5-13-11 - Sharon Gless and Part II of an Interview With Jillian Michaels!

In case you missed it….

Rosie and Jeannie started today’s broadcast discussing how much fun they had interviewing Jillian Michaels!  They all loved meeting her and her mom and discussing with  her the reasons why they overeat.  Rosie said her visit inspired her to go out and play basketball with her kids and she ended up having a lot of fun.
Rosie asked the staff if they heard that in some Orthodox Jewish newspapers, they photo-shopped the women out of the White House photo of the staffers watching the Navy Seals on their mission to kill OBL.   Pete read a statement from one particular newspaper that said, “They have a longstanding policy of not publishing pictures of women in their newspaper…because showing images of the female form is immodest.”  Rosie said WOW.  Deirdre said she lives in a very large Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn and the men are not even allowed to look at women.  Rosie said she finds it a fascinating culture and said she would like to learn more about it.  Deirdre said she got in big trouble once because she walked into the bank into her neighborhood wearing shorts and the men complained about her.  Rosie said she had Russell Brand at her house this past weekend and Tracy took a picture of the two of them.  She put the photo up on Instagram and photo-shopped it to make herself look thinner!  She thought it was funny that she could distort her own reality.  Rosie said when she left the TV show she took photos of herself everyday so she could get used to how she really looked and not that image she always saw of herself all made up. 

Shoshana told the staffers about her secret e-hoarding.  She thought her email was broken but Pete took a look at her email and it was actually not working because she had 22,000 emails in her inbox!  Pete explained why (I didn’t get it.)  The most Pete had ever seen in an Entourage email account was 11,000, he was impressed at her hoarding capabilities!  Shoshana said she doesn’t delete any of her emails.  She said she likes to go back and look at them because it’s like looking back at a part of her life that she would have forgotten about without the emails.  Everyone on the staff told her she’s an e-hoarder because that’s exactly what hoarders say.  Jeannie said she can’t delete her old voicemails from her daughter from when she was little.  Her voicemail inbox keeps filling up but she doesn’t want to delete the sound of her daughter’s little voice!  She asked Pete if there was a way to move them off her phone to save them and he said there was.    

Rosie asked Pete if he heard there have been almost 3,000 new words added to the Scrabble dictionary!  They discussed several of the new words including “Alu” (meaning Indian cookery), “Grrl” (which everyone said seemed like slang and should be unacceptable), “Facebook,” and “innit” (English slang for “isn’t it”). 
Amanda told the staff that there's all this controversy over big kids in strollers.  A woman (who doesn't have kids) started a blog about big kids in strollers and how it really pisses her off.  Amanda said "Who cares! Look away!"  Pete feels like people are being judgmental about other people's judgment! Jeannie said everybody judges but the hope is try to suspend it and not always let it out.  
Rosie mentioned an article about parents regretting the names they selected for their children and asked the staff members (with kids) if they ever regretted the names they chose.  Pete wished, looking back now, that he chose Josephine for his daughter Irene because he thinks it fits better with the other two girls names - Sophie and Eleanor.  Jeannie said her husband chose the boy names and she chose the girl names.  She said her kids became their names and now she can't see them as anything else. Pete sometimes wishes kids could choose their own names!  Pete said he wanted to name them one, two and three - Prima, Seconda, and Tertiary, and when they turned of age they could label themselves!  Jeannie said that was the stupidest thing she ever heard.  

Sharon called in from beautiful Miami to talk to Rosie and the crew!  Rosie told Sharon how everyone on Twitter was commenting to her about the picture that she posted of Sharon and how beautiful she looks!  Check out the picture Rosie posted HERE.  Janette said she's the BIGGEST fan of the show Burn Notice.  Sharon said she doesn't watch herself on TV.  She said she never watched Cagney and Lacy and she doesn't watch herself on Burn Notice either.  Pete said Burn Notice is the best show on television!  He said he and his wife get mad and complain to the creators of the show when Sharon isn't in the episode enough.  Sharon said they'll be shooting episodes of Burn Notice until the beginning of October.  Rosie asked Sharon if she still hangs out with the "folks" from Queer As Folk.  She said she doesn't get to see them much but she does make time to play poker with them when she comes up to New York to visit!

