5-16-11 - Discussing Kung Fu Panda, Living In the Moment and Couponing

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast briefly discussing an Eve Ensler article where she says she's over hearing that it's "news" that 48 women an hour get raped in Congo.  Here's a link to the article Eve wrote about the "breaking news."

They then started discussing the flooding of the Mississippi region which Rosie said she has trouble wrapping her head around the devastation.  Rosie is so saddened by the stories of the people fleeing the area and also surprised people are so resigned to the fact that they have to go.  Janette said in this case it seems the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few.  Pete reminded Rosie that the people in these areas knew their homes were in a flood plain and that every year they get a letter that warns them of the chance of flooding if they need to open a spillway.  Rosie understood it was for the greater good but said emotionally it feels so devastating to her.  She said she watched Bill Maher on Friday who had had Harry Shearer on discussing his documentary The Big Uneasy about the Army Corps of Engineers and how what happened in New Orleans was because of malfeasance.  Rosie said she really wants to see it.

The Big Uneasy: Trailer

Rosie got to take her family and some friends to a screening of Kung Fu Panda II!  She said it was a great movie with a sweet message and she thanked Dreamworks for doing it for them.  Rosie said the movie was really good but she's not a fan of 3D because it makes her motion sick.  Pete mentioned how 3D movies cost more and all the Rosie Radio staff discussed how expensive it is to take a family to the movies.   Jeannie said she likes to buy her movie candy at Bed Bath and Beyond and sneak it in in her pocketbook. She said they sell movie-sized candy there for at least half the price!  Rosie loved the message of the first movie which was "There is no secret ingredient.  It's just you."  And she loved the message in this film about finding inner peace and  adoption.  Rosie wondered how the many adopted kids in the theater felt about the adoption storyline in the film.  Rosie's son Blake really didn't even seem to care about the adoption story and just enjoyed the film itself.  She asked Blake if the movie made him think about being adopted himself and he said, "Nope!"   Rosie said her son Blake is a growing boy who is kind of stinky these days so she promised him a Slurpee at the movie if he agreed to shower beforehand.  But then, he wanted a large Slurpee and she only allowed him to have a small one and he got really upset with her about it!  Later, Rosie told Blake how much it hurt her feelings that he got so mad at her.

After the movie on Friday, Rosie came home and Vivi twisted her ankle bouncing on the trampoline. She had purchased this new trampoline for safety reasons because she read you should replace them every three years.  And immediately, Vivi hurt herself on it.  Rosie said Vivi's ankle looked like it was broken.  They took them right away in the emergency room and she said Vivi was x-rayed, casted and home in an hour and 20 minutes. It's a sprained ankle and Rosie had to take her to Jeannie's younger brother (who is an Orthopedic surgeon) for a second opinion.  Jeannie and Rosie joked about how her younger brother still seems like little Billy Davis and not the big doctor he is today!  

Rosie talked about how much she loved the nurses at the hospital and wanted to go out and have dinner delivered for them.  And Rosie said every time she sees a hospital now she thinks of the show Nurse Jackie on Showtime.  She said it's the second best show on television right now next to Glee.  I think it's the BEST show. And no one asked me, but still!    Rosie said she kept looking for Thor (a character from Nurse Jackie) at the hospital.

My favorite scene from Nurse Jackie this year.  
(rated R - foul language)

Rosie said Parker got certified to be a lifeguard and during his life saving classes he learned first aid. This weekend he offered to wrap Vivi's ankle in a more comfortable brace for sleeping and while he was doing it Rosie wanted to take a picture of the moment because it was so incredibly sweet.  She said at that moment, she wrestled in her head with wanting to record the moment or just live it.  Deirdre said that reminded her of the story of the naked man in the subway in New York City.  I watched the video and all I can say is I would RUN!  Forget video-taping I'd be gone so fast it would be like one of those cartoons where you see the puff of dust rise up from the ground because I sped off so fast.   Just saying.  She said what struck her about the video is no one was helping the police officer control the man because everyone was so interested in recording it!  Deirdre said it's indicative of our society now.  Jeannie said she will go to school shows and functions now without a camera and she enjoys herself more.  She recently went to a Mother's Day tea with her son and for a moment, she felt insecure about not having a camera but she wanted to really present with him.   Rosie said she didn't take her camera to Blake's recent orchestra concert either. Saw saw all the other parents with the cameras and thought they were missing the moment in an attempt to preserve it.  Rosie invited listeners to call in.

