1-24-11 - Rosie's Favorite Interviews

Today was a compilation of some of Rosie's favorite interviews.

First they played her interview with the hilarious Jeff DunhamHere's a link to the day it originally aired.

Then they played Rosie's interview with Jesse VenturaHere's a link to the day it originally aired.

Next was Rosie's interview with Julie HalstonHere's a link to the day it originally aired.

Lastly, they played Rosie's interview with Taryn Davis, from the American Widow Project.  Taryn is a young widow who lost her husband in the Iraq war.  It is an interview NOT to be missed. Taryn tells the story of how she fell in love with her husband, what it was like the day she lost her husband and how losing her husband affected her.  Here is a link to the day it originally airedAnd here is a link to the actual audio of the interview. 

The Trailer to The American Widow Project

What's been your favorite interview? 

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Hey KW! That was an easy recap today eh? Miss ya!

  2. I can't help but wonder what will happen with Brendan McDonald, since the Keith Olberman show is done. His place has already been filled by James and James' job has already been filled by Amanda. I love Rosie, but I haven't felt that she's been welcoming to Amanda at all so far, on air at least. I'm surprised about that. I'm hoping she's just joking around and that Amanda is getting friendlier treatment behind the scenes.

  3. Will there be Best Of shows all week? Thanks for always keeping us up to date.

  4. I only heard part of the Byron Katie interview(and it played all weekend after it aired, and I kept catching the same part over and over!) and I am sad that this wasn't in the "best of" . All the interviews chosen were enjoyable, tho'. I am sure Brendan will get severance pay but I never thought about the fact that he would be affected by Olberman's move, however-it's been said in the press that the move was weeks in the making so maybe Brendan knew more than he let on about his job situation. Fingers crossed, he has a baby coming!!!

  5. Well, I did get to hear Janette on Sirius this morning, but it was via Howard 100 News with Lisa G. They were discussing how much Janette loves Howard. Very funny. (Except Janette, did you hear this morning when Howard said that he had never seen Keith Olbermann and that Howard likes Fox News?) Janette, you may have to rethink your crush.

  6. My favourite interview was the one Rosie did with Edie from the documentary "Edie and Thea". It was so heartwarming to hear Edie talk about her love for Thea. I saw the documentary and it was wonderful to hear the in depth discussion.

  7. A couple of notes for those who had questions above. Janette told me it was still icy but they would be live on Tuesday. I guess this means that weather was the reason we had a "best of" show. (I thought maybe it was because Rosie was at Sundance.) Janette also said that Brendan still had a job at MSNBC but that he didn't know what show he would go to.

    I am sure it is kind of nice to get a "snow day" but I miss the pink ink, Kelly!

    : ) P