Rosie and Sharon love to go to the restaurant RED together when they're in Miami. Sharon and Rosie are huge fans of Miami.

Sharon and Tyne Daly are still very close friends and Tyne is going to do Master Class on Broadway. Sharon said they want Rosie, Tyne and Sharon to do a performance of Celebrity Autobiographies and Rosie said she's in!  Celebrity Autobiographies is a performance of celebrities reading other celebrities autobiographies and it's supposedly a riot!  

Sharon said a play she stars in entitled Round-Heeled Woman is going to London in October!  Round-Heeled Woman is about a woman who puts an ad in the New York Review of Books called a "Round-Heeled Woman" which is a woman of promiscuity.  In the ad she says, "Before I turn 67 next March, I would like to have lots of sex with many men."  She got 63 responses!  It's based on a book A Round-Heeled Woman: My Late-Life Adventures in Sex and Romance and Sharon bought the rights to it and made it into a play.  It's based on a true story and the author said it never occurred to her that anyone would ever respond.  But she got so many responses she couldn't even fit them all in one book.  Rosie said it's a provocative play that opens with Sharon playing the lead role pleasuring herself on the phone!

Rosie showered Glessy with her love and thanked her for calling in.  Pete, who seems like a huge fan, shouted out, "I love you!" before she hung up.  It was very sweet.  

During the game James read off a clue about one of the 100 most successful toys of all time and the player had to guess what famous toy he was describing.  

Rosie: This is a nontoxic, nonstaining, reusable moulding compound. She said Playdough and was correct.
Shoshana: Once called "the wonder toy," it can do tricks such as "the sidewinder" and "around the world."  She said Yo-yo and was correct. 
Pete: Developed in 1931 to teach small children about art therapy. Allows children to be children even if it meant letting them make a mess.  He said "fingerpainting" and was correct. 
Jeannie: This toy started by students playing catch with pie tins at Yale University.  She said Frisbee and was correct.  
Deirdre: The tag line of the commercial for this toy invites children to "turn on the magic of colored light."  She said Lite-Brite and was correct.  

Rosie: This toy was 10 years in the making used a water pump that could propel the spray up to 50 feet.  Rosie said Supersoaker and was correct.
Shoshana: These dolls caused near riots at toy stores all came with unique adoption certificates.  She said Cabbage Patch and was correct.  My Cabbage Path was named Flora and I still have her birth certificate!
Pete: This talking bear was the best selling toy of 1985 and 1986 and reads a children's story via a cassette player built into it's back.  He said Teddy Ruxpin and was correct.   
Jeannie: This popular sandlot game played with this ball that has 8 oblong perforations.  She said wiffle ball and was correct.   
Deirdre:  This furry animatronic creature was a best seller in the 1990s. He only spoke his native tongue but could be taught to speak English.  She said Furby and was correct. 

Rosie: These toys are made to be put in the oven.  She said Shrinky Dinks and was correct.
Shoshana: This was the first doll developed for boys in the post cold war era.  She said Ken but it was G.I. Joe.
Pete:  This line of tiny dolls, less than an inch in height have a tiny world that fits in a tight compact case.  He said Polly Pockets and was correct. 
Jeannie:  This memory game involves a pattern of colored buttons and having to repeat them in order. The answer was Simon and she was correct. 
Deirdre: If you learned to walk, you might have done so with this noise-maker on a stick.  She didn't get it but it was a Fisher Price Corn Popper.  Twas thrown away at my house because my sons used it as a weapon to hit each other with.    