Rosie took a call from a coach who often sees parents fight for space to get the perfect picture who end up missing the event entirely.  Rosie said taking photos and videos can sometimes create a layer between you and the experience though she's thankful she has all the photos and video of when the kids were little. Janette suggested a middle ground.  Here's what I do. My kids are big into sports and if there's an entire season ahead of us I will bring my camera to one of the games.  For that entire game I take as many photos and videos as I can.  And for the other 10 games I don't carry my camera with me and I am just the cheering parent on the sidelines.  One caller didn't take pictures for an entire vacation and decided to just live in the moment.  She said she came away with the experience rather than the photos.  Rosie said she went to Italy without a camera but as soon as she got there she bought one.  She hates to travel so the camera helped her get herself through it.  Jeannie finds she has a better time at events or traveling when she leaves her camera at home.

Rosie then took a final call from a listener who's son passed away in a car accident this past November.  He was only 24 years old and while she understands the discussion she talked about the importance of having those memories especially as a mother.  The caller also wished she had video of her son because she's been obsessing about not having a recording of his voice.  This caller's son was named Matt and he was studying to work at the same Georgia Aquarium that Blake has been obsessed with going to when he turns 12 this fall.   Rosie asked the caller about her son and how he died.  She said they're pretty sure her son was texting and driving when he died.  She got a knock at the door at 2:30 in the morning.  He had driven through a stop sign and the person crossing hit him.  The caller said she's healing okay but her 18 year old son is having a rough time with his brother's death.  The caller said she's trying to honor his memory by trying to reflect the amazing person he was.  She also said she gets through the days with the help of the church, grief counseling and because her other son deserves a mother who's present.   The caller told Rosie that her son also went to military school and loved it!  Rosie thanked the caller for sharing her story and said she wished she could give her a big hug.  She encouraged the caller to ask her son's friends if any of them had any recordings of her son so she'd be able to hear his voice again.  The caller said she wants to but isn't even sure she's ready.  Rosie and the staff discussed the grief one must feel when a child dies.  Rosie and Jeannie said even the concept of it feels like a punch in the heart.

Rosie found out via text that James was voted off American Idol and she was not happy about it!  Pete thought James was going to go home sooner or later because he knew he wouldn't be "America's idol." He said Metal is a very small demographic compared to country.  Rosie said she is NOT going to watch the rest of the season.  And despite the fact that James said some things after he was voted off that seemed cocky to some people Rosie doesn't think he is.  Janette reminded Rosie that Crystal Bowersox, Adam Lambert, and Chris Daughtry never won American Idol yet went on to have great careers in music.  Rosie took LOTS of calls on this topic.  One caller isn't going to watch American Idol anymore either.  One caller thought James would be better off not winning and also said James reminds her of Adam Lambert.  Deirdre said American Idol is a popularity contest and James will be fine.  

Rosie and Jeannie also watched a show on TLC entitled Extreme Couponing.  Jeannie said if she could coupon shop like they describe in the show she wouldn't have to work!  Rosie, on the other hand, said the show felt like very organized hoarding to her.  Rosie described the show for the listeners at home and how they get bargains on things they didn't even need.  She said it seemed like they had enough food stocked up to eat for weeks and she wondered if it was ever enough.  She thought the show seemed more like show about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder over coupons rather than a show about saving.  And no one was very impressed with what they were buying because it was all processed food.  Jeannie said she rarely uses coupons because it encourages her to buy things she doesn't normally use. Deirdre then described last week's episode which to her seemed like they had a Costco in their house!  Rosie joked about how she comes out with way too much when she shops at Costco but said she loves Target because it's the perfect store that has everything you need.  

Extreme Couponing

They talked for a little bit about generic vs. name brands and how Rosie grew up always wanting the name brand items in the house.  Jeannie said she will buy some things generic like ketchup and butter but she will never go generic on paper towels or orange juice. For Jeannie she said it's all trial and error.  Rosie said name brands is probably the biggest way she wastes money but she said she prefers her real Crocs to fake ones!

Then they briefly discussed last night's episode of the show Strange Sex that was on immediately following the Coupon show. Jeannie told everyone about last night's episode about a man who lost his penis because of a genital injury.

