short clip of ER's theme song and he got it. 

Bobby heard a short clip of Magnum PI's theme song but he didn't get it.  Bobby was out.
Rosie heard a short clip of the Alfred Hitchcock's Presents theme song and she got it.
Pete heard a short clip of Mash's theme song and he got it.

Rosie heard a short clip of Dallas's theme song and she got it.
Pete heard a short clip of Maude's theme song but he didn't get it. Strike one.

Rosie heard a short clip of Alice's theme song and she got it.
Pete heard a short clip of Newhart's theme song but he didn't get it.  Pete was out.


Rosie and the crew closed the show sharing their love of Judy Gold.  Check out her list of performances HERE!  You WON'T be disappointed!

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. I am that father.

    Judy Gold told a story about one of the fathers at her kids’ school who publishes the works of Holocaust deniers. Wrong! Judy you should know better. The New York Times article about the story makes clear the book that I publish that I am a Revisionist, not a "denier!"

    One parent from the school wrote this on The New York Times Blog related to the this story on January 26, 2011:

    "Let me see if I understand what reporter Fernanda Santos wrote in today’s Times ( E-Mail About Book Questioning the Holocaust Shakes School ). It seems that web journalist and book editor, Michael Santamauro, inadvertently sent a E-mail to all the names on the PTA mailing list of his son’s school, P.S. 290, asking them that they read a book that he publishes entitled ”Debating the Holocaust”. Although Mr. Santamauro apologized for his mistake, Ms. Santos tells readers that, ”Still the damage was done ”. What damage are we talking about…how can anyone be damaged by being asked to read a book? Ms. Santos then tells us that the school’s principal was in the process of contacting the ADL in order to ” seek further clarity ”. Clarity about what?

    Ms.Santos goes on to say that the ADL regional director, Ron Meir described Mr. Santamauro using a term borrowed from the porn industry, as ” a hard core Holocaust denier ”. To her credit Ms. Santos does tell us that Mr.Santamauro insists that he does not deny the holocaust but merely wants to encourage debate on the subject.

    In closing a parent Melinda Batelli-Scopaz is quoted as follows ” this guy is a moron ”. No mention is made of whether or not Ms. Batelli-Scopaz holds any academic credentials in either psychology or history that would give any credence to her assertion’."

    Michael Santomauro

  2. I'm confused. Michael took the time and effort to post that he is the person who questions the Holocaust - yet offers no explanation as to why. Then quotes other people's description of himself. Just a bit odd. I guess he wants to sell some books.

    I'll admit - I am not authority on the subject, yet I know there are survivors who were there who have told their stories. It doesn't get much more real than that. I don't think reality needs revision.

    Thanks for the wrap-up Kelly!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale.

  3. I have never drank a cup of coffee or a beer and no I'm not Mormon.

  4. How can there be a revision of history? A history that has witnesses, film footage and military testimony. In this case, a revisionist
    is a denier in my opinion. Beside the point that the above paragraphs aren't clear at all.
    My father saw the "showers" and saw the ovens.
    He was in the U.S. Army.

  5. The pink ink made me happy, Kelly!

    : ) P

  6. "...when you have laws against questioning the Holocaust narrative, you are screaming at the other person to stop thinking!!!" ---Michael Santomauro, March 23, 2011

    I wish to express my outrage that the Holocaust, unlike any other historical event, is not subject to critical revisionist investigation. Furthermore I deplore the fact that many so-called democratic states have laws that criminalize public doubting of the Holocaust. It is my position that the veracity of Holocaust assertions should be determined in the marketplace of scholarly discourse and not in our legislatures bodies and courthouses."

    Thank you and remember:

    Peace is patriotic!

    Michael Santomauro
    Call anytime: 917-974-6367
    E-mail me anything:

  7. Opinions can be debated, facts cannot. Will you next 'debate' that there was ever slavery in America? What is there to argue about? Take a tour of the Museum of Tolerance, walk in the shoes of the holacaust victims, see the genocide of many people from different parts of the world.
    Why would you use this as a platform to promote yourself or your book?