5-12-11 - Discussing Gaga, Bristol, Flooding and Crop Circles

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Rosie started today's broadcast asking if Lady Gaga was purposefully trying to make herself look bad on last night's American Idol?!  Rosie said she gasped when she saw Gaga and thought she was going to terrify some of the contestants.  And Rosie was pretty sure she did! Rosie tweeted last night that Gaga looked like "Channing meets Marilyn Manson at a disco on Venus!"  Janette reminded Rosie that she was talking about the same woman who went to an awards show dressed in a meat dress!  Rosie said she was pretty sure Scotty (pictured right) had to pray after his meeting with Gaga because of her Satanic overtones!

Bobby, on the other hand, liked Gaga's look and he "got" it.  Bobby said Gaga can only be who she is and she didn't look terrifying at all.  Rosie said she has seen gaga looking not-so-scary and she didn't understand why she had to look like that on American Idol.  She said it was too extreme for that kind of program.  She said when you're a coach you shouldn't terrify the contestants you're coaching!  Janette said the producers booked Gaga for ratings not because of the mental health of their teen contestants.   Janette understood Gaga's need to look a certain way and so did Bobby.  He said Gaga is a great performance artist and that her look is part of her originality.  Bobby said Gaga's look is her art and that's the way she expresses herself just as Rosie expresses herself on canvas.  Rosie said she originally wanted to meet/interview Gaga but she was de-Gaga-ed last night. Thousands of little monsters just fainted all over the world because of that statement.

NO ONE thought the judges were nice to Haley last night.  Rosie couldn't believe how mean they were to her and said she thinks Haley deserves to win because of the way they treated her.  She said they should have just came out and said "Haley, you suck."   Bobby loves Haley's personality and what she said about how the song meant something to her.  And Bobby said what the judges did actually worked out for Haley because they pissed her off and then she proceeded to give the best performance of her life!

Rosie then took several callers.  One caller liked the way Gaga dressed when she did the Barbara Walters interview and didn't like the way she was dressed last night either.  Rosie said all her life performers like Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, and Ozzy Osbourne have always been too scary for her.  Rosie said if you saw a woman on the street wearing what Gaga had on you'd say she needed to be committed!  Bobby continued to stand up for Gaga and said that she was in performance mode!  Well, Rosie hated it and jokingly asked if she made that clear enough.  Bobby said she's an American and she's allowed to hate things, lol.

Continuing to defend Gaga, Bobby said he doesn't know Gaga and he isn't trying to speak for her but she has made a career out of saying people should embrace who they are and it's okay to be a freak.  Her message is that it's okay!  Rosie said that's the same message Madonna had years ago. Rosie said Madonna was a once a generation kind of talent with a huge level of perfectionism.  Bobby agreed but said when Gaga performs you feel like you're in it with her.  He said Madonna's feels untouchable to fans but Gaga is one of you.

Another caller said Gaga tries too hard to be different and wasn't a fan of hers.  Rosie said she had hoped Gaga would have mentored the contestants looking like a regular person and instead the kids just felt  traumatized by her.  She said the other stars have been kind and relatable but Bobby didn't agree.  He said all the mentors have had issues with the contestants levels of performance on stage.  He said the producers finally brought in a performance artist who really performs to see if she could really pull a great performance out of them and it worked!  Janette said the entertainment business is "a big ugly hell" and if the contestants can't take a little Gaga they need to get the hell out.  Rosie said she felt as though gaga was self-serving and not acting as a mentor.

Rosie took a call from a listener, who is a foster care caseworker who she encouraged to read Turning Stones: My Days and Nights with Children at Risk: A Caseworker's Story.  She said the caller would be shocked at how many children some foster care workers have to handle.  Rosie asked the caller many questions about his job.  The caller said he really likes his job but it's an unbelievable sense of responsibility. But going back to Gaga, he was surprised at Rosie's reaction to her.  He said Gaga is about performing ALL THE TIME and she should YouTube some of her performances with just her and a piano.  Rosie said she's done that and that's what she loved about her.