Rosie and the staff then discussed the Will Smith trailer incident in New York. He's filming Men In Black III and apparently his trailer was very large and letting off lots of fumes!  Rosie could understand the mentality of wanting your own trailer and wanting to get the very best for frequent movie shoots but she wasn't sure he really needed it with an apartment only a few blocks away. But she could understand how something like that happens.  She said when someone is offering to pay for something and you don't have to think about it's easy to not even consider the cost.  Right now she's looking at Chicago for a place to live and is keeping in mind the cost even though she doesn't have to pay for it because everything you do affects everything else.  Janette said the rapes in the Congo are directly correlated in her mind with the conflict in the Congo over the blood minerals.  And those blood minerals are needed for our cell phones and computers.  So now every time Janette's cell phone vibrates she thinks another woman got raped in the Congo.  The point being, everything affects everything else.  If there wasn't such a demand for the blood minerals because of the demand for cell phones, there wouldn't be so much conflict in the Congo.  But Rosie said if she doesn't buy a cell phone would it make the conflict stop?  Probably not.  Janette thinks celebrities, in general, need to be more aware today of how their actions look to the outside world.  She said it's hard to read that Will Smith needs to have a marble floor in his trailer when she just came from Ukraine and spoke to a woman who makes $100 a month.  Rosie said the first time she went to Texas to visit Tracy she took a private plane.  When Tracy picked her up she asked her how much it cost to fly in the private plane and when Rosie told her, she put her hands over her face in horror.  Then she asked her if she knew how many prosthetic limbs you could buy with the amount of money she spent on her plane ride.  Rosie wasn't sure where to draw the line of what you will and will not accept.  Janette mentioned the story of the starfish and how one person may not be able to help everyone but it matters to the few that you can help.  

Rosie said Janette and the ensemble will be running the show for a few days while Rosie has some meetings.  So, Tuesday and Wednesday will be the ensemble staff without Rosie!  Janette said she's merely filling in and not replacing Rosie.

Speaking of replacing, Rosie asked what everyone thought about Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men.  Janette loves Two and a Half Men and has seen every episode and thinks Ashton will do a great job.  Rosie said Ashton is very charming and likable, and thinks he will do well on the show. Janette and Rosie remembered the first time Ashton was on The Rosie O'Donnell Show and how Rosie told him how stunning, smart and likable he was!  Rosie said she thinks Ashton has great energy and charisma and thinks he will be a great replacement.  Janette does feel a little bad for Charlie Sheen though - being replaced on his show and being booed off stage.  She said he's got to feel pretty awful right now.  Rosie hoped Charlie gets better soon.  

Rosie said her youngest daughter wants water shoes (the ones with the toes) and she said she can't find them anywhere online.

Rosie said Tracy has some geese who live on her property and said some of the baby geese are now missing and she thinks the geese seem sad.  Rosie wondered and asked the staff if they think the geese could be sad.  Everyone said yes.  Janette said she saw a great story about horses and goats.  She said in the story they took a goat away from a horse and the horse got so depressed they had to bring the goat back!  Deirdre said she can tell when her dog is sad. Rosie recalled the time when her brother Eddie was attacked by a blue jay after picking up one of the eggs!  She said the blue jay pecked him so badly he had to get stitches and birds scared her for years afterward.  Rosie said she's pretty sure her squirrel friend Shady is gone.  She said she a little sad about it but it's okay.

And lastly, Shoshana is getting married but having guilt over registering for expensive items.  Jeannie said when she was married the second time she didn't want to register at all, but did so because her husband's family asked them to.  Shoshana said she feels like she's asking people to commit to expensive gifts but at the same time said she is asking for things they need.  Rosie told her to think of it as more of a "wish list" and said people want to know what they want.  And then people have the choice to buy the item or not. 

Rosie said she'll be back on Thursday!
So, tune in tomorrow to hear Janette and the ensemble take over Rosie Radio!  This is going to be fun!

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  1. "Rosie said the first time she went to Texas to visit Tracy she took a private plane. When Tracy picked her up she asked her how much it cost to fly in the private plane and when Rosie told her, she put her hands over her face in horror. Then she asked her if she knew how many prosthetic limbs you could buy with the amount of money she spent on her plane ride."

    I wonder how many prosthetic limbs that Tracy buys each year. Part of me appreciates her honesty and giving nature and part of me gets annoyed that as long as there are people in need in the world, Tracy can't seem to enjoy anything and doesn't like it when anyone else[specifically Rose] enjoys anything either.

  2. I was VERY bummed James got voted off but I didn't vote this week(wasn't able to watch the show until the next day) SO I have to suck it up!! As does everyone who didn't vote--it's not America that got it wrong, it was our complacency that let James down. We can't expect everyone else to agree with our opinions and look out for our interests. True in politics AND in American Idol :)
    Thanks Kel

  3. Eve Ensler = Amazing. So glad that Rosie and Janette brought up the subject of her article.

    Harry Shearer....how wonderful is this man. Can't wait to see The Big Uneasy and will watch it at volume 11.