Rosie:  This dustless chalk board was a more advanced version of the Etch-i-Sketch and utilized a plastic drawing tool and an erasable arm.  She said Magna-Doodle and was correct. 
Shoshana: These brightly colored vinyl shapes could be stuck over and over again to a plastic board. She didn't know but it was Colorforms.   
Pete:  He found a new legion of fans after being voiced by Don Rickles.  He didn't know it but it was Mr. Potato Head. 
Jeannie:  This interactive candy is derived from the German word Pfefferminz.  It was PEZ but she didn't get it.
Deirdre:  These stuffed animals proved so popular that entire conventions were dedicated to collecting them.  It was Beanie Babies and she got it.


Rosie said Jillian has a new book out entitled Unlimited: How to Build an Exceptional Life.  Rosie asked her when her passion for health and fitness all began. She said it was when she was a child that she realized when she respected herself, and she felt strong and empowered physically, it transcended into the other areas of her life.  She said it's not about crunches but about building a better life with health as an entry point and fitness as the tool she utilizes.  
Rosie said when she sees the people crying on the show The Biggest Loser it breaks her heart!  Jeannie is only inspired by the show.  She said it's been date night with her husband over the past several years and they enjoy it with a bottle of wine and a plate full of nachos.  Jeannie said she and her husband both suffer with emotional eating and Jillian found it so interesting that she and her husband are colluding with each other to enable each other with their emotional eating rather than call the other one out on their poor behavior.  Jillian's mom said Jeannie and her husband have to work through their unconscious emotions without coping through negative behaviors that numb us.  Jillian said we all have these things to varying degrees but when food is your issue everyone can see it.  And Rosie said you feel shame on top of it!  Rosie said she used to do a joke that she and Aretha Franklin were the only two who were famous and overweight and now Aretha has lost weight and she's like, "Great!  Now I'm the only one!" But Rosie said she also feels when someone flies away from Planet Fatty, they're coming back.  

Jillian said when someone does something like Gastric Bypass, they're bypassing the reasons why they're heavy in the first place while doing extraordinary damage to your body in the process.  Jillian said an assistant of hers had gastric bypass but she's still heavy and one day she brought McDonald's in to eat and Jillian told her she didn't want her eating poison in front of her.  About two weeks later she came to her and told her, "I'm ready, will you help me?"  She was finally ready to lose weight the right way.  

Rosie took several calls.  One caller was so excited that her two favorite celebrities were colliding in one show!  She told them that she had a dream about Jillian forcing her to run one night and the next day she got out and ran.  Now it's a year and a half later and she's lost 95 pounds and has finished two half marathons!  Jillian said in the dream, Jillian represented to her all the parts in her she's not yet aware of and that carried her through 90 pounds of weight loss.  The one tragedy in the story is thinking Jillian saved her life.  Jillian said what the caller doesn't realize is that she saved her own life and she was always strong enough to do it herself.  Rosie said it's true for many celebrities and people have come up to her before and told her she saved their lives through sharing the stories of her life.  Jillian's mom, not wanting to discount Jillian's and Rosie's participation in these life transformations, said people still need a role model to inspire them.  She said people need to connect with others in some kind of way and feel "if they could do it, I could do it" so Rosie and Jillian shouldn't discount their own role in other people's success.  

During the break Jillian's mom asked Jeannie if she's ever connected or felt close to a therapist and that question alone brought Jeannie to tears.  Jeannie said she's never felt close to a therapist and has never really had the time to dedicate to going to therapy consistently.  Jillian's mom recommended Jeannie look for candidates training to get their PhD. who must take on 3 training cases.  She said apply to a psychoanalyst institute for training analysis.   

Jillian said we could look at the science of weight loss but if you're terrified of the end result it's not going to help!  Jillian said said you need to look at what happens to you when you take the weight off. She listed an example of a man she's training who when he lost weight, his mother, who also had a weight problem, would withdraw and fall into a depression.  Jillian said losing weight can be very complicated.