Pete said in a lot of ways Gaga is still a kid too.  He pointed out that she's only 25 and he guessed that she is probably struggling with the huge fame and her own identity.  Rosie did NOT think Gaga is struggling with her fame.  She thought that was always Gaga's objective and goal and she's achieved it.  Janette disagreed.  She said fame is so much harder than you ever think it's going to be.  She said you never see what that extreme version of fame is like.  And Bobby said that was the reason Gaga created her persona so that she could keep her performance person separate from who she really is, which is a girl named Stephanie.  Rosie admitted she could be wrong but still didn't like it last night.

Rosie took a call from a listener who is a child abuse investigator for the Department of Children and Family Services.  Rosie asked her how she got into her line of work and asked her all about her job.  Rosie said pictures of abused children have haunted her in the past and there have been particular stories she's never been able to forget.  She asked the caller what it has done to her soul to see that kind of pain everyday in her clients?  The caller said it's made her appreciate her parents more and also made her appreciate what she's been able to give as a mother.  Regarding Gaga, she didn't like how Rosie was throwing around the word "normal" because what defines "normal?"  (I'm not actually sure I ever heard Rosie say the word normal in this conversation, btw. And I pretty much write down everything that is said.) She said Gaga showed up as Gaga, not Stephanie and if the contestants were afraid then that's not such a bad thing because that's showbiz!  The caller thought Gaga's presentation and advice was really genuine and that she was very engaging with the contestants.  She said Gaga clearly wanted the contestants to do well.

Rosie took another call from a listener who disagreed with her about her opinion of Gaga.  He became a Gaga fan because of last night.  He thought she gave great advice and thought the contestants showed their immaturity because they didn't know the great artists in music.  Rosie said music is very subjective and one person's musical inspiration might not be someone else's.

Rosie and the staff then discussed Bristol Palin's "corrective jaw surgery."  Bobby thought it was sad because she was just on DWTS and now she's had this surgery.  He wondered if this is what she wants to do now?  Become a celebrity and change her face in order to be one?  Janette understands it and thinks Bristol looks better now.  Deirdre thinks she looks like Snooki!  Rosie remembered when Jennifer Gray had severe plastic surgery so much so that Rosie no longer recognized her.  She said it seems like Bristol may have had more than her chin done.  Rosie said she posted a picture of herself on Twitter and people were asking her if she had Botox or a face-lift!  She said she hasn't but people often expect that famous people will do that.

Rosie took several calls.  One caller's son had the surgery done and found it very successful.  One caller's husband had the same surgery and said it also made his chin stick out more.  The staff discussed the difference (or lack thereof) between having plastic surgery and getting braces or your teeth fixed.

Rosie read an email from a friend of hers who is in the medical profession who is trying to fix a woman who is suffering from complications from a gastric bypass surgery gone wrong.  This woman has been suffering from violent pain and vomiting and she isn't sure if this kind of surgery is the answer to the obesity epidemic.  Rosie said the email really addressed the lengths we will go to in order to look better.  Janette said it's easy to say what you would and would not do until you're faced with the issue yourself.  She said she had a nose job even though there was nothing really wrong with her nose.  Rosie said she never notices plastic surgery unless it's really extreme.  She said when there's a drastic difference it's hard not to notice.  Recently, at a charity event, Rosie saw a friend who had a totally transformed face from plastic surgery and Rosie said it was like ignoring the elephant in the room and no one said anything. Janette thinks it's interesting when people try and keep their plastic surgery a secret.  Janette remembered when she got her nose done and it made her feel really wealthy!  lol

Rosie took a call from a listener who had the same surgery as Bristol because her jaw was receding.  She said the surgery aligned her teeth and it was really painful.  She felt sorry for Bristol because everyone in the media is being so hard on her.

Janette said it's easy to make judgements until it happens to you.  Rosie said the problem with plastic surgery is you don't look like yourself.  Janette said you weren't looking like yourself before you had it either!  Janette said it's harder to get a job if you look older too.  Rosie said she's going to get all the older roles because everyone else is getting their face done.  Janette said her opinion may change.  When Janette started Rosie Radio only 2 years ago, she said she'd never have any more work done.  In those past two years she said her face has fallen and she's considering it.  Rosie asked them if they'd ever seen someone who got a face-lift but forgotten about their neck?  And they mentioned and recommended the book by Nora Ephron I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts On Being a Woman.