    It was so brave of Matt's Mom to call in to the show today. That must have been hard for her, but I really appreciated her point of view and am so glad that she shared it.

    Re Janette's comments about non-stick pans, I've been meaning to research that more, since I love them and use them all the time. I think she's probably right on this one. Does anyone have cast iron and enjoy them?

    Looking forward to hearing Janette captain the crew tomorrow....

    Alison (aka Alderella)

  4. Gotta say I agree with Kristers when it comes to Tracy's attitude. I think it is genetic to the sign of Gemini. My father was a Gemini and so is my sister and both of them have this same ability to take the joy out of everything by comparing the cost of someting to what it could buy for those less fortunate. I am all for sharing anything and everything with those in need but the knack of taking the joy out of everything is something I can do without. I personally don't think being around a kill joy is good for anyone.

    What if's don't really do anyone any good.

  5. Hey Kristers,
    This is Tracy. I enjoy life almost every day and do not judge how people spend their money, nor do I want anyone not to spend in ways that makes them happy. I made a simple comment about something that equaled a year's salary to many people. You must remember sometimes things are exaggerated for your entertainment and I rarely react in horror to anything except war, suffering, and natural disasters. You are right; I have never bought anyone a prosthetic limb; though I have bought several surgeries for children with cleft lips (thanks to Janette), as well as donating for cancer, foster children, poverty, LGBT rights, and many others. It is odd to hear my daily life exposed in a public way and then to have people who have never met me comment on it, and I usually ignore it, but I think you are missing the point that everything you do affects everything else in the world and I personally would rather spend my money on experiences (not things), and on helping leave the world better than I found it. To suggest that I do not want others, especially Rosie, to enjoy their indulgences is incorrect.

  6. Good for you for speaking up, Tracy. It seems so easy for us to judge based on a story, comment, twit or post about people we don't even know! You and Rosie do so much for people, I am sure we don't know the half of it. Take care and thanks for the blog, Kelly.

  7. Let's be realistic here folks. Most people live (and spend) what they can afford. Rosie is a multi-millionaire. I'm sure she spends more money (on whatever she wants)than most of us could ever even imagine. People with that kind of bank live in a different world...you and I may worry about the next paycheck, buying more shoes for the kids, filling up the car and what it will cost to the dentist, but I don't think that Ro does. Too bad that some posters here feel the need to judge her girlfriend.

  8. Hi Tracy, You and your children have been thrust into a public life by your association with Rosie. She talks about you on the radio and people form opinions and comment. I suggest you ask her not to talk about you or the children and that includes pictues expecially of them. They didn't ask for this nor do they understand the danger it puts them in. Before she goes on tv again, you should really set up some ground rules. I respect your passion for those less fortunate. You seem like a good person.

  9. Kelly, as always, love the PINK INK!

    Kristers and anonymous - FWIW, I think Tracy has been a wonderful yin to Rosie's yang. What are we, as human beings, if we don't share our own wealth of experience and help others to see things through different eyes? How can any of us learn if we don't listen with compassion and put ourselves in others shoes? Personally, I think that when Rosie shares these stories, even in humor, she is exposing a part of herself that she knows she wants to improve. She's always done that, from telling her weight, to sharing embarrassing stories, to admitting that she has eaten things she shouldn't have. Janette does the same thing. It gives us, the listeners, a chance to understand her world, and hopefully grow through hearing her experiences.

    Kelly, I agree with you on photos. Because of what I refer to as a fractured childhood, I don't have a lot of good memories and as such, I am careful to document my children's joys and accomplishments. I do try to keep it to a minimum so that I get a happy medium because I know that looking through the lens instead of being present removes so much of the tangible emotion in the moment.

    Finally, I for one am REALLY excited that Janette, Deirdre and Pete get a chance to helm the show while Rosie is otherwise occupied. If they are allowed to fill that airtime when Rosie Radio goes off the air, it will make for a far more interesting summer while we wait for the new TV show on OWN!

    Kelly, you ROCK!

    : ) P

  10. hi kelly & fans,

    rock on, tracy, was going to post a reply along the same lines, though less personally framed and less eloquently put than yours. as someone who holds many of the values that you do, and who believes – admittedly based upon the radio show’s representation of you – that you are a wonderful influence on rosie, i’m just chiming in with a voice of support.

    and here’s a relevant link, from npr ‘are pictures detaching us from life?’:


    and kelly, just an fyi from my editor self, re: the army corps/new orleans point – the word you mean is ‘malfeasance’.

    love from memphis

  11. Tracy, I first want to apologize to you that you had to read that criticism of you on my blog. I felt so bad about it I went to bed early last night worrying about how you must feel. And I don't think Ro said "horror" I think she used another word but I cannot remember. Honestly, I had a migraine yesterday and yesterday's notes were not my best work. But, at the same time, I knew publishing it would do one thing - bring out the bloggers that will support and defend you.

