2-2-11 - SNOW DAY!

In case you missed it...

Today was another snow day! 

Here is a link to the show that re-aired today.
And HERE is a link to the show that re-aired yesterday

I tried to do a talky this morning but my computer literally crashed as I was doing it. 
Maybe that's a sign I should have put makeup on first?  lol



  1. OMG Today's rerun is the best one ever. Katrina... I am taping you, I love your accccent... I need some depends for this one. Give us a talkie with all the boys singing broadway tunes. Start off with Annie.

  2. Yes, today's was hysterical, even though I've heard it a few times before!!!
    Howard Stern was talking about Janette again today, she has really gotten his attention! Dirty talk, not for Carny Wilson's daughter, but very funny. C'mon icy NYC, thaw out!

  3. Kelly,
    The internet has been really slow the past couple of days. I think it's the storm and all of the people at home on-line instead of at work! 100 million people were affected by the snow event so that's probably why it crashed!
    Lisa in Indy

  4. We had an awesome summer like day here today. Sadly I was in bed the whole day sniffling, sneezing with a stuffy coughy ache head and fever. YUK!

    I think Lisa might be on to something - bored folks at home crashing the Internet. LOL

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  5. Feeling better Dennis?
    Can I come visit please, pretty please? I promise to bring meds for you.
    Our driveway is 4-6 inches of ice. I tried to shovel it or break it up with sledge hammers yesterday but gave up after 30 minutes. Mother Nature just socked us in with below zero wind chills overnight. But we have POWER. Aren't we lucky?
    Lisa in Indy.