5-3-11, 5-4-11 - BEST OF ROSIE RADIO

Okay, so today was a "Best Of" show, but do you need to get your Rosie fix?

Check out these items my friend Petra Sander is auctioning for Janette Barber's charity Medical Missions for Children!  There are some sweet items on there and they are cheap!  Bid BIG people, it's for a good cause.  ;)



  1. Thanks for the link, Kelly. It was a PINK INK LINK! Woo hoo!

    : ) P

  2. Hi Kelly,
    I am really going to miss the Rosie Radio Show recap. You do such a fantastic job with it..maybe Rosie can keep you on when she goes to OWN and you can continue your blogging? We will miss you!
    Thanks for bringing Rosie into the homes of those of us without Sirius radio..and don't be a stranger!
    Deborah Gallo

  3. Thank you for the recaps and your recap and sharing your story of your niece, I too dealt with death of my 3 young nephews and niece just over 10 years ago and every christmas I mourn. We all mourn in different ways and now I am an advocate for fire safety so no other has to suffer like I did. Nobody should lose their 4 young kids as my brother did and in a fire 4 days before Christmas. T