Rosie asked Pete for the latest news on what's happening with the flooding on the Mississippi River.  Pete explained why the flooding is happening and said it happens about every 100 years.  Rosie said the pictures from the area have been horrific and devastating and wanted to know what's going to happen?  Janette said the flooding is really affecting the farmers and people living miles from where the river is.  Pete discussed the spillways and how the Army Core of Engineers releases valves to drain off water so that the flooding only affects about 2000 people instead of 2 million people.   Janette's old roommate purchased a house in a flood plain because it was the only house he could afford.  Then it flooded and he couldn't sell it but he still had a mortgage on the property.

Rosie took several callers.  One caller lives in Memphis and called to let listeners know that not all of Memphis is underwater.  One caller said her town might get flooded if they have to open one of the spillways.   Pete said the flooding is causing fertilizer (from flooded farmlands) and sewage (from sewage treatment plants) to dump in the same area that's still recovering from the BP oil spill.

Rosie took a call from a listener whose house flooded during hurricane Floyd and she discussed flood insurance with Rosie.   Janette said it feels like disaster fatigue in this country because of the the huge amount of disasters.   

Rosie then introduced Suzanne Taylor from the documentary What On Earth: Inside the Crop Circle Mystery.  Rosie loved the documentary and said she thought it was fascinating.  She asked Suzanne how she got involved with researching crop circles?  Suzanne said she learned about crop circles in the 1980s and was already producing programs having to do with spiritual growth and spirituality at the time.  She heard they were landing pads for UFOs and she thought it would be a major discovery if that were true.  The mystery eventually took her over because if it's true, she knew it could create such massive change.  Once Suzanne got really involved in investigating crop circles she realized it would be the most important thing that ever happened to humanity if they could establish the evidence that we're being visited.

Rosie and Suzanne discussed the documentary and how if you're in a true crop circle you cannot use your cellphone because of the electromagnetic energy/disturbance in the area.  Suzanne said that's how you know a crop circle is real and not a hoax.

Rosie asked when the first crop circle was discovered and Suzanne said she has proof of a cave painting with what she swears is an astronaut and crop circle.  They have evidence of them existing going back to 1648 and every hundred years there's a little flurry about the resurgence of crop circles.  She said crop circles seem to respond to interest.

Rosie highly recommended her listeners watch the documentary.  She and Suzanne discussed hoaxes and how crop circle hoaxes are really disparaging to what they're trying to prove is real.  Suzanne said hoax crop circles have no geometric sophistication and real crop circles have a precision that cannot be faked.  She said the definitive way to tell the difference is to look at the science behind them.  Suzanne said there have been serious (and expensive) scientific studies that have indicated that the changes to the plants and the soil cannot be explained or accounted for when a crop circle appears.  She said it's frustrating no one is paying attention to them.

Suzanne said if we can prove crop circles are from another dimension, it would be a radical change of paradigm. She said it would prove that we're not the only intelligence in the universe, prove we're not the most intelligent, and prove we're not alone.  She said the whole world would revolutionize and our whole power structure would be affected.  Suzanne said complicated societies resist that change but something that radical could really shake us up and it might not be all bad.

Rosie and Suzanne talked about how the majority of the crop circles occur in England but Suzanne said they have happened in over 40 countries.  Rosie told Suzanne that she wants to go and feel what it's like to be in a crop circle!  They discussed the different shapes and patterns of crop circles and the awesome energy that come from them.  Rosie told Suzanne she wants to meet and have dinner with her.  Suzanne, of course said yes!  Rosie thanked her for calling in and for making the documentary.  Rosie told her it's a fascinating topic and she encouraged her listeners to see it.