Rosie said her mother was a size 10 or 12 who got thin very quickly.  Her mom got sick at Thanksgiving and was dead by March.  She disappeared and shrunk before her eyes and losing weight feels scary to Rosie.  Jillian's mom said Rosie has an internalized mother inside of her who when she gets thinner, she dies.  She told Rosie there's a fear that the mother who is inside of her will disappear when she loses weight.  Rosie said she also doesn't know when she loses or gains weight.  It's always a shock to her.  Jillian said she would have Rosie in circumstances where she was always touching her so they would start to believe she loves her, accepts her and doesn't find her gross.   

Rosie then asked Jillian about her leaving The Biggest Loser.  Jillian said she loved her time on The Biggest Loser but in Primetime it's all about entertainment and there's not enough time to provide information.  She said in daytime she can give information and support to the audience.  Jillian will be one of the regulars on The Doctors.  She said she'll be in the 5th chair, on a regular basis, co-hosting the show!  She said she's coming on to deal with preventative measures and empowering support for the viewers.  She wants to help motivate and support the viewers through a transformation.

Rosie recommended a documentary entitled Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  Rosie said it's really interesting and fascinating and recommended it to Jillian and the audience at home.  They discussed processed foods and how the entire food system is setting us up to fail.  She said it's difficult to blame the majority of the country for being overweight when it's too expensive for most to eat healthfully.  Jillian talked about how we should eat organics because of the pesticides we put on our fruit and vegetables.  She said she gives tips on how to get organic food at a more affordable price but she said what you cannot afford to get is CANCER.   

Jillian and Rosie briefly discussed the documentary Gasland and how the personal is political.  Jillian said you have to give people information but you also have to give them solutions too or they begin to shut you out and that's what she's personally going to do on her new show.  
Rosie took a call from a listener who is about 100 pounds overweight.  He's a trucker and drives for 14 hours a day and he called to ask Jillian about the electronic belts you put around your waist.  Jillian encouraged him to control his diet because controlling what he eats will help him lose.  She told the caller if he can add in any exercise it will accelerate the weight loss process for him so she encouraged him to put in even just 30 minutes a few times a week.  She said it would make a huge difference in the long run.  Jillian said walking is a great way to start exercising.  She did not recommend the electronic belt, she said it's not a deep enough contraction to really tone your muscles.  

Rosie then let James talk to Jillian for a little while because he's a HUGE fan.  He said a lot of people tell him he's in shape and that he has a lot of muscles but as much as people tell him he looks good he's never happy with how he looks.  Jillian said he needs to look back and see where else in his life has he felt not good enough.  And how far back has he felt not good enough.  She said identifying that will help him greatly because he's playing that thought in a loop in his head.  

Jillian's mom and Rosie talked about psychoanalysis and how it helps one deal with the issues of why we overeat.  Jillian said she had a client once tell her it felt like they were a tree that was being pulled out, their roots were going to be exposed and their tree was going to die.  Her mom told her to tell the client that if they don't tend to the roots, they are going to die.   Rosie found this comparison to trees so interesting because the very first poem she ever wrote in 8th grade was....

I think as I try to do once a day
that people in trees both grow the same way.    
At first so small, they can't stand alone
before you know it, they're standing full grown.
Growing's the thing that shapes what to be
the branches the leaves the you and the me.
But if by chance something blocks the sun
growing will stop and you will be done.
It's sad to think that silly old tree
its roots so firm in the ground where they be
can't move away from the shady spot
doomed like so many to just sit and rot.  
                                         by Rosie O'Donnell

As a kid Rosie said she felt "in the shade" and like she needed a way to get into the sun.  Jillian's mom said good therapy helps you grow and allows you to know that you're no longer that terrified child and the terror is over.  Rosie said she can say that to her friends but she has trouble believing it herself sometimes.  

Rosie thanked Jillian and her mom for coming in and she recommended all her listeners read Jillian's book and watch Jillian on The Doctors starting in September!  

Rosie closed the show.
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