    Tracy.... meet the non-judgmental/supportive bloggers (see above).

    Non-judgmental/supportive bloggers... meet Tracy. She has a great soul. Trust me, I've met her a couple times.

    And Veronica, don't you know by now I can't spell?

    That's all. Carry on. Be nice to each other. Life is short.


  12. How true Kelly....life is short and we need to be kind to each other
    Kudos to Tracy for debunking what some have posted here.
    I think you and Rosie are like Yonge and yang and complement one another.
    I'm sure the general public knows not the extent to which you donate to worthy humanitarian causes

    On another note am I the only one who cannot access this recap blog on my desktop? it comes up very briefly and then Oprah's site appears.
    When I went to my IPad I had no difficulty.

  13. Rosie's yang can clearly benefit from Tracy's yin...

  14. Tracy writing in with a reaction is probably feeling like when Rosie realizes people listen to her on the radio. You don't think that any of the people mentioned are going to read your comments.
    I enjoy hearing about Tracy's reactions because I would probably be thinking the same thing! I think she helps Rosie keep things in perspective which we all need!

  15. How wonderful to hear from Tracy! I agree she and Rosie are ying and yang - in a great way. And let's all remember that Rosie was not born into her wealth - she earned it and can spend how she wants. Let's also remember that she is - in my opinion - one of the most generous celebrities I know. I also agree with Tracy that everything we do affects everyone else. It's OK and this is one of those cases of holding 2 opposing points of view in your head at the same time.

    I like pictures but I also recently learned to put the camera down and enjoy the moment on occasion. I used to do sound and light at my local MCC church - thinking I could attend the service and help at the same time. Truth is when you are watching from a technical point of view you miss a lot of the actual service. Still I enjoyed volunteering.

    LOVE NURSE JACKIE! I watch on DVD so I am a season behind. Great show!

    I started doing coupons a while back since I've been so broke. But I too realized I was buying stuff I didn't want or need and stuff that wasn't healthy. Now I shop for stuff I need that's on-sale. I don't clip coupons much anymore.

    As for 2 1/2 Men (another great show) I thought they should have just written Charlie out (heart attack?!) had Mom move in (housing market crash?) and let them work with those characters. Still I love Ashton and look forward to the next season.

    Thanks Kelly - hope you feel better!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale.

  16. Hey, I'm a day late and dollar short all week. I just wanted to have a moment to shout out to Tracy. I can't imagine partnering with someone as famous as Rosie and I'm sure you have the heart and the patience to deal with it. I think you are a good match for Rosie and I thank you for making her happy.

    On that note: about the photos. I don't have any children but I carry my camera everywhere I go. More so than a cell phone. You never know when the sunlight will hit a tree or flower or break through the fog to give you that opportunity for a perfect photo you can hang in your own home. Also, with the video and audio portion, I've recorded the bells at the Cathedral of St. John in Harlem and another cathedral in Zurich. Some day I'll be able to splice that audio into a slide show for myself. I've recorded my garden from start to finish and can go back and see how much shade one particular part of the yard gets no matter what month it is. I can compare one year to the next.

    Thanks for your hard work Kelly. I too have suffered recently with migraines and I swear they are low pressure related. Once the sun comes out, I feel better!

    Lisa in Indy

  17. Hi,
    Many thanks to you all for the love and support I felt when I called on May 16. Though it was not my intent to talk so openly regarding my feelings surrounding the loss of my son, I obviously felt comfortable and could feel Rosie's genuine interest in my well being. It was surreal, unplanned experience that oddly brought me a little comfort. Thanks again.

    There was one other time I called the show...the day after the Super Bowl...to concur with Rosie about the Black Eyed Peas half time performance. (which I still say was FANTASTIC! :) ) She was kind to give me an AMC movie gift card. I sent her a written thank-you note through the Sirius Radio address and I hope she received it...if not, let her know I do thank her.

    Rose will be greatly missed by me and many, many others. She has provided entertainment, education and elightenment during her time on Sirius and I hope she feels proud of her accomplishment. The rest of the crew is sure to continue to carry the torch lit by Rosie... and I will be listening!

    Karol from Georgia