Pete said he wasn't a believer of crop circles until he saw the documentary.  And Janette wants to see it now but said she's afraid at the notion that there are aliens out there.  Bobby asked if we're sure it's alien making the crop circles?  Pete said what they know is that it's not man-made but you have to come to your own decisions where is the intelligence coming from.  They could be from an alternate dimension or an energy that exists on Earth that is a conduit for something else.  Rosie recommended anyone interested in this topic look into the Betty and Barney Hill abduction story and she recommended the movie Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience: The True Story of the World's First Documented Alien Abduction.   Janette said she doesn't like to think about this topic, but said if "they" can see her drop a hankie on her back deck with Google Earth, why can we never prove this?  Pete and Rosie suggested that some might say the government would want it kept quiet because of the fear and panic it might cause.   Pete quoted Men in Blackand said "A person is smart, but people as a whole are stupid."

Rosie said she heard a rumor that Will Smith might be the last guest on Oprah?  Pete said he's only read unsubstantiated rumors.  Rosie said she loves the Smith family and thought it would be cute if they were all on.

Rosie took a cal from a listener who schedules her work meetings around Rosie Radio and is going to miss them very much when they're gone.  She thanked Rosie for being who she is and for educating her on many things.  She asked how Rosie would react if she were contacted by aliens?  Rosie said when she saw Cocoonshe thought if she was in a nursing home she would go with the aliens.  But Rosie said if it were today, she wouldn't want to leave her family.  She said she might try to communicate with them like she does with the dolphins!  This made Bobby laugh hysterically and he imitated the way she calls to the dolphins.  But Rosie said she realizes that she had a naivete that doesn't always serve her.  The caller read a poem to Rosie and the staff for her and other women who also struggle with their weight.  Rosie thanked her for her call and for her sweet poem!

Rosie said Tracy told her she could run a 5K if she really tried.  Rosie didn't think she ever could and said it feels impossible to her.  She said the fear of failure keeps her from trying.

Rosie took a call from a listener who didn't believe in the idea of crop circles because of a movie he saw on the history channel that debunked the theory.  Rosie said they discuss that film in this documentary and she encouraged him to watch it so he could see another point of view.  Rosie said she also didn't believe in them  until she saw it.  He asked Rosie if Parker has decided to go to military school?  Rosie said he's leaning towards it and should be deciding soon.  She said she's pretty sure he's going to go.  This caller went to military school from 8th grade until he graduated from High School and loved it!  Rosie thinks Parker is going to love it too.

Lastly, the staff quickly listed off who they thought was going to be voted off American Idol tonight.  Bobby, Pete, Shoshana all said they thought Lauren will go home tonight but they wished it would be Scotty.  Janette thinks Haley will go home though she doesn't want her to.  And Rosie closed the show saying she just hopes it's not James who goes home because she loves him.  

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  1. Another personally relevant show! I always thought drastic plastic surgury was so vain and unnessessary. That's why I enjoy Rosie so much - she is so real and natural. However I was surprised at my own situation. I have milia on my face - little white bumps. I've had them since I was a teen and they keep getting to be more and more. Over the years I decided it was my own personal "tatoo" from God and didn't do anything about it - plus nothing worked. Recently though they became so many that they were very noticable. Rosie noticed them at her book signing but didn't say anything (I would have gladly discussed!). I finally found a dermatologist who agreed that creams and ointments wouldn't work and they needed to be physically excised (Rosie would enjoy that I'm sure! LOL) So I went to 3 sessions - had 20 - 30 of them removed at each session - looked terrible for 2 weeks in between each session but healed up nicely without scars. Now I feel much better even though there are a few left and I know they will likely come back in time. So it just proves that when it happens to you it can change your thinking.

    The crop circle and alien abduction thing are also very relevant to me! I've always been facinated by both and had a re-curring dream as a child that made me believe for a long time that I had been "visited" often. I used to be terrified by it! I didn't remember anything about it though and decided since I've not been hurt - no harm done. Now, as a single person with no kids, I would gladly go with "them" if they asked (as long as they were scientists and not terrorists).

    Thanks for the wrap-up Kelly!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  2. Very timely in our human history!
    Fascinating subject explored with intelligent approach.