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    Rosie then introduced Suzanne Taylor ( from the documentary What On Earth?: Inside the Crop Circle Mystery ( Rosie loved the documentary and said she thought it was fascinating. She asked Suzanne how she got involved with researching crop circles? Suzanne said she learned about crop circles in the 1980s and was already producing programs having to do with spiritual growth and spirituality at the time. She heard they were landing pads for UFOs and she thought it would be a major discovery if that were true. The mystery eventually took her over because if it's true, she knew it could create such massive change. Once Suzanne got really involved in investigating crop circles she realized it would be the most important thing that ever happened to humanity if they could establish the evidence that we're being visited.

    Rosie and Suzanne discussed the documentary and how if you're in a true crop circle you cannot use your cellphone because of the electromagnetic energy/disturbance in the area. Suzanne said that's how you know a crop circle is real and not a hoax.

    Rosie asked when the first crop circle was discovered and Suzanne said they have evidence going back to 1648 and every hundred years there's been a little flurry. She said crop circles seem to respond to interest.

    Rosie highly recommended her listeners watch the documentary. They discussed crop circle hoaxes. Suzanne said there have been serious (and expensive) scientific studies that have indicated that the changes to the plants and the soil cannot be explained or accounted for. She said it's frustrating no one is paying attention to them.

    Suzanne said if we can prove crop circles are from another dimension, it would be a radical change of paradigm. She said it would prove that we're not the only intelligence in the universe, prove we're not the most intelligent, and prove we're not alone. She said the whole world would revolutionize and our whole power structure would be affected. Suzanne said complicated societies resist that change but something that radical could really shake us up and it might not be all bad.

    Rosie and Suzanne talked about how the majority of the crop circles occur in England but Suzanne said they have happened in over 40 countries. Rosie told Suzanne that she wants to go and feel what it's like to be in a crop circle! They discussed the different shapes and patterns of crop circles and the awesome energy that come from them. Rosie told Suzanne she wants to meet and have dinner with her. Suzanne, of course said yes! Rosie thanked her for calling in and for making the documentary. Rosie told her it's a fascinating topic and she encouraged her listeners to see it.

    Pete said he wasn't a believer of crop circles until he saw the documentary. And Janette wants to see it now but said she's afraid at the notion that there are aliens out there. Bobby asked if we're sure it's alien making the crop circles? Pete said what they know is that it's not man-made but you have to come to your own decisions where is the intelligence coming from. They could be from an alternate dimension or an energy that exists on Earth that is a conduit for something else.

    Rosie took a call from a listener who didn't believe in the idea of crop circles because of a movie he saw on the history channel that debunked the theory. Rosie said they discuss that film in this documentary and she encouraged him to watch it so he could see another point of view. Rosie said she also didn't believe in them until she saw it.

  2. soooo frustrating! i copied it to pdf yesterday and for some reason i didn't get the whole thing... i got this much, if that helps... but let's get the suzanne taylor info back up asap!!!! thanks!!!! :-) -shan "Rosie started
    today's broadcast
    asking if Lady Gaga
    purposefully trying
    to make herself
    look bad on last
    night's American
    Idol?! Rosie said
    she gasped when
    she saw Gaga and
    thought she was going to terrify some of the contestants. And
    Rosie was pretty sure she did! Rosie tweeted last night that
    Gaga looked like "Channing meets Marilyn Manson at a disco
    on Venus!" Janette reminded Rosie that she was talking about
    the same woman who went to an awards show dressed in a
    meat dress! Rosie said she was pretty sure Scotty (pictured
    right) had to pray after his meeting with Gaga because of her
    Satanic overtones!
    1 of 3
    Bobby, on the other hand, liked Gaga's look and he "got" it.
    Bobby said Gaga can only be who she is and she didn't look
    terrifying at all. Rosie said she has seen gaga looking
    not-so-scary and she didn't understand why she had to look
    like that on American Idol. She said it was too extreme for that
    kind of program. She said when you're a coach you shouldn't
    terrify the contestants you're coaching! Janette said the
    producers booked Gaga for ratings not because of the mental
    health of their teen contestants. Janette understood Gaga's
    need to look a certain way and so did Bobby. He said Gaga is a...."

  3. Oh no! I never miss Rosie Radio, but turned it down yesterday during the discussion of the American Idol performances. Now that I've watched via TIVO, I wanted to read what Rosie and her crew had to say about Wednesday night's performances. :( Sure hope you get it back.

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  5. kelly! i personally don't think you have to do it all over again! that is crazy!

  6. Love the crop circles! Thank you so much! I've already ordered your movie "What On Earth